Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(60 illustrations)

1. I come back from class. It's just before 2 in the afternoon and I'm horny and hungry.

2. I drop my stuff on the bed and strip, go into the shower.

3. I come out ten minutes later wrapping a towel around my waist, my dick tenting in a semi-erection. 

4. I make myself a tuna sandwich and grab a cold beer from the fridge.
I sit back and think about this chick in class. She has got me all horned up today.
She is cute, petite, dark hair, black eyes, hot slim girl-figure with nice hips and not too big a bust. 

5. She usually wears jeans and cotton shirts, but today she is wearing a short skirt. God, those legs! She is wearing a tight top with a v-neck showing cleavage. Her tits look firm and hot inside the top.

6. I had to restrain myself from tearing that top off and starting on her hot tits with lips, tongue and teeth. Shit! My cock hardens. I'm so very horny. I don't have a current girlfriend and my boyfriend has been away at his grandparents', visiting for a week.

7. My balls are so full of cum that I feel I can burst any minute. It's true, I masturbate. But fucking is totally different. When I jerk off, I know exactly what gives me the most pleasure. It's when I ejaculate that I miss having someone around to share it with. Alone, after shooting, there is this kind of emptiness, this now-what-will-I-do feeling. With a partner, it's the cuddling, the rubbing the kissing, after exploding inside a pussy or an ass: these are such fulfilling moments for me, and they count for a lot in my love-making.

8. My thoughts wander as I get hornier and hornier. I finish my sandwich.
Reaching for my cigarettes, I light one up and carry my beer out onto the balcony.
It's warm and the breeze hits my bare hairy chest and under the towel around my hairy balls, tingling. Yes. 

9. I'm a hairy guy, not a bear in the real sense, but with a thick patch of chest hair, a trail down my stomach to my thick pubes around my cock base, black and curly. I also have a hairy crack and thighs and legs. I am an ok-looking guy, with a light beard.

10. As I sip the last of the beer, I watch a crew of construction workers on a site next to our building. There are 5 or 6 of them and they are all sort of attractively built-as you would expect construction workers to be: muscles and sweat, a fantastic combination. Two of them have their shirts off and are working in nude torso, to me a real eye candy.

11. My balls stir. Fuck! I'm so horny.
I fantasize about going down there with just my towel around my waist, tenting with my erection, and ask them if they needed any entertainment. Oh, man! I have this hyper- sexual mind. I can't control my fantasies.

12. As you can tell, I am bisexual, more of a top with guys although I have had a few bottom-experiences. I have a nicely sized cut cock of around 20 centimeters (8 inches) when erect. I am not a "big" guy, but I do have a slim, fit body with a flat stomach and shapely thighs.

13. My eyes wander over the workers as they move around the site. One of the nude-torso guys moves away from the others and walks behind a partially-constructed wall that separates him from the others.
I can see him fully from my balcony one floor up, but he is hidden from the others.

14. My eyes widen as I watch him glance around and then unzip his baggy shorts, pull down the waist band of his jockey briefs, take out his dick and let out a hot stream of piss. I can hear him exhale with satisfaction as he lets out his urine. I stare, unable to remove my eyes. I am not too particularly keen on kinky sex.

15. I am more of a vanilla guy. But the sight of this very hot man, almost naked, with his dick out, urinating, sends shivers throughout my body and I can feel my towel tenting, the hardness of my erection straining against the fabric.
The guy bends his neck backwards, with his eyes shut, as he continues his piss.
I am still staring.

16. When he opens his eyes with his head raised, he sees me.
With a start, he moves to try to cover himself, but stops when he notices my gaze and interest, as well as my tented bulge. 

17. Still looking at me, he rubs his pissing dick. Fuck! Man, this is beyond hot! As he forces the last drops out of his penis, he is already half erect, his dick elongating snake-like in his hand. I breathe heavily, my heart thumping inside my bare chest. 

18. He finishes, and still looking at me, he tucks his semi-erect cock inside his shorts, smiles, and walks back toward the other men to resume his work. I think I detect a wink, but that could be in my imagination.

19. I am mesmerized. Stunned, actually. I have been turned on by a man peeing out in the open. That is sick! Fuck! I am sick! What am I thinking watching this guy taking a leak and getting all excited like this? 

20. In a daze, with my own erection straining against the towel, I wobble back inside. I must take control of my lustful desires. They are starting to take hold of all my rational actions. Starting? Actually, I have always been sex-starved, as far back since when I started getting erections at the tender age of 12. But this? Oh, wow.

21. I stroke myself. No! I force my hand away from my engorged cock and go back under the shower. As I emerge from the shower, I start to consider that I should find a sexual release other than the palm of my hand.

22. In the bathroom mirror, I look at my body and enjoy the fact that I am a fit guy.
I admire the chest hair patch and the trail down to my thick pubes, not in a narcissistic way, but more in a lustful way!
There are the single pubs around. Hmmm. A possibility. But I will have to go through all kinds of motions and wasted time before I can find my so-needed release.

