Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

    1. I can't remember the last time I have had a blowjob or any kind of sex at all. I am 24 years old and get horny like any warm-blooded young man.
       Besides, I'm considered quite good-looking, not in a movie- star kind of way, but attractive. With average height, slim body, green eyes (wearing eyeglasses) and black hair, I pass.
In bed, I'm quite active with a lot of touching and kissing and licking. But my real joy and pride is my larger-than-average dick.
    2. When hard, my cock erects to 20 centimeters (8 inches). I've seen bigger dicks in porn flicks, but in real life, no one has yet matched me, or sometimes has even come near. And I make it a point to let it bulge whenever I can. I usually wear tight jeans, and tight briefs underneath, but sometimes I forego the briefs altogether. For swimwear I always choose briefs also, instead of the now-fashionable baggy shorts.

 3. When I jog, I wear skimpy running shorts, most of the time without underwear, and let my
 dick bounce with me, enjoying the breeze on my balls. I have thick pubes and hairy balls and crack. I don't shave my body hair, and I keep an evening-shadow trimmed beard. I can claim that I should be able to get laid often.
       But I have one problem. I'm a shy person. I can't meet someone's eyes and give him the intimation that I am interested. I always kick myself for letting pass situations that could have led to bed.

4. No matter what, I am horny now and need to fuck. As simple as that!  I put on my skimpy running shorts, a loose-fitting I-shirt, no underwear, and head for the park. It is a warm, sunny afternoon in May. I have decided that today I will not be shy. If someone shows some interest, and I like them, I'm going to reciprocate, boldly, aggressively.

5. There are many people in the park this afternoon, old, young, families, children. As I jog I keep an eye open for possibilities.
After a while, maybe 15-20 minutes, I am starting to sweat, and I spot a guy jogging some 25 meters in front of me. I watch his butt move, and, boy, that is one sexy butt. I can feel the tingling in my balls as I keep my distance and watch.

6. The guy swerves towards a bench, lifts one leg onto the back of the bench, and starts stretching. Fuck, he's hot. Fantastic legs! As I come up, slowing a little, he turns and looks at me. I can see some kind of interested expression on his face-my imagination?-as he keeps his gaze, and, I notice with delight, he drops his eyes towards my crotch.

7. I pass by him, and sure enough, I am too shy to return his look.
Shit, shit, shit! I'm thinking. Here we go again, ending the day with masturbating in the shower.

8. A few minutes later, as I was mentally beating myself, I hear running steps behind me. I turn my head sideways, and this guy is back on the track, catching up.
Wow! My heart's beat rate increases. I slow down.

9. "Hey," he says as he catches up and jogs beside me. I look at him sideways and shake my head in acknowledgement. Fuck me! Why am I so fucking shy?
 "Nice afternoon," he continues. "Do you jog here often?"
"Yea, most of the time." Then, finally, I draw up enough courage to elaborate.

10. "This is the first time you jog here?"
"Well, I started only a couple of days ago. I used to do my exercises inside a gym, but now with this weather, I decided that fresh air would be nice."
I nod and spot another bench a few meters ahead.

11. I slow down. "I need to take a breather," I say as I turn off the track towards the bench. He follows.
I sit on the bench, taking a deep breath, and stretch my legs forward with my arms over the bench back. I know that this position presents a nice view of my crotch and outlined penis inside the tight shorts.

12. He squats in front of me and starts leg exercising, stretching one leg to the side and massaging his thigh muscles, and then doing the other leg. His shorts are not as skimpy and tight as mine, but I can tell that, unlike me, he is wearing some kind of underwear.

13. As he moves his legs from side to side, I notice how well-shaped his thighs are.
 "So you work out, huh?" I comment.
 "Yea, whenever I have the time. You?"
"Not really. I'm not much of an athletic person. Jogging is already too much for me," I laugh.
14. "You look quite fit though," he answers my laugh and runs his eyes down my
 out-stretched body, lingering over my crotch.
 "Thanks. By the way, I'm Eddie," I say, trying to get the conversation to a more friendly level.
 "I'm Jason. Nice to meet you Eddie," he holds out his hand, and we shake. I feel a little more than normal pressure in his shake, or is it my imagination, again? 

15. By now, my cock has elongated and the outline has become more pronounced. This is where my shyness kicks in. I straighten up and try to hide my bulge.
 "Well, I think I've had enough exercise for today," I say as I stand up ready to leave.

