Written by: Cosmic Charlie
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(70 illustrations)

1. When I came to college I thought I would be the big man on campus.
I had been popular and athletic in high school, and I figured that my natural ability to be the top dog would transfer easily to college life. 

2. At the university, I discovered that the hierarchy is already set and that as a freshman I was on the bottom.
The big men, the guys every other dude wanted to be, were older and stronger.
I might be able to get there some day, but for now I was at the bottom of the pole.

3. My social position was worsened when I was assigned janitorial work by the work study office on campus.
I needed money and the federal government said I had to work for it. So, every night, Monday through Friday, I worked from 6 to 10 cleaning campus buildings. 
No one really likes the janitors.

4. Even though every other student knew that I was a student just like them and even though a lot of them had other menial jobs like flipping burgers in the cafeteria, when I put on my uniform I became a kind of joke.
It amazed me that guys would be cool with me in class, then laugh at me when they saw me walking into a bathroom with my mop bucket. 

5. Things changed for the better when I was assigned to the athletics complex, mostly because I didn't have to see anyone.
I did the offices first, then moved on to the locker rooms and weight rooms later in the day after everyone had cleared out.

6. If I did run into someone late at night, it was usually a jock who had been working out in the gym.
Lots of these guys came from rough backgrounds and they treated me pretty well. 

7. One night, about two weeks after I started my job in athletics, I went downstairs to clean the locker room right around eight as usual.
Since I started here, I have been dreaming about finding a cache of used gear to sniff and jerk off with.
So far, I have not been lucky.

8. The jocks do a pretty good job of cleaning up after themselves.
I started to dump out garbage cans and pick up trash before mopping the floor.
As I went about my business, the captain of the hockey team, Ben, walked into the locker-room. He was in a practice uniform and his longish hair was dripping with sweat.

9. His entry caught me completely off guard.
"Oh . ." I stammered, "I thought everyone was gone. I'm, uh, just cleaning up. I'll come back later." 
Ben walked over to one of the lockers and said, "It's fine. I'm the only one left. You can do what you need to do. I'll only be a minute." 

10. I walked across the locker room toward my mop bucket. As I did, Ben started to strip off his uniform.
My walk to the bucket slowed down as I watched him strip off his clothes.
First he took off his jersey, then his padded pants.

11. His upper body was still mostly covered by his body armor, but I could make out some seriously well defined abs.
He ran his hand through his sweaty light brown hair and over his face.
Everything seemed to be going in slow motion as I waited for my bucket to fill. 

12. I have a kind of kink - I usually free-ball it underneath my janitorial coveralls.
In fact, absent the coveralls, I'm usually completely naked.
As I watched Ben take off his gear, my dick got harder and harder, and I started to worry that if I stood up in front of Ben, he would see my erection through the fabric. 

13. I hatched a plan to deal with this problem. While Ben undressed, I would go around to the other side of the lockers and jerk myself off.
I figured I could blow a load in about five seconds.
By that time, he would have moved into the showers, and I could mop up the locker-room. 

14. "Hey dude," Ben called out to me, "Could you bring me that foot spray over there." 
'Fuck' I thought. I walked over to the far end of the locker room and grabbed a can of foot spray off of the training table.
My dick was still pointing downward, but it was obviously tenting the front of my coveralls.
Unless Ben was completely oblivious, he was going to see my hard dick. 

15. I took the spray over to Ben.
As I walked toward him he stripped off the shorts he had been wearing underneath his padded pants.
He acted like I wasn't even there.

16. He stood in front of his locker in his jock.
He still hadn't taken off the body armor that covered most of his chest and shoulders.
As I got closer, I could start to smell his fresh sweat and the older, muskier smell of his equipment. 

17. "I get really wicked athlete's foot if I'm not careful." Ben said and smiled at me.
As I reached out to give him the can, he stopped me by saying,
"Hey, do you think you could spray my feet? My back really hurts after practice."
"Uh . . . sure." I said. I thought for a moment and realized that I was going to have to kneel down in front of Ben.
It was a perfect chance to check out his package.

