Written by: Muscle
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(99 illustrations)
(En Español - Traductor On Line Activado)

Note from the Author:
"This story contains drug abuse, specifically steroids. If it offends you, be smart don't read it."  

1. So I decided it was time to put on a little muscle. I am about 5'10 and only 160 lbs.. I wanted to put on some lean muscle and see if I could catch a girl worthy of marriage.
Three of my buddies from work all worked out together.. and with the 4th one having left for a new job.. they were looking for another person for their workout routine..
So I asked if I could join up with them..

2. Let me give you a little bit of an idea of the crew...
There was Jason.. what a monster.. he stood about 6'6.. and weighed in at almost 250.
He had a square jaw and was a good looking guy. He wasn't overly defined.. that wasn't really his goal.. he was a little more on the 'beer' side.. jeans and t-shirt kinda guy.. He was just trying to stay in decent shape.. he worked in the networking team.. yes.. we are all computer geeks.. Jason is all man.. hairy chest peeking out from under his t-shirt.. not overly tight shirts.. but he did wear painted on wranglers.. he was a down home texan boy.. and he had large amounts of mass bulging out everywhere..

3. There was Robbie.. he was 5'10 and weighted in at almost 200.. he was by far the most proportionate.. and super well defined muscle.. could make any woman or man take notice.. Robbie had a shaved head and peircing blue eyes.. He always flaunted it.. actually Robbie was the reason I joined up with them to work out..

4. I ran into him in the gym at work..
"I didn't realize how cut up you are" I said as an offhand remark as we were talking about something work related.. he instantly curled up his arms into a typical bodybuilder pose.. I was transfixed..
"You know.. you could come join us.. you know Corey left for another company.. we need a fourth.."
"Who all do you work out with??" I asked without taking my eyes off his arms..
 Robbie laughed at my stares.. "Me, Jason and Will work out about 4 days a week.. right after work.."      

5. "I could get into that.." I said and tore my eyes back up to his face.
"I'll talk to the guys.. but I'm sure they would be game.. what are your goals.." Robbie asked
"To be honest.. I want to get big.. .. and cut.." I responded..
"You mean like this.." Robbie said and turned around.. he was wearing a sleeveless tshirt that was skin tight lycra.. I had never seen him in one before.. or one so tight.. He stretched his arms out.. then flexed his back muscles.. and again.. I was transfixed..


6. "EXACTLY.. I haven’t had anyone to work out with.. or to push me.. " I said..
Turning back around Robbie winked at me..
"Cool.. I think we can help with that.. meet us at 24 right after work today.."
"Really.. that'd be cool... I mean I am really serious about this.. I have been trying to gain weight.. well since college.." I responded
"Great.. Will Maria have problems with you working out everyday?? " he added
Maria was my girlfriend.. things were going well.. we were getting pretty serious.. and I was happy about it.. we moved in together.. but we slept over at one of our places most nights..
"I'm sure she will understand.. and if she doesn't.. she will.. see ya after work.." and I headed off..

7. Then there was Will.. 5'5 (although he said he was 5'7).. he's a great guy but has serious little man syndrome.. to accomodate for it.. he bulked up .. and I mean massively.. he was always eating tuna.. drinking protein shakes.. working out.. surfing bodybuilding sites.. trying the latest and greatest in fitness trends.. Always stylish.. button downs and jeans.. but the funny part was his shirts never fit his monster guns..
I mean he must've had them tailored.. or his fiancee just.. I don't know.. adding more material in some places.. secretly I was always jealous of his body.. being short.. who cared when you were that massively built.. and his jeans were low cut and seemed to taper around his cock.. It almost looked like a codpiece..

8. The first day I joined them.. they really put me through my paces.. I was partnered with Robbie.. and he made me do all the grunt work. I had to load an unload the bars.. It was a workout in itself.. he didn’t push me too hard on what I was lifting.. he said he didn’t want to 'break' me too soon.. I laughed it off and said there wasn't much chance of that.. arms and chest.. and I really burned..

9. Standing over Robbie spotting him was intense.. he lifted massive amounts of weight.. and his pecs sure showed it afterwards.. now I am straight.. but what can I say but I am a wannabe musclehead.. Watching Robbie slam out those presses.. I couldn't keep my eyes off his chest.. then watching his triceps.. I mean.. amazing horseshoe.. 3 super solid muscles.. you could even see the striations.. when it was all over I was exhausted..

10. We all hit the locker room and as we stripped down I watched Robbie.. his chest bare was even more impressing than with close on.. and his legs were well defined as well.. we chatted about the workout some as he took off his shorts..
Normally I really wouldn't be watching another guy strip down that closely.. but I was checking out his definition.

11. Robbie stood up straight and noticed I was staring..
"What?" he asked..
"I was just looking at your legs.. you got great definition"
Robbie was wearing those bikini style underwear.. all white.. and the sweat had soaked through some.. so you could clearly see the outline of his cock.. it pointed to the left.. uncut.. and pretty impressive..

12. "Thanks.. I have been working on them so they don't look like sticks.."
"Far from sticks dude.." I laughed..
He started flexing his quads at me.. "Really you think.. "
"Yea.. they look great dude.. " I answered..
"Thanks.." he said and took off his underwear.. and turned back to grab his towel..

13. As I finished undressing.. I noticed he was completely shaven.. his cock hung soft around 3-4 inches down arced around some pretty massive balls... ya know. I don't care what anyone says.. we all know that even straight guys check each other out.. it's competitiveness.. it's curiosity.. and it always happens.. I had never seen any of them naked before..
"Why do you shave??" came out of my mouth without thinking..
"Well, Will and I practice posing on Fridays.. Jason doesn't ever do it.. he thinks we're dorks for it.. but you look kinda silly in a posing strap with hair coming out everywhere.."

14. We grabbed our towels and walked to the showers..
"You two are dorks.." Jason said walking beside us with a towel wrapped around him.. "Don't get wrapped up in these two's bigger dick/ego contest.."
"Don't worry we all know you have the bigger dick.. don't fault us for having the bigger egos.." Will added walking naked his towel casually slung over his shoulder..
Lets just say that Will was proportionate.. he's a small guy.. and didn't look to have a huge cock.. or huge balls for that matter.. but his ego did make up for it.. He had a little more bulk than Robbie..

15. Jason on the other hand... well his towel kinda said he had something pretty impressive going on there.. and he was covered in a thin matte of hair. He wasn't a gorilla from his hair.. more his shape..
I just laughed and headed into the shower.. yea.. I was wrapped up in a towel until I was behind the curtain.. between the muscles.. and the egos.. I felt like a twig..
I ended up out last.. as I let the hot water beat on what was left of my muscles..

16. After drying and getting dressed we all headed out.. grabbed some food and talked about work and sports..
The rest of the week went much the same.. we traded partners each day we worked out..
Friday came around and we had a short workout.. I was really exhaused from the week.. We all worked out together on Friday.. so things went a little slower.. less spotting.. more bullshitting.. when we finally headed to the locker room..

17. Will was also shaved.. and tended to wear boxer briefs.. I guess he had to have something form fitting..  He had a really big ass. all muscle.. but really big..
"Do you weight that thing separately" I asked him in the locker room after we partnered up..
He laughed and stuck his ass in my face
"Yes and it weights exactly 'massive' on the muscle scale." he said as he slapped his ass.. It looked really firm but I didn't say anything..