16. He stands up, too. "Been nice chatting, Eddie," he smiles.
I really like this guy and he seems very friendly. Can I do something about it? No, I can't make a pass at him. Why doesn't he make a pass at me? Shit! I'm so unlucky. I really need a sex friend. His butt is so inviting. His whole body is sexy as hell.
17. As I start to walk away, Jason joins me. "So are you going to jog here tomorrow?" he asks.
 I haven't planned on jogging tomorrow. But his question makes me re-think this plan.
My dick is asking me how bad I need to get a fuck. Urgently!
 "Yes," comes my immediate answer.
 "Cool," he says. "I will be here too, same time, and we can run together eh... if you don't mind, that is," he adds after a second of hesitation.

18. Yes! That's an invitation. It's a pass if ever there is one! My dick quivers in anticipation. Carry it further, you fool, my dick tells me from down below.
"Sure, that'd be great, Jason," I turn and look at his face. I can detect a look of satisfaction and relief, of lust maybe? Can't be... this is my imagination working overtime. But Jason is definitely sending out body language signs that can't be ignored. Read the body language, Ed, Dick screams at me with frustration.
19. "Tell you what, Eddie," Jason says as we approach the park exit. "If you have the time, there a Starbucks’ around the corner. Are you a coffee person?"
Actually, I am not! Yes, you are, you fuck, my dick whispers. After one of my ex-boyfriends convinced me to quit smoking, my intake of coffee has gone down drastically. Now, I'm more of a tea person.

20. Nerd! Dick mumbles. I know. Tea is sort of tacky if not downright feminine. Inwardly, I smirk at myself whenever I sip my tea, feeling like Queen Elizabeth.
 "Yea, sure, a coffee would be great," I answer without hesitation. My dick nods approvingly.

21. At Starbucks’, Jason gets the coffee-my treat, he tells me-and we sit at a table on a booth. I take my first sip and I realize how much I have missed coffee. Fuck tea! This is man stuff. I watch Jason sip his over the rim of my steaming cup.
My God, he is gorgeous. We chat as we sip the coffee. I feel that a cigarette would have looked sexy and masculine, but I drive the thought away. No way will I get into that habit now that I have quit.

22. Jason is going to the local college. He has just celebrated his 21st birthday, but to my eyes, he looks a beautiful 18 (and to my eyes, I look nerdy and awkward). He seems to like me and his eyes often dart down to my crotch across the table. Our conversation evolves from generalities to personal stuff.

23. "Tell me, Ed. Why don't you do gym stuff?" he asks.
 "So you think I need gym?" I ask back. "Do I look so terrible?"
"Oh, no," he exclaims apologetically, leaning over the table.
His eyes stare at my flat stomach and my crotch. My cock says hi to him by quivering. I bet he notices that, but that could also be my wayward imaginative mind.

24. "It's not that at all, Ed. As far as I can tell, you look quite fine." 
"As far as you can tell?" I ask, a hint of hidden meaning, not totally innocent, creeps into my tone.
 He smiles. "You know," he mumbles. "Clothes hide stuff."
Fuck and double fuck! He is fucking interested.

25. I cannot believe what I say next. "Would you like to see me without the clothes, then, to make sure I am not hiding anything?"
He stares at me silently. I can't make out what he is thinking. Jesus, Ed, my dick screams, now you go and fuck up the whole thing! You are impossible. My dick is angry..

26. When Jason doesn't respond, I hastily try to amend the situation but I don't know how. I am so upset with my being so crass, so vulgar.
 After an interminably long pause, Jason takes in a deep breath, and, without taking his eyes off my face, he whispers, "Yes."
Yes? Has Jason just said yes? Has he agreed to watch me get naked for him? Oh man, oh man. My dick is confused but elated.

27. "And," hot Jason continues, looking down at his hands around his coffee cup, "we can't very well do this here, can we?"
"Jason," I tell him, now encouraged beyond bounds. "Would you like to come up to my place for a second cup of coffee?"
 This is how Jason is invited to my place with the full understanding of what is going to happen once we are inside closed walls. My cock is doing all kinds of jiggy dances, and my heart is racing at the prospect.

28. I am going to get laid, and to a beautiful person at that. Thank you, Jesus!  I watch Jason walk up the stairs ahead of me to the second floor where I have leased a small studio- apartment. What a butt, my little dick whispers up to me. Boy, wouldn't I love penetrating that ass. I will him, my dick, to shut the fuck up, but secretly, I have to admit that Jason's butt stretching his shorts as he climbs the stairs is killing me.

29. When we step into the apartment, Jason walks around, looking at stuff.
"You sure about the coffee?" I ask him. I realize that I possibly have kept a can of coffee somewhere around, but it must be old by now. "Or maybe some tea?" I ask sheepishly. 

30. Without turning around to me, he says,
"Tea's fine, Ed."  I turn on the hot water kettle, relieved.
My dick screams, will you stop fucking around with faggot tea and get him to bed? My dick can be a pain in the ass, both literally and figuratively.