18. As I moved to my knees, I took as many quick glances as I could at the huge mound between his legs.
He had taken out the protective cup, and his big cock was outlined in the fabric.
His thighs and calves were hairy. 
Finally, I reached my knees. Ben's feet were muscular and fragrant.

19. I started to spray the tops of his feet.
He lifted each foot so that I could spray the bottoms.
"Get in between the toes," he said.
I directed the spray in between his toes.
"Spread em out and spray in between there." Ben told me.
I reached out and grabbed his feet.
Slowly, I spread his toes apart, two by two, and sprayed into the gaps between his toes.

20. "Thanks a lot man." Ben said.
"No problem," I told him. For whatever reason, I didn't get back up. I just knelt there, almost paralyzed. 
"What's your name?" Ben asked. 
I took my eyes off of his feet and looked up at him.

21. His huge mound of cock stood out from his body, and his whole frame gleamed with sweat. 
"Luke." I said. 
"Luke, do you like being on your knees in front of me?" Ben asked. 

22. "Uh . . . yeah." I said.
Something told me Ben was not going to kick my ass for saying this. He didn't look angry. He looked really, really, horny. 
"Do hot jocks like me get you off?" he asked. 
"Yes" I replied, still looking directly into his blue eyes. 
"Do you want to lick the sweat off my balls?" He asked.

23. As he asked me this he stepped forward. His crotch mound was now only inches from my face, and I could smell his sweat and body odor.
The moist heat of his crotch hit my face like a wave. 
"Yes." I said.  Ben's hands came down onto the back of my head. Slowly and almost methodically he pulled my face into his package. 

24. My nose pressed into the cotton pouch of his jock and my nostrils were immediately filled with his musky ball sweat. In addition to the ripeness of his nuts, which had been pressed in a cup for the last hour or so, his jock bore the stagnant odor of several practices. His smell was intoxicating. 

25. As I nuzzled his junk, his dick began to harden against my face.
The pouch of his jock filled out, becoming a single mass of musky flesh.
I started to gently chew on his junk, mouthing his meat and sucking his sweat out of the fabric. His crotch was salty.

26. I licked and sucked at his dick while he shoved his crotch into my face.
All the while Ben's hand were running through my hair, mussing up my short locks.
His strong hands massaged the back of my neck, working my muscles while gently pushing my face into his groin. 

27. My own cock was hard and dripping in my coveralls. I started to unbutton them so that I could get some access to my cock.
The top of the suit slid down my body.
I pulled my arms out so that the upper half of my body was bare.
Then I reached for my cock and started to stroke it. 

28. Meanwhile, Ben sat down on a bench in front of the lockers.
As he sat, I was forced to bend over onto my hands and knees.
During the whole maneuver, Ben never took his hands off of my head and my mouth never left his crotch. 

29. "You got a strong back, Luke." Ben said as he started to massage my shoulders and upper back.
"You keep working out, someday you might be a real man."  I thanked him by redoubling my effort on the mound of flesh between his legs, grunting as I chewed and sucked.

30. I pushed my face up under his balls and licked at the exposed skin behind the pouch of his jock as best I could, trying to get at his taint and asshole. 
Ben bent forward and moved his hands toward my ass, pushing my coveralls down my back.

31. Eventually, they slid off of me and exposed my bare ass.
Ben grabbed at my cheeks and pulled them apart.
In order to get at my asshole, Ben had to slide forward, and my face was pushed deeper and deeper into his crotch.
I wasn't afforded much movement now, I just did my best to tongue his jock covered crotch as Ben did what he wanted to my body. 

32. His fingers moved deeper and finally found my tight hole.
Ben tapped on my rosebud with his finger, gently pushing against my asshole.
"You know what my favorite kind of pussy is Luke?" Ben asked.
I hoped the question was rhetorical because I was in no position to respond.
Ben didn't wait for an answer.
"Guys on the team always ask me that. Do I like Latina pussy or white pussy or whatever? But my favorite kind of pussy is boy pussy."

