Writen by: River Rat
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(94 illustrations)

1. In my entire life, I never thought I would be telling you a story like this. I'm a typical American, just like apple pie and baseball, happily married, 3 kids, beautiful loving wife, great job, avid fitness freak, civic clubs, and so on.
My story begins very innocently, almost so trivial that it didn't occur, but it did, and I'll never forget it. I've known Jim since college days, but about 5 years ago he reappeared in town when he began to date a friend of mine.

2.  Jim and I are about the same age, but he is taller and has red hair and very fair skinned. It was great to get reacquainted, and after they married, I saw much more of him. He helped me with a few projects around the house, and I reciprocated.

3. We went camping and boating with a larger group of guys, so I've seen a lot of him, including his body. I never thought much about his body, but had noticed that he was obviously well equipped, you know in that kind of way that all guys know the pecking order, or was that pecker order? Previous to this story, I had never been attracted to guys, but could appreciate a hansom man. This all changed, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

4. My wife and I invited 3 other couples over for a small party one night the weekend before Christmas. It was pretty casual, finger foods, ham sandwiches, soda pop. I know it sounds so middle-aged, but we enjoy a spirited round of Mexican train dominos. It was a random seating arrangement, so it was simple coincidence that Jim ended up on my right.

5. The round table was fairly small, so we squeezed in close. About half way through the game, I popped some microwave popcorn, and Jim and I shared the bag. I held it for a while, but at some point the bag ended up in Jim's lap. With no thought I reached in and grabbed a handful of popcorn. I never noticed till the bag was almost empty that my hand was in Jim's crotch.

6. My next attempt, with the bag almost empty, I foraged around for a full handful and felt his erection. I quickly withdrew my hand; I could feel my face flush, my heart race, and most disturbing all, I had become sexually aroused.

7. I was too embarrassed to make eye contact, but Jim just kept playing as though nothing had happened. Did I imagine it? The game continued, but I couldn't get my thoughts to quit racing. Jim asked for another bag of popcorn, which I popped after my turn. I was relieved that my erection had subsided so that I could stand.

8. When I return after the 3:30 minute popping time, Jim said with a slight smile on his face, "You hold it this time."
Looking around for a convenient place to sit the popcorn, I realized there was no place other than my lap. As the popcorn began to disappear, I felt myself becoming hyper-aware of Jim's hands in my lap.

9. My arousal increased as the bag emptied. As Jim began to rummage around the near-empty bag, it was as if I couldn't breathe. The proximity of his hand to my now engorged penis could not be ignored. I could feel the unmistakable signs of pre-cum, as I struggled to get enough blood to my brain for my next turn.

10. After Jim's turn, his hand returned. I don't think anyone else noticed his hand lingered longer than absolutely necessary. I was quickly approaching orgasm when he pulled the bag out and folded it up for the trash.
"I think that was the best popcorn I've ever had. Good to the last kernel. I could almost eat another bag, but I'd better not."

11. Was he aware of what he had done to me? Surely he must have noticed that I was aroused. Was this just a little game between us? I couldn't get my mind to quit racing, and I looked at Jim in a whole new light. How could I, a straight man, be thinking about Jim in such a sexual way?
In the end, my self-questioning took second seat as I found myself jacking off in the bathroom, reliving the experience in every detail. After one of the fiercest orgasms in recent memory, the quilt quickly took over and I vowed to never think about it again.

12. As hard as I tried, it didn't work very well. For such an innocent encounter, it kept rerunning through my mind at the most inopportune moments. I tried to return to my old masturbation habits, but the playboy was ineffective. I couldn't ignore the fact that Jim's rustling hand had changed my sexual curiosity. The memory continued to be intrusive, even while making love to my wife.

13. A week after the party, I received a phone call from Jim. I could feel a rush of adrenalin when I heard his voice. It seems that his wife's father was having emergency surgery and she needed to at his side. They had plans for a family ski vacation, which was non refundable. They had agreed that Jim would go ahead with the ski trip, which left an available spot for a friend.

14. After talking with my wife and my boss, I quickly arranged to take the trip.
I had never been on a ski trip before, so I had lots of stuff to buy.  I was excited about the chance to ski, at least, that's what I told myself.
We drove out with another couple, with which we would share the condominium.
On arrival, I realized the Jim and I would be sharing a room with only one bed. Was I being seduced or just a simple coincidence?

15. The best feature of the room was a large Jacuzzi tub. I love these things and immediately followed the instructions and filled it. After a quick bite of supper, some television in the main room, I retired to the room for a long awaited soak.

