Written by: Peterbilt
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(64 ilustraciones)
(In English - Online Translator Enabled)

1. It was Friday after school, three hours before football practice. Chip Baldwin, a junior, the younger of the two, was stretched out on his bed, naked, slowly stroking his eight-inch cock through his fist. The ceiling fan whirred quietly to cool his muscular, tanned body. Chip didn't play football. He was a gymnast.

2. He also volunteered around the locker room, helping Coach Addison by picking up after the jocks, washing the towels and whatever else they left lying around, and folding the clean towels in neat stacks on the benches. Some might've thought it a demeaning job, but Chip didn't think so, and neither did the other athletes. They had too much respect for him as an athlete himself. He was just helping out.

3. Brad Clarkson, a senior football player, stood back from the bed, his big, sexy hands unbuckling his belt.
"I love watching you undress," Chip said.
"You see me undressing all the time in the locker room," the older boy said in his deeper, resonant voice as he pulled the buckle apart and unbuttoned his jeans.

4. "It's different here. In the locker room, I can't do anything about it," Chip said.
"You'd like to, though," Brad said with a sly grin, shoving his jeans down. He balanced himself on one foot then the other to remove his hiking boots then pulled his jeans off.

5. "Damn straight. I dream about it," Chip said, letting his eyes shift up and down Brad's massive thighs.
"No shit, you do? Maybe I could arrange for it to happen, you know, talk to some of the guys....."
"No," Chip cut in quickly.  "Nobody can know about me."
"I was just kidding. You know I wouldn't blow our little secret," Brady said.

6. "Put your boots back on, okay?" Chip said.
He stepped into the cowhide boots, standing now in his jersey and brief boxers with the bulging pouch.

7. He rubbed one hand across his chest, then downward and ran his hand up under his jersey. Then he tugged at the back to pull it off.

8. "Geezusss!" Chip swore softly under his breath as Brad skinned off his jersey, baring his muscular upper body, standing now in his tiny boxers and his boots.

9. Brad smiled.  "How many times have you seen me like this? The boots added, of course."
"I never get used to it," Chip said as he stroked his cock.
"Fuck, you've got a great chest. And abs to kill for. I love sucking on your tits."
Brad's tight abs rippled when he laughed.

10. “Are you kidding me! Look at you, man, and you're going on about my chest and abs?"
"I know I look good but I can't do to my chest and abs what I can do to yours," Chip said.
"Yeah, I like what you do to my chest too," Brad said with a twinkle in his eye.  "Didn't know I had feelings in my tits till you started sucking on `em."

11. "I'm going to show you other places where you've got feelings you didn't know you had," Chip said.
"Oh, yeah? And where would that be? And when're you going to show me?" Brad asked as he rubbed his hand casually over the bulge of his shorts.

12. "Maybe today. Maybe not," Chip said.
"Do you want me to take these off?" Brad asked, squeezing his bulge. "Or do you want to take `em off of me."

13. "Bring `em over here, I'll take `em off for you," Chip said, holding one arm out to beckon him to the bed. Impressive as the guy's bulging boxers were, Chip's eyes stayed on his massive thighs.
"Fuck, I love to watch you walk, seeing those huge muscles in your thighs jump and flex with each step."

14. "Like this?" Brad said, and backed up to walk toward the bed again.
"Yeah, like that. You've got the biggest, sexiest legs in the locker room. They're more like tree trunks than actual tree trunks."

15. Brad moved closer to the bed, his knees pressed into the side of the mattress, and Chip wrapped his arm around his right thigh.
"Fuck! I could worship just your thighs alone," he said huskily.
"I wouldn't care," Brad said. "You can worship anything I've got."

16. "Godd, I wish I could live my dream, with you right in the middle of it," Chip said.
"Serious, man, I could start feeling the guys out, real casual like, one at a time of course, without mentioning specific names," Brad said.
"I wish you could, but I can't let anybody find out. It would destroy me at school," Chip said.
"Not necessarily. People are a lot more understanding and tolerant about that shit than they used to be. And they would be a lot more tolerant of you, being the school's only famous gymnast."
"Not understanding and tolerant enough for me to take the chance. All it would take is the wrong guy to grab it and turn it into something dirty," Chip said.

17. "I would punch him out if he did," Brad said.
"Thanks, but I don't need you to protect me," Chip said.
"I know you don't. I would be doing it for myself, to let people know how I feel about it. Frankly, I don't think anybody would care if you're gay."
Chip glanced at his watch. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm fisting a huge hardon here, and you're the cause of it. And you still have to eat before you go to football practice."
"Sorry. But I like talking to you.  You're an easy guy to talk to.  I like watching you lie there, all naked and hunky, fisting your big hardon, too."

