Written by: Rob Roaa
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(85 illustrations)

1. Sometime ago, when I was 22, new to the area, and had a great job. I'd met a few new friends and was going out a lot. 
One night my friend Nikki and I wanted to change it up and try a bar that I'd never been to, so she suggested a strip club.
I'm from the Midwest and we don't have male strip clubs there.  So I was intrigued to say the least.

2. When we got there, it was dead, probably because it was the middle of the week. My friend Nikki and I walked in and it felt like we were in heaven.  This place was nothing like I thought it would be, they had Muscles guys, twinks, pretty boys, thugs, farmers, you want them, they are all there, and completely naked.  We got a table right in the front, and had the shot boy bring us a bottle of Vodka, I didnt want to waste time going back and forth to the bar.

3. This place was like nothing I had ever seen.  Three to four guys were on stage at all times, they were up there for three songs, first song they danced in pants or shorts no shirt.  The second song they danced in thongs, or tight underwear and would flash you if you went up to tip, and the third song the guys were stark naked.  Dancing and dangling all over the place.  It was a great sight for sure.

4. Strippers would come to our table since they saw the bottle, and I'm a bit of a voyeur, so I got a couple of dances for my friend Nikki, and even bought a lap dance for some girl next to us because it was her birthday.  We went on drinking our bottle, and watching the guys, we would whisper and rate them as they danced in front of us.

5. While we were chatting with the strippers and other on lookers, I noticed they called up two strippers to the stage. One guy was at the right end of the stage. black guy, light skin, pretty bright eyes, nice body but nothing amazing.

6. But there was something different about the other dancer.  He was about 6'4 200 pounds, white, but vary tan. Rock solid muscles, hairy arms and legs, but no hair on his chest or back, he had the most detailed tattoo of Jesus on his right pec.

7. It drove me insane, my eyes were glued on him, but he didn't seem to notice me.  The song changed and he dropped his jeans to reveal a sexy black pair of Rufskin mesh underwear.  I was creaming as I watched him work the poll hump, grind, and swirl.  He did back flips, and face fucked his tippers.  I had more than enough liquor in me, and I wanted to see him up close. 

8. I grabbed a ten out of my pocket, and went to the stage.  The song changed but he didn't drop anything else off.  He saw me waiting; I refused to look like a horny, attention needy fag in this strip club full of women.  He finally noticed me; he cut me sexy eyes and walked his way over.

9. He squat down and I put the money out,
"whats up sexy, how are you enjoying the view, I've been wondering how long it was going to take for you to come up and talk to me" "Oh so you did notice me, I didn't see you trying to show me any attention but, your moves are good so I figured you would be the only one I tipped tonight"

10. "Well thank you, and of course I saw you, all of us have, the only dude that has a bottle, and you're the only one buying lap dances, but I haven't seen you get one yet what's up with that"

11. "I haven't seen anyone I'd like to give me one yet"
"Well when my set is done I'll see what I can do about that"
I looked down, and saw that his dick had crept out of his shorts, he was about 7 inches uncut, mid soft, he smelled like axe, and the faint smell of sweat.

12. I went back to my seat, and Nikki was talking to another dancer, his name was Rico and he was cool, he was Argentinean and working here while he was in school for engineering.  We all chatted for a while, and it seemed like Rico was really into Nikki, they moved to another table and then to the backroom.

13. I was sitting enjoying my kettle 1, and checking my phone when I felt some really big hands on my shoulders.  When I turned around I was staring Jesus right in the eyes.
"Hey can I sit down"
It was him Mr. Mesh, Mr. Jesus Tattoo, I was hoping that I didn't have a smile on my face when he interrupted my train of thought.

14. "So can I sit or are you going to just keep looking at my chest, I know I'm a stripper but you don't have to treat me like a piece of meat.
Oh wow I almost feel bad, but wait he's the one up there shaking his dick so yea he's a piece of meat.
"Go ahead have a seat"

15. I've been to enough female strip clubs where I know the game, they sit down, they ask to buy you a drink or you buy them one and then they sweet talk you into the backroom, and you've spent $700 in ten minutes.  I wasn't going to fall for it.