16. While taking a quick shower, I realized that I hadn't thought to bring swim trunks. Since it was in our room, and I could shut the door, I decided to go in nude.

17. The water was hot and wonderful, and when I turned on the jets, it seemed to relax all of my body, except on particular spot. Those magical water jets were having an amazing impact on my cock. It was as if someone's hand was stimulating me. It was getting real intense when Jim entered the room.

18. "Wow, that looks wonderful. Mind if I join you?"
"I don't mind at all."
"Great, let me take a quick shower and I'll be right in." Jim said.

19. It was only a few minutes before I saw him exit the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His red hair was wet and combed straight back. His chest was smooth with only a trickle of hair from his navel southward. He walked quickly over to the tub, and I was thankful that the jets of water hid my aroused condition.

20. "Do I need a suit?"
"I forgot to bring one, so I guess the answer is `No'"
"Great, I prefer it that way."

21. I tried not to be too obvious, but I watched him enter the tub. It was a little awkward as he lifted his leg over the top and almost hit me. This offered me a full view of his cock, which was as big as my memory had made it. His red public hair was very striking against his creamy white skin. His four-inch flaccid penis hung lower than his balls. It all quickly disappeared as he slid into the water.

22. "Man this is wonderful," he said. "I could sit here for hours."
"It is great, but I'm already feeling a little woozy. I don't think you'll last for hours."
"Oh, I've got pretty good stamina. You'd be surprised."

23. I let that comment hang in the air untouched. I slipped out of the water and sat on the edge till my head quit spinning. I was aware that my cock was not either flaccid or erect, but made no attempt to hide it from view. I didn't make eye contact with Jim, but was pretty sure he was checking me out.

24. After drying off, I slipped on some silky running shorts, the kind that cut clear up to the hip on the sides. I usually sleep in the nude, but since we were sharing a bed, I thought I'd better be more modest.

25. I flipped around on the television for a while, unable to settle on anything interesting.
Jim didn't last much beyond 15 minutes before he left the water.

26. "I guess you're right, this water does drain your energy." He slipped out of the water and walked between the TV and me.
"I was looking for some skin, but didn't think I'd get full nudity," I said.
"Where?" Jim said, as he turned around and faced the TV.
"I was referring to your white ass, dummy"
"Oh damn, I thought you found one of those late night cable channels," he said as he turned and smiled.

27. He bent from the waist to get something in his suitcase, and I was rewarded with a bird's eye view of his ass and hanging balls. Was that intentional? I could feel the blood stir and lifted a leg to hide the tenting underwear.

28. Jim pulled on a pair of bikini underwear, and had to manually adjust his cock to fit inside the limited confines of the fabric. I could see the shaft going almost to his hip. As he slid into the bed, I could feel his warm skin nearby.

29. "I hope your comfortable sharing the bed. I didn't think to warn you."
"Naw, it's fine. I grew up sleeping with my brothers. I'll warn you that I tend to spoon at night, and may forget that you're not my wife," I warned.
"Well, if I feel something hard poking me in the ass, I'll be sure and wake you up."
"Hell yes, I wouldn't want to sleep through something like that," I joked.
We talked for a few more minutes, but the day's fatigue soon caught up with me and I fell asleep.

30. Jim was the first to wake up and I heard him get out of bed. I was relieved that I hadn't accosted him during the night, but was aware that I was sporting some serious morning wood.

31.  I could hear Jim's urine hitting the porcelain, which didn't help my predicament.
He flushed the toilet and quickly returned to bed. His cold feet were soon pressed against my side and I struggle to get away.

32. I wrestled to get away from the torture, but Jim responded to pin me down. In the process, his hand brushed against my erection.
"Man, you could kill someone with that loaded weapon," he joked.
"I've never heard any complaints," I retorted.
"I guess we'd better get up and get dressed to hit the slopes."

33. When I got out of bed, I realized that my erection had slipped out the lose leg hole. I quickly adjusted the fabric, but nothing was going to rescue me from this embarrassment as I rushed for the bathroom.

34. It took me a few minutes, but I was finally able to piss. The sexual banter between us was getting increasingly erotic. What was worse, I was enjoying it.

35. I thoroughly enjoyed the day's skiing. Jim was a good friend and host and took the lessons with me in the morning. After lunch he also took me on a few simple runs. I sat in the lodge as he made a few more technical runs. When we returned to the condo, the sore muscles quickly making themselves known.

