Written by: storyarc

Illustrated by: Eduardo

(84 illustrations)

 We lived in the same street growing up, went to the same school, enrolled at the same university and generally did everything together.
Our girlfriends were best friends also so we had no reason to see less of each other when we started dating.

We had had a stressful year in uni and we were both up to our eyes in debt, so this seemed the cheapest option for a getaway.
We decided that a weekend would be long enough, and arranged to leave on the last Friday of July.
Our girlfriends decided that they didn't really want to be stuck out in the woods while we went off hiking and fishing and so chose the same weekend to go off to some health spa down in London, which left just Cal and I to our own devices.

3. The weekend quickly came around and we began getting things together for the drive.
We had decided to head somewhere with plenty of countryside and so filled up the car with enough petrol to get us from Liverpool to Yorkshire, food supplies to last us four days and the two man tent that we would be calling home for the weekend.
Everything else we had gotten together the night before and loaded into the car to make sure we didn't forget them. Blankets, fishing rods, portable stereo etc. and by noon on the Friday we were pulling out of the drive and heading off to our destination.

4. "Jeez, I'm so excited to finally be getting away for a while." Cal said excitedly, half hanging out of the car window. He reached down and grabbed a can of lager from a bag by his feet and started sipping away.
"Keep that out of view" I protested. "The last thing we need is to get pulled over."
"Chill out Dave" Cal laughed back at me. He always called me Dave when I was moaning at him about something. It’s my fathers name and he is world renowned for his moaning. My actual name is Jay. Well Jason, but I hate that and no one ever calls me it.

5. Cal had been playing with the radio in the car for the past 10 minutes and had finally decided on a station when he started tapping me on the leg and telling me to slow down. I looked to see a big grin on his face as he stared out the window at a group of passing girls.

6. "Hey ladies, whatcha doing?" he asked, still hanging out the window. He rubbed a hand across his chest as he smiled at them, showing off his shirtless torso and hoping for some kind of reaction.
They said nothing and carried on walking and he eventually pulled himself back in and I resumed normal speed.

7. I couldn't help laughing at the look of disappointment on his face at being ignored. I know he would never cheat on his girlfriend, but he loved the attention from the ladies. We both did. And the fact that he was sitting there shirtless made him even more disappointed.

8. We both worked hard to sculpt our bodies. We both played rugby for a local team and each trained at the gym 4 times a week. Our bodies were near identical. Broad shoulders leading into hard,  hairless chests with smooth but toned stomachs and a nice v shape going down into our pants. We never tried to outdo each other at the gym or on the pitch.

9. We always egged each other on and supported each other. I always felt like I had to work harder than Cal though.
When we started training a few years back, he had already had a naturally muscled physique, but although I had a good body, there wasn't any real definition to it to start with. I was never jealous of him though. It just made me strive even more.

10. Once we were onto the open road and out of the city, the excitement about our camping trip began to grow in me. We spent the journey laughing and joking and winding each other up. Arguing over the radio station and moaning about the heat.
It had been a particularly hot summer, and Cal was also starting to feel the effects of the lager he had been slugging back.

11. By the time we got to our destination, the sun was high in the sky and the heat was getting unbearable. This is England and we just weren't prepared for it. We moan when it’s hot and we moan when it rains. It’s just what happens.

12. I pulled the car over to a spot that was quite a way off the beaten track. If we were on somebody's land then I was guessing they wouldn't find us. We were a good few miles from the nearest town, half way up a hill and shrouded by lots of forestry.
There didn't seem to be any fresh car tracks and I was hoping that no one had come by here in a while.

13. We parked the car next to a river that sloped of around a corner and off down the hill.
We had managed to find a small flat expanse and quickly set about setting up camp.
The trees were shading us a little from the sun, but the heat was relentless still.

14. When the tent was fully erected, we set about looking for wood for a fire. It was a bit of a risky idea in case someone came looking to see where the smoke was coming from, but we planned to keep it small and light it only when it was dark so the smoke wasn't so visible.

15. We found enough loose sticks and pieces of wood for the night fire and set about arranging them a few feet from the tent. It was by now mid afternoon and we were both pretty tired so for the first time in hours, we just crashed down and did nothing for a while.