23. The door buzzer goes off.
Who can it be? Randy, my boyfriend, is away. My other friends always call before they drop by. They all know that since I am living by myself I will inadvertently have some kind of company. No one has barged in on me unannounced before.

24. "Who is it?" I ask into the interphone.
"Ah..." a male tinny voice answers through the speaker. "I work on the construction site around the corner and, ummm... could I please ask to use your bathroom?"

25. I start. Could it be the same guy? The guy that has been pissing and stroking his dick and looking back at me? My balls twitch. It can't be. But there is one way to find out. I buzz him in. 

26. Moments later, he is at my door, and yes, it's the same guy. He looks younger up close and he is now wearing his shirt, unbuttoned, showing his smooth chest and sneaks of his nipples. 

27. Somehow, this turns me on more than his naked torso that I have watched before.
I let him in.
"I'm sorry, man," he says apologetically, stepping in. "I had to barge in on somebody. It's number 2 and I really have to go."
"It's fine," I manage to croak. My cock is already stirring. "Over there," I point out to the bathroom.

28. "It's probably still steamy and wet because I have just stepped out of the shower." I say as he walks over to the bathroom, "And what do you think the construction site is like other than steamy and wet?" He laughs.

29. With him in the bathroom, I start musing.
What am I thinking? I am crazy. This guy needs to take a dump. There is nowhere for him to go. He has seen me on the balcony and knows that I am home and that I have seen him on the site. He's just going to finish his business, thank me, and leave.
My other mind is speeding along a totally different route. I will have my fuck buddy after all, it tells me.
No, I tell it back. This can only happen in porn flicks. Get real, for Crissakes!

30. The guy comes out of the bathroom, buttoning his shorts. "Phew," he grunts. "That was close. Thanks, buddy. I didn't think you were going to let me in, a total stranger," he continues with a smile as he walks towards me.
"But I thought if I didn't at least try I was going to soil my fucking shorts." He laughs.

31. I laugh back, a bit nervously, nodding understandingly.
"No problem, man. Glad to be of service."
He stands there as I expect him to thank me again and leave.
But he doesn't move.

32. He is still smiling and my heart beats faster.
He glances at my crotch and raises an eyebrow.
"You seem to be missing someone?" he comments as he notices my bulge, maintaining his smile.

33. I look down at my own crotch, and sure enough, it is bulging! He slowly reaches out and touches me, down there! Oh, fuck me! This can't be happening. I moan.

34. He moves closer, his chest is so inviting under his open shirt.
I touch the smooth skin and move my hand to his nipple. He grabs my hardness tighter and moans louder.

35. Suddenly, we are holding each other and kissing like a couple of fucking teenagers. Fuck, he's hot. And a fantastic kisser!
He develops an erection and presses his shorts onto my boxer. We are both moaning and grinding on each other.

36. I lead him to the bed. He takes off his shirt and I am stunned by his beautiful torso now seen so close.
He is not totally smooth. There is a light patch of hair in the middle of his chest and a few hairs around his nipples. His trail starts at his navel and continues down under his shorts. 

37. I reach out and unzip him, pulling the shorts down. His dick is hard and outlined sideways inside his jockeys. I trace it lovingly. Oh, boy, thank you, God, my prayers are coming true. I am actually getting a fuck! And what a hunk!

38. He removes my boxer and my dick springs vertically, throbbing and glistening.

39. I flop down on the bed on my back. He kneels between my spread thighs and starts licking on my chest, tonguing the hair, around the nipples, under my hairy pits, down the trail towards my thick, curly pubes. His hands are moving up and down my thighs, into the insides, up to the base of my balls.

40. My whole body is on fire. I can smell the mixed scents of my soapy body and his sweat. He leaves spit all over me, slobbering and licking.
Emitting loud moans, he finally takes me into his mouth. I buck up to meet his lips. He works the head slowly with his lips and tongue and I am dying, stretched flat on my back.

41. He sucks on my dick shaft. As he goes halfway down the shaft, he chokes and pulls off, looking up at me, his mouth glistening with spit.
"Fuck, you're big!" he croaks.
"Eat me, buddy!" I croak back, shivering with desire and lust.

42. He goes back to my dick, giving it all his attention. This time he manages almost all the way down to the base before he gags again and pulls off.
He works the head again, his hand cupping and kneading my balls, his other hand running up and down my chest and squeezing my nipples. 

43. I arch up to get more meat into this warm and wet mouth. He bobs up and down the shaft, taking more of it with each gulp until he finally purses his lips around the base, my cockhead buried deep in his tight throat. Electricity courses throughout my body.

