Writen by: Luke Sanders
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(62 illustrations)

1. I was a 22.  I had graduated from college six months ago and still hadn't found a job.  Basically, my life consisted of lounging around my parent's house all day, getting exorbitant amounts of sleep, and staying up most of the night.

2. I was in great physical condition, actually having the time to work out regularly for once in my life.  My situation was comfortable, but for the constant condescension of my parents.  Fortunately, they went on a cruise that Christmas and left me alone.

3. I hung out with friends most nights, but around Christmas, most of them bailed on me in favor of spending time with their families.  I was expecting to pass the holiday alone until I received call from Chris, a friend that I had met my freshman year of college.  He told me that he was going to be in my town for a few days to visit family, but didn't want to stay with them.

4. I gladly invited him to stay at my parent's house.
The first night that Chris arrived, I didn't see much of him.  He spent most of the evening at a family party.  When he got back from it, we talked for a while, but he was tired from having driven all day and went to bed early.

5. I should say that I didn't consider myself to be gay, or even bisexual at the time, but I was feeling something for Chris.  My attraction to him was unusual and confused me.  From the moment he walked through the door, I felt physically drawn to him.  He had always been very attractive and athletic.
With blond hair and blue eyes, he was a favorite of the girls on campus.

6. But somehow, I had never looked at him like that before. At around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, I felt like I was going crazy thinking about him.  I decided to get a beer and to take a dip in the hot tub in my parent's backyard.  The warm water always relaxed me, and before long I was getting tired.

7. The next day I woke up to the sound of Chris making noise in the kitchen.
"God, what time is it?" I asked him.
"You lazy piece of shit" he answered.  "It's the afternoon!  I thought you'd never get up."
"What are you making that smells so good?" I asked.
"Just eggs... you want some?"

8. At some point while we were eating breakfast together Chris said, "I saw you in the hot tub last night."
"Really?  I thought you were asleep."
"Well, I got up to take a piss... that tub looked nice" he explained.
"Ya, it is.  You should try it sometime" I told him, thinking little of it.

9. Chris had to leave for about five hours shortly after breakfast to meet his family, but afterwards he came back and we decided to get dinner (lunch).
The entire day, I had continued to think about Chris, and at dinner, I think my unusual attraction to him made conversation between us awkward.

10. At one point Chris mentioned, "you look like you've been working out."  I told him that I had been, but then said something like, "you're looking pretty good yourself."  He laughed when I said it, but probably also noticed that I wasn't just being facetious.
I don't know what I was thinking.  I hadn't been able to get the image of Chris in the hot tub out of my head after breakfast that morning.
After Dinner, when Chris asked what I wanted to do, I knew exactly what to say.
"You want to get in the hot tub?" I asked.

11. He replied, "well, yes, but I didn't bring a suit."
"So go in your underwear" I said.  "Who cares if you have a suit or not."
"Well, I would, but I'm wearing briefs." He said. I was enticed by the idea of not only being with Chris in the hot tub, but also seeing him in his underwear now.
"So?" I said.  "If it makes you feel more comfortable, I'll get in my underwear too."

12. "Really?"  He asked.
"Sure, why not?" I responded. Finally he said, "Well, alright, but first, what do you have to drink?"
The conversation had been so casual and yet, I felt my heart pounding.  "I don't know" I replied, "check the fridge."

13. After a few minutes, Chris came back with a cooler full of beer.  "Lets drink um in the hot tub, eh?"  He said, and without hesitation, he pulled off his shirt.  I had already taken off my shoes and socks but stopped and stared at his body in awe.  He was not extraordinarily muscular, but didn't have a trace of fat on his body and his abs were perfectly defined. 

14. I stood up and turned away from him out of courtesy as he dropped his pants.  I undressed down to my boxer shorts before turning back around.  There stood Chris, in the middle of my parent's living room wearing only a pair of white briefs that clung tightly to his body.

15. Chris spoke first "wow, you really have been working out."
I almost replied with another thoughtless complement such as, your body is looking pretty good too, but bit my tongue and said instead, "come on, let's get in."