16. "So Mr. Boss man, looks like you're the big spender tonight. Are you enjoying yourself?"
"Yea it's pretty cool it's my first time"
"Oh so you're a virgin, so no ones tried to break your lap dance or backroom cherry yet huh?"
"Many have tried, and no one has succeeded, I'm not going to pay to have some guy shake his shit in my face, and maybe let me blow him, and not get my happy ending, but I do like to look"

17. "Well guess what, today is your lucky day"
I was a bit confused until his jeans dropped to the floor, and he was standing over me.  He moved my seat out took my drink, and stepped over me.
"No touching unless I move your hands, sit back and enjoy"
I didn't think I asked him for a lap dance but it's only $10, and to have him on me, I guess was worth it this time.

18. T-pain let me buy you a drink was on, and this white boy could move, he was swirling his hips, popping his ass, and kissing my neck, he took my hands in his and rubbed his body from shoulders dragging them down his chest, I made sure to pay attention to Jesus on his chest.  

19. He continued pulling my hands down his body and resting them on his meshed package.  I could feel the blood pumping to his dick as he was grinding into my hands.  He leaned into me, and bit my ear,

20. "Hey come in the backroom"
Before I knew it I had snapped out of my lusty stupor,
"No I'm ok; I told you I don't pay for my entertainment"

21. The song ended, and I'd lost my boner, why did he have to fuck up my fantasy with backroom talk.
"Well I'm going to have to go back up, but I didn't say you had to pay a thing"
I was confused as he started putting his jeans back on,

22. I went into my pocket to give him his ten a few singles as a tip for the dance, when I went to give it to him, he took the money folded it up, and placed it back on the table, He looked a little upset and as he walked away he looked at me,
"I said I didn't want your money, I'll be back at last call, you need to be here"

23. Did this guy just tell me where I needed to be, I'm not always into forceful guys but wow I'm a bit turned on.  Now to think am I really going to stay around for a stripper or move on to the next bar?
When Nikki came back I was surprised, I'd forgotten the fact that she was even there with me.
"Hey sorry I've been gone so long"
"Forget about that, how much did you spend, you've been back there for like a half hour, and I am not helping you pay for that"
"Oh kiss my ass, I thought I was going to have to pay for one song, but he didn't let me pay for anything, he danced we talked, we made out, and he wants to take me out when they close."

24. What the hell is going on here, I don't feel comfortable, are these guys trying to play us and rob us or something.
"Well that's funny because Jesus chest wanted me to come back there, I said no, and he told me to wait for him until last call, he said he will be over then"
"Well we will see what happens"

25. We stayed around for a while, finished off the bottle, and before we knew it, the DJ was making last call.  I paid off my tab, and Rico came back over to the table to talk with Nikki more.  I sat back down we laughed and Rico asked if it would be cool if he took Nikki out since he was done for the night.  When ever things like this happen to us, we had a plan if we wanted to go with them or not.  And she wanted to go with Rico. 

26. They left and she sent me a pic of his place, and knew she was suppose to text me every hour.  Once they left, the DJ played the last song, and I collected my self and headed for the door, as I was walking out to my car, I see dancer boy standing in the parking lot.
"I forgot I can't leave with people, so I wanted to meet you out here so that no one would see, are we taking your car or mine?"

27. What the hell is wrong with this dude? Is he for real?
"I have no clue to what the hell you are talking about; I'm on my way home, to get into my bed, and go to sleep"
"No you're not I am taking you out, and we are going to get to know each other smart ass, so my car or yours"
This guy is an ass, but so sexy and demanding, I'm going to have to try this out.