18. Jason always was in the traditional tighty whiteys guy.. and I caught a glimpse of him without those whiteys.. he didn't try to hide or anything.. he didn't need to.. I mean he was over 5 inches soft.. I am a boxer guy myself.. I like the space.. typically weekends I don't even wear underwear..
Jason was also covered in hair.. chest.. arms.. pits.. ass.. balls.. no shaving going on there.

19. Jason looked at Will "Are you going to get Mark (me) into your little douche show?" he asked punching Will in the arm.
I looked a little puzzled as Will looked at me.. "You want to practice posing with us?"
I shrugged.. "I don't know that I would ever need to 'pose'.. it's not like I am going to compete."
"It's not all about that" Robbie said.. "it's more about self confidence.. come on.. it will be good for you."

20. Jason laughed... as I said "Ok.. I can give it a shot.."
"Later freaks", Jason said and grabbed his stuff to head out.. I guess showering was optional on Fridays..
Will and Robbie started to strip down.. and they put on these shiney posing straps... I just stripped to my boxers..
"Dude.. you don't have anything else?" Will asked..
"No.. why?" I answered..
"Hey Robbie.. don't you have another strap.." Will said..

21. "That’s cool.. I don't need one.. " I said before Robbie could answer..
"It's part of the whole deal dude.. confidence.." Robbie answered..
"I don't really have the body for that.." I laughed.. "yet"
"No arguments.. confidence.." Robbie said and threw this small piece of red material at me..
"Oook.. " I said dropping my boxers and giving in.. I mean they had all seen me naked anyway right...

22. As I started to pull on the, what seemed like the tinyest bikini I have ever seen.. I realized.. the strap really had conformed to Robbies junk.. It was stretched out in the front quite a bit..
As I stuffed my cock and balls into them it felt a little weird knowing my cock was where Robbies has been.. and usually was..
"You can use that until you get some of your own.." Robbie said..

23. Will grabbed a bottle and we all walked over to the other side of the locker room.. I never really noticed before.. there was a set of 3 mirrors.. angled towards each other like you would find in a fitting room.. that way you could see from different angles.
Will jumped in front of the mirrors.. and handed the bottle to Robbie.
Robbie looked at me and said "hands.." I opened my hands and he poured baby oil from the bottle into them.. and then squeezed some in his own hands..
"You start at the top.. I'll start at the bottom" he said and started smearing oil on Will's legs..

24. Ok .. go with the flow right..
So I put my hands on Will's back and started rubbing..
"Take note.." Will said as he started posing in front of the mirror.. "You can see the poses we do.. you will do them too.."
He reached out with his arms and flexed his biceps while putting one leg out front and tightening his calfs..
"Oil. Biceps" he said.. and I grabbed his bicep and started rubbing..
As I touched his bicep.. I was amazed at how hard the muscle was beneth.. and as he flexed and move I could feel the raw power.
I massaged but couldn't stretch my fingers all the way around his arms.. "damn" I said transfixed on his muscles..

25. He switched poses and I ran my hands working the oil into his triceps.. the three major muscles were really defined.. solid.. amazing..
I moved to his forearm as he curled it.. and realized it was bigger around than my leg. Solid smooth muscle under the tight skin..
"Yea" he said "Thats shiney"..
I totally forgot about Robbie as I almost tripped over him..
Robbie stood up and squeezed more oil into my hands..
"Get his chest.. I'll get his abs.." he said as Will turned sideways to the mirror and twisted back towards it..
Standing in front of Will I rubbed oil into his massive pecs.. Will's eyes were on himself in the mirror the whole time.. Robbie stood behind Will and reached around.. rubbing oil into Will’s abs..
As I felt the strength of the mass of muscle in Will’s chest my eyes drifted over to the mirror.

26. I watched as he watched himself pose with my hands running along his chest.. I noticed Robbie's hands rubbing across his abs.. there must have been 8 of them glistening in the mirror.. Robbie’s hands rubbed each with care.. including the 2 lowest abs.. letting his hands drift slightly under the posing strap..
It looked like Will's cock was getting bigger.. causing the thin material to stretch even further..
I thought he might poke out when Robbit slapped Will's ass hard "alright you mini gorilla.. next"..
Will laughed and moved aside and told me to get in front of the mirror..
I wasn't anywhere near Will's size.. or even Robbie's.. I was lean.. too lean.. but I didn't have any abs..

27. I watched as Robbie squirted oil into Will's hands and then looked at me looking at him in the mirror.
"Eyes on you.. and only you..".. Robbie said as Will got down on his knees. "arms up.. biceps pose.. "
As he stood behind me looking over my shoulder he started rubbing oil into my biceps..
Robbie whispered in my ear " I was right where you are about 3 months ago".. I thought about it as I looked in the mirror and felt hands running all over my arms and legs.. "don't be embarrassed.. just imagine yourself where you want to get.."
As I flexed I really thought about Robbie being right where I was 3 months ago.. standing right here.. in this posing strap.. his cock snuggled right up where mine was.... as I strained to flex my forearms I realized what I was thinking about..
Looking down I noticed myself getting hard.. it must have been the hands massaging my legs and arms.. chest and back.. stimulating all the receptors in my skin..

28. I quickly started to flex my legs and triceps trying to not think about my hardening cock..
Will stood up and told me to turn and twist sideways and he started massaging oil into my abs.. well ab.. while Robbie started on my chest.. Robbie noticed my hardening cock.. "don't worry.. happened to me the first time too.. it's all the oil and hands.." he wispered to me..
I felt Will press up against me.. his rock hard body up against my back with his arm reaching around me almost in a bear hug.. his semi hard cock pressing against my left cheek.. " you'll get used to the attention.. " he said moving to my lower abs.. "and then you will start to crave it.."

29. As he brushed under my strap.. his pinkey finger ran along the length of my cock
which was now filling out the entire left side of the suit.. and poking out the top and bottom.. I don't know what hit me.. I almost came right there..
Robbie stepped back and surveyed the situation..
"Well you fill out that suit better than I did when I started" he laughed.. "my turn.."

30. Will grabbed the bottle and Robbie started posing..
His muscles felt so much different.. they were longer.. more sinewy.. and had these deep cuts in them.. as I oiled him up.. I noticed he was pulling to the left as well.. looked to be about half mast.. "Yea.. feel some real muscle.." he said as I worked his arms.. "This is what you have to strive for.. not that bulky shit Will has"..

31. I laughed and Will slapped him on the thigh.. Robbie turned completely around "Check out these glutes.." pulling his strap up practically into a thong..
Will started rubbing oil all over his rock hard ass.. it wasn't huge and round like Jason's.. or even Will's.. but it was rock hard..
He moved again quickly into another pose.. scrunching his abs into a 12 pack.. "count those abs.." he said.. I think to me..
"Whatever he mentions you oil".. Will said under his breath. "it helps with confidence.."..

32. I grabbed some more oil and started counting down his abs from the top..
"Yea those are real abs" Robbie said.. "I don't hear counting.."
Transfixed on his midsection.. I started counting by 2's.. "2.. ... ... 4...  ... 6... .. 8... .. 10.. ..." by the time I got to 10 I noticed he was practically fully hard.. his strap stretched tighly over his cock pointing to the left..
"See that’s 12" he said as I oiled up his last two.. trying to get them all i accidentally brushed up against his cock under the material.. it throbbed when I touched it.. and a little wet spot appeared at the tip on the suit..
"GRRRRRR.." he growled.. and pushed us back while he hit one more pose..