33. Ben leaned back and pulled my head out of his crotch.
He lifted me to my knees by pulling on my neck.
We made eye contact.
"You know why I like boy pussy, Luke?"  I shook my head.
"Because boys like you will do anything for cock. If I shoved a chick's face into my jock, she'd start crying. But look at you. Your dick is dripping onto the floor."
Ben rubbed the sides of my face with his strong hands as he told me this.

34. The whole time he never broke eye contact.
"If I told you to lick up your mess, you would do it. Wouldn't you?" Ben asked.
I immediately bent over and licked my precum off of the locker-room floor.
"See. Fag boys like you are so slutty I didn't even have to ask." he said.

35. Ben paused, and then started to take off the pads that still covered his upper body.
"Work my nipples, Luke." 
I took my eyes away from his and started to lick at his left nipple.
Ben's chest was muscular and mostly smooth.

36. He had some short dark hair in the middle of his chest, but his pecs were smooth and tanned mounds of muscle.
His nipples were erect, and I suck and licked him like it was going out of style. 
"Nibble it a little." Ben said.
I bit down gently on his nip.

37. "Harder," Ben commanded.  I bit down harder.
Ben groaned in delight and brought his hands up against the sides of my head and jammed me into his body.
He leaned back a little and as he did he brought his leg up against my hard cock.

38. I couldn't help myself. I straddled his leg and pushed my dick into it.
Ben immediately jerked his leg away. 
"You are one horny slut." he laughed,
"You were going to hump my leg like a dog."

39. He chuckled for a few seconds and then reached out to rub my hair and scratch behind my ears.
"You're a good dog. Now suck my cock." 
He reached down and pulled his jock to the side.
His nine-inch cut dick sprang to attention and his loose sack and balls hung low beneath it.

40. I took the head of his dick into my mouth. 
Ben's cock tasted salty from his sweat and the precum that was oozing out of his slit.
As I ran my tongue around the tip of his cock I felt his head swell in my mouth.
He had a good sized dick, and as it went deeper into my mouth I had to stretch my jaw to avoid nicking him with my teeth.

41. For about a minute, I sucked on the top four inches of his dick, running my tongue around all of his sensitive spots and licking his slit for whatever cock-honey he produced. 
"You think you can take me in your throat?" Ben asked as he rubbed my neck and the back of my head. 
I wasn't sure that I could do it. Ben's dick was at least a few inches longer than anything I'd tried to deep-throat before.

42. However, Ben apparently took my hesitation to be a yes, because the pressure on the back of my head increased and his dick started to make its way down my throat. 
I opened my throat and focused on breathing through my nose.
Ben's pubes drew closer and closer to my eyes, as I fought the urge to gag and choke on his cock. 
"Look up at me while I fuck your throat." Ben told me. 

43. I looked up into his blue eyes through my watery eyes.
Ben's body was shining with new sweat. Drops of moisture were rolling down his perfectly cut abs and into his bush.
Ben pulled his dick out of my throat and I gagged hard.
His dick was covered in throat slime and spit.
There was drool running down my chin.

44. "Good job, boy." Ben said. "You took my dick like a real man-whore." 
I smiled at him then went back for his dick.
I sucked around the base of his cock, licking up the slime and drool that I had left there.
I then started to suck on his balls. 
"Yeah, Luke, suck on my balls. They've got a present to give you. I'm gonna shoot my load up into your boy pussy." Ben said.

45. His talk got progressively dirtier as I worshiped his sack and the gifts it contained. 
"Take my jock off." he told me. 
I took my head out of his crotch and began to pull the elastic down his legs.
Ben had to lift up his ass to let the waistband slip underneath him.

46. After I pulled it off he pulled me up onto my feet.
Ben turned me around in place so that my back side was facing him. 
"Bend over and show me your cunt." he said.

47. I bent down and used my hands to spread my cheeks.
I was proud of my round, muscular, ass.
I was naturally quite hairy, but kept the cheeks pretty smooth and the hair in my crack was trimmed to keep things clean and sexy. 
"Man, Luke," Ben said as he put his hands on my ass and started to knead my cheeks, "that is one hot cunt."