28. "I'll take my car and follow you'
He hopped in his car which was a new black mustang, all I could wonder is how much do these guys make, Nikki said that Rico was driving a new Audi, we drove for about 15 minutes and pulled up to Intercon hotel.  I went to ride around to look for parking other than Valet but my dancer boy got out and told me to give my car to the valet, he was paying.  I made sure to hide my wallet, and jewelry in my car, that way if things don't go as planned the dancer can't rob me.  

29. We walked into the hotel and he went straight to the desk, what the hell is going on here.  It's like something out of a porn movie.  After a few minutes of waiting, dancer boy comes back with keys to a room.  We go up on the elevator and his room was on the 24th floor.  

30. We went in to a nice big suite.
"I am going to take a shower, you call down to room service order us some food and something to drink, charge it to the room"
All I can do is ask myself again; what the hell is going on; I don't even know his name, and he has brought me to a hotel, and telling me to order  food and it's all on him.  I'm very confused.  While he was in the bathroom I went to the other bathroom to freshen up also.  Awesome there's a phone in here and I can kill two birds with one stone.

31. I ordered a bottle of vodka and some mixers, and some appetizers for us.  I did a quick freshening, and went back out; the sound of the shower was still going.
I turned the TV on to a music station and relaxed on the couch.
After a few more minutes the shower turned off and there was a knock on the door. 

32. I almost forgot that I ordered room service.
I opened the door and a nice guy was standing there with a table with our munchies and liquor, I signed the check and left a very nice tip, I figured why not, it's not my money.

33. When I took the table and closed the door I was surprised to see The Dancer was standing there in shorts and a tank, with a towel in his hand, the room had filled with steam from the bathroom and the smell of soap followed.
"So what did you get us"
"Well, I got some chicken skewers, shrimp cocktail, and a few other things, also got some vodka, and mixers is that good?"

34. "Yea that sounds good, but I imagine we won't be getting to much of it  besides the vodka"
"So you bring me here, and I know you just shoved out few hundred bucks, what's going on and also, what the hell is your name"
He smiled, which was the first that I had seen
35. "Well my stage name is Miller, and my real name is Simon. I brought you here, because I figured you wouldn't invite me to your place, and I figured you wouldn't just come back with me to my place"
"You said you wanted to get to know me more, right?  So in what ways do you want to get to know me?"
His face contorted a bit. He grabbed a chicken skewer and started mixing up drinks for us.

36. "I want to know where you're from, what you're doing here, what took you so long to come talk to me, and most of all I want to get to know you in a biblical way"
Biblical? What does that mean, I know the things that I want to do to him damn sure are not in the bible.

37. "Well I'm from Michigan, I moved here for work about 4 months ago, you were busy with other people flirting with you, and I don't chase anyone for any reason, and what does the bible have to do with us being here?"
He knew that he had me, but I was going to fight it for all its worth.  I can't have him thinking I'm some dancer groupie.  I took my drink from him and sat down; he stood and ate a few more bites.

38. "So what is your name? Since you haven't been nice enough to tell me, at least you should have heard mine when I went up on stage."
"My name is Dexter, Dex for short"
"Well Dex, just so you know, this is not something that I do all the time, as a matter of fact I've never done this before but I saw you come in like you owned the place, and not give anyone any sort of attention, so I said I wanted to meet you, and I really wanted to fuck you, besides I've been told being with me is almost a religious experience."

39. I love being gay, there's no need for the false pretences either we do or we don't want to fuck each other, but I'm still not going to come off as a cheap whore, I'll make him work for it a little.
"Wow pay for a room and get some food, and I'm suppose to lay on my back and open up for you, aren't you nice", I replied.
"Oh bull shit, I saw the way you looked at me, maybe you didn't know, but your mouth fell when you came to tip me, and when I was dancing for you, your palms got sweaty, your breathing got deeper, and there was definitely something growing in your pants."

