Written by: BillyC
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(46 illustrations)

1. It had been a long and stressful workday. Hell, the three days this week had all been long and stressful.
And for no apparent reason, the traffic northeast out to the coast where I was now living in my boyfriend’s lavish home was nightmarish.
Twelve hours at the office, starting at six; almost an hour in so leaving at just after five; and then almost an hour and a half coming home. UGH!

2. This was the price to be paid for having taken a week’s vacation.
It was difficult to believe that after less than a year I could be so (apparently) valuable.
Guess I’d chalk it up to job security!
3. And as hellish as my week was, my attorney boyfriend Jim was spending longer days catching up.
He’d texted me close to six with a simple message:
b ready 4 me btwn 10 & 11 — need u bigtime!
4. I’d gotten a workout in at the company gym, but by the time I got home, the additional hours at work after the workout and the traffic had me ridiculously tense.

5. I knew Jim’s son Perry was working at his summer job and would be getting home late, but even with that knowledge, and despite my deep fondness for Perry, I was glad when I drove into the garage to confirm that I was the only one home.

6. I knew what I was going to do — I was going to swim laps until I was exhausted, then I was going to nap until Jim came home. And THEN I was going to fuck that hunky man’s brains out!
I took a quick shower, pulled on a suit afterward — Speedo-cut, if you’re wondering — and grabbed another towel on my way out to the pool.

7. The pool was lit up, as it always was at night, courtesy of electronic timers. Ditto the back shrubs and some subtle downcast lighting on the patio and deck around the pool.
This house had so many timers and other electronics, I wondered if I’d ever learn them all.

8. When I dove into the warm pool water I just started swimming immediately when I surfaced, and I hadn’t stopped as I approached one hundred laps.
Yes, laps; not lengths, but laps.

9. I did one hundred and a half to get back to the shallow end, where I finally rested.
It was a beautiful night — warm, though the warm air on my wet head and shoulders was cool.

10. My body was buzzing pleasantly from the exertion, and I wanted more.
I was about to start out again on another hundred when I had a wicked thought — what about swimming the next hundred without the suit?

11. I weighed the pros and cons in my head in what must have been a second but seemed like a long deliberation. And then I got out of my suit and slung it over the railing by the steps.
I was feeling a little BAD . . . and that was making another area of my body tingle now!

12. Before I could get too caught up in this bush league naughty, I set off swimming again.
The water felt better than before for the added stimulation of my big cock and balls free and flopping in the water as my muscles flexed and my body pumped through another hundred laps. AMAZING!

13. When I finished the second hundred laps of my boyfriend’s huge pool, my body was more buzzed, and I was not feeling any trace of the stress I’d left the office with.
And the cooling effect of the air felt good. And I noticed that my cock apparently appreciated the hydrostimulation, as I was rock-hard!
Well, another couple of hours at the most, and Jim would be the beneficiary of that!

14. I let myself lean back and brought my legs up and my arms out, and there I was, floating under the big moon.
I could feel the cooling effect of the air on my huge hardon, and it didn’t do anything to quell that head’s desires. I just floated.

15. “Woo hoo, Colonel, looks like you’re enjoying the night!”
HOLY FUCK! My boyfriend’s son Perry, who was working until ten or eleven I was CERTAIN, was there!

16. I was upright and under the water with two hands attempting to hide my missile-sized hardon within seconds, water splashing everywhere, and me choking on some of it I inhaled.
“Whoa, dude, relax man. Not like we haven’t seen each other naked in the showers at the club plenty of times,” he said.

17. And if it weren’t for the fact that he was my boyfriend’s son and I had a huge raging hardon which had been pointing skyward when he saw me — watching me for who knows how long! – and it was a backyard pool for God’s sake . . . What was I thinking?!

18. I started to make my way to the edge of the pool from my position in the center, and Perry just laughed at me.
“Dude, seriously, it’s no big deal.”
I started to say something, but he followed that up with,
“Well, actually, it’s obviously a HUGE deal!” and a wicked grin.
“Stop it!” I shouted lamely, and Perry laughed again.

19. As I got close to the end, Perry reached over and yanked my trunks off the rail. “Throw those here, Perry!” I barked.

20. He just laughed and threw tossed them at me.
“Dude, it’s really not an issue!” he said, and he went inside.

21. I got my suit on and got out and dried quickly then went in after him.
“Perry, I’m sorry. That was totally inappropriate of me, and no way should you have to have seen me that way.”

22. “Colonel, seriously, it is nothing. We’re three guys in the house. We’ve been naked in the lockers and showers at the club countless times,” he said, foraging for food in the refrigerator.

23. “That’s totally different. I wasn’t . . . well, you know.”
“What, Colonel? You weren’t boned? Dude, if you couldn’t get it up, I’d feel real bad for my dad! We’re guys — we all get hardons.”