36. After a shower and dressing in some comfortable sweats and taking some ibuprofen, I relaxed on the bed. In a few minutes, I was fast asleep. The smell of supper cooking awakened me.  Groaning as I moved, I became very aware why they put Jacuzzis in the rooms.

37. Later that night, after we were alone in the room, Jim offered a massage, which I didn't hesitate to accept.
"Take off the sweats and lie on the bed," Jim instructed.
"I don't have any underwear on."
"Let me close the door, but that's not a problem for me. Here, stretch out here," he said, pointing to the bed.

38. Jim obviously had some experience as his fingers were like magic. He had some mineral oil, which made the whole experience very enjoyable. As he worked lower, I became more aware of my nakedness.

39. After he finished my neck and back, he shifted to my toes, and worked upwards to my waist. On the way, he touched numerous erogenous zones, especially with his thumbs working the upper thigh area.

40. The anticipation of his touch had become very erotic, and I was almost disappointed when he stopped.
"Just lie there a few minutes and relax."

41. After a few quiet minutes, he asked, "Would you mind giving me a massage. I'm pretty sore."
"That's the least I can do. Let me get some shorts on and..."
"Don't matter to me. We're both adults here."

42. And so I began his massage. He gave me a few tips to make it more effective. After a few innocent attempts not to make too much body contact, he had me sit on his butt and kneed his back muscles from the neck down.
I was glad he wasn't watching as I climbed on top of him. I was aroused and avoided the urge to slide my dick between his ass cheeks.

43. To reach his shoulders from this vantage point, I had to almost lie on top of him. It was difficult to keep a clear boundary between massage and sexual touch, let alone the boundary between friend and potential lover.
My body, however, was not confused as to what it wanted. I was leaving pre-cum all over his back, and imminent orgasm seemed unavoidable.

44. As I moved lower slid off his butt and move lover, I could see his asshole. I had never seen one before and was amazed how it looked like a rosebud, all tight with promise. Working on his upper thighs, I accidentally touched his scrotum, but he didn't flinch, his legs seemed to spread slightly.

45. After I finished, I quietly slipped into the Jacuzzi. I wasn't ready for him to know how aroused I had become. I considered slipping into the bathroom for a quick jack-off, but was still hopeful that…

46. Once again, I slipped down into the glorious hot water. I heard Jim get up off the bed and move closer. I turned my head and saw a most magnificent 8-inch erection, angled slightly to the right. I quickly looked away, but not before we made eye contact.
"Every time I get a massage I get hard. Sorry,"
"It had the same effect on me," I replied.

47. "Yeah, I noticed. It was hard to miss," he laughed at the pun.
"Funny," I retorted. "Don't get that thing near me when you climb in. It could put an eye out!"
Jim was more careful and less awkward as he got into the water.
"That really was a pretty good massage for being your first."
"Thanks. Once I got going, it felt pretty natural. I could almost sense where the muscles were tight or sore."

48. We sat quietly. I was torn between hoping that I could lose the erection or that he would reach over and grab it. Adding to the sexual tension, the jets of water were stimulating me. I was afraid I would have a hands-free orgasm, and the semen would float to the surface.

49. Trying to remain calm, and get that damn jet pointing at my ass, I lowered my whole body below the surface. The Jacuzzi was not big enough, and our legs bumped together. The touch was electric.

"No shrinkage factor in this hot water. My balls feel like they're hanging to the ground," I bragged. "Can't seem to lose the wood either."
"If I ever do a porno shoot, I'll make sure and spend some time in a hot tub. It inflates all the equipment," Jim commented.

51. Taking a risk, I reached down and hefted my balls. "Your right, the heat does make these babies hang low. To bad I don't have a camera, my wife would love a picture of this."
"Well, be careful what you wish for. I've got my digital camera. Or did you suddenly change your mind?"

52. My mind was suddenly racing with the idea. This could be fun and there wouldn't be any film to develop. This could be fun, so I nodded my head in the positive.
Jim got out of the tub and dried himself with the towel. His balls were hanging low, just like mine, but his erection was largely gone. He pulled on a pair of bikini underwear and got his camera ready. I checked the locked door, just to be careful, and waited for instructions.

53. I was feeling a little awkward, just standing around naked and aroused. I was still not quite sure I was ready for sexual contact, or even if Jim was open to the idea. This was all very new to me, and the danger never left my mind.
Jim said, "Why don't you lay on the bed with the sheet across you lap.