40. Well the jig was up because he just called my bluff.
"Things tend to happen when there's friction applied, and you know what who gives a damn yea I thought you were sexy, but now I want to make sure this visit isn't going to cost me anything", I said.
His face turned sour, maybe that wasn't the best thing to say.
"Well I'm a stripper not an escort, not a whore, but since you said that I want you to know I'm going to fuck you like you're going to pay me, and then in the morning ill still be here and I'm going to take you to breakfast downstairs.  Also that's the last time that money is going to be brought up, Understand?"

41. Whoa this guy is serious, now I feel like an ass, I guess strippers need love too, so now what, now what do I do.
"Yea I got it, and I'm sorry"
Simon sat down next to me, his tank bunched up in the middle and his Jesus tattoo peeked out on his chest. Jesus has never looked so good.
"There's that look again"

42. I slowly moved his shirt all the way over, his nipple was now showing and the entire tattoo was showing.  I just rubbed his chest softly, almost worshiping the tattoo as I rubbed it.
His voice broke the silence and my concentration on him
"I got that when I was still in high school, I am pretty religious, and I always want to keep him with me, so what better way than on my chest in a tattoo."

43. "Well that's a little blasphemous but I like it, it's the only time that ill be able to stare into Jesus' eyes and not be scared at I'm dead, or possibly about to go to hell"
We laughed and talked a bit more, the entire time I was rubbing his chest, or his arms, or playing with his hair.  He seemed to like the attention, and I couldn't keep my hands off of him, he was nothing short of perfection, a modern day Adonis, and I had him all to myself.

44. We had been silent for a minute, just looking at each other, music playing in the background, and out of no where it happen, he leaned in, and I didn't hesitate, I met him half way, my hand still in his hair, we kissed, he pulled me into him and we made out, I would have never thought that the lust I had for a stripper could turn into the passion that I have for this guy right now. 

45. As if we were in high school we kissed for what seem like hours.  It took everything out of me to pull myself off of him.
"I am going to use the bathroom and call into work for tomorrow"
"Call in why?"
"Well its 4:30am right now, and I have to be there at 7am, thats not going to happen, ill be back in a minute"

46. I went to the bathroom, pissed, and called my boss, she was upset but I told her I wasn't feeling very well and she understood.  I've always wanted to call in because of sex, and this was my first time being able to, and I really hope it's not my last.
People should be able to call in fucked more often.

47. I came out the bathroom, and the table was gone, and so was Simon.  The lights were off, and the tv was off.  I was so confused, but before my mind could go to a bad place, I heard his voice come from the bedroom.
"Don't worry I'm in here waiting for you"
I was nervous and excited at the same time. 

48. I walked into the room and there was a huge California king bed, the tv was on playing music and the lights were turned down low.  Simon was lying across the bottom of the bed, in light blue mesh shorts.
Looking at him, my dick was jumping in my pants.
"Come on"

49. I went over to the bed peeled off my button up and took off my pants, I had on tight boxer briefs with black and gray strips.  I crawled into the huge bed and laid next to Simon.

50. He reached above our heads to the room service table that was sitting next to the bed.  There were strawberries on a plate as garnish, he grabbed two of them.  He turned to me.  Our eyes locked and we kissed, Simon pulled away, and bit a strawberry, and came back to me, the taste of the sweet strawberry from his lips to mine was almost orgasmic.

51. We toss and turn and roll, kissing with so much passion.  I can feel our cocks growing and swelling in anticipation.
Simon started kissing down my neck and chest.  I laid there, enjoying every connection his lips made with my body. 

52. He gets to my pelvis and slides my boxers down. My dick flops out with anticipation of his mouth servicing it.
He continues to softly kiss me, starting on my mushroom shaped tip, and working his way down the under side of my cock, moving towards my balls.

53. I have no control of my body, I grab his head and pull it forward deeper into me.
I feel his arms work their way under my legs.

54. Simon pulls me down closer to him as his throws my legs back.
He licks my crack, up and down, working his tongue in between my checks.  The feeling is driving me wild.

55. He goes back and forth between my ass and my balls sucking and licking and probing. My dick is leaking pre-cum all over my stomach.  My body is quivering in anticipation for what he is planning to do to me.  He comes up and I look down, he has the most beautiful smile on his face.