16. It was December, and my parent's hot tub was outside, so it was very cold. Both of us ran out to the tub, Chris carrying the cooler, and jumped in.

17. Although I wanted to continue to look at Chris's body, I turned on the jets and my vision of his lower half became obscured with bubbles.

18. Chris handed me a bear, and we drank together.
"Wow, this is such an amazing night" Chris said looking up at the stars.
"Ya, I love coming out here at night" I said.
"And in the winter!  This is awesome.  One day, I'm going to get one of these... then I'll invite you to come over and use it with me -- and I'll make you wear your underwear."

19. I laughed and after what seemed like an awkward pause I said "I've been out here while it's snowing before.  It's amazing."
As we talked, Chris and I continued to drink and after about an hour in the tub, Chris told me that he had to pee.
"Sorry, I didn't bring a towel" I said.  "Would you mind just going in the woods so you don't drip all over the house?"  My parent's back yard was sounded by forest.
"Ya, sure" he said.

20. And then I witnessed the most amazing and wonderful thing.  As Chris slowly pulled himself out of the water, I saw his underwear.  The briefs that he wore were nearly transparent when wet and I clearly saw his penis.

21. "Fuck!" he said.  "It's fucking cold out here."
"Well what do you expect?"  I said laughing.
He then ran barefoot about forty feet away to the edge of the forest and peed.  As I watched him, I realized that I had a problem on my hands.  After seeing Chris in his wet briefs, I was hard as a rock. 

22. When Chris came running back and jumped in the pool, I made a huge effort not to look at him again, so that my boner would go away.
However, my problem got worse.  Not only was my boner not going away, but Chris and I had continued to drink, and now I badly had to pee. 

23. After about half an hour, I had to confront the problem.
"I have to pee now too" I said.
"So go in the woods like I did" he told me.
"Well, I will, but could you um... look the other way for a sec?"
"What?" he asked me.  "Why?"

24. "Well, this is embarrassing, but I've got a boner."
"Oh" he said.  "Why?"
"I think it's because of these jets" I responded  "One of them over here is blowing right at my crotch.
He laughed. "Well don't expect me to look away.  I'm sure you could see right through my briefs when I got up." "Fine" I said, and pulled myself out of the water.
Chris laughed again, "That's quite a tent you're sporting."

25. I ran to the forest and stood there trying to pee.  I had such an enormous hard on, especially after what had just happened that I couldn't go.  I waited in the freezing cold until at last, I went, my pee shooting up like a fountain.

26. When I came back to the tub, Chris was sitting where I had been.
"What's up?"  I asked.
"I wanted to get a little action from the jet" he said laughing.  "What took you so long?  Can't pee with a boner?"

27. Then for a while, the conversation thinned.  Finally, Chris said, "You were right, this jet feels great."
"Especially when you're not getting any" I said.
"Really?  A hot guy like you not getting any?"
"Sadly, no.  It's not as easy as it used to be on campus."

28. Chris laughed "tell me about it.  I haven't hooked up in 3 months."
"It's been four for me" I told him.
"And here we are in a hot tub together, in our underwear, with boners" he said laughing.  "Pathetic."

29. After a minute, Chris pulled himself out of the tub again.  This time, his dick was fully erect, and nearly came out of the waistband of his briefs.
"Got to pee again" he said, and ran off into the forest.

30. After he got back in, I asked him how much longer he wanted to stay in the tub.
"I'm ready to get out if you are” he said.  "What should we do about towels?"
"I'll run in and get some" I said.

31. Again, I pulled myself out of the water with a huge hard on.  As I was getting out, my dick slipped through the opening in my boxers, popping out.
Chris whistled and then laughed.  I splashed water at him and ran inside.

32. Came back outside just in time to see Chris stripping off his briefs so he could dry off.  I stood and watched him, helpless to look away.  His nipples were hard and small from the cold, and his penis was still very erect.
"Come on" he yelled, smiling.  "Throw me a towel!"

33. After we had dried off and were standing with towels around our waists, Chris told me that he was going to leave his underwear outside to see if they would freeze.

