Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(63 Illustrations)

1. Gorgeous.
This is the first word that comes to my mind the first time I see him on the beach.
I have just parked and am getting my sack from the trunk of the car when I spot him walking into the beach resort.
I quickly snatch my sack, lock the car, and follow. Watching him from behind is an experience.

2. His walk is musical. The way he moves his butt is not sexually suggestive or overly provocative like some guys I have been with, nor is it the kind of solid, straight walk. There is a wiggle, but faint and classy, and a saunter. The butt is bubbled, nicely moving in the low-hanging jeans he is wearing. He walks like a guy totally comfortable with his body.

3. I long to have a look at him from the front.
I have seen his face for a moment: angelic and masculine and boyish, all at the same time. But what am I doing? Following what looks like a teenager and lusting after him?
Of course, I like them young and slim.

4. But teens? Not my style. However, now I am drawn to this kid like a magnet. My heart beats fast as I try to catch up.
I follow the kid into the changing area.
I deliberately wait for him to choose a cabin, and I move to the one right next to it.

5. I am mesmerized as I watch him pull off his t-shirt, showing a smooth, very slim, but well-formed torso. His hips are half-exposed by the low-hanging jeans, and I could see the CK elastic band of his underwear.
As I start unbuttoning my shirt, he turns and we automatically say hi to each other. I extend my hand.

6. "I'm Ed," I greet him as he grabs my hand and we shake.
"Hey, Ed," he says with a small smile and I can see a thin moustache line, just growing and fuzzy, on his upper lip. He can't be more than 16. Shit!
I'm now a fucking child molester, even just thinking about it.
"And I'm Patrick," he introduces himself.
"Nice to meet you, Patrick."
"Nice to meet you, too, Ed."

7. He undoes his jeans and steps out of them. My eyes bulge.
He is wearing tight briefs, very tight briefs, satin, Calvin Kleins, black with a white waist band. And he bulges beautifully, not erected, but cock and balls stretching the satin fabric of the CKs impressively.
I can't stop myself from gazing at his crotch and drawing in a very audible breath.

8. He looks up when he hears my breath intake and notices my gaze.
"Oh, those," he smiles, and I have to force myself not to pant like a slobbering dog.
"I rarely wear this kind. I usually wear boxers, but I got those as a birthday gift from a friend," he explains matter-of-factly.
I find my voice, with great difficulty.
"Must be a very special friend, huh?" I finally manage to croak. I'm still in my pants. I start to take them off revealing my own underwear, tight boxers, and now showing semi-erect dick outlined against my left upper thigh.

9. "Yes, he is... umm... was," he says in a low voice and looks down at his feet.
"Oh," I say. "I'm sorry. I would have thought that it would be more of a she-friend to give you this kind of gift."
Without looking up, he says, "No, Ed, it's a he."

10. I don't need any further hints to realize that Patrick is gay. Hallelujah. But he is so young. I can't come on to him. It would not be fair to him. He is too young to be in a relationship with someone who could be his older brother. But he is so delicious, so irresistible. Fuck and shit!
"I see."
He looks at me trying to find a disappointed or probably a disapproving look on my face, but what he sees is what I try to show: a friendly, understanding, sympathizing look.
 11. "So you two broke up, huh?" I ask, hoping his loss is not more serious than that, like a sickness or accidental death or something.
"Yes, but it's ok. It has been over for quite some time."
How can this kid have had a lover and a relationship and then break it when he is still so young? I need to know more. I am now not only excited by his looks, but I want to know more about his life.

12. I can't very well ask him how old he is. "So you go to high school here?" I say trying to determine the age, not the academic standing.
"I joined college last year," he laughs.
"But never mind," he adds when he sees the puzzled look on my face. "People always take me for younger than what I am. It's my baby face although I'm trying to grow a damned moustache. It's not working, huh?" He pouts a little, and again my heart skips a beat, and my dick head tingles.

13. "Wow," I exclaim. "You must be, what, 20? 21?"
"21 end of this month."
Fuck me! I have scored! YES! I get to have someone closer to my age-I'm 24-and looking 6 years younger. My whole body is on fire with anticipation.
But, hey, Ed, wait a minute, a small voice in the back of my head whispers! What are you thinking?
You're already mind-fucking this kid, no this young man, before even getting to know him or before he gets the chance to say whether he likes you or not.
 14. Don't be an ass. Slow down!  I sometimes hate it when my inner head talks to me, chides me, brings me back to reality.
So, ok, I slow down. Patrick and I chat as we change into our swimming trunks. He strips off his briefs.
His cock, soft, is cut and looks quite long placid, but one can never tell about the erect size. It has a promising thick shaft.

