Written by: chgosub777

Illustrated by: Eduardo

(51 illustrations)

 1. I lost my virginity under circumstances that unfolded initially in a very mundane way.
As an 18 year old, this was my last summer in which I was happily unemployed and carefree.
I was in the habit of going to the boathouse every weekday morning and taking out a single scull for a six mile row.

2. I had taken up the sport of rowing the previous year in high school.
I was determined to devote the summer before my senior year to improving my technique and conditioning by rowing daily.

3. I also undertook a vigorous weight lifting routine. It remained to be seen whether all this would get me into the varsity boat, but I was getting satisfaction from seeing results in the mirror as I became visibly leaner and almost cut. I also sported a deep tan since I rowed in only brief shorts.

4. All in all, I liked my reflection so much that I sometimes masturbated in the bathroom at home, stimulated by the reflection of my own body.

5. On this day, I left the boathouse to head to my home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, crossing East River Drive to begin hitchhiking.
In those more innocent times, hitching was still very common and I seldom had long to wait for a ride.
Like most of my friends who travelled this way, I found the experience generally pretty interesting and sometimes aroused myself with fantasies of being picked up and seduced by a sexy older woman.

6. Traffic was light as usual on a weekday mid-afternoon. I noticed a red GTO convertible with its top down headed into the city on the other side of the street and watched with some surprise as it executed a quick u-turn and slowed as it approached me.

7. The driver was possibly in his late 20's or early 30's, lean, tightly muscled and shirtless in the sun.
"Where you headed", he asked with an open smile.
"Drexel Hill."

8. "Well, I've got to stop by my place downtown for a while, but if you're not in a big hurry, you can hop in and I'll get you home before too long".
I hesitated. A ride all the way home was a rare luxury, but there was something about this offer that I didn't understand. "You mean you're going to drive me downtown and then out to Drexel Hill?"
'Sure", he responded smiling, "it's a beautiful day for a drive and having company makes it even more fun."

9. "Okay!" I said as I hopped in. I noticed him eyeing me openly top to bottom.
"You rowers really are in great shape!" he remarked as we pulled away from the curb. He executed another smooth u-turn and we were headed into Center City Philadelphia. I had one friend from school that lived in a downtown apartment building but aside from him, I had never met anyone who lived there.

10. "My name's Tom, by the way."
"And I'm Joe. Where downtown do you live?"
"On a small street near South Street called Naudain. It's a pretty quiet area and I was lucky to find a townhouse that's perfect for me. It's got a great southern exposure with lots of light. I'm a professional photographer and I need a lot of natural light for certain shots. My studio is on the top floor and I put some oversize windows and skylights in. You'll see it – it's a spectacular space."

11. He proceeded to quiz me about the usual topics a hitcher is asked, where I went to school, what year I was in, whether I had brothers or sisters.
He seemed a normal, if unusually friendly guy; very easy to talk to.
I was completely at ease with him by the time he parked the car in front of 1313 Naudain and invited me in.

12. The house was a typical Philly townhouse, three stories tall, and red brick.
Inside, it looked expensively decorated and furnished, everything sleek and modern.

13. He led me back to the kitchen and suggested a drink.
I was more than a little surprised since he offered a screwdriver, which he said he was in a mood for, rather than a soft drink.

14.  I wanted to be friends with this guy, so I decided to accept.
At this point, my drinking experience was limited to a couple of beers, but I thought that vodka and orange juice would go down pretty easily, and I did like getting high.

15. He poured vodka over ice in two tall glasses, stopping only after the tumblers were two-thirds full, and then topped the drinks off with OJ.
I had no idea at the time that my drink had enough alcohol to get me completely bombed.
We stood in the kitchen continuing to chat while we sipped at our drinks.

16. He wanted to know details of my physical training and then steered the conversation to my social life, asking about best friends, dating, and then getting to sexual experience.
As the powerful drink started to hit me, I found myself confiding things to Tom that only a few of my best friends were aware of, the feels I had scored with a couple of girlfriends and the long make out sessions.

17. "So you haven't gotten laid yet?" he asked, getting right to the point. "Not even a hand job?"
"No", I replied, blushing, from embarrassment and from the booze.
"Well a hot looking guy like you, and with that body of yours, is bound to get tons of sex. Do you and your buddies ever fool around? You know, circle jerks, or jerking each other off?"

18. "Uh, no," I stammered. I had a few fantasies about several of my male friends and acquaintances, fuelled in part by things I had read in a book I found hidden in my father's closet, but this was a topic that boys just didn't talk about.
Tom saw my awkwardness and quickly added,

19. "Hey, there's nothing to be embarrassed about if you do fool around with boys. My brother had me giving blow jobs to him and his friends by the time I was twelve. When I was your age, they were corn holing me all the time and I loved it!"