31. I lean at the table watching Jason as I wait for the water to boil.
He turns around and smiles at me, "Quite a nice place, Ed."
"Thanks. Small but suits me fine."

32. "Small is good," he laughs dropping his gaze towards my crotch meaningfully.
I smile and grab my dick invitingly. 

33. In slow motion, he approaches and replaces my hand with his. Dick screams with lust.
I pull him closer and lean towards his face, our lips meeting.

34. I feel him harden against my thigh as I probe his mouth with my tongue, licking inside his lips and searching for his tongue. He returns the kiss with passion. We slurp for a while until the whistling kettle reminds me of the tea. I break and reluctantly move away from him to make the tea. 

35. I told you, man, Dick shouts angrily, totally frustrated, stop fucking with the fucking tea and get him in the fucking bed and fuck his brains out. Dick is fully erect and already halfway snaking out of the left shorts leg, his head glistening. Well, he has to wait a bit. We have to have our tea, haven't we? Fuck you, Ed, he whimpers in disgust.

36. "That's what I would call a bull boner," Jason comments as he stares at my peeking cockhead. I pull down the shorts leg to cover myself. It's not that I am ashamed of showing my dick, especially to such a hot guy in the privacy of my apartment, but I feel a bit whorish, too much of an exhibitionist. Jason will have plenty of time to appreciate Dick. Yea, yea, Dick complains.

37. We kiss and move onto the couch. I'm more than ready to fuck and I can tell that Jason is hot for me, too. To my surprise, Jason pushes me back on the couch and rips off my shorts. My dick springs out and is plastered to my belly up to my navel, exposing my balls. Yeah, baby, I can hear Dick sigh, that's my boy. 

38. I reach for Jason's head to push him down on my cock, but he pushes my hand away. He starts licking my foot. My God! Vibrations hit me.
I want to fucking fuck! But Jason is taking his sweet time. Sucking on my big toe, he gazes at me with lustful and teasing passion.

39. "Jason," I moan, begging, "get up onto my cock, baby."
He smiles and moves, ever so slowly, up my leg to my thigh.
"Up onto that thing?" he teases. "Naaah, your whole body is so delicious that it would be a shame to skip for that thing."

40. "That thing is going to split you apart, you bastard," I laugh. Dick jerks in approval. Damn right! Dick says.
 Jason snickers back, kissing and licking the inside of my thigh, his hands massaging my legs and sides all the time. I'm shaking hard. 

41. When I feel his tongue touch my balls, I almost scream.
He works my balls slowly as he slips a hand inside my crack and rubs around my hole. By now, I am completely engrossed with conflicting feelings of the desire to fuck and the desire to be fucked.

42. After a while, Jason moves to my dick, licking up the under shaft from the balls to the head, encircling the knob with his lips and flicking round the pulsating head. He pries my shaft off my belly and swallows on it, slowly, teasingly, steadily going down towards the base.

43. I feel my cockhead hit his throat, but he keeps going and I penetrate his throat muscle.
 My moans and squirms are getting to be uncontrollable. Slowly, he moves back up the shaft to the head. It seems that Jason can detect my no-return point.
 He quits his ministrations just as I feel the juice buildup in my balls ready to explode. 

44. He lets go of my throbbing cock and starts licking my abs and chest until I settle, and then he goes back onto my hard waiting rod.
 This is definitely the best blowjob I have ever, ever had. Jason is a pro. Dick agrees. I bet he has sucked a lot of cock to know how to control me, to bring me to the edge but never over it.
 I want to bend him over and fuck his hot butt badly, but he keeps me pinned down on the couch.

45. Never in my life have I felt so deliciously helpless. Where has my "top" attitude gone? I am totally at Jason's mercy.
Still keeping me pinned down, he squats over my crotch, pulls up my rock-hard cock, placing it at his butt hole. I try to push it up into him, but, again, he pushes my pelvis down, always with this smile/smirk on his face.

46. He rubs my spit-wet cockhead around his hole and without any warning pushes down and gets the head inside his ass muscle. I take in a deep heave of surprise when my cockhead pops into his ass, feeling his hole muscle squeeze shut just under the mushroom head of my hard dick. 

47. He slides down on the shaft, the whole length at one steady go, arching his back, with my cock stretching him to the maximum. I am dying to push deeper into him, to fuck him, but he won't let me, remaining totally in control. His balls rest in my thick pubes and his erection seems even harder than mine, standing vertically against his delicious belly, exposing his balls. 