33. He turned to me and said "Ok.. put that thing away.. lets hit the showers.."...
As they grabbed the oil and stuff I looked down.. my cock had freed itself.. and was sticking straight up through the top of the strap..
I had leaked precum all over myself.. confused..

34. I followed them back to the lockers and took off the strap.. I noticed Will had gotten pretty hard too when he removed his suit.. as they grabbed towels.. I started to hand the strap back to Robbie..
"Keep it.. it doesn't fit me anymore anyway.. been working on the glutes.." he said..
"Ok" I threw it in my bag inside the locker and headed off to the showers..
The showers were private stalls with curtains.. and as I let the warm water rush over me I replayed the events of the past 30 minutes in my head.. why did I get hard.. why was I leaking precum.. man Will's muscles were huge.. and Robbie's were amazing..

35. I found my thoughts running back to Jason.. hairy.. I wonder what his muscles feel like.. and he has a huge ass.. I bet it's strong.. as I looked down I noticed my cock hadn't subsided.. I turned the hot water off and just stood in the cold for a minute.. my cock only subsided a little bit.. my skin was still hot and oily.. oil doesn't wash off too easy..
I soaped up and tried to rub the oil off some.. feeling my own muscles I thought of Will and Robbie again.. as soon as I realized I was trying to get the oil off my cock.. I came.. even in the cold water.. hard.. I shot up and hit the faucet handle..

36. I cleaned up and got out.. the guys were drying off too and talking about going and getting a beer.. strangely.. things seemed normal.. so I went with them..
The next 2 weeks were pretty much the same.. working out.. oiling up.. posing.. I couldn't stop thinking about their muscles.. and how I wanted to get to that size myself.. I wanted so bad to have that great body.. where people would worship my muscles like I was worshiping theirs.. I couldn't figure out if it was sexual or not.. I liked girls.. and still had a girlfriend.. We slept together and the sex was great.. she was soft and busty.. cuddly.. and damn sexy.. When I was with her.. all I thought about was her.. but when I was with the guys.. all I thought about was the muscles..


37. Well things changed the third week.. we had all gathered at the gym late.. they said it was the late week.. whatever that meant.. ok I can go along...So when we got there we went to the back of the locker room.. it was pretty empty.. (found out later Will was friends with the manager and they let us stay late after closing..)..As we were changing.. and I was watching Jason.. wondering what his muscles felt like.. his biceps were longer than anyone elses.. but still big.. must have been at least 19 inches around.. and his legs were massive tree trunks.. I wondered how that power felt.. and imagined what it would be like to run my hands across his thighs as he flexed..

38. Snapping back to reality I realized He was looking at me
"Ok how bad do you want to get bigger.." he asked
"Um thats a leading question.. why are you guys juicing??".. I responded jokingly.
As I looked up at him he was smiling.. he had needles in one hand and a tiny glass jar in the other..
"Actually.. yes.. now you don't have to by any means.." he started.
"I'm in" I said cutting him off before I even thought about it.. why did I say that.. well I knew I wanted to get bigger.. and . well I was willing to try it.. one time couldn't hurt right..

39. Jason unwrapped a needle and jabbed in into the bottle carefully measuring out what I guess was a dose.. I didn't ask where it came from.. but he used a fresh needle on each of us and carefully measured everything..
As soon as he pushed down on the plunger into my skin it hit me.. My skin went hot all over my body.. my energy levels picked up.. and I wasn't tired like I was when I walked in the door..
After he jacked everyone.. We hit the weights.. and they put me with Jason.. he watched me closely.. and forced me to lift more weight than I had in the 3 previous weeks..
"We only do this once every 6 weeks.. and only for 4 days" Jason told me as we worked out.. " I'm very careful.. and this is medical grade human stuff.. not like those crazy horse steroids some of the true junkes use.."
I was tempted to ask where he got it.. but I decided I didn't need to know.. and pushed harder under the weight..

40. My skin burned the whole time.. I spent most of the time watching Jason's chest as he benched an unreal amount.. we only did 3 exercises but we did a lot of sets of each.. his chest seem to pop more and more each set.. I could feel the blood rushing to my pecs each set I did.. I knew I was going to be so sore.. even with my skin burning the whole time.. it didn't seem to give me any kind of boost on my workout.. As I looked up from the bench I saw Jason smiling down at me.. I was trapped under the massive weight he piled on the bar.."You have to lift it if you want to get out.." he said..
I tried to push the weight off my chest.. but I couldn't..
"Come on.. I don't have all day.." he said offhandedly.. "use your chest.. not your arms.."

41. Trapped.. looking up at him.. I couldn't speak.. I felt helpless.. why did I have a hardon... I looked at his chest.. those massive pecs.. and decided I wasn't going to be trapped.. I could build up like he did.. and I pushed with all my might..
When I got 3 quarters of the way up Jason grabbed the bar and slammed it back onto the rack.. all I could do was lay there.. breathing hard.. feeling the blood pumping through my body.. racing into my head and my toes at the same time.. my chest burned as blood flowed there trying to repair the damage I just did.. my pecs were swolen..
I reached up and grabbed them .. they felt hard.. strong.. like Will and Robbie's.. for a split second as I looked up, around the massive bulge in Jason's shorts at his chest.. I wondered if he was getting hard too..

42. I lay there for a minute more feeling the blood pulse throughout my body before Jason kicked me in the arm to get up.My body was almost shaking from lifting so much as I followed him back to the locker room.. we ran into Robbie and Will along the way and hit the lockers already starting to undress.. I could barely move I was so sore.. Jason and Will were talking.. Jason was saying how well I had done..

43. Robbie came up to me.. "sauna today".. he said..
"My skin is on fire already.." I laughed.. as I pulled down my shorts..
I didn't even notice.. I was rock hard... so I tried to cover it up with my towel to keep Robbie from noticing..
Robbie noticed and winked.. "sauna today" he said as he took off his shorts..I looked over and he was rock hard too.. I noticed his cock was pretty thin.. but longer than mine.. I'm about 5.5 but I am really thick.. he was closer to 7.5.. I glanced over at Jason and Will..

44. Will was a short guy.. and his cock was pretty proportionate.. not hugely thick.. not overly long.. Jason was dangerous.. he had to be 8 inches and really thick.. I noticed that everyone was rock hard..
At that point I didn't really feel embarrassed anymore..
We made our way to the sauna.. and I noticed Robbie had the bottle of oil in his hands.. and I wondered if they were going to do some posing.. I didn't think Jason would because he was very vocal about it being 'dorky'..
I almost laughed out loud thinking about them posing with raging hardon's.. it just struck me funny..

45. I sat down and Robbie slapped Will on the ass.. "assume the position.."
"No it's Jeff's turn.. " Will said
"I don't see Jeff here.. so it falls to you in the rotation.." Jason said.. "Mark's first week I figured we'd shift around and he'll go third.."
"Fine" Will said with an exasperated sigh.. and leaned over the benches with his ass sticking out..
Now needless to say I was REALLY confused at this point..
Robbie looked at me "Ok.. so steroids cause major agression.. and we don't want you taking it out on anyone at home.. or work.. "

46. I looked confused.. I was confused..
"So.. we take care of it in another way.." he continued.. "sex is just sex.. and it's the best way we found to get rid of all of the excess energy.. and agression"
"Um.. actually I'm not gay.." I said sheepishly..
"Neither are we" Jason answered.. "it's just to dump some of the testesterone from the steroids.. go ahead.. you first.."
"Yea just go easy on me" Will said..
I didn't know what to do.. was this some strange initiation? were they hitting on me.. I knew Robbie was divorced.. maybe he was gay.. Will had a long term girlfriend he was about to get married as far as I was aware.. and Jason had been married forever..
They were looking at me expectantly.. I didn't know what to do..