18. "You do? I didn't know you got turned on by other guys," Chip said with a mischievous grin.
"In the locker room, I don't. But here, with you, when I know what's gonna's real easy to get turned on."  He laughed. "Your body's got something to do with it."

19. "Then let's make it happen," Chip said.
Brad climbed on the bed and straddled Chip's chest with his shorts still on. He rose up on his haunches and smashed the bulge of his shorts in Chip's face.

20. "You didn't take `em off, you're gonna have to chew `em off of me, or suck my cock through `em," Brad said. "How would you explain a pair of chewed up shorts to your mom," Chip said. "I'd better take `em off of you."
"No, this is good enough for now. Torture yourself.  Torture both of us, get `em wet with your spit," Brad said as he smashed his bulge harder against his friend's face.

21. Chip wrapped his arms around Brad's thighs and pulled him tighter, groaning with pleasure as he mouthed the meaty bulge through the thin material.
He moved his hands up to grab hold of his round, tight butt muscles, still mouthing the bulge like a hungry dog trying to get to the raw meat.

22. When he pulled on the back of his shorts, Brad pulled the waistband of his shorts down and tucked it under his balls, leaving his big, heavy cock and balls laying on Chip's face.
"I could've showered," he said.
"No, I like you like this, still sweaty," Chip said. "I like licking your sweat." With that he began lapping his tongue in the of Brad's thighs, licking off the sweaty-musk of his most recent athletic activities.

23. "You taste salty," he murmured.
"Just like my cum?" Brad said.
"No, your sweat tastes better," said Chip.
"I never heard you complain about how my cum tastes, and never knew you to spit it out," Brad said.
"How could I spit it out, you've always got my mouth plugged with that big meat plug."

24. "I would like to plug something else with it," Brad said. Then his expression turned serious, as did his tone. "You know all the jokes we hear about guys getting fucked in the you think you would ever let me fuck you? `Cause you've got the most awesome ass in school."
"I've been working on that," Chip said.
"Yeah? Working on it? What do you mean?" Brad asked excitedly.
"In my head; working on my courage," Chip said. "You're big, and I've never done it before."
"I would take it as easy as you want me to. I wouldn't hurt you, not on purpose anyway. And I would love to be your first."

25. He leaned down and brushed his lips across Chip's forehead.
Chip was more than a little surprised at Brad's sudden display of affection. He'd never gotten that lovey before. Chip tilted his head to find Brad gazing down at him.  Their eyes met and held fixed like no other time.

26. Brad brushed his nose against Chip's nose.  "
I'd give anything--anything--for you to let me be the first to penetrate this terrific body," he murmured.
"Godd, that would be so awesome!"  Chip could smell his sweat breath on his face and he shivered inside at the immediate prospect upon him, that Brad was going to kiss him.
Oh, God, let it happen, he prayed. Kiss me, you big stud.  Do it.

27. When he didn't, Chip said, "I've already made up my mind about that; that if it ever happens, it'll be with you the first time."
"Oh, yeah? Were you going to consult me about it, see if I even wanted to pop your cherry?" Brad asked, suddenly breaking the mood.
"Give me a break," Chip scoffed, laughing. "There's not a hole anywhere that you wouldn't plug with that big hunk of man meat."
"I know, I'm a horny bastard, but there are only two holes I'm really interested in plugging, and they're both yours," Brad said.
"I'm getting close to it in my head," Chip said. "We could possibly do it today but there's not time."
"That sounds like a cop out. We don't have time so that's why you're offering."
"It's not a cop out. Do you wanta come back after practice?"
"It's gonna be late," Brad said.
"It don't matter how late. You could spend the night."

28. "Okay, you're on, stud," Brad said.  "But till then....right you think you could take care of this for me?"
"Damn, I hate fast blowjobs," Chip joked as he went back to sucking Brad's cock.
For the moment they lost track of time and forgot all about football practice. Brad was more animated than times before, doing most of the work, using Chip's mouth as his pussy. Chip wondered if he even realized that it was him, a guy, taking care of his needs or if his mouth was just another wet, warm hole for him.  He didn't care, for he was as caught up in their lust as Brad was.

29. He couldn't get enough of the big athlete's muscles and his tight, hard butt in his hands. He used his grip on the hard muscles to pull the boy's cock harder into his throat. Brad removed his underwear. Once, when he pulled back for air he attacked Brad's balls, sucking one then the other into his mouth, mauling them till Brad winced.