56. His dark eyes are piercing at me, and Simon hops to his feet.
He grabs my body and demands control over me.  He swings my body around and pulls me so that my head is hanging off the side of the bed.  I look up and his perfect body is standing over me his dick has grown and is coming out of the top of his mesh undies.  He is not about 8.5 inches long and almost as thick as a redbull can.

57. He slides his the light blue fabric down and they hit the floor his balls drop away from his body, and he squats over my face. My mouth falls open to receive the gift of his sack into it.  Go goes up and down tea bagging me, he buries his balls into my mouth.

58. My nose keeps finding its way to his taint and ass.  The smell of soup and axe body spray fills my nostrils I feel him reach out to take my dick into his hand. He rubs my dripping pre-cum into my stomach, and used it as lube as he takes a firm grip on my tool, and starts to pull on it. 

59. The feeling of his hand going up and down on me makes my body tense up.  I lick and suck his sack more and more, and his moans fill the room.  My excitement feels as though its about to get the best of me, I let out a deep breath.  Simon stops and backs away from me, he grabs under my arms, and pulls me off the bed.

60. I turn around and am faced with his dick in my face.  The tip is shiny with pre-cum drooling out.  I lick from the middle of the bottom of his dick bringing my tongue up and around his head, his pelvis jets forward and my mouth opens as wide as it can.

61. Simon's hands brace my head and he slowly works his pelvis, making sure not to chock me but with each push moving his dick deeper and deeper down my throat.  He throws his head back, and his moans fill the air again.

62.  I put my hands behind him and spread his cheeks. I work my index finger around his hole.  Each time he pushes his way into my mouth I can taste another drop of pre-cum fall on the back of my tongue, and each time he bring it out, my finger works deeper into his ass.

63. He finally relaxes back on my finger, and pulls his cock out of my mouth.. It's wet full of my spit, he takes his throbbing tool and taps it on my face, and my spit is now covering from my lips up to my nose to the middle of my eye brows.
He leans down and kisses me, we embrace for a minute, and he pulls away,
"Slide over" he says to me
He slides onto the bed and makes his way to the top.
He lays down on his stomach. And his plump ass is begging me for attention.

64. I slide my way up, and start to lick his right cheek, he spreads his legs apart and arches his back.
I slowly spread his cheeks apart, and he has to pinkest hole Ive ever seen.
I lean in slowly and kiss it.  I lean back to admire it for a second, but  my hungry mouth wont let me do so for long.  I leaned back in and quickly outline his hole with my tongue, he squirms, and I know that he likes it.
I decide to play the alphabet game, and start to draw my name with my tongue on his sweet hole D-E-X-T-E-...

65. Before I could finish he chuckles.
"Really do you want me to say your name so bad, that you spell it in my ass"
"I just want to see what it sounds like coming off those lips"
Simone rolls over onto his back and pulls my hands up, I crawl up to his. Im laying on his chest and we are face to face.

66. "Do you turst me Dex"
"I trust no one, until they give me a reason to trust them"
Simone leans over and pulls out lube, not sure where he had it hidden, but he sure had it ready.
He pulls my knees forward so now I am straddling him, he squeezes lube into his hand and strokes his cock, then takes his first two fingers and slowly probes my hole getting it ready.

67. Simon pulls me forward and I can feel his head pressing against my hole, he slowly starts to push in, and I moan out in ecstasy, when I quickly realize...he has no condom on, before I can react, he pulls me in closer and whispers in my ear.

68. "It's ok Dex, trust me..."
I take a deep breath in and lean back, and his tool continues up inside of me.
What the fuck am I doing, I don't do dumb irresponsible stuff like this.
And I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.  But for this one time im letting everything go.

69. Simon  starts to roll his hips, just like he did during my lap dance, and it was soo much better with him inside of me.
He rocked and swayed and thrust, in and out of me, and I rode him like a champion bull rider, never coming up too far, and taking him until I felt his balls slapping my ass.