47. "Ok.. I'll go first.." Robbie said and stepped up behind Will. He squirted some oil out of the bottle onto his hands and generously greased up his cock. Then he aimed the bottle at Will's ass and squirted a bunch of oil into his crack..
At first I really didn't believe what I was witnessing..
Then Robbie jammed his cock into Will's ass at what looked like full force..
"Damn.. take it easy" Will said..
"Shaddup" Robbie said as he started pounding on Will..

48. I actually moved to get a better view.. I wasn't sure .. were they really fucking.. .. yep.. Robbie's cock was going right into Will's asshole.. and he didn't look like he was giving up any speed.. it was really strange.. I had never seen a 'live sex act' before.. let alone.. a gay one..
As Robbie hammered away on Will I could hear Will grunting with every thrust.. I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it.. or just putting up with it.. but I could see his cock and it was still rock hard.. it appeared to be pusling with each thruse from Robbie.. and even dribbling a little bit..

49. "Come on.. take a real man's cock.." Robbie said as he pounded harder (if that was possible..).. I looked over at Jason and noticed he was sitting there stroking his cock.. he looked up and smiled at me..
He grabbed the bottle and went back to watching and working on himself...
Then it really hit me.. I was watching two guys fuck.. while a third was watching and stroking his cock.. .. wait.. and I was rock hard.. and .. what.. I was stroking my cock too..
"Give it to him.." I said .. what did I say..
"Yea.. he needs it.. just wait till you get some of this ass.. " Robbie said..

50. He pounded for a few minutes more and started shouting..
"OH yea you dirty fucker.." and pulled his cock out and started jacking.. he was shooting all over the bench and floor.. every muscle in his body tensed.. bulged.. and his cock spit load after load all over Will's back as it throbbed up and down in his hand.. I was impressed at how much Robbie shot.. and my whole boody tingled as I watched him convulse in pleasure..
Finally Robbie shook as he fell back on the bench exhausted.. "Have at it my brother.."
"Dude.. if it weirds you out just remember we're trying to dump agression here.. this isn't a gay party or anything" Jason said..
"Ok.. whatever.." I was in for a penny I was in for a pound.. and I was about to get pounding..

51. I stepped up behind Will.. and laid my cock in his asscrack and closed my eyes.. as I imagined my girlfriend.. I started rubbing my cock up and down his crack.. the heat from his ass engulfed my already hot skin till it was on fire.. and all I wanted to do was jam my cock in there as hard and fast as I could..
I grabbed his asscheeks and felt the massive mounds of hot muscle.. I had to see them.. I opened my eyes and looked down at his ass with my cock snuggled between his cheeks.. I was rubbing up and down on his crack.. feeling his hard muscled ass with my hands and cock at the same time.. As I kneeded his muscles in my hands I ran the head of my cock over his hole a few times.. and then started slowly pushing into him..
I thought he should have been fine after the ramrod fuckin he just got.. but he tensed up.. his hole was tight and I had to push to get my cock in..

52. "Damn.. is that your cock or your arm.." Will said..
"Shut up bitch" I responded.. wait.. what did I say..
"Oh just wait Willie boy.. I'm still here.. " Jason replied laughing. I looked over and he was stroking his cock watching the scene.. His massive cock standing tall and dripping with lube and precum..
Robbie was back to sitting up and seemed to be watching us closely.. somehow he was still hard and stroking too.. I noticed Robbie's cock.. it looked amazing.. shiny and dripping with cum and lube.. I secretly wondered what it felt like..
Will grunted and my attention was drawn back in a split second to the warmth radiating at the end of my cock.. I pushed through slow and steady until my cock was engulfed in his tight hot hole.. it felt so good.. the heat.. the softness of his ass with his muscles tensing around my cock.. I just needed more.. I pulled out some.. I had to get in a little further.. I had to get more of my cock in there.. it was so warm and tight.. and it felt SOOO GOOD..
I pulled his asscheeks apart.. one massive globe of muscle in each hand.. they felt strong.. I pushed in as far as I could..
Looking down at his back I noticed the massive wings of muscle there.. I had to feel them.. and I had to get my cock in further..
I moved my hands up and started groping the massive muscles of his back while I pushed in further.. he didn't seem to make a sound but I could feel the vibrations as he growled beneath my grip..

53. I pulled out and hammered in further.. after a few minutes.. of hammering I moved my hands up to his shoulders.. massive balls of muscles.. I hammered harder.. the warmth engulfing my cock was sending a tingling through my entire body.. I grabbed his biceps .. then forearms.. I couldn't take it any more.. his muscles were so hot.. the raw strength of them covered in his semi-rugged skin.. and his ass was gripping my cock with the strength of all that muscle.. I went wild..
I was bent over totally on top of him.. feeling his back muscles squeezing against my chest and abs.. my arms around him grabbing at his pecs.. his muscled shoulder blades cutting into my throat.. I couldn't take any more.. I grabbed his hands and went for broke.. slamming into him.. over and over..

54. I was coming.. I was coming so hard.. I couldn't stop.. waves of sensation pulsed through my body as I hammered away at him.. how many shots .. 7 8.. I have no idea.. and finally I couldn't take any more.. and fell over on the bench to the side..
"Damn" Robbie said "and you guys call me rough.."
As my heart subsided I realized.. "Oh shit.. I came in you.."
Jason pushed me aside.. and grabbed his cock.. slapping it in his hand.. "No.. he'll want that.. he needs the lube..

55. I watched as Jason eased his cock into Will.. slowly.. really slowly.. he stopped a couple of times.. Will was breathing hard.. Even from this angle I could see his face
contorted in pain..
I was breathless.. sagging down onto the bench next to them.. waves of heat still washed over me as I watched Will and Jason next to me..
"Damn man.. I Will never get used to this.." Will said
Finally he got it all the way in.. he bent over.. completely engulfing Will.. Even as big of a guy as he was Will was dwarfed by the massive size of Jason.. "let me know when your ready boy" Jason said..
"Never Will be" Will said after a minute or so between short pained breaths..

56. Jason started pulling almost all the way out.. and pushing back in slow but steady.. each time he hit home Will would grunt..
Watching Will I kinda wondered what it felt like.. it must hurt.. then I noticed.. there was a massive pool of precum under Will.. how long had that been there..
Each time Jason pushed in Will's cock started throbbed and drooled more..
"Most of that is from you.." Robbie said.. he must have seen me staring..
Jason was standing up straight now.. and picking up speed.. Will was moaning uncontrollably.. Jason didn't even seem phased.. then suddenly he reached around Will and grabbed his cock.. Jason started stroking it with each thrust..
Will started moaning louder and suddenly stood up.. leaning back into Jason.. and shot.. and shot.. and boy did he shoot.. 7.. 8 .. 9 ropes of cum hit the walls.. bench.. floor.. almost the ceiling. each shot matching a slam from Jason and Will's body shuddered uncontrollably as he shot..
When Will finally finished coming.. Jason pushed him down and pulled out his cock.. and in 2 strokes came all over Will's back.. Jason's cock was amazing.. it looked like it got thicker as he came.. the entire thing pulsed with blood as he stroked the cum out of it..
They both collapsed.. Will mostly in a mixture of everyone's cum. Well except mine.