16. "Shame the girls couldn't come." I said to Cal who was lying next to me.
"Yea, because they would have loved the mud and hiking and fishing and no showers" He replied laughing. 
"I guess your right" I said, "but 4 days without sex is going to be a stretch." I said nudging him in the arm.

17. "Well you best keep your dick away from me when your sleeping tonight. No snuggles for you." Cal joked back. 
"You wish" I retorted. "wanna do some fishing?" 
"Is that a reference to your rod?" Cal said, laughing at me.
"Fuck off, wanker" I spat back and got up from the ground, brushed off the leaves and twigs that had stuck to me and walked over to the car.

18. The fishing gear was in the back and we set about getting it all ready.
We baited up and sat at the edge of the river, knowing the chances of catching anything other than a boot or a discarded trolley were slim, but we sat there and waited all the same.

19. After a few minutes, Cal started shouting that he had got something. He was shaking his rod like a mad man and beckoning me over.
"I got something, I got something" he called.

20. I rushed over to him thinking he had probably just caught his hook on some river debris, but as I walked closer his shocked look turned to a sly grin and before I had chance to react he grabbed me and pushed me sideways into the river.

21. It wasn't very deep, 6 or so feet maybe, but he pushed me with enough force that I hit the bottom and swallowed a load of murky water. When I pushed my way back to the surface I coughed and spit out as much as I could.

22. Cal was sitting on the banking laughing wildly at the site of me, my shorts soaked through and my hair a mess.
I grabbed his foot and tried to pull him in but I didn't have enough strength, and the more he pulled back the more he pulled me out of the river.

23. "I could have drowned" I shouted at him, trying my best to stay serious.
"Chill out Dave, I would have saved you" he said back through stifled laughs.

24. I marched over to the car, rummaged around for some dry shorts and walked back over to where he was sitting.
I think he thought I was going to push him in because as soon as I got close he run.

25. "You won’t get me in there" he said as I stripped naked to change.
I wasn't shy about getting naked in front of him. I had done it every time we played rugby or went to the gym for as long as I can remember.

26. He didn't bat an eyelid as I dropped my soaking shorts to the floor and stepped out of them.
We continued arguing back and forth as I got changed, my nakedness having no effect on the flow of the conversation whatsoever. Feeling the heat against my prick felt awesome, and I could feel it start to flesh out as I stood there in the woods naked.

27. I was so proud of my meat. It’s about 5" soft and nearly 10" when I get it hard.
That's one place I don't know how similar me and Cal are. Yes I had seen him naked a thousand times, but I had never paid enough attention to care how big he was. Maybe we were similar in that department too.

28. As the sun beat down on my naked body, I started to wonder about Cal's dick. Jeez, the sun was really getting to me now! I turned slightly in case my growing dick should catch his gaze and quickly pulled on my fresh pair of shorts, hoping the semi I was sporting would soon disappear.

29. There was a noise in the distance and Cal quickly looked off into the direction it came from. I took this as my opportunity. I lunged forward and grabbed him around the waist, rugby tackling him to the ground.

30. We landed in a heap laughing with Cal screaming how I would never get him into the water.
"I don't need to" I said, jumping to my feet and running to the car. I grabbed his bag from the backseat and held it over the river.

31. "You or the clothes" I laughed, holding the bag at arm length over the water.
"Jay you fucker, you wouldn't dare" Cal said laughing, knowing full well that I would.

32. It was all he needed to say. In the blink of an eye I unzipped the bag and emptied the whole weekend clothes into the river.
"You best go and get them before they go downstream" I said laughing manically.

33. Cal jumped in and started to rescue his clothes as I grabbed my car keys and locked the doors so that he couldn't return the favour.
When he had grabbed everything, he threw them onto the banking and climbed onto the grass beside me.

34. We were both laughing at the state he was in. I knew he wouldn't get pissed off about it.
We pulled these sort of jokes on each other all the time. He just doesn't usually end up so wet.

35. "I am going to need to borrow some clothes" he said heading towards the car. I chuckled again seeing his face as he realized it was locked.
"Sorry fella, no can do" I responded thinking he was going to start going ape.