15. Slow down, Ed. The voice is upsetting.
Fuck you, voice, I scream silently into my head.
I notice his gaze when I take off my boxers. Although not standing fully erect, my cock is already halfway there, at maybe 12-13 centimeters.
It is Patrick's turn to draw an audible breath. 

16. I quickly pull on my swimming trunks, thankfully loose, and stuff my cock inside, trying not to meet his green eyes, a bit embarrassed.
"You here alone, Patrick?" I ask as we emerge from the changing area.
"Yea. You?"
"I'm alone, too," I say, and quickly add, "but would sure appreciate some good company."

17. "Cool," he smiles. "We can share an umbrella."
I was thinking of sharing much more than an umbrella with this kid, fuck, young man. I keep thinking of him as a kid. He's a man, young and hot. And, Ed, slow? Yea, yea.

18. We spot a space on the sandy beach, a few meters away from the waterline and not too close to the other sunbathers.

19. Spreading out our towels on the sand, we lie on our backs side by side. I take quick glances at his body from under my sunglasses, and my nuts burn with desire, so full of semen, so ready to explode.

20. "You know, Ed," Patrick turns sideways towards me. "We're going to toast like tomatoes if we don't get some sun protection. I'll run over to the resort shop and get some lotion because I forgot to bring mine."
"Oh, don't worry about that," I tell him as I fish out my tan sun screen lotion from my sack.
"I have some."

21. "Cool. Want me to spread some on you?"
"Sure, that would be great," I immediately turn on my stomach to hide my re-growing cock. This hotter than hot guy is going to rub fucking oil on my fucking body. AND I will get to rub fucking oil on his fucking hot body!

22. His hands are gentle and soothing. He rubs and massages all over my back and my legs. Then he gets to my thighs. Fuck. I'm squirming with a full throbbing erection pressed against my belly when his oily palms touch the insides of my upper thighs.

23. He almost touches the back of my balls. My swim trunks are loose shorts, but he gets his hands under the fabric and does the insides almost up to my crack, although he knows quite well that the sun will not reach there.

24. "Now turn over," he says, lightly slapping my butt.
"Can't," I croak.
"You can't? What do you mean? Are you cramping or something?"

25. I slowly turn sideways to him and show him my erection stretching my trunks.
"Wow," he says. I turn back on my belly, crushing my embarrassing hardness onto the towel.
"Yea, wow," I respond. "This is going to stay with me for a long while, you know," I complain.
"What are you complaining about, Ed?" he asks in a very natural way. "You look awesome!"

26. "Yea?" I say sarcastically. "And you think the people around here will appreciate seeing this awesomeness publicly on display?"
"I know I would," he says.
I turn my head and study his face to see how serious he is.

27. "Patrick?" I tell him. "Would you like to be my friend?"
"I would, Ed," he answers. "Seriously, I would. Now, what are we going to do about your hard dick?"
I laugh at his direct way of putting it.

28. "You could suck it?" I say playfully, winking, also taking the direct route.
"Wrap your towel around your waist and follow me," Patrick responds as he stands up.
I follow him, the towel hiding my erection, as he heads back to the changing area. 

29. We find a secluded place at the end of one corridor between two cabinets. He drops on his knees, fishes out my hard cock, and worships it with his face: eyes, mouth, lips, tongue.

30. He rubs the now-wet cockhead over his eyelids, making me shiver, around his ears. He flicks his tongue on the head as he wraps his lips tightly around the base of the knob, then slides down on the shaft to the base.

31. Patrick swallows all 20 centimeters of my hard cock down his throat. I play with his hair, barely believing that things have come so far, so fast. He strokes my shaft and works the head, fast. I am so ready and I shoot my load down his throat, arching my back, feeding him hot squirts of sperm, deep.

32. He swallows and keeps on sucking. When I finally pull him off my still quivering dick, I lift him up and we kiss. I feel his hardness against my thigh. And from what I feel pressing at my thigh is quite amazing: thick, pulsating, man-meat.