57. After less than 30 seconds Robbie jumped up and grabbed a roll of paper towels ripped some off and threw the roll at me.
"Will gets to go shower.. we have to clean up." he said.. I got up and started ripping off towels.. I didn't realize I was totally naked and still hard.. I looked around and .. well so was everyone else..
I was totally still energized.. "Why am I cleaning this up.. it's not mine.. ".. what the hell did I just say??
Jason laughed.. "Yea.. don't get in the habit of doing that.. you didn't know.. it's cool today.. but yea.. not a good move.."
"Ok.. I kinda lost control.." I said sheepishly as I mopped up cum.. mopped up cum.. what the hell..
"See what I mean" Robbie said "Thats why we do this.. better to use the energy and NOT lose control at home.. or work.. be careful tomorrow.. you might be a little barky.."..
"Yea you might want to hit it a few more times before 8am.." Jason added..
"A few more times??" I asked
"Yea" Robbie said casually "Let’s get outta here.."

58. We got up and hit the showers.. um.. yea.. I jacked it again in the shower.. it wouldn't go down..
Everyone hit the locker room again at the same time.. we bullshitted like nothing happened.. and like nobody had raging hardons.. and then we headed out for the night..
Lucky for her my girlfriend wasn't staying over that night.. I couldn't sleep.. I must have jacked it 4 more times.. by the last time I wasn't even thinking about anything or anyone.. just trying to cum again..
I finally fell asleep.. at least it was only 'semi' hard when I woke up...


59. Work was just a normal Tuesday.. ran by the guys a few times.. everything was just.. normal.. I wasn't sore.. as much as I should have been from what all I lifted the previous day.. even with the stale work routine.. I did notice I was a bit "snappier" than normal.. I noticed I was just irritable and didn't want to put up with the crap… when I realized what I was doing.. I slipped off to the bathroom and took a stall.. I imagined Maria.. her soft body.. my hands running all over her.. making her squeal.. and I came pretty quick.. it didn't help.. I was still irritable.. and now I had a semi that wouldn't go away.. I guess once the blood got there it wasn't leaving..

60. I had thought I should have just worn my jock to work to try to contain things, but it was kinda sweaty.. I could have worn the tiny posing strap Robbie gave me to keep me under wraps..
Thinking about it as I walked out of the john I remembered Robbie.. and how just yesterday my cock was snuggled up right where Robbie's long skinny cock was snuggled.. damn it.. now I was fully hard again.. I headed back to work.. boxers just weren't helping my cause.. I had to prop up my cock under the waistband and hope nobody would notice.. my head poked up over the top of my pants so I made sure to untuck my shirt to try to hide it..

61. We did another late workout.. Jason hit us all with another round.. and they teamed me up with the mini gorilla Will.. I swear his muscles were bigger than before.. his chest was massive but legs were on for the day.. and again monster sets were the theme. I lifted tons of weight.. and Will was right there gearing me on.. when we hit the squat rack and Will stepped up behind me to spot.. I realized I was completely boned up.. my blood was pumping through every part of my body.. my cock felt as heavy as the rock it was..
Will was close.. close enough that I could feel the heat and sweat coming off his body and when I hit bottom I could feel the heat from his crotch by my ass as he spotted me from behind..

62. After his first set I felt like I cheated mine.. He did almost twice as many reps as I did.. so I doubled up and tried to catch up to him..
"Oh so you think you can take me on huh.. " Will said after my second set..
"Actually I was just trying to keep up.." I said as he positioned himself on the bar.. I got up behind him and he pounded out more than before.. even after upping his weight..
he was growling and straining by the end.. the sweat was pouring off him and he smelled like a locker room..pungent.. musky..  but disctingly him.. my nose must have a memory of it's own because as soon as I smelled him my cock throbbed..

63. I remembered the previous night.. and the smell of Will's sweat from the sauna as I pounded his ass mercilessly.. I wasn't sure what to think.. but my cock sure knew.. it throbbed in my shorts.. I really needed to wear a jock or something...
A few more sets went by .. and I was trying like hell to keep up with him.. on my last set.. I strained so hard that when I put the bar down my legs felt so light.. almost like they weren't there.. my vision started to fade out.. and I went over.. falling backwards into Will.. Luckily he was on the spot (so to speak) and grabbed me under both arms as I collapsed back..

64. "Whoa there little guy.. I think you might have taken on TOO much.. " he laughed..
While he said it.. I could feel his cock poking me in the ass.. pulsing with every phrase he spoke.. the heat was intense on my ass and I could feel his massive pecs rubbing against my back.. they were so solid.. my cock throbbed.. I felt his massive arms holding me up like some kind of stand built out of stone..

65. I got myself back on my feet.. and after a few moments I felt normal again.. he finished up his set and we moved on..
We went over to leg curls and he hopped on the machine lying down.. he popped the pin at max weight and went to town.. I was trying to spot him.. but for some reason all I could do was watch his massive ass muscles tighten and flex.. again I thought back to last night and my cock seemed to throb with each rep he did.. I remembered the solid feeling of those mounds of muscle under my hands.. his hot ass gripping my cock so tight..
When he stopped I shook it off.. and tried not to wonder what was in store for that night..
I managed to keep my boner under wraps and finish up the workout..

66. When we got back to the locker room and I got undressed I hadn't realized my cock had been leaking all along.. my underwear was almost soaked on the inside.. leaking through to the outside.. precum was dribbled down my leg.. amazing it didn't show on the outside of my shorts.. but my leg was pretty sticky..
"Looks like Mark is ready for you there Jason.. " Robbie said and Jason walked off to the sauna without saying anything..
"Don't worry about him.. he never talks before he takes.." Robbie said.. and then whispered "I think he might like it.." then he laughed and punched me in the arm.. and the three of us all boned up headed for the sauna..

67. When we got there Jason was already bent over the bench..
"Hit it if you can man.. you worked out pretty hard.. you may not be able to stay standing for much longer" Will said as he slapped my ass..
I couldn't believe it.. I just pounced on him and jammed my cock all the way in.. It was like animal instincts took over.. I didn't even think about it..

68. "HEY!" Jason said pretty loudly snapping me back to reality.. "take it easy there"
I must have taken him by suprise because even tho my cock was resting inside his massive hot ass.. he was clenched around my cock making it so tight he was practically crushing my cock..
"Sorry" I said pausing for him to relax some.. I could smell the sweat coming off his body.. so different than Will.. a stronger scent.. I remembered wondering what his muscles felt like when I was partnered working out with him.. so I decided to find out..
I moved my hands to those giant ass cheeks and started feeling the massive mounds of muscle..
As I massaged his muscles he started to relax.. and was grabbing on.. and letting go.. and grabbing on .. and letting go.. I leaned down and reached around the mountain of a man in front of me.. I wanted to feel his chest.. his abs.. that massive body that made me feel so submissive.. I slowly pulled out and started longfucking him as I felt the mass of furr covering his bulky muscles..

69. I leaned forward with my nose was buried between his hairy shoulder blades smelling that strong man scent. Speeding up some he was pushing back on me for each thrust I sent towards him.. then grabbing onto my cock as I dragged it back out.. I wanted.. no needed to get in further.. I straightened up and pulled his massive mounds apart more but I couldn’t get in any further.. I re-angled putting my left leg up on the
bench next to him.. and I got in a little further.. he was so hot.. he felt so good.. I kept going.. a little further.. each time him grabbing onto my cock harder..
I was picking up the pace.. I was hammering into him.. and all of the sudden I couldn’t take any more...