36. He gave me a sly look and started walking over towards me.
I expected that he would jump onto me and start wrestling me, but he walked straight past and headed over towards a tree next to the tent.

37. He stripped off his clothes and started hanging them onto the branches.
I made jokey conversation while he did this, and figured it would be the best time to try and get a decent look at his rod.
When his pants came off I just stared.
His dick was long. Maybe a bit shorter than my own, but not by much.

38. What got my attention though was how thick it was. I couldn't believe it. Girls had always told me how thick my dick was but next to his mine looked like one of the twigs we had tossed onto the campfire. And his balls were big too. They hung low and were covered in a dusting of brown hair.

39. That was another difference. My pubes, just like my hair were a dark blonde colour but Cal's were thick and black.
I also noticed how neatly trimmed they were.
While still entranced at the site of my best friends impressive package, I had failed to notice that he was heading back over to me.

40. Before I even had a chance to react, he had me pinned to the floor and his arse was practically straddling my face.
I could see his hole and the hair that surrounded it.
The smell was intoxicating. I couldn't believe what I was thinking. 2 minutes earlier I was staring at my mate’s dick, and now I was looking up into his hole and thinking how amazing it smelled. Was there something wrong with me?

41. "If I can’t borrow your clothes, then I will take them" Cal said laughing as he pulled my shorts off my waist and down my legs.
I wasn't even putting up a struggle.
I was too busy looking at his ass and wondering why the site was making the blood rush towards my cock.

42. I could feel myself starting to go hard, so before he had a chance to notice I flipped myself over.
It didn't stop him taking my shorts, but at least it concealed my fattening cock.

43. I lay there a few more seconds until I felt my hard on disappearing and then stood up.
I knew I could have easily gone and unlocked the car to get more clothes, but I knew he would just push past me and get there first and I was way too stubborn for that.

44. We made small talk about me being naked, but it didn't seem to be an issue for Cal, and I didn't have anything to hide, so that's how I stayed until the sun went down.
When it was completely dark, we lit the fire and started to heat some food.
It didn't take long to cook, and after a few minutes we were sitting and eating beans and  sausages. Not the healthy diet we were used to but we were going to do this camping thing properly. We even brought marshmallows. Once we had filled our stomachs, we sat about talking.

45. Once we had filled our stomachs, we sat about talking.
We wondered what the girls were up to and if they were having fun, and spoke of how we missed them.
We drank a truck load of beer and planned tomorrow adventures which included some river walking and a hike around the hillside and down onto the moors.

46. Before long I was feeling pretty tired and more than a little drunk, so decided to head into the tent to get some sleep.
Cal said he wanted to wait a while so he agreed to sort out the fireplace and come in when he was ready.

47. I got into the tent already naked and rested myself under one of the blankets. The heat was still pretty stifling, so the blankets didn't stay on me for long.
I could hear Cal outside pottering around and decided that no was as good a time as any to get myself off.
I knew he would be at least ten minutes out there so it would have to be a quickie, but it’s better than nothing.

48. I reached down to my cock with both hands, using one to cup my balls and the other to stroke along the underside of my shaft.
It didn't take long for it to come to life and before long I was at full mast.
I wrapped my fist around my dick and slowly pumped up and down thinking of all the times I had fucked my girlfriend.

49. My hand started going faster, pulling my foreskin up over the head and back down again hard and fast.
After a minute or so thoughts from the day started to creep in.
Thoughts of Cal's fat prick to be precise. I don't know why.
I had never been attracted to guys before, but the feelings that were shooting through my dick made me realize that I was in no rush to stop.

50. I pictured the fat head hanging over his nuts as he stood wet and naked in the sun this afternoon.
Feeling it on top of me as he tried to get my shorts off me, and picturing his hairy arse crack as he pushed it towards my face.
And the smell. Oh god the smell was fantastic. A mix of sweat with natural manly odour.

51. I could feel the pre-cum start to seep from my piss slit and coat my fingers as I pumped my meat.
I wanted to shoot my load so badly but I could hear Cal moving outside and lost my nerve.