33. I kneel to return the favor, so gladly. Holy Shit! My mouth can barely engulf his cockhead. The kid is huge. Fuck. And I thought I was hung. Patrick's cock is not only thick enough to stretch my lips to the maximum; it snakes down to what must be some 24 centimeters of hard cock shaft. Placid, it has looked promising, true, but in no way one can imagine it to grow this big.

34. I gulp and slobber and do my best to take him all the way. I gag, of course. I'm a good cock sucker, and I've swallowed cocks as long as Patrick's, but never as thick! I would estimate the girth to be somewhere between 12 and 15 centimeters around the middle of the shaft. And he cums in gallons.
Squirt after squirt, till I stop counting and concentrate on swallowing, fighting back the gagging.

35. "Intense," he pants as we tuck our semi-hard dicks inside our trunks.
There is still so much of Patrick's cock juice in my mouth that I can hardly speak without letting out gurgles.

36. "Fuck, Patrick, what have you got for balls? Semen factory?"
He pats my butt playfully.
"You are not bad yourself, Ed, I must admit."

37. Back in my apartment, a problem with Patrick develops. Earlier on the beach, we get to know each other better. He is majoring in English lit, which happens to be my major also. We both enjoy being alone and don't usually get into crowds and parties. We both appreciate classical music and horror movies. He snickers at the book I am currently reading: Fifty Shades of Grey. When I comment that I'm interested to look at sex through the eyes of a female, he says it is all a sham. Women don't ever act like the heroine in the book. Every time the guy in the book enters her pussy, she orgasms. It never happens that way.

38. However, in my apartment, things change a little-actually, a lot. We strip, while kissing, and get into the shower. We soap each other, washing off the tanning lotion. His body looks delicious enough to eat. We hold each other and grind on each other as we kiss under the shower head, hot water spraying all over our hot bodies.

39. We suck on each other's cock, and I marvel at Patrick's humongous rod. The thickness of it is unbelievable. My jaws ache when I blow him. But his fuzzy firm butt cheeks are amazing.

40. I lick and kiss and bite and massage the crack with my tongue.
The problem is fucking. Yes, fucking. What can I say? Patrick loves to be fucked, but at the same time he wants to fuck, too.
And that's where the problem lies. No way can I take his rod up my ass. It's not the length; it's the thickness! My hole muscle won't stretch wide enough. Usually, when the cock head penetrates and the rim muscle relaxes, the shaft follows no matter the length.

41. But when, as in Patrick's case, you struggle with all your might to relax for him to penetrate his cock knob, the shaft gets thicker and thicker until it almost doubles when he reaches the middle.
We try in the shower after I turn him around and enter him. I cum huge inside his ass.
But now it's his turn! A lot of soaping and fingering. I tell him that I'm tight, but he won't listen. He wants to fuck. 

42. I lift one leg and lean onto the shower wall with one hand, the other one spreading my butt cheek for him. He bends his knees behind me and places his cock head at my hole. Holding onto my shoulders he pushes in and up. I cry out.
Fuck, it's huge! If my lips can barely encircle it, how can my ass take it? With a lot of heaving and pushing and my crying out for him to stop, he finally manages to enter. 

43. The pain is excruciating. I push back at his thighs with both hands and beg him to pull out. He keeps the pressure, panting with lust. My hole refuses to stretch any further and I feel his cock tearing me into tow halves.
Jesus Christ, I'm a top mostly. Fuck! Getting fucked in the ass can be so damned painful for a bottom.
"Patrick, stop," I cry, the pain almost killing me. "Too painful, Patrick, get your dick the fuck out of my ass."
"I love you, Ed, please, relax for me," he pants, still keeping his cock head inside me but releasing the pressure. "Ed, please, let me love you. I'm already in. Just relax, man."

44. "Fuck that! Patrick, pull your fucking dick out!" I squeeze my rim muscle to force his cockhead out of my ass, but I can't. It's so huge that there is nothing I can do unless Patrick willingly decides to pull out.
This makes me think of how someone can get raped and be helpless about it.
"But I let you fuck me," he pleads, applying some pressure up my ass. "And your dick is no toothpick, you know." A thrust, his shaft follows the head with a few centimeters.
"AWWW! Patrick, you're hurting me," I scream at him. "You're tearing my ass apart. Pull out, baby."
Now it's me who is pleading, begging.