48. Before I could say anything, his mouth was on my asshole.
His tongue plunged into my ass as he grumbled in approval.
Every few seconds he would pull his mouth away and finger my hole, knead my muscular butt, and blow on my rosebud.
I was relatively unexperienced down there, and the feelings of his mouth on my butt hole and his hands on my cheeks and thighs was driving me wild.

49. My own cock was rock hard and pressed against my abs. I wanted him inside of me, bad. 
Then Ben said, "I'm going to destroy your pussy, Luke. You're going walk crooked for days, man. When people ask you what happened, you're going to tell them you had the fuck of your life. You ready for me?" 
While I knew that I really wanted his cock inside of me, I was starting to freak out a little.
I hesitated before answering him, and for the first time in a half an hour, my cock softened a little. 
Ben put his index finger into my ass and slowly fucked me with his finger.

50. His movements were gentle and well paced. He curved his finger and passed the tip over my prostate as he thrust in and out.
With his other hand, he massaged my ass.  "It's ok, baby. I'll be gentle. I know my big dick might hurt a little, but you're going to take it sooner or later." Ben said. 
I took a deep breath, then told him, "I'm ready. I want you to fuck me." 
Ben lifted my body and turned me around so that I was facing the lockers.

51. He grabbed my arms and pushed them up against the lockers, a little way above shoulder height.
He took a hold of my hips and pulled my ass out.
He put one hand on the small of my back and fingered me with the index finger of his free hand. 

52. "Baby, I can't wait to get inside of you. Your cunt is so tight," he muttered to no one in particular before lining his dick up with my rosebud.
He pushed against me and my knee-jerk reaction was to close down and deny him entry. 
"Luke, don't be like that." Ben said. He leaned in close to my ear and whispered, "Just let me in.
I'm not leaving before I plant a load in your ass, so just let me in." 

53. I took a deep breath and did my best to relax.
His big cock started to push its way into me. The immediate push was painful.
My sphincter felt like it was tearing in two. My breathing quickened, Ben didn't respond.
He just used one of his hands to rub my stomach as he continued to push his dick in. 
Ben got about four inches or so of his dick in when he started to fuck me.

54. His wide girth stretched my asshole, at first in a painful way, but then in a way that sent shivers of pleasure to my dick.
His thrusts were short and fast, each time he took about three inches of his dick out, then plunged it back in quickly.
Just as I was about to beg him for more, he stopped moving altogether. 

55. This was, I realized, his strategy. He wanted me to beg.
He would not give me all of his cock until I asked. 
"Fuck me Ben." I said. 
"You like my dick in your ass, Luke?" Ben asked. 
"Put it all the way in me, Ben. Fuck me deep." I said. 
"You sure? You were nervous before." he taunted. 
"Put it in me." I said in a stern voice, almost commanding him. 

56. Ben brought his chest down against my back and started to push his remaining five inches into me.
He didn't push in all at once. Instead, each thrust went a little bit deeper.
His strokes got longer but he kept up his pace.
His fucking was fast and intense. My whole body was being jilted and jarred as he fucked his way up into me. 

57. When he finally got all the way into me he stopped and rubbed his pubes and groin against my ass.
His cock was twitching in my asshole, and I could feel his heart pounding at the base of his dick as it swelled and stretched my hole, which was already pushed to the limit. 
"Your cunt is so tight on my cock, Luke." Ben said.

58. "You like getting fucked by hockey studs like me? You like my stick in your ass." 
"Yes." I groaned. It was all I could say at this point. 
"Oh, fuck yeah baby." Ben said as he moved his dick around in my tight hole.
He saw his discarded jock laying next to us on the bench and picked it up.
He draped it over my face, so that the pouch covered my nose and mouth.
"Here, get off on my ball sweat while I fuck you." 

59. He started to thrust in and out of me again. I was breathing heavily and every breath I took was of the moist, heady air of his sweaty jock.
His smell filled my mind as his cock filled my body.
My dick which had been rock hard for a while now, was ready to explode.
One touch and I would blow my load.
Ben's hands were on mine, pushing my wrists into the cold metal locker.