24. He looked down at my crotch, and his evil grin returned.
“Hell, dude, if I hadn’t seen that out there, well, I’d thought you’d been boned before in your swimsuit, but obviously you’d just been warming up those times!”

25. And of course he was laughing again as I was dying!
“This conversation is OVER!” I said, with my reflexive command voice.
“Dude, whatever!” he said, and went back to his hunt for food.

26.Jim got home as I was getting out of the shower for the second time that night, and he’d meant it when he’d texted that he was needy.

27. He was out of his clothes and had pulled me into the bedroom and was all over me, practically before I was able to say hello.
“Perry told me you’d been waiting for me,” he said in his deep voice softly as he kissed my neck.

28. “Fuck!” I reacted.
“Yup,” he said, and it was clear he had no idea what I meant by my exclamation.
Not that I wasn’t ready to fuck his brains out. My cock, as always, responded to him with intent, and that part of me overrode any other thoughts.
I was on top of him, I was licking his nipples, and enjoying the low growl he gave as his signature moan.

29. His cock was as hard as a light pole, and he was starting to show signs of getting to a place he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

30. I knew his cock, knew his sac as it contracted, knew his sounds, and I knew he was fighting it but not winning.

31. “Bill . . . ” he moaned now.
I kept up, my tongue swirling around his huge bulbous head, under and over and around his delicious foreskin, then sucking the length of him into my mouth until a couple of inches of him were down my throat.
I had his balls in my hand gently massaging them the way he loved.

32. “Oh, holy FUCK, Bill!”
Yeah, that’s what I wanted to hear, and I worked that cock harder and fondled his nuts, which were by then so tight to his groin that I could barely feel them in his sac. I sucked harder and finally felt his head flare out wide.
“FUCK BILL I’m CUMMING!” he shouted, and cum he did.
His body bucked, and he flooded my throat and mouth with a huge load as he moaned and yelled and thrashed about.

33. When he was finally done blasting and was struggling to get my mouth off his overly sensitized cock, I roughly shoved him over onto his stomach and dove face-first into his sweaty ass.
GOD that ass was the ass of dreams, and his taste and smell made me light-headed.

34. He was moaning and begging me to fuck him already. I spit his cum into his hole and tongued it in good and then for good measure shoved my fingers in and made sure his fuckhole was well slicked.
And then I mounted my sexy attorney and SHOVED my rock?hard bullcock into him balls deep.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he exclaimed, and that just lit my fuse.

35. I began to slam fuck Jim like I hadn’t fucked in years, like my entire life depended on fucking him deep and hard. Despite my arousal, I fucked that hole for a good long time, all the while telling him what a fine fuckhole he had and what a perfect fit he was for my huge cock.
I drilled him relentlessly, both of us loud and equally ignited. When I was finally close, he felt me expand inside and yelled “Oh fuck YEAH, Bill. GIVE IT TO ME!” And I did let loose and began to blast him full of my seed.

36. It felt like I came forever. When I finally collapsed onto his back and our slick overheated bodies were in a heap, my balls ached from shooting so hard.

37. He reached back and stroked my sweat?soaked, short-cropped hair.
“I certainly hope that was all for me and not because you flashed my son!” he said.
I froze!

38. “At ease, stud. Perry told me he’d barged in on a personal moment, and he said you were pretty freaked about it.”
“Jim, I’m totally mortified about it. I shouldn’t have – “

39. “Bill,” he cut me off. “This is our house — all of ours. Perry is a man, and we’re all just guys. I’m sorry I made the joke. You’re obviously literally freaked. I thought Perry was overstating.”

40. I rolled off him next to him. “Jim, look at me.” He turned his body on the bed and did. “I would NEVER intentionally do anything inappropriate like that with your son. You know that, right?”
My eyes were boring into his, imploring him to understand my shame.

41. “Babe,” he said, softly, and he had one hand on my cheek now. “I was sure of you when I brought you back here and got you to move in with me. You’re the most honorable man I’ve ever met. It’s partly that whole Marine thing, but it’s also essentially you. It really is no issue whatsoever, Bill.”

42. We held our gaze, and finally he moved toward me and covered my lips with his and kissed me deeply and with great meaning.
“Thanks,” I mumbled when we broke the kiss at last.

43. “No, thank YOU, Bill. For fucking me like a champ, like nobody’s ever fucked me in my life. For loving me. For living with me. For being the most handsome, incredible man in every way.”

44. We got up to go shower, and Jim looked out the back toward the pool.
“Come here for a minute,” he said, motioning me to where he was.

45. When I went to his side and looked out, there was Perry’s perfect, youthfully athletic form, stark naked, swimming laps in the pool.

46. “He told me it seemed like a fun idea!”

End Of Story


Written by: BillyC
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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