45. "I love you, Ed." Thrust. More cock. MY GOD! I can't take it anymore. I am about to faint. But I find enough strength to reach back and pull at his hair, hard.
"Take your fucking cock out of me NOW!" I scream at him and try to move away.
Finally, Patrick gives in and pulls out. My ass is on fire, and I can feel perhaps a tear in my rim muscle. I turn and slap him in the face. He has this hurt look in his eyes.
"Sorry, Ed," he mumbles. "I thought you were saying no, but wanting more. At least this has been my experience, that when a guy says for me to pull out, he really wants me to shove in."
"You were fucking raping me, you bastard," I yell at him, the water cascading over my head. To my surprise, he breaks out laughing.

46. "What? What?" I yell at him.
"You look so cute with your angry expression and getting drenched under the shower water."
This induces a play fight in the shower, which ends with our exchanging the previous fuck positions and with me thrusting bareback up into his sweet ass and punishing it with hard pounding until I jizz into his bowels.

47.  "I should get you pissed off more often. This was a sweet, hot punishment, baby. But whether sooner or later, know that I will get inside your sweet man pussy. Get used to the idea."
We rinse off and dry each other, enjoying each other's bodies.
Stepping out of the shower, we head for the kitchenette and I start on my famous pesto-pasta salad.

48. We sit opposite each other on the kitchen counter, eating my salad and sipping chilled white wine. My eyes are glued to Patrick. I can't get enough of his hot looks. He seems to be enjoying me, too. We hurry through the last of the salad and gulp down the wine because we can't wait to get into each other's arms.

49. Losing our towels, naked, we head to the bed, kissing and groping. We're both erecting and ready for action. He smells deliciously of clean soap. My ass is burning and sore.
"Do you have lube in this place?" Patrick asks as we reach the bed.
Fuck! He wants to fuck! What can I say or do to make him change his mind? I can't take him inside my ass. It's as simple as that. I just cannot.

50. "You're thinking of fucking me, huh?" I ask, raising one eyebrow.
He sits on the edge of the bed, his monster of a cock standing vertically out of his crotch, reaching almost halfway up his chest. He nods his head and smiles. "Unless we try, it's not going to happen, Ed. But I promise that this time, the minute you feel you can't take it anymore, I will pull out, ok?"

51. I consider the proposition. My ass is already sore. But Patrick seems insistent on fucking. As he proposes, we can try. And he has promised to stop when I'm in too much pain. I really would love to be able to feel all that meat inside me. I don't bottom often but the idea excites me, even when the actual deed frightens me.
"Ok, deal. You pull out as soon as I tell you," I surrender.
"Fuck, yea, man. I am so hard and ready for your cute, sweet, hairy Eddie ass."
I get the bottle of gel, but before I begin to apply some on his horse-dick and my sore hole, he stops me. "Not yet, baby. Lie on your belly and let me get you ready and proper first."

52. He licks down my back to my crack. Spreading my ass cheeks with both hands, he licks inside the crack and around the hole. I moan with both pleasure and some burning from my soreness. But I let him continue. He keeps at this for a while, spitting, slobbering, and tonguing, and then he starts working my hole with the tip of his finger, round and round without actually inserting it in. 

53. Applying more spit with his tongue, he finally pushes the tip of his finger into my hole. I am expecting to be so sore that even a finger would make me yell for him to stop. But by now I am so relaxed and the feel of his finger probing my ass is so normal and so exciting that I moan for him to continue.

54. Patrick pushes the rest of his index finger inside me and uses the middle finger to stretch my rim muscle. When he inserts the middle finger along with the index finger, the soreness in my hole has miraculously disappeared, numb but full with lust.
For more than fifteen minutes, Patrick works my ass with his tongue and fingers. Finally, he lies flat on top of me and I can feel his lubed cock head at my hole. My heart races. Please, God, let it be bearable.

55. It can't be totally painless though, not with a cock like Patrick's, but bearable. He pushes. I relax my muscle and push back and, fuck, the head slips in. There is a little burning, but I can feel the pulsating head inside my body. Oh, man, what a feeling! I'm a gay top who is actually reaching the apex of my sexual desire with a fat, mushroom man cock head inside my ass. Incredible!  Patrick bites on my ear and starts to apply gentle pressure. "You ok, Ed?" he whispers. "Shall I stop?"