30. He released them and dove further in behind them, licking the apex of his thighs and wanting more.  He pulled Brad tighter against his face and he rose up on his haunches so Chip could get deep between his thighs.
"Higher," Chip groaned and Brad, realizing with delight what he was after, rose up over his head so he could lick his ass crack.

31. "Ohh, Godd....UUhhnnnnn," Chip moaned as the twin mounds were parted for his hungry mouth and darting tongue.
"Godd, I love your ass!"
"Aww, shit!" Brad gasped as he gripped the headboard and rode his ass wildly back and forth over Chip's face.  "Fuck, yeah, eat that ass!  Can you get your tongue up in there?  Fuck it, I'm skipping practice."

32. In that instant Chip eased him away.  "Oh, no you're not," he said as he smacked his butt and forced him down astraddle his chest.
"Ohh, Mann! You can't leave me like this!"
"Watch me," Chip said as he shoved him to the side, causing him to almost lose his balance.  Brad recovered and stood down off the bed, his hard cock swaying back and forth.

33. He grabbed it, whining, "Fuck, it hurts!"  Chip showed him no sympathy.
"Get dressed," he said. 
"They can get along without me this one time."
"Maybe so, but you can't disappoint all the girls and boys waiting to ogle your tint ass in your football pants," Chip said. 

34. "You are one cruel fucker," Brad complained as he started getting dressed.
"Are you coming to my practice to ogle my ass?"
"I don't have to. I've got a bird's eye view," Chip replied. "See you after practice."

35. "Godd, I can't believe you're doing this to me."
"Quit bitching. Think of the testosterone buildup you've got. You oughta tear up some ass out there."

36. "I'm gonna tear your ass up when I get back," Brad growled.
"I'm still thinking on that," Chip said.
"You'd better think fast."  Chip flipped him off then waved as he was going out the door.

37. "It'll be late," Brad called over his shoulder. 
"I'll be here, let yourself in," Chip said.
The decision was made. And why not? The circumstances were right. With Chip's parents out of town they would have complete privacy.  And the desire was there, undeniably. Chip had been wrestling with the desires for a long time, and now Brad had brought it up. It was an opportunity not to be denied.

38. Chip slipped on a pair of athletic shorts and went out to the garage to get the plastic bottle he'd purchased at the drug store in anticipation of this event.  He'd read the directions on the box and tossed it and hid the bottle behind the seat, well-hidden till the time came to use it.
When he'd prepared himself he showered and shaved. Not that he needed to shave that often but he wanted to be perfect for Brad.

39. Then he fixed a bite to eat.  It was a strange and good feeling, being so clean inside and out.
When he'd eaten he went up to his room to wait. He started watching some porn but had to stop because it got him too hot and excited, and he wanted to save himself for Brad. As the time neared he pondered how he should present himself; if he should be naked on the bed or be wearing something, perhaps his gym shorts and a jockstrap. In the end he decided on just his jockstrap.

40. It seemed appropriate since he was a jock waiting on another jock. And lying on his stomach, the jockstrap would frame his ass that Brad liked so much. He lubed up and waited.  When he heard Brad come in he quickly turned the lamps down, plunging the room into a dim light that he hoped would appear sexy. Brad taped on the door for some reason.

41. "Come in."  The door opened and there he stood in his uniform, including his helmet but holding his cleats. The way he filled the doorway with his large frame sent chills down Chip's spine.
"I didn't change," he said. His voice was husky.
"Good. I was hoping you wouldn't," Chip said.

42. "It was a rough practice, it might not be pleasant."  "I smell good enough for both of us," Chip said as he sat on the edge of the bed. He forgot all about his ________ he intended to present him.  "Yeah, I noticed. What's that you've got on?"
"Yeah, I've seen guys in the locker room use it.  I need to get me some," Brad said as he moved into the room and stood in front of his buddy.

43. "I'm guessing you want to do the honors," he said.  "You guessed right," Chip said as he began exploring the big athlete's frame through his uniform.
"I've always wanted to do this, feel up a football player in his uniform then take it off of him."
"You've got your man," Brad said.  "Only thing better would be doing it in the locker room."
"Maybe I can arrange that sometime. How many other football players do you want present?"

44. "I'll have to think about that some more.  Right now I've got all the football player I can handle."  He pulled Brad in tight, pressing his face against the front of his uniform pants where he could feel the hard lump of his cup.  He reached down to feel his bulging calf muscles. He ran his hands around the hairy muscles then moved up his legs to where his lean hips were encased in the hip pads, then back down his thighs, feeling the rock like muscles inside the pants.

45. Around back he clasped the taut, round butt muscles and felt the straps of his jockstrap through the thin material.
"These need to come off," he said as he began unlacing the laces in front.
"Whatever you say," Brad said.  The pants unlaced, he dug inside to take out the hip pads then slowly tugged the pants down off his hips and butt.