70. I went to go bury home one more time when suddenly the strong bulky arms grabbed around mine from behind and yanked me back..
I felt myself fall backwards locked in place.. I couldn't move but I kept fighting to thrust forward again.. there was something hot and wet poking at my ass... and I struggled.. I couldn't get away.. my cock was throbbing.. I was struggling.. someone's cock rubbing my ass.. no.. I was shooting.. I couldn't stop shooting.. I was restrained.. I couldn't even reach my cock to jack it.. and I wanted to so bad..  I shot all over Jason's' back.. I didn't even hit his ass.. just shot right over those mounds and hit him square in the shoulderblade...

71. I suddenly stopped struggling.. and went limp leaning back into Will, exhausted, with his cockhead poking slightly into my hole..
"We are going to have to teach you some self control there wild man" Will said..
I could feel his cock throbbing slightly at my hole.. "Yea.." I responded somewhat out of it.. I stumbled forward half aiming towards the bench..
Robbie grabbed me from the front as I collapsed forward.. his hard cock knocked right into mine and jumped from the sensitivity.. then he deposited me down on the bench as I tried to catch my breath..

72. Will jumped up behind Jason and slammed his cock in.. Jason didn't say anything.. but Will was going to town.. I guess I had loosened him up a little..
"Bitch.. I know you love it.. ".. Will said as he hammered into Jason.. he was like a machine tonight.. he kept going.. and going.. it must have been 10 minutes of Will hammering and Jason swaying his ass back and forth.. Jason was almost moaning everytime Will plowed into him..
I watched as his massive cock kept jumping between his legs and spitting out more precum.. The veins in the side of his cock seemed to pulse with each thrust..
I was watching.. transfixed at the show in front of me.. the mini gorilla climbing all over the full sized one.. my cock was still rock hard.. I watched as Will grabbed and pulled on the Jason's massive globes.. his hands pulling them apart.. I noticed I was breathing heavy right along with Will.. finally he pulled out and jacked his cock downward shooting all over the floor..

73. "Thats what I'm talking about" he said as he slapped Jason's hairy ass so hard it left a red Mark through the fur.. Jason swayed only slightly at the slap.. and looked like he almost moved back into position.. Will collapsed on the bench next to me as Robbie climbed over us "my turn".. I glanced down to see Will's cock glisten with lube as it started to soften.. he sprawled back with his arms spread across the upper bench.. sitting with his legs wide apart.. I thought for a moment about reaching down and grabbing Will's cock.. just because I wondered what it felt like.. but I didn't.. I turned my attention back to the show..

74. Robbie wasn't really rough.. but he wasn't really gentle.. he was working his hips.. and for the second time I heard Jason moaning.. after a few minutes Will must have recovered.. "crap.. we forgot the paper towels.." he said and got up for the door..
I couldn't take my eyes off Jason and Robbie.. Robbie bent over further with each thrust.. until he was right at Jason's back.. I didn't even realize I was jacking off again until Robbie thrusted forward.. and his tongue came out and licked Jason's back as he turned and looked me dead in the eyes, he had what looked like some cum on his chin.. maybe it was just sweat.. my cock throbbed in my hand at the sight. I don't know why it seemed to turn me on so much..

75. As he let his cock slip out of Jason's ass he start shooting.. as he shot he held Jason tight with his cock pointed down Jason's ass crack.. rubbing up and down his back and looking me in the eyes as he shot.. and after his first rope hit the floor I started shooting.. matching him shot for shot.. never losing contact with his eyes.. It was really intense looking deep into Robbie's eyes cumming as he came.
Robbie pulled Jason upright.. and grabbed his cock.. he laid his head on Jason's shoulder and pressed full up against him.. as he stroked Jason he never looked away from me.. Jason moaned loudly and shot all over the wall in front of him.. shuddering he collapsed back into Robbie.. I was impressed as Robbie held him up. Jason was literally a gorilla and had to weight close to 250 and over 6'6

76. Will came back in with the paper towels and Jason straightened up, took a deep breath, and walked out.. as I watched him leave his monster body moved with a muscley swagger that kept my attention.. his ass almost wiggled while he walked..
Will, Robbie, and I went to work cleaning up.. talking about sports.. not paying attention to our hardon’s.. I noticed Robbie had my cum all over his chest from pressing up against Jason.. I wonder if he wanted it that way.. he didn't seem to make a move to clean it off..
We headed off to the showers and left for the night..

77. After I got home I laid in bed with a raging hard on trying to figure out what was going on.. was I gay... wanting to have big muscles.. wanting to feel big muscles.. wanting to smell my buddies.. damn it.. I was jacking off again..
I got on the phone and told Marie to get over here now, and hung up.. I was never that forceful..
She showed up a few minutes later.. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed.. practically ripping off her clothes I started kissing her neck.. she ran her hands up and down my arms.. over my shoulders.. she stopped and looked at me.. her hands resting on my biceps.. I flexed them and she practically drooled.. I stretched my arms out and she ran her hands across my muscles transfixed.. yes.. this is what I wanted.. worship me.. I hadn't thought I had gotten any bigger.. but Marie knew.. Marie felt it..

78. Sitting up and Grabbing her around the waist I lifted her up and slammed her down on my rock hard cock.. she screamed and clawed at my back jumping up a little before landing back down hard engulfing my cock.. as her sweet scent filled my nose.. I spent the next 10 minutes lifting her up and down on my cock while she ran her hands all over my body screaming in pleasure.. she was so hot.. and smelled so good.. and she worshiped me like she should..
Finally I rolled her onto her back and slammed into her.. hot and warm.. my cock was home.. and I came shot after shot growling as she screamed.. exhausted I rolled off her onto my back.. Marie snuggled up next to me with her arm across my chest.. rubbing it gently.. and we fell asleep..
Something happened to her that night.. I was no longer her boyfriend.. I was her man..

79.  I woke up the next morning to a hot wetness around my cock.. the distinct massage of a tongue along the bottom wiggling coaxing.. wanting.. I opened my eyes and smiled as she looked right at me.. rubbing my thighs as she blew me generated a whole new sensation.. my entire lower body was tingling.. I thrusted up slightly to meet her mouth and she took the opportunity to move her hands under my ass.. grabbing.. kneeding my glutes I couldn't take any more.. I moaned loudly as I  came.. I didn't think I could shoot that much.. and she swallowed.. she was truly worshipping me now..
She crawled up next to me and kissed me.. I never tasted my own cum before.. it was strong.. salty.. me.. we laid there for a few minutes before we got up and showered for work.. she didn't say much that morning.. just smiled at me and looked away.. as we headed out to work I was on top of the world..


80. Wednesday night after work I worked out with Robbie. He pushed me hard on my shoulders, he chose the weight, he chose the reps. And I was fine with complying because more weight was the only way I' d get bigger.
As I spotted him, I watched his shoulders get more and more definition in the small cuts inside the muscle. Standing behind him as he did upright presses with dumbbells I could see up close those tiny striations as they flexed and moved.
I started to smell his sweat. I wanted to reach out and feel his huge shoulders, trace my fingers along the cuts and the monster veins that protruded from his arms... but I didn't.
We talked the whole time about typical stuff. Football, work, how our bosses were only interested in getting every last second of our day as work. When we ran across Jason and Will they were talking and laughing about something.