54. Yeah, like that. Real sexy smile now..." He took several shots. "Ok, a little more skin now, lose the sheet. Give me those bedroom eyes, that’s it! Lie on your side and raise one leg, like the famous Joe Namith picture. Great! Now can you make it harder?"

55. I began to stroke my cock, very conscious that Jim was there watching. I spread my legs for a wide eagle shot. He got close and took a picture of just my cock. I continued to stroke myself and noticed a pearly drop of fluid at the tip. I couldn't help but notice that Jim's underwear was showing evidence of an erection.

56. "How far are you will to go?" Jim asked.
"I think this may be it. If I'm not careful I could make a mess."
"How about one of your butt?"
I got on my knees and pointed my ass his way.
"Spread your legs a little. Turn your head towards the camera and give me that look," he instructed.

57. "Great, now let’s download these onto my lap top and take a look."
I was suddenly aware of my nakedness and aroused state. I put on the sleeping shorts while Jim did the techno stuff.

58. We were sitting pretty close together looking at the computer screen. As my pictures came up, I was pretty impressed with Jim's photographic talent and my own body.
"Wow, that's pretty good," I commented.
"They are good, aren't they? Look at this one, you look like your really getting into it." As the next picture came up he said, "You can even see your pre-cum. Man, are you ever going to have blue balls with all that pent up sexual tension."

59. "Judging from what's under your underwear, so will you," I sneered.
He ignored my comment as he moved to the last picture. My mouth dropped open as I saw myself in the last pose. My balls hanging were clearly visible, as well as my anus. It was the most erotic picture of them all.  Without conscious thought, I began to stroke my cock while I gawked at the picture.

60. "Wow, that is hot" Jim replied. "If that doesn't get you wife all hot and bothered, nothing will. Hell, it's even got me going."
"Could I take a picture of you?" I asked.
"Uh...well, sure. This is pretty fun.".

61. Jim dropped his underwear and went to the bed.
"Let me try that last pose you did so well." He got on all fours and pointed his ass towards the camera. He spread his legs and I could clearly see all his stuff.

62. My erection was clearly out of my shorts and I was stroking it.
Jim changed poses and I kept up with him, trying to get good shots.
In his final pose, he began to jack his cock, and quite suddenly, erupted with flying cum.

63. I tried to get the picture, but missed the first spurt over his left shoulder. I backed up to get a picture of his face and torso. His cock immediately began to soften and a most peaceful contented look came over Jim.

64. I was still sporting a massive erection, dripping pre-cum onto my hand. I put the camera down and removed my shorts. I sat on the side chair and began to jack off in earnest. Jim's eyes opened up at the sounds and closely watched me.

65. He grabbed the camera and moved closer.
"Let me know when you're close. I want a good picture of it!"
I couldn't stop for anything. Knowing he was watching and taking pictures made it all the more erotic.

66. Cum was still dripping off Jim`s chest as he moved around. I couldn't take my eyes off him as I brought myself closer. I could feel my balls pull up as that familiar feeling returned, and the pressure build to unbearable tension.

67. My cock exploded and semen flew to my chin. My lungs screamed out for air, but my orgasm was too powerful to stop. The second spasm spurted to my chest, and then flowed and filled my navel and began to dribble down my hands and onto my balls. Sitting up, it all began to slide downward.

68. I became too sensitive to stroke and gently laid my flaccid penis on my thigh. It looks so wet and wimpy, a small reminder of the powerful organ it had been a few minutes earlier. My left hand was messy, so I laid it across my stomach.

69. "Wow, I haven't cum like that since I was a teenager. Did you get a picture of that?" I asked.
"You bet I did. I've never seen a guy jack-off before. Man, there's cum all over me. I've got to get cleaned up, and then let’s look at the pictures."

70. I took some tissues and wiped my chin and chest off. I took several more to clean my chest and tummy. Jim came out of the bedroom, his flaccid cock swinging with each step. His good looks and hot body again struck me as beautiful and sensual. We took our seats and began to look at the latest set of pictures.

71. Immediately I could tell that I didn't have near the talent as Jim. I had completely missed his cum shot, but they were still pretty hot. When he got to the pictures of me, I could again appreciate his skill. I could feel my cock begin to rise as he critiqued the pictures.

72. I looked over and saw Jim stroking his cock looking at my `cum-shot' picture on the screen. It seemed odd that he would look at a picture when the real thing was sitting right beside him.
I suddenly wanted to touch his penis myself, to feel it and stroke it.