52. I pulled the blanket over me and lay still. It's a good job I did because a few seconds later he crawled into the tent.
"You ok buddy?" he asked as he got in.

53. I nodded at him and watched as he pulled off his shorts and lay naked next to me.
He stayed on top of the blankets but I couldn't remove them from my body for fear of him seeing my hard on.

54. "You tired, Jay?" he asked turning on his side and facing me "Not really" I replied doing the same and making sure the blanket didn't come off of me.
It was pretty dark so I could only really see the outline of his body, but his face was close enough for me to see it clearly.

55. "Truth or dare" he said out of nowhere.
I looked at him with a grin and then started laughing.
We used to play all the time when we were kids but stopped when we got into our teens.
"Truth" I said pulling the blankets from me, with my cock finally soft again.

56. "Are you missing the girls?" he asked with a grin.
I was unsure how to respond, but based on the rules of the game I responded:
"Not really. We haven't had guy time in ages so it’s nice without the distraction"

57. He smiled at that and I guessed that he felt the same.
"I choose dare" he said before I even had the chance to ask. I had no idea what I could dare him to do in a small tent, and I didn't think it was a particularly good idea to send him outside in the woods while it was dark.

58. "Say the alphabet backwards" I said defeated.
"That's shit" he responded. "Choose something else"
I thought for a while and then thought fuck it.
"Ok I dare you to get yourself hard" I said nervously. 

59. It was mainly so that I would have something to dare him, but it would also give me a chance to have a look.
"Oh that's easy" he said laughing. "but firstly", Cal reached out the tent, grabbed 6 beers from outside, climbed back in and then settled back into place.

60. He tossed one to me and I sat up to start drinking. He did the same then turned to me with a grin.
"You ready?" he asked.
I nodded and watched as he slowly reached down and started teasing his prick with his fingers.

61. After a few seconds it started to move and fill out and within about a minute he was fully hard and stroking it back and forth a little.
I was mesmerised again. It was beautiful. Long like mine, nearly 10" I would say but it was easily as thick as the beer can he was holding with a big mushroom head at the top, covered partly by his foreskin.

62. He pulled his hands away after a few seconds and let his dick just sit there, gradually getting softer.
When it came around to my turn, I chickened out and took another truth.

63. Cal asked me how big my dick was, so I was honest and said the same as his only not so thick. He chose a truth on his next turn so I decided to get a bit braver.
"Can you suck your own dick?" I asked with a nervous laugh.
"Fuck mate, how random is that? I never even tried." came his reply.

64. "But I don't know until I do" he said, leaning back and swinging his legs over his head. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
I had asked out of curiosity but never expected him to try it right there. I watched as he struggled with his hard on but managed to run his tongue over the tip.
"Does that count?" he asked as he sat upright once again.
"I guess so" I laughed, still shocked that he had done it.

65. "I dare you to wank until you come" he said before even asking me if I wanted a dare.
Never one to pass on an opportunity to outdo someone, I put my hand to my dick and started rubbing.
My cock already had pre-cum on it from my earlier attempt at a wank, and he must have noticed because he made some comment about how I was already wet and started laughing.

66. I explained that I had been trying to jack off while he was outside and carried on with the job at hand.
When I was fully hard I started to pump on my dick hard and fast. If he was going to see me shoot a load then he was going to get a good show. His patience must have gotten the better of him because after a few minutes he started winding me up.

67. "You sure you’re able to come yet bro? I mean, have you ever shot a load?" he questioned while laughing at me, but yet never taking his eyes off my pulsing cock.
"If you take much longer I’m going to have to take over and show you how to do it" he added.

68. I was horny as fuck by now and figured what the hell so I looked up at him and said
"I would like to see you try buddy" and held my hand away from my cock.

69. A few seconds passed which felt like an hour, but after a quick glance to see if I was being serious, Cal reached forward and grabbed onto my dick.
He moved his hands slowly at first, getting used to the new feeling, but after a short while he started jacking me hard and fast.
I looked over and saw his prick come to life. The more he jacked on my cock, the harder he got.