81. We were finishing up our last exercise when Robbie changed the subject.
"You realize it's your day today?" he said looking me dead in the eye.
"Um yea... I kinda figured that was coming." I didn't know what to think. I really didn't want to do this, and had been trying to figure out a way out of it. But I did partake in 3 days of it so far. I was just chickening out because it was my turn to get plowed.
"Have you ever gotten fucked before?" he asked straight to the point.
"No, I'm not gay." I responded, and for the first day I noticed my cock wasn't completely hard as a rock during the workout.'.
"That wasn't the question. Hasn't your girl ever hit you with a strap on or anything, fingers, beads?"
Looking back at him blankly I said "no... I guess it never came up. It just sounds so... gay."
"Not really. My ex used to use beads on me." Robbie stated "Actually once just as I was getting ready to cum she crammed her dildo up my ass. It hurt so bad... " he lifted one eyebrow,"and so good... I never came so hard in my life."

82. "Wow" I responded. "Guess I have been missing out." I laughed. "It's gonna hurt isn't it." I said softly.
"Hey we all have to take a turn. You'll get used to it. It really only hurts for a minute or so." Robbie said as he put his hand on my shoulder.
I felt the hard calloused skin knead my shoulder. His warm, strong hands calmed me for some reason.
"Don't worry. I'll go first. I am the thinnest." he said.
My eyes opened wider than anyone thought possible. "Oh shit... Jason is going to kill me." I said loudly as I remembered his monster cock.
"Don't worry" Robbie said again "you'll be fine."
"Easy for you to say." I said with terror in my eyes.
"Yea... because I have been there before." Robbie said laughing "and I'll be there tomorrow."

83. As we headed to the locker room I was torn between fear, excitement, anticipation, and just plain lust. My cock had been hard for the past 2 days since Jason first shot us up. Now even with the upcoming terror I was starting to get hard again.
We all gathered in the locker room and they all talked about mundane things. I was more than a little distracted as I undressed. I looked at each one of them, gauging... Robbie was the thinnest, Will was thicker but shorter, and then there was that monster. Jason's cock jutted right out from him and looked 4 feet long. A python the size of the roll of paper towels we cleaned up with. Maybe my imagination was getting away from me.

84. When we got to the sauna Robbie put his hand on my shoulder again. "OK, assume the position. We all have to go easy on him. OK?"
"No problem" Will said as Jason nodded.
Standing, I faced the benches and bent over. I grabbed onto the wood as I heard the oil bottle pop open. Then I felt Robbie's strong hands on my back. He placed his cock in my crack, and just massaged my shoulders as he ran his cock up and down my crack. I could feel the spongy hardness of his hot cock as it slid along its path, each time poking a little at my hole for a moment, then moving on.
I don't know what happened. Somewhere between the heat from his cock, the motion of his hands on my shoulders, and the smell of his sweat I started to relax. I felt the head of his cock go lower, and start pressing at my hole again. Relaxed, I resigned myself to the experience. And I wanted to feel it, his hot cock inside of me.

85. Then the head slid in. I yelped, the pain was intense as his cock head broke into my ass. It felt like he was stabbing me with a spike. I half changed my mind about wanting to try this, but remembered they all did it too so it couldn't be that bad. If they could handle it, I could too. And at times they appeared to like it, and whoever was taking always came too.
"Just relax" Will said. I turned my head to the side and looked at him. His face was grinning back at me with his shaved head glistening with sweat. "Easier said than done."
Robbie just nudged back and forth. His hot head just inside my ass, pushing at the ring of muscle. But he didn't try to go further. I looked down and noticed my cock was hard as a rock.

86. Robbie leaned down on top of my back. I could feel his strong pecs right up against my shoulder blades, and his sweat filled my nose. The electricity coming from his skin was amazing.
"Just take a deep breath and relax." he whispered in my ear. And I breathed in deeply, smelling Robbie as his sweat dripped from his arms down onto me.
Robbie pushed again and I felt his head penetrate the ring of muscles in my ass. He filled me up, with his head poking at the next ring he stopped for a moment. I had bitten my lip to keep from yelping again as pain shot through me. I concentrated on my breathing, and trying to relax.
After a few moments the pain had subsided. Robbie was just laying on top of me, filling me, pulsing inside of me, drenching me in the smell of his sweat. Weighing my body down under his with his massive strength.
I pushed back and breached the next barrier. I wanted to feel him fully. I wanted his balls pressed against me. I wanted him to stay on top of me keeping me trapped under the weight of his muscles. I wanted more, I didn't know why but I wanted more. More of his masculine dominance, more of his weight pushing down on me, more of his cock buried in my ass.

87. Finally I felt those amazing lower abs pressed up against my ass. I knew he was in me fully.
"Are you OK?" he asked quietly, close to my ear.
"Perfect" I responded somewhat sarcastically through staggered breaths. "Just give me a minute."
Robbie only paused for a few moments, then he slowly started to pull back out of me for the first time. It was an amazing sensation as he pulled out. Involuntarily I felt my ass grab onto his cock. He didn't back out far before he pushed slowly back in. I was completely full again. Slowly I got used to the motion, him massaging me ever so slowly from the inside out, his hot cock stroking me in a way I had never been stroked before. He pulled back out almost all the way and stood back up.
Then all of the sudden he thrust back into me, hard, hitting something I didn't know existed. He sent lightning through my body. It felt amazing. He started hitting me over and over brushing the head of his cock against my spot. Each time I shook, jerked, tightened every muscle in my body. I stood up and sat back down onto his cock. He grabbed me around my arms and body so I was trapped while he moved around buried inside my ass, sending almost a constant flow of electricity through me. And I started shooting, tensing every muscle in my body, grabbing onto his cock with my ass as I shot across the room. An electric rush pulsed throughout my body from head to toe.

88. Robbie moaned loudly in my ear, his cock pulsed and grew in my ass with every shot I made. I felt a new warmness inside me. Robbie was filling me up with his hot muscle cum, and I as I felt it warming me I just kept cumming.
I sent shot after shot onto the bench as he sent shot after shot into me. Finally I collapsed back into him. Slowly he leaned me back over the bench not breaking his hold on me till the very last minute.
"That was hot." he said into my ear. I could only breathe heavily, my brain had shut off. I was in bliss.
I felt his cock slip out of me as I stood bent over the bench. My ass was on fire, but felt somewhat empty now that Robbie was gone. I laid across the bench in a daze.

89. As I lay there heavily Will came up and took his place behind me. Will placed his cock in my crack and just rubbed up and down.
"Do you need a break?" he asked.
"No... I think I am OK." I replied as the blood slowly came back to my brain. My cock was still rock hard even though I had just cum gallons. My balls actually ached a little from cumming so much.
Then it hit me... what was going on. I just got fucked in the ass by another guy. And I was about to get it again...
No wait, it's the steroids. We are just dumping testosterone. It's normal. It's ... normal... well... it's acceptable. Maybe not normal...
Then I felt Will's cock slide slowly into me. "Breathe deep little man." Interesting how the shortest guy called me little man.
It didn't feel anything like Robbie. He was stretching my ass to its limits with his fat cock. And boy did it feel HUGE. I had just caught my breath, and then it was gone again.
"Holy shit that thing is big." I gasped as I breathed in deeply.
"Don't worry. I'll only hurt you a little bit... comparatively." he responded.
"Compared to what - a Mack truck?" I responded as he slid in and out pretty easily. I could feel Robbie's cum lubing the inside of my hole. I tried to grab onto Will's cock with my ass but it just slipped away.