48. When I try to grab his dick, he holds both of my hands out, stretching my arms to the sides, and pins them down on the couch as he rides my pole. His balls bounce into my crotch. I am dying.
 As he moves faster up and down my cock shaft, I feel the buildup of semen again.
My balls are hurting with the pressure of my juice. Jason senses this, raises his butt, and releases my hands.
 "Fuck me, Ed," he manages to breathe out, raising his butt halfway up my cock shaft, his hands on my hairy chest, supporting him.
 That's what I've been waiting for. Holding onto his butt, I thrust up into him, pushing his bowels deeper, farther.

49. I pound him, fast and deep. As I am ready to explode, I thrust even faster letting his rim muscle masturbate my dick.
One last thrust and I explode: like a river, no, like a volcano. I feel my balls go off in a frenzy. Squirt after squirt I dump into his body, all the while fucking him instead of stilling, which I usually do when I cum inside someone's body. I can't count how many spurts I have shot, but I am still pumping his ass, my cum seeping out of his hole onto my balls, lubing my shaft further.

50. Another spasm takes me by surprise as a second load bursts out of me. Jason's eyes are wide open as he feels the heat of my semen inside him.
When I cum again, I spill more juice into him, filling his insides with hot man semen.
 This is a first for me, cumming twice in a row, within less than a minute, without withdrawing from my partner's ass. When I finally withdraw, I am still erect. But I decide to hold Dick back for a while. Dick objects as a matter of principle. 

51. But neither Jason nor I have taken showers after the jogging.
So I suggest to him to go ahead before me. I am glad he doesn't insist that I join him, as much as I still need a piece of him, and so does Dick.
 I pull up my shorts and quickly make myself a cup of tea.
As I sip the hot tea, I contemplate on the events of the afternoon. So unexpected, but so needed. I am elated. Jason is a very hot guy even though he intimidates me a little when takes control of the fucking.

52. I will have to see what I can do to change things around. It was as if he was fucking my dick instead of me fucking his ass. So fucking what? Dick tells me. So let him ride to his heart's content. Actually, it hasn't been that bad, and my load shooting has been more intense than any I have had for a very long time. Damn right, Dick shakes his head.

53. I like it when my dick talks to me. I pat him and stroke him a little.
Jason comes out of the shower.
 "Your turn, Ed." Yum, he looks so delicious with his wet hair and the towel wrapped sexily around his waist. I curb the urge to pull him to me and fuck him right there and then.

54. I kiss him as I go to the shower. Dick is hard. As I lather myself, I know that Jason is waiting outside and Dick is throbbing in anticipation. I close my eyes and let the hot water rinse my body, when I hear the door to the bathroom open and a waft of cold breeze hit my naked, wet body.

55. "Thought you might be getting lonely in here," I hear Jason say as he joins me under the water after he removes his towel.
I notice that he already has an erection as well. We hug and kiss, the hard cocks pressing onto each other. He feels so right in my arms, our bodies glued to each other, grinding.

56. I lick down his smooth chest and get onto his dick. As I suck him, he moans and holds onto my wet hair, guiding his cock in and out of my mouth, getting in control. I let him. He pounds and shoots inside my throat. I taste the saltiness of his load and I swallow as much as I can.

57. Straightening, we kiss some more. I am still horny and Dick is shouting for more action for him. When I try to turn Jason around to get to his butt, he tries to resist. But I am forceful this time. Jason feels this and eventually offers me his back.
I make him lean onto the shower wall and lift one of his legs.

58. Using some liquid soap, I lube both my cock and his hole and enter him, wrapping one arm around his waist while the other is holding his thigh up. I slide upwards inside him. He grunts with the penetration, but pushes back onto my groin for more cock.

59. I push him against the wall, and, letting go of his leg, I wrap the other arm around his body and start pounding into him. He is not getting in control this time.
 "Oh, man," Jason moans as I pump his ass. "Fuck me, Eddie, baby, give it to me."
I do. I fuck him deep and hard. His body's reactions to me make me go wild with lust. I have never rammed an ass with such force and such passion. Driving into his body, sensations of fucking overwhelm me.

60. When I finally dump my load inside him, my legs can barely hold my weight. My third load! And it's even more intense than the other two. His squeezing rim muscle tells me that he is also shooting a load and this makes me spurt even more cum inside him.
 Spent, we stand under the hot water, arms around each other, kissing.

61. Although Jason and I fuck frequently, the first time has been the most sensual, the most intense. I like him, a lot. But no fuck can excel that afternoon. I realize that physical exercise has a lot of benefits, especially jogging.

End Of The Story


Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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Unknown said...

Thank you Eduardo for this fantastic illustration of my story. You are really such a talented artist. My story has turned into a much more erotic one, and my erection attests to that. Kisses. Simon

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