46. "Wow! This is classy," he murmured when he sat the Shock Doctor jockstrap.
"Whatever you say," Brad repeated, laughing softly.  "Never heard it called classy; it's a jockstrap."
"This is no ordinary jockstrap," Chip said as he wrapped his hand over the protrusion. "No ordinary cup either," he said, squeezing the bulge.

47. "It's a flex cup," Brad said. "It's way more comfortable and it offers a little flexibility instead of feeling like your junk is in a steel lock box."  Chip pressed his face against the jock and blew into it.
"Yeah, it breathes, too, that feels good," Brad said.

48. Chip pulled the pants down and removed the thigh pads and tossed them aside, then he finished pulling the pants off.
"Godd, what a sight," he said as he ran his hands up and down Brad's muscular thighs.  "Why don't you take off the helmet."

49. Brad removed the helmet and tossed it on the bed. "The jersey, too?" he asked.
"No, not yet. I wanta look at you like this for a minute."  "You've got such admiration for football players, why don't you go out for football yourself, you could be around them all the time?" Brad asked.
"I'm not a team guy," Chip replied as he ran his hand up under the mesh jersey. He dragged his fingertips down the hard stomach muscles. "To die for," he said as he rose up to kiss up under the jersey.

50. "Mann, your tongue does things to me," Brad murmured, and he pulled the jersey up so he could see Chip kissing his abs.  Chip kissed his way up between the front of the Riddell shoulder pads where he took the laces in his teeth to loosen them.
"I wanta get to your pecs," he said, "and suck those hard tits."
"I'll help you," Brad said as he reached for the laces, but Chip brushed his hand away.
"Let me do it."

51. Brad dropped his hands and let Chip finish undoing the laces till the equipment sat loosely on his broad shoulders. "You can take `em off now, real slow," he told him.
Brad lifted the shoulder pads off and let them drop to the floor and looked down at Chip looking up at him.
"Geezuss, your shoulders don't quit," Chip said. "It's almost like you don't need pads."
"I wouldn't want to go out there without `em," Brad said.  Chip was running his hands down Brad's sides, over his hips and around his butt.

52. "Godd, your body drives me nuts," he murmured as he pressed his face into the warm, damp jockstrap. "Fuck, you smell so good." He lay back on the bed, patting his chest.
Brad straddled him with his jockstrap pressed against his face.  Chip began mouthing the musky material, turning the warm dampness into wet. Brad's cock grew harder, straining against the mesh material.
"Have you decided yet if you're gonna let me take your cherry?" Chip nodded.
"You've decided, or you're gonna let me?" Brad asked.
"You can fuck me."
"There's no taking back those words," Brad said. He cupped his hands around Chips head and smashed his face hard in his jock.

53. Then he let go and moved down on the bed, between Chip's legs.
"You're such a stud yourself, I can't believe you're gonna let me."
"Just don't make me regret it," Chip said.
"I won't.  I promise I'll make it good for you. The best. Just tell me how you like it best and I'll do it."
Brad brought Chip's legs straight up and spread them out wide.
"You say you've dreamed and fantasized....I can't tell you how many nights I've laid in bed and dreamed of this."
"You have, no kidding?"  "You really don't know how hot you are, do you?" Brad said.

54. "I'm gonna show you.  In my ongoing fantasy, I tell you that if you'll please give your virginity up to me, I'll pay the price, I'll be deserving of it. I'm gonna show you now." And with that he leaned down and took Chip's cock in his mouth.
"UUhnnnn! Awwh, Godd!" Chip groaned. "You don't have to do this, Brad. My ass is yours, you don't have to pay any price for it."  But Brad kept sucking through twenty or so strokes before he rose up, wiping his mouth with his forearm.
"You've got a great cock.  I wish I could do it better."
"You did fuckin' fine," Chip declared. "But why'd you do that? You didn't need to.  You don't need to bribe me."
"It wasn't a bribe. I was showing my respect, for your body and for your courage. I think it takes a real man of courage to turn his butt for another man's pleasure."

55. He was busy tugging his cock out of his jockstrap and when he did, he held it out for Chip's approval.
"I mean, seriously, how many guys would have the courage to take on a cock this size."
"Seeing you like that, my courage is waning," Chip said.
"No it's not. You haven't asked me not to bust your cherry; you haven't said you wanta change your mind."
"What if I did wanta change my mind? You said I couldn't take it back." 
"You say the word and I'll take the words back for you, we can wait till you're sure," Brad said.
"I was sure till I saw that big cock of yours. I still am, Brad. I'm not backing out."