34. Inside, I told Chris that I was going to take a shower and rinse off.  As soon as I got in the bathroom, I stared at myself in the mirror.  What was I doing?  Was I feeling all of this from the alcohol?  Of course, I knew that I wasn't because I'd been thinking about Chris before we had begun drinking.

35. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I decided that the best way to resolve the situation would be to just jack off in the shower and get it over with.
I'm not sure why exactly, but I decided to leave the bathroom door open a little.

36. As soon as I was in the shower, I lathered the soap up in my hands and began to stroke my dick.  No sooner had I begun to masturbate than, Chris pushed open the door.  Fortunately, the shower door was made of tempered glass and his view of me was obstructed.
"Mind if I pee?" he asked walking in, assuming it was okay.

37. I said nothing. As he peed, he told me that he thought he was drunk.
Again, I said nothing.
"You in there?" he asked, flushing the toilet. 

38. And then, "wait a second. What's going on in there?"  Laughing he opened the shower door and exposed me.
"Big deal" I said.  "I'm horny."
Chris stopped laughing a little.  "Ya, so am I.  I've never seen a guy jack off before" he said.  "It's weird."
"Give me a break.  Remember that one porno we watched freshman year?  There were guys jacking off in that movie."

39. "Ya, but I've never seen anyone do it in person" he said.
"Well, you're not going to watch.  Now get out!"
But Chris didn't close the shower door.
"This is probably the alcohol talking, but do you want to jack each other off?" he asked.
I stood there for a second, very turned on by the idea.  "Really?  You want to do that?"

40. "Sure" he said smiling.  "If we're both horny, we might as well help each other out a little."
"Alright" I answered.  I couldn't believe it.
Chris came into the shower and closed the door.  He reached out and slid his hands along my dick.  It felt incredible.  Slowly, and gently, he stroked me back and forth.  I knew that I would only be able to last for a minute.

41. Then I saw his dick growing hard.  I put a hand on his chest and reached out the other one towards his dick.  When I felt his penis in my hand, I could not hold back any longer.  I shot a load of sperm onto his stomach.  He continued to stroke me gently, perfectly, and I leaned into him as if we were hugging.

42. "That didn't take long" he said smiling.
"Lets see how long you last" I said smiling back.
It was amazing rubbing Chris's dick.  He looked at the ceiling and began breathing deeply.

43. When he brought his head back forward, I felt compelled to kiss him.  He had his eyes closed and looked like he was concentrating.

44. Then he opened his eyes leaned forward and gave me a kiss. My heart skipped a beat.  After a second, he pulled his lips off of mine, and resting his forehead and shoulders against me, ejaculated.  I felt the warmth of his sperm run down my leg.

45. We were both breathing heavily, and Chris sat down on the shower floor.  I turned away from him and began rinsing off.  I didn't know what to think and Chris wasn't saying anything.  I decided to very quickly soap up, rinse off and get out so that Chris could be alone in case he was feeling weird – I knew that I was.

46. "Shower's all yours" I said stepping out.  Chris was just standing up as I left the room.  He remained in the shower for a long time.

47. I got dressed and made a pot of coffee.  After a while, Chris came out and sat on the couch in a towel.  I had been feeling like what we had done was a mistake until I saw him again.  He was so incredibly attractive. He looked tired.
"Are you totally out of it?" I asked him.
" I'm still buzzed" he said.  "Mainly, I feel weird about what we did in there.  I'm sorry that I asked you to do that."
"Don't be sorry. I enjoyed it a lot" I said handing him a cup of coffee.

48. He took a drink.  "Ya, so did I actually.  We should just make sure never to tell anyone about this."
"Agreed" I said.
That night we slept in separate bedrooms, and the next day, Chris had to leave.  He was actually on a road trip across the country to visit other relatives. 

49. I was disappointed at the thought of him leaving until he asked if he could stay for a night on his way back through my town in a few weeks.
"Of course" I told him happily.
After he left, I leaned against the door.  I had not slept well that night, thinking about Chris and the implications that my encounter with him might have on my life.  Exhausted, I went to bed and eventually fell asleep.

End Of Story


Writen by: Luke Sanders
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(62 illustrations)

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