60. I started to pull my hands away from his so that I could jerk myself while he fucked me.
His muscles instantly flexed and pushed my wrists deeper into the cold steel.
"No." he said. That was all. No explanation or instructions. Just 'No.' 
He seemed to take my resistance as a cue, and started to really long-dick my asshole.
Each thrust was at least seven inches out and seven back in.

61. My rectum collapsed as he fell out and just as I was about to complain about the emptiness, he pushed back in.
His dick snaked through my insides, bottoming out deep in my bowels. 
"Cum for me." Ben ordered. "Cum from getting fucked, just like a chick."
He pounded my ass hard.  I had no idea how I was supposed to do this.
I kept breathing in the smell of his musky gear and focused on the intense pleasure inside my ass.

62. The feeling of his dick sliding past my pussy lips was amazing, the constant pressure on my prostate, his sweaty body behind me, dripping on to my back, his ball sweat in my mouth. 
Suddenly, "Oh fuck . . . oh fuck, I'm cumming." I yelled.
My first hands-free cum shot started to pulse through my body.
I collapsed into the orgasm, and Ben had to move his hands to prop me up.
"Clamp down on my dick, boy. Work my cock while you cum." Ben said.
I focused on clenching down with my ass muscles as hard as I could as the tail end of my orgasm ripped me apart.

63. My cum gushed onto the lockers in front of me as Ben's dick pistonned in and out of my ass. 
Ben grabbed my shoulder and started to push me down. As he did this, his thick dick popped out of my ass.
I swear that I felt a cold rush of air shoot into my gaping asshole. 
"On your knees, Luke." Ben ordered. 
I instantly fell to my knees and turned to face him. Ben, a hockey stud and one of the most beautiful men I'd ever laid eyes on, was going to feed me his cum. 

64. "Here it comes, baby." Ben said. 
The tip of his cock flared and his piss slit opened.
Thick ropes of white cum rushed out of his dick and onto my face.
The first shot landed in my hair, across my forehead, and over my nose.
Each new shot had a little less force and eventually his cum was landing on my lips.
I eagerly took his juice into my mouth as he continued to paint my face.

65. He must have shot at least eight ropes of cum onto me.
As I savored his salty goodness, I could feel his goop running down the sides of my face, sliding down my nose and over my eyebrows.
Some dripped off of my chin and onto my chest and abs. 
I used my finger to scoop his cum away from my eyes and looked up at him.

66. There was a slight burning sensation as the remains of his cum dripped into my eyes.
Ben's eyes were closed and his muscular chest was rising and falling quickly.
His whole upper body expanded with each breath, his lungs must be huge. 
He slipped the head of his dick into my mouth with one hand,
"Clean me up." he ordered. As I sucked the remaining cum off of his dick, I felt his cock swell.

67. Without warning, a rush of warm piss filled my mouth.
I pulled off of his dick and sputtered.
The bitter taste was not altogether unpleasant, just really unexpected. 
Ben didn't miss a beat. He grabbed his cock and pissed all over my face and hair.
"I'm marking my territory, slut. You belong to me now." 
As his piss covered me, I started to voluntarily take some into my mouth.

68. The heat of his piss was incredible and the flavor was not all that bad.
I wasn't sure if I was turned on or not, but I knew that I couldn't say no to Ben.
If he wanted to piss on me, I would let him. 
The flow finally stopped and Ben looked down at me.
"Good job." he said as he patted the side of my face.

69. He looked over at the clock on the wall and exclaimed, "Shit, I gotta run.
Sorry I can't stay and cuddle." He laughed as he tossed my coveralls in my direction and moved toward his locker. 

70. Ben dressed in about thirty seconds. I guess he decided to skip the shower.
I was left there. Ben's thick cum now liquefying and running off of my face.
I used my fingers to scoop the cum into my mouth.
When I finished cleaning myself up, I went to work cleaning the locker room.
I paused to jack off at least three times that night. 

End Of The Story


Written by: Cosmic Charlie
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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