56. "I am," Brad said as he crawled up beside him.
"Don't, Brad. I said you could fuck me and I meant it."
"I said I wanta fuck you, more than anything in the world, and I meant that.  But there's no rush. I know your word's good; I know it's going to happen so there's no rush. I'm happy to lie here together and enjoy each other's company. There's no other guy on earth I could be doing this with; no other guy I can be this close to."

57. He turned onto his side and laid his hand on Chip's chest.
"You might be surprised to hear this, but it's not all about the sex. It's a lot more than that. There's admiration and respect, and I love you like more'n a brother, and all of that besides you having a terrific body. You get my meaning?"
"I'm starting to," Chip said.  "I didn't know you felt this way."
"I'll tell you how else I feel. Lying in bed thinking about us, I think how one-sided it is. You giving and me getting all the pleasure. I've thought of how it'd be if it wasn't so one sided."
"It's not one sided, Brad. You're not getting all of the pleasure. You need to understand how much I like having sex with you; what a privilege it is for me. I love your body, I love your big cock, I love feeling your cum shooting in my mouth, and tasting it.”

58. “You think I'm doing it out of obligation? The best times of my life are spent with you. And like you said, there's nobody else on the planet I could be doing this with. I mean, just lying here like this talking and enjoying your company. You don't ever have to do anything back, Brad. Just being you and giving yourself to me is enough."
"Is that how you see it? I'm giving myself to you?  "You don't think it's like using you?"
"No, but if it is, I'm using you as much as you're using me. You use my mouth, I use your cock.  You use my mouth for your cum dump, I'm getting the pleasure of your cock shooting all that thick, hot cum in my mouth. I like it, Brad. It's not demeaning or humiliating; I like it. What I don't like is this conversation, you thinking you have to do something back. But if you want to do something huge....."

59. "What? What do you wanta do?  Tell me."
"I'd like for us to make know, kissing and holding each other, like you would be doing if I was a girl. But that might be asking a lot."
"No, it's not," Brad said. "Come here."  He put his hand on Chip's hip and pulled him against him, both on their sides. As their bodies pressed together Brad kissed him.

60. "Oh, Godd," gasped softly before his words were muffled with the big jock's lips.  He whinnied like a mare in heat as he felt Brad's tongue forcing its way in his mouth. As the passion built Brad rolled over on top of him, writhing his body hard against him, devouring his mouth and sucking on his tongue. Chip was seeing stars as tiny electrical jolts shot through him. His asshole tightened and
tingled and his cock throbbed rock hard.

61. Suddenly he lost control.  If Brad felt the hot, thick cum shooting between them he didn't seem to mind. When the passion subsided he parted their lips and cocked his head up.  "Damn, dude," he said, laughing.  "I'm sorry, it just happened; I couldn't hold off," Chip said.
"No, no, don't be sorry.  It was awesome that I got you off just by kissing you. I never had that effect on a girl."
"We're a mess," Chip said.  Brad slowly rose up, looking down at the thick cum that clung to their bodies like warm glue.
"Shit, you cum like a pony."
"It felt like the hardest cum I ever had," Chip said. He took Brad by the shoulders.  "You can still fuck me."
"I was about to," Brad said, still laughing.

62. "Go ahead."
"Naw, you got off. You wouldn't be in the mood."
"I'm still tingling all through. My hole is trembling; my ass is on fire."
"If you're sure."
"Yes.  Please," Chip said as he managed to work his legs from under the muscular jock.  He spread them and lifted them on either side of Brad's hips.
"You don't have to say please, just thank you," Brad joked.

63. He scooped up some cum and used it for lube on his cock and Chip's ass.  He wiped his hand on the sheet then set the head of his cock against the slick hole.
"I can feel your asshole clenching against my cock."
"It's begging," Chip said.  Brad pushed against the tight hole.
"If this hurts too much......"
"It won't," Chip cut in. When he felt his asshole begin to give way he hunkered his butt up to meet the big athlete's gentle thrust and he was suddenly impaled. "UUhhnnn!" he moaned softly.

64. "Aww, fuck!" Brad gasped.  When they were locked together, deep and throbbing, they held each other for a long moment.  
"Does this qualify as taking your cherry?" Brad asked.  "Or do I have to fuck it out of you?" 
"I don't know."
"Better not take any chances," Brad said as he slowly pulled back and when he was nearly out he shoved back in.  "Ohhh, Goddd!" Chip groaned, pressing his head back in the pillow. 
"Too much?" Brad asked.  "No. Just too awesome. Fuck me."

End Of The Story


Written by: Peterbilt
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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