73. Without much thought of the consequences, I reach over and replace his hand with mine. Jim made no attempt to slow me down, or limit my curiosity. I could smell his recently spilled cum on his skin. His penis wasn't full erect, and felt spongy and soft. The skin slid backwards and forwards. His reddish purple head was larger than the shaft.

74. Jim slid forward in the seat and spread his legs. I looked for a sign of approval before I moved closer. The signals were all very clear that the contact was welcome. I leaned over and touched it with my tongue. I'd never even tasted my own cum, so I was unprepared for the pungent taste. I soon washed him clean and began to suck more of the shaft.

75. I moved to the floor to get closer. I alternated with sucking his balls and fisting his shaft.
"Oh man, suck that cock. You're a natural. Watch the teeth, oh yeah, suck those balls." He continued to give me verbal feedback as I sucked my very first penis. Jim didn't last too long before he leaned his head back and began to stiffen and arch his legs.

76. I chose to bring his off using my hand; unsure I could handle a mouthful of his cum. I watched as his cock became more engorged, and finally erupted over my hand, without the force of his first orgasm.

77. I backed off and used a Kleenex to clean my hand. Unsure what to do or say, I moved to the bed and spread out.

78. My own cock was pretty close to full erection, so I began to slowly stork it, hopeful that Jim would take the hint that I needed relief.
He looked over at me, smiled, and moved to the bed.

79. He got on all fours as he moved beside me, almost over me. He didn't hesitate to engulf my cock in one swallow. My hands began to explore his exposed ass near my head.

80. I played with his hanging balls, and ran my finger over his anus. He reacted very quickly to that touch and increased his rhythm. To encourage my touch, he moved his knees to straddle my head. His cock was too far to eat, but my hands continued to explore his body. A glob of his cum dropped to my chest.
I swirled it around, but decided to use it to finger his ass. I scooped it up and applied it directly, swirling my fingertip around and around.

81. Finally, I pushed inside. It was warm and tight, and obviously welcome, so I pushed further. At this point I became distracted by my own approaching orgasm. Jim increased his tempo and didn't hesitate as I arched my back in involuntary spasm. He never missed a beat as I filled his mouth with cum. All too quickly, I became very sensitive and pushed him away.

82. He rolled to his back, and lay beside me. The room was very quiet as we returned to normal breathing. The heavy scent of sweat and cum filled the air.

83. I wanted to talk, but couldn't think of what to say. What did this all mean?
Was this a one-time thing? Did I want more? Before I got the nerve to start a conversation, I heard Jim begin to snore. I pulled the blankets over us and quietly fell asleep.

84. I awoke a little disoriented. I had the most horrible taste in my mouth as I remembered the event of the previous night. Jim was still asleep. A smile crept over my face as the memories flooded past. I sure hoped that Jim would be `ok' with me and not weird out.

85. I quietly slipped out of bed, emptied my bladder, and stepped into the shower.

86. I heard Jim enter the bathroom and use the toilet. Unsure what to do or say, I continued to wash my body.

87. I was startled when Jim pulled back the curtain.
"Mind if I join you?"
"Sure" was all I could manage to say.

88. Jim took the soap from my hand and began to wash my back. As he moved to my ass, he spent extra time cleaning my hole, inserting a finger several times. I braced my hands against the wall. Was he planning to fuck me? I wasn't sure I was ready or willing. I was almost relieved as he moved lower, kneeling to wash my legs and feet.

89. I turned around and my cock was right at face level.
"Let me wash him real good," he said, as if it were a third person in the shower. Not only did he wash my penis, he began to pump the shaft using the soap as lubrication.

90. "I see he's waking up." Jim continued to tease and arouse me till he took me inside his mouth and began to suck me.
"Man, you are good at this. Is this your first time?" I asked.

91. "No way. I love sucking cock. I just wasn't sure you were interested." He said before returning to work. He found my ass again, and began to assault me from both ends. In no time at all, especially one he found that elusive spot deep inside me, brought me swiftly to climax.

92. When he withdrew his mouth, he asked "Was this your first time?"
"I guess it was. I never thought about sex with another guy before. That is before we shared that bag of popcorn."
"Who would’ve ever thought that popcorn and dominos could be so erotic.

93. " I said. I took the soap and reciprocated washing Jim's body, and relieving him of his morning erection.
The remainder of the ski vacation was spent with every available minute sucking each other's cock.

94.Things have returned to normal now, but I think it's time for more popcorn and dominos!

End Of The Story


Writen by: River Rat
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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