56. Fuck me!  I want to nod yes to the first question and no to the second. Finally, I respond with my face buried in the pillow: "Fuck the shit out of me, Patrick."
One thrust, and the whole fucking horse-meat slides inside me.
"AHHH," I scream into the pillow, feeling Patrick's cock reaching up through my body as if to exit through my throat.
"Stop? You want me to stop? Ed, I'm all the way in. The worst is over. Shall I stop, baby?"
"Fuck you, fuck the worst, fuck over," I whimper and pant into the pillow. "Patrick, just fuck me, man."

57. I'm crying into the pillow now, trying to absorb the pain and concentrate on the pleasure. Patrick's huge cock is filling me and the feeling is indescribable.
Patrick starts his fucking. My whole body is fighting against my lust, trying to eject Patrick. But at the same time I want to keep him inside me and I fight my body back by concentrating my mind on relaxing my muscles and on the pleasure that is beginning to touch my insides as his thick shaft massages my fuck tunnel. He is slow and gentle. And he keeps saying such sweet things to me as he moves in and out of my ass, ever so slowly.
The burning gradually recedes. The pain is definitely turning to pleasure. I start to meet his thrusts and he starts to go faster. His pounding increases in intensity so much so that I feel his cock is prodding even deeper than before, as if that is possible. I marvel at my capacity to take all this hard probing.

58. Where is all this hard man meat going, I wonder? Surely, my ass cavity cannot hold so much cock, but it does, and so deliciously. I realize the feeling my bottoms have when I fuck them, and I start to appreciate what I couldn't understand before: a huge cock stretching you to the maximum and pounding inside you mercilessly.
Patrick's cock is now in sync with my fuck tunnel and he pounds hard and fast, getting ready to fill me with his sperm. I meet his thrusts, my whole body on fire. When he explodes, I feel my belly fill with his cream. I feel as if I have consumed a gallon of thick full-fat milk. He spurts his juice inside me and keeps on fucking, using his cum as more lube. I am almost there as well. When I shoot my load onto the sheets under me, I squeeze my butt muscle on his cock shaft and he is wild with frenzy, still pounding away. Finally, we are totally spent.

59. "Ed," he pants on top of me. "I'm staying inside you, baby, forever." He flexes his thick cock in my ass. I squeeze on the base and milk it for more hot juice. Moaning, he adds, "Now that your ass is happy with my dick, you are going to be fucked brainless. And you're going to love it and beg for more." He teasingly presses his groin onto my butt cheeks, grinding.
I have to agree. He fills me. Patrick is the first guy with whom I don't regret bottoming. He wants to fuck me, all the time. And since my ass, no, my whole body is now willing, who am I to object? 

60. For the next two weeks, until Patrick has to leave to visit with his parents, we fuck like rabbits. My ass is sore as hell. But I can't really complain since the soreness gives me pleasure even when we are not in bed.
When I walk, I feel it. When I sit down on my work chair, I feel it also, when I take a fucking dump, it burns. The soreness serves as a constant reminder of the sweet, delicious, extremely hot fuck sessions with Patrick.

61. In one of our fuck sessions, Patrick sits on my dick facing me. His huge cock pokes my face and I suck on it as I push up into his ass. It is the first time I can reach my partner's cock enough to suck it for him as he rides my cock shaft up and down his ass.
During the two weeks together, we evolve to a variety of fuck positions. His favorite position is the one he took when he fucked me for the first time, with me on my belly and him lying flat on top of me, inserting his dick inside and at the same time nibbling on my ears and licking my nape. He loves turning my head sideways so that we can kiss, and he probes his tongue into my hungry mouth in sync with his thrusts into my ass.

62. I, however, prefer to lie on my back and watch him as he fucks me. His baby face changes in intensity, his innocence to lust. His bare chest exposed to my fondling makes me more excited, and I have access to my own cock to stroke. Invariably, he would remove my hand and stroke me himself as he fucks me. Most of the time, I lose my load before he does, which makes him shoot harder and deeper inside me. Although I beg him to withdraw and shoot on my dick and balls and chest, he refuses, saying that he needs for me to get filled with his semen, his man juice, my becoming his property, so to speak.

63. Watching his huge cock ejaculate is very exciting for me and I watch that whenever I blow him. He would squirt on my face and chest and I shudder as each stream of hot semen hits my body.
Two weeks of hot sex, give and take, but most importantly, this period has made me appreciate what it means to bottom for a hung guy. I guess from now on, I will not claim that I usually prefer to be top. I am looking forward to bottoming for other guys as well. Not necessarily hung!

End Of The Story


Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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