20. I was amazed to hear him saying these things, and turned on too.
For the first time, it dawned on me that I was in the home of a queer who might be interested in having some kind of sex with me.
The possibility of my being the object of this hot looking guy's sexual desire was starting to make my dick hard.

21. "Hey, enough standing around bullshitting", he said immediately, "It's time for you to see my studio and some of my work."
He turned and led me up two flights of stairs where we entered a large and bright room, sunlight steaming in.

22. The studio had one brick wall, the others pure white.
There was photography and lighting equipment scattered around.
The room had two focal points – a platform raised about 18 inches above the floor and a large circular bed covered with only a taught white sheet.

23. It was only after a glance around at these features that I realized that much of the wall space was covered with photographs of various sizes, both color and black and white.
All of the photos were of boys and very young men and most were nude.
Of the nudes, many had erect penises. They were good looking, some even beautiful.
The images that weren't completely naked were mostly in the act of undressing, although a few showed boys bare-chested in jeans or cut-offs.

24. I stood in the center of the room, staring at one beautiful sexy boy after another and realized that I was particularly attracted to the ones with hard cocks.
"What do you think of my work?" I heard Tom ask quietly.
"I, uh… I like it a lot", I answered, too buzzed and turned on to be cautious.
"Does it make your cock hard?"
"Uh…yeah, yeah it does!"
"Come here," he beckoned from the workbench along one wall. 'If you like those, I think you really love these."

25. I walked across the room and Tom opened a large portfolio on the desk. Its cover said "Intimate" and the first page told me why.
The picture showed two nude boys locked in a passionate embrace, hugging and kissing. Although the image was from the waist up, it was clear that their genitals were pressed tightly together.
Tom slowly turned the pages, his eyes flicking from the desk to my face, gauging my reaction.

26. The photos got increasingly explicit as he advanced, with kisses giving was to cock fondling, then sucking.
Ass play with fingers gave way to rimming and then fucking.
The fucking was presented in every position I could have imagined and some I hadn't dreamed of.
There were even images of young guys in a sling, ass and mouth penetrated by two older guys.
The models were all lean and tightly muscled and young. They all seemed to be completely into having sex with other guys.

27. The final set showed boys bound in humiliating positions, hogtied or tied to racks in a way that exposed their anuses. In the most extreme pictures they were surrounded and penetrated by other boys.
As he closed the portfolio, I'm sure Tom was counting me as a conquest.
My cock was fully engorged and visible through my shorts.
He made his move, putting one hand over my cock while his other pulled me around so that my back was pressed into him.

28. He was erect too and I could feel his penis press urgently into my ass crack.
He held me that way for long seconds, the hand on my front gently exploring the outlines of my cock. Since I wasn't wearing underwear, his hand suddenly brushed the head of my penis which extended along my leg.

29. My sudden shudder seemed to galvanize him. "Hey, I think we need to try you as a model", he exclaimed energetically, as if it had just occurred to him. 'If you get into it, and want to fool around a bit after I take the shots, we can do that too!"

30. My head was spinning, more from the speed at which things were unfolding than from the vodka.
I knew I wanted this man to see me nude, and I knew I wanted to be photographed with an erect penis.
I wanted to be an object of sexual desire. I also wanted him to touch my body, my cock and my asshole, and hated to wait for that to happen.
Tom pointed to a curtained alcove off the opposite wall.

31. "You can slip out of your clothes over there, if you like".
It was an odd concession to any remaining modesty I might feel but I took his suggestion.
Disrobing took seconds, but I stayed behind the curtain for a minute, stroking my cock lightly. I wanted to be as large as I could be.

32. Satisfied, I emerged and very self-consciously paraded back across the room swinging my hips like a woman, my stiff penis waving back and forth, as Tom assessed me.
"Very, very sexy boy!" he exclaimed.
 He then handed me a couple of white pills and the remains of my drink.

33. "Take these, they'll relax you and help you pose more naturally. They're called Quaaludes, and they really help my models get into their roles."
Without thinking, I popped them in my mouth and swallowed them with the last of the screwdriver.
Within a few minutes, I'd be relaxed enough to allow myself to be fucked by a man in front of City Hall.

34. While the drug took effect, Tom went over me with a hair trimmer, shaping my pubic hair, trimming my underarms and eliminating the small amount of chest hair that I had developed.
He gave my legs and ass a once over too, but the hair here was still very light and almost invisible.

35. I got even more turned on as he handled me, especially when he took my cock and balls in his hand to trim them.
He was businesslike now, not trying to arouse me, but I was thrilled.
"I won't take all the hair off this time", he told me.
"We can't have your teammates notice too sudden a change in the shower room, but I find that if I do it a bit at a time, people get used to the fact that you have no body hair and don't make a big deal about it."