70. "Don't just stare, help me out" he said, catching me looking.
I didn't need to be asked twice.
I reached forward and grabbed hold of his tool.
Fuck it felt amazing. I rubbed my fingers over the head of it. His piss slit was already leaking pre-cum and I made sure that I got his dick as lubed up as possible.

71. Within seconds I was pumping furiously on his cock. The more I did it, the more I wanted to watch him shoot his load.
As we were wanking each other off, we slid around so that we were lying top to toe, but still close enough to get a good view of what was going on.
"Fuck that feels so good" he said looking me straight in the eye. "dude, you have to put it in your mouth"
I wasn't sure what to do, or if I really even wanted to but I figured what the hell and leaned forward towards his dick.

72. I took in the smell and I loved it. I moved a bit closer and started to lick on his massive nuts.
From there I worked my way up his dick to the head. When I got there, I swirled my tongue around the end, then I went down over it and took as much as I could into my mouth.

73. I felt him move beside me and slowly start to take the head of my meat into his mouth. 
I sucked for all I was worth and listened as he let out moans while lapping at my dick.
He was rubbing my sack as he did this and working his hands down towards my ass.

74. Without a word he pushed a finger into me and it felt amazing. I started pushing my ass towards his finger and he could tell I was enjoying it because a second later he put another one in.
It hurt a little but the pleasure far outweighed the pain.
We continued on for a few minutes, sucking each other and him fingering my tight hole like it was his girlfriend pussy, but before long I could feel my balls start to rise and I knew I was going to shoot.

75. I pulled my dick away from him and I felt his fingers pop out of my arse. My hole felt amazing and I wanted more but I knew if he kept sucking my dick I would shoot a load down his throat.
I turned myself around and started licking from his dick, up his chest towards his nipples.

76. I took one into my mouth and bit down on it. I remembered him telling me he loved it when his bird did it and I was disappointed.
He started moaning and reaching for my dick.
When I moved out of his way he grabbed his own and started jacking it.
The head was hitting into my side and I could feel his pre-cum sticking to my ribs
I reached down and scooped it up before rubbing it onto his nipple and licking it back off.
"That is so fucking hot, man" he said still jacking himself and staring at the work I was doing.

77. I carried on but started to work my way up to his face.
Before he had a chance to work out what was happening, I leaned in and kissed him hard.
I was worried that he might freak out or push me away but he let go of his dick and held my face close to his, exploring my mouth with his tongue.

78. We kissed for what seemed like eternity. It was the honest to god best kiss I had ever experienced.
I felt a rush through me that felt like electricity.
We continued kissing as I moved over and straddled him.

79. He started to pull away and speak but I pulled his mouth back to mine and with my right hand reached back and moved his throbbing tool towards my hole.
I wanted it so bad. When he worked out what I was doing his tongue went into a frenzy in my mouth and I thought I was going to bite it off.

80. It took a while but finally I could feel his balls against my arse and I knew he was fully in.
He moved slowly at first unsure if I could take him, but after I gave him the nod he started to thrust into me and pull out further before pushing right back in.

81. The pain quickly subsided and I was left with an immense pleasure as his 10" fuckrod tickled my prostate. If I had known the pleasure I could have I would have climbed onto his big dick years ago.
"Cum on me as I fuck you!" Cal said in a breathy whisper. "I want to feel you jizz all over me."

82. That was all the permission I needed.
As Cal pumped his big meaty cock in and out of my tight hole I started whacking off, preparing to cover him in my creamy load.
He watched me with a grin and increased the strokes into my arse.
I could feel his cock start to swell and knew he was about to fill me up with a big load so I started jacking as fast as I could.

83. "I'm gunna cum!" we both screamed together, and as I felt him unleash his man juice into my hole, I exploded 6 thick ropes of cum all over him, hitting his chest and face and landing behind him on the mattress too.
I could still feel him unloading into my arse as the last drops shot out of me and when he was finished I crashed down on top of him.

84. We kissed for a few minutes and I felt his dick get softer and eventually fall out of me.
"If it feels as good as you made it look, can it by my turn to get fucked tomorrow?" Cal asked.
I smiled and closed my eyes, ready for sleep and excited about tomorrow adventures in the woods.

End Of The Story


Written by: storyarc

Illustrated by: Eduardo

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