90. Then he jammed it back in to the hilt and lightning shot through my body. Talk about hitting the nail on the head! He must have had a direct line to my prostate, and the perfect length to hit it dead on. And he did, over and over. I found myself crawling forward with each thrust trying to get away from the pain. Or was it pleasure? Or was it just the force of him slamming into me?
"Oh no you don't." Will said as he grabbed my arms, wrenching them behind me onto my back, he held them there just above my ass locking my wrists.
Will had me trapped again, as he thrust forward his lower abs hit my hands, and I used the opportunity to feel those amazing lower washboards of his.
Each thrust I grabbed onto his abs and ran my hands downward just as the electricity hit me. It was hot. With each thrust my cock throbbed as new sensations filled my entire body and my cock dribbled with each hit.
The more I struggled to get away, the tighter he held. And the more I felt him hitting my prostate. It was hot, too hot. I couldn't take any more. In one last vain effort to get free I pushed back into him trying to knock him back so I could escape forward. As I lurched into him he hit my prostate one last time. One time too many. I couldn't take it. I came... again... and again... shooting more cum on the bench.
My ass was constricting with each shot. His cock jabbed full tilt into me and I was grabbing onto it with my ass.

91. Finally I fell forward. He let me go, and I heard him moaning. And suddenly I felt this warm sensation on the back of my thighs. Cum - Will's cum - running down as he shot all over me.
He didn't seem to even lose any energy. "Damn that was a good shot." he said as he walked back over to the bench.
And then fear struck me. I had already cum twice, and I knew Jason was coming up behind me. I turned around and looked at him, and the monster 11 inch cock that he was stroking in his hands.
"I don't think that will fit dude." I said not taking my eyes off it. I mean it was massive. His reddish cock head was thankfully not larger than the rest. It was all one consistent slab of meat with veins pushing out from everywhere.
'How did he get the veins in his cock pushing out like that?' I wondered.
He turned me around and bent me back over the bench. "Don't worry they all say that, just relax."  'Relax he said... riiiighhhtttt!'

92. Jason rubbed his cock up and down my crack, poking ever so slightly at my hole. It felt like he was trying to put his elbow up there. He gyrated around a little, and wiggled the head into my ass. It hurt so bad. It felt like someone was shoving New Jersey up there. I reached behind me with both hands and grabbed his thighs to hold him back. Wow... those muscles in his thighs were solid. I started groping at them, they felt sooo powerful, massive. I could feel the cuts in them.
"Halfway there." he said snapping me back to reality.
I realized how full I felt. He had been slowly but steadily pushing his cock in while I was transfixed by the muscles in his legs. He was waiting at the tight second ring of my ass, pushing harder. That massive cock was HOT, HARD, MANLY. I had to get through it. Like an idiot I pushed back and screamed with pain.
"Whoa boy... don't try to take so much at once." he said.
"Trying to get through this..." I mumbled back.
Jason bent over me and pulled me in tight, slowly steadily pushing his monster cock in. I was so glad when I felt his hairy balls rub up against me.
"OK, that's all of it." he said, his voice right next to my ear.
"Give me a second." I said breathing heavily... and he didn't move. Well, he didn't pull out. He kept flexing his cock. I could feel it getting bigger. And going back down. It was a man's muscle...

93. I could feel his furry abs rubbing on my back, his strong hands massaged my shoulders. I started to relax some, feeling his strong hands grinding up my back.
All of the sudden I started to feel - empty. He had pulled his monster out so just the head remained. My ass still felt like it was on fire, but emptier now.
I sighed as he slowly pushed it back into me. I tried to relax, but it hurt. It hurt bad. I grabbed his hands off my shoulders and pulled them down gripping tightly while his weight landed on me. I could feel his powerful fur covered chest on my back. I never got to feel his pecs before, so I was taking what I could get.
All of a sudden he hit my prostate - hard. Electricity shot through my body, every muscle tensed up, and I grabbed onto his hands with mine, his cock with my ass.
I must have moaned or something, because Jason asked if I was OK...
"Yea" I told him. "I think I am getting used to that tree now."
Jason laughed "Lets see." he said and let go of my hands.
He stood up and started to slowly pull in and out. Every time he left I felt empty, every time he came back I was jolted with electricity. His cock was so long and large. I shivered as it scraped along my prostate.

94. I reached around and grabbed his ass, those monster globes felt so massive in my hands. I pulled him in closer, moving more of him along inside me, trying to keep the electricity flowing. Jason was picking up speed, hammering away across my prostate with each thrust. I lay helpless under this massive muscled man. All I could do was moan and clench each time he bottomed out inside me.
His hammering was exhausting me. I couldn't take any more. Each time he hit me and the electricity shot through me I thought I was going to pass out.
Was I going to pass out? No wait, ugh. I wasn't going to pass out. Ugh... I was cumming! With each thrust I shot more, and more. And he was speeding up. I kept shooting, until finally I heard him moan and pull out.

95. I felt his hot, wet cum hit my ass right at the hole. I finally stopped shooting, collapsed over the bench, my heart was racing. I felt Jason smack my ass, hard. I didn't care. I felt good. Exhausted but good.
Will laughed. "Well you did alright for your first time."
I could barely figure out where I was. I shook my head to gain some clarity. Looking down I saw a lake of cum under me.
"Wow.. maybe I won't be hard all day tomorrow." I thought. Or did I say that out loud?
The guys laughed as Will slapped me on the shoulder.
"Go take a shower. We'll clean up."

96. I headed down to the showers and turned on the cold water. I let it flow over me. My ass hurt, bad. I could feel something leaking out of it. Probably Robbie's cum.  what the hell was I doing? This had gotten way outta hand. My cock was actually NOT hard. I was exhausted, my muscles ached, my ass hurt. I was supposed to be working out, not getting gay gang raped.
I stayed in the shower for a bit. I heard the other guys come through. Robbie asked if I was OK in there, and I responded, "Fine, just trying to get your stank off me."

97. He laughed, but I didn't notice.
Finally I was getting really cold. I got out, toweled off, and walked over to the lockers. Jason was sitting there on the bench going through his phone.
"Hey you OK there?" he asked.  He seemed pretty concerned.
"Yea, I'm fine... just not what I really expected when I joined up to workout." I responded.

98. I sat down to put my pants over my legs which barely worked.
Jason put his hand on my shoulder. "Remember dude, we're just keeping the violence down." he said really sincerely.
I noticed his monster hand on my shoulder, how powerful it was.
"Take a look at yourself in the mirror when you get home. You have put on some serious mass already." he said. "Keep your eye on the prize. That's what this is all about."
"OK" I responded. "I am just really beat."
"OK" he said and walked out.

99. I dressed, and headed home.
By the time I got there, my ass hurt like hell, and I was ready to pass out from exhaustion. But I took his advice. I got undressed and looked in the mirror. Damn... I was getting bigger. I would have to check myself out more, tomorrow morning, after sleep.. .

End Of The Story 


Written by: Muscle
Illustrated by: Eduardo


Scpcp said...

The bettest of all what i had reading on this site till now.
As underwear's lover i found my pleaure!!!

The Gay Cartoons said...

Thank you, Scpcp.
We share the same interest in underwear :D
So, if you find any "underwear/swimwear" story you'd like to see illustrated, let me know and I could check whether I'm skilled enough to illustrate it.
Un gran abrazo,

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