70. He took on hand off my hips and started pulling on my dick, I hadn't even realized that pool of precum that I had left all over his stomach as my dick bounced up and down while I rode him.  He took his hand and wiped up the puddle of cum and licked it off his hand.
I leaned down and kissed him.  Our sloppy snowball went back and forth between our mouths.  And we never missed a beat, his dick continued to slide out and pound into my hole continuously.

71. The feeling of his raw dick pounding my insides, was sending me into a frenzy, I was holding on to the bed for dear life, and Simone went into overdrive, he took full control, almost throwing me off of him with each powerful thrust into me, his hand was moving so fast and so hard, I could feel my love building up and ready to explode.
I lost all control, and screamed out in pure pleasure releasing what felt like every once of moisture out of my body covering his stomach, chest and even hitting his face and the headboard of the bed.  I had never had such an intense orgasm before in my life.

72. As my body shook and shuddered, simon did not stop working my ass, pumping harder and harder, until the room filled with the sounds of his groans, as he buried his thick cock deep inside of me and released his seed deep into my guts.

73. The feeling of his man seed hitting my sides drove me wild.  I swayed my hips and held him inside of me, I could feel his cock still pulsating inside of me, pushing every last bit of juice out and into my ass. Until we both collapsed, almost melting into each other.
The melodic sounds of our heavy panting and breathing in unison drowned out the sound of the music that we both had forgotten was playing on the tv.
We kissed for what seemed an hour after, with him never exiting me.  We held each other until we both had to succumb to the sleep that was much needed.

74. My alarm went off at 9am
I rolled over to look at my phone and turn off the annoying alarm, when I realized, I was in bed by myself...

75. I sat up looking around, the shades were open, and there was no sign of Simon.  I walked into the bathroom to piss, and couldn't even be upset with my night.  Yea he may have ditched me, but it was a damn good night.  I just had to set up an appointment with my doc.

76. As I was exiting the bathroom I heard the door to the room open, and a weird voice yell out "housekeeping"
FUCK im butt naked with cum slowly leaking out of my ass, and some bitch wants to try to come clean the room now.

77. "Hold on one second please" I ran looking for my clothes and couldn't find them, as I heard her coming into the second part of the room, I quickly pulled the sheet off the bed and wrapped myself in it.

78. When I looked up there was Simon standing there, with a evil grin and a tray of fruit and breakfast pastries.
"what the hell, so not funny..."
"well I see you didn't get the note I left you, but luckly I set your alarm for you to wake up in just enough time for me to get back to surprise you."
Damn this guy is good.

79. "Also your boss called you, and I didn't want to wake you, I answered and she said people at your job were calling in sick, so she wanted you to take another day off , rest up and feel better because she was going to need you at %100 for the rest of the week".

80. I picked up my phone and she did call...
"What the hell. Did she ask who you were?"
"Yes she did, and I told her I was your new boyfriend, and I was nursing you to health"

81. Well I guess im out at work now...oh well...
"My boyfriend, really, what made you say that?"
"Well a guy can wish right" he walked over to me, gave me the sweetest kiss and slapped me on the ass.

82. "Hurry up and eat, get in the shower, and lets go ive got you, and that sweet as for two days, im taking you around town, and after Im done spoiling you, im going to have my way with you.
"Oh really, and what if I say no?"
"Then I have to offer up my secret weapon"

83. He slowly and seductively walked over to me, while undoing his pants, as he stepped up to me, he dropped his pants, took my hand and sucked my index finger. 

84. He slid my finger into his hole, and whispered to me
"Do you want to be inside of me now or later"

85. That was 7 years ago, we now live in Miami together, I'm still successful in my work, and Simon soon after that encounter stopped stripping, and became a personal trainer to rich housewives.
I fell for a stripper, and never looked back

End Of The Story


Written by: Rob Roaa
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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