36. The thought of being smooth like a girl really got me hot. I thought boys would find me sexier completely hairless.
Tom decided to go straight to what he referred to as beginning hard-core, since he realized my erection wasn't going away.
He ran me through a number of poses on the platform with my legs spread wide and arms over my head to really show off my physique and my jutting cock.

37. He had me bend over with my ass to the camera, spreading my cheeks with my hands as I looked back at the camera smiling an invitation.
He talked about how sexy my "rosebud" of an anus looked.
"Hang on a sec while a lube you a bit. I want to do that pose again with one of your fingers in your asshole."

38. He produced a tube of Vaseline and rubbed a glob on the outside of my asshole before working it in with his index finger. I nearly fainted from the sensation. I loved the feeling of being penetrated. He heard my gasp.
"Like it, huh? Wait 'til you feel how good a big hard cock is in there!"

39. After he was satisfied with the platform work he moved me to the bed. I did a series of masturbation shots in different positions, in many, using one hand to stimulate a nipple or probe my anus. I had to back off a number of times to keep from coming.
Finally, Tom thought he had enough solo shots.

40. "Since we don't have another model to shoot sex scenes with, I'll stand in for a few to give you a feel for what doing hardcore is like."
He stripped off his shorts and I confronted his big, thick fully erect penis, at eye level from my position at the edge of the bed.

41. He had a cleanly shaved body which made his cock seem even larger. I was fascinated by the veins popping out from this huge cock.
"Want to touch it?"
"Oh yesss!"
"Then go ahead."

42. I reached out as he stepped closer and for the first time in my life touched a penis other than my own.
I loved its warmth, its smoothness, its stiffness and its sheer size.
It felt like iron. After I had explored for a minute, feeling it jump in my hand from pleasure from my soft touch, Tom edged forward a bit and I knew he wanted me to take it in my mouth.

43. I leaned forward and tried a tentative lick, moving along the shaft and then licked at his scrotum.
Instinctively, I opened my mouth and took the sac in my mouth gently sucking and juggling his testicles with my tongue.
Tom groaned with pleasure and started clicking off pictures furiously.

44. I returned to his penis and after a bit more licking I took the big head between my lips and into my mouth.
I loved the feeling and I loved the idea that people would see these pictures of me with this penis in my mouth.
I felt like a whore and a slut and a woman and I loved feeling that way!

45. I have no idea how long I sucked on, pumped and played with this wonderful penis.
The sexual excitement, the alcohol and drugs combined to put me in a trance.
All I cared about was this cock and making Tom moan and pull me head down on him.
At some point I dimly remember him pulling me off his cock, kissing me deeply and whispering, "a couple more shots and then I'll fuck you."

46. Tom next directed me to all fours, then to lower my chest to the mattress so that my ass projected upward.
He had me spread my cheeks and after a few more photographs, he began inserting more Vaseline, his finger penetrating me its entire length, then moving in half circles, reaming, widening and relaxing my anus.

47. "There's no excuse for even a virgin anus to feel anything but pleasure from intercourse," Tom said.
 "I pride myself on breaking boys in right. I'm going to take my time and widen you one finger at a time until you can take four comfortably and pleasurably.
By time, when I put my dick in there, you'll be begging me to pound you hard, which I plan to do."

48. As he followed this plan he went on to tell me that he really preferred the missionary position to doggie style because he liked to look his boys in the eye while he fucked their asses.
He also liking kissing them deeply and having them tweak his nipples.
He told me that initial penetration was easier in the doggie position and he wanted my first time to feel so good to me that I'd become one of his "cock slaves".
That sounded good to me! Finally he had four fingers in my anus, penetrating completely and making me groan,
"Fuck me Tom, please fuck my ass!"

49. He stood up, and applied a large wad of Vaseline to his cock.
He approached the bed, holding the base of his penis with one hand while adjusting my position with his other.
"Keep those cheeks spread, baby, you're about to get a big delivery!"
My hands pulled my ass completely apart.
Then I felt the head of his penis pushing against my sphincter.
As the pressure increased I felt my anus begin to yield, bit by bit.

50. The pressure peaked just before the head cleared the sphincter suddenly.
It was in me! Tom paused as I heard the sound of the camera shutter.
He wanted to record the deflowering of another innocent.
He told me later that seducing Catholic school boys was a particular turn-on for him.
"Okay, baby, no more pictures today, just some serious fucking."

51. He was good to his word.
He fucked me properly and delivered me home with semen leaking out of my ass, a newly minted cock whore.
We made a date for another session the following week.
This time he promised to have another sexy guy for me to play with.
I loved the thought of fucking a sexy hairless feminine guy!

End Of The Story


Written by: chgosub777

Illustrated by: Eduardo

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