44. I feel the juice build up in my balls. I so want to explode far down into his stomach, but I quickly pull him off my throbbing cock and make him slide up on top of me. I'm already sweating, so is he. I meet his panting wet mouth with mine and invade it with my tongue. His erection presses on mine, all slick and covered with spit.
He grinds up and down my cock shaft with his hard penis, slicking us both, cocks dry-fucking on each other.

45. My hands move from the back of his neck down to his back, his waist, his firm butt. I can feel the taut man-muscles ripple under my fingers.
I cup his butt cheeks and press him closer onto me.
Our naked bodies, all sticky and sweaty, slide on each other as we kiss deeply, moaning with lust. He grunts when he feels my hands caressing his butt cheeks, my fingers running up and down his hot crack.

46. His crack is wet with sweat and I massage him from the back of his balls to the top of his crack with my fingers, kneading his twitching hole and prying it loose.
He pushes back on my finger and I slide the tip of it inside him. He pushes his tongue deeper into my mouth and squeezes his rim muscle on my finger.

47. We break the kissing, and as I slide more of my finger into him, I whisper in his ear: "You never really wanted to use my bathroom, did you?"
He holds still for a short moment, exhales, his ass twitching around my finger like crazy.
"No," he responds in a quivering voice.
"How did you know?" I ask.
"The way you looked at me as I peed? It made me very hot. And I could notice your bulge under the towel. So…"

48. We resume the kissing and the humping and fingering.
After a while, he sits on my lower belly, reaching backward to grip my cock. I look down and watch him raise his butt and place my cockhead at his hole, one hand guiding me, the other pressing on my thigh.

49. His chest is glistening with sweat and his balls rest heavily on my belly.
I am more than ready. My cock is so slick and his hole is so wet that it takes no time for him to slide down on the whole rod.
I fist his hard dick, feeling my cock slip into his ass. He arches his back and starts riding me, moaning and grunting, his eyes shut, his head thrown back.

50. I reach up and caress his neck, down to his chest.
As I start thrusting up to meet him halfway, I raise myself on my elbows and bite his nipples. He cries and rides me harder, slamming his butt down on me. I thrust up into him faster, deeper.
He has both of his hands pressed down on my chest.
I look at his face and see the lust and desire as I plow his ass.
I watch as his abs contract with every thrust of my cock.

51. Suddenly, his first squirt hits me straight in the face, hot and strong, splashing my face cheeks, my nose, my mouth. The fucker starts shooting his wad without even touching himself, his dick jerking amazingly with every squirt.
I grab his cock and stroke him fiercely, my cock deeply buried inside his delicious body. Squirt after squirt shoot out of his cock all over me as he bucks and moans. His hot semen covers my face, my neck, my hairy chest.

52. "Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh, FUCK," he exclaims repeatedly, panting.
With the last squirt he drops on top of me almost unconscious.
I increase my fucking tempo holding his waist as his weight presses on me.
My cock thickens and I am more than ready for the explosion.
Deep inside him, I feel my sperm ejecting out of my throbbing rod. He cries out when he feels the warmth of my juice hit his insides.
I thrust once and hold still again, squirting; thrust and hold still, squirting more. 

53. He plants his mouth on mine and sucks on my lips as I try to breathe. I feel like being sucked dry by both his ass and his mouth.
All my juices are emptying into his body. Finally, I'm spent.
My cock flexes in his fuck hole and he moans. I can smell his now strong man-sweat, masculine and just-fucked scent.
Regretfully, I slide out of him. He is still laying on top of me, mouthing my lips, my face, my eyes, my chin, all over my face, licking off his own cum.

54. Then he rolls over and lies on his back, panting, sweating, with a smile on his face.
"I somehow knew it would be hot sex with you, but not like this. I'm Ricky, by the way," he laughs and extends his hand over his belly and takes mine. We shake.
"And I'm Eddie," I respond. He wipes off some of his cum and our sweat from my chest and rubs it on my semi-erect cock.

55. "And I have already met this hot fucker!" he squeezes on my penis.
"Careful, Ricky," I warn him. "You keep this up and Junior here will be awake and ready for action again!"
"Oh, yea?" he says huskily, and starts stroking me using the cum and the sweat to lube my shaft. My cock immediately responds in his fisted hand and hardens.

56. He looks at it with wonder, then bends and kisses the mushroom head, licking on the cum remains.
Needless to say, what follows is even hotter than what has preceded. I have gotten more than what I have been fantasizing about. I fuck him once more, on his back this time, and by then he is hard. 

57. When I settle after shooting my second load up his ass, he pushes me backwards, spreads my legs, and enters me.
His cock is not as thick as mine and he slides in to the hilt.
Holding my ankles high, he pounds into me until he spills his second load inside my body.

58. We rest, our bodies full of each other's sperm.
He spends the night with me and we go at it a few times before the sun rises.
The next day, we stay in and fuck some more.
By noon, both of us are so tired and sore, front and back, that we decide to cool it for a while. 

59. The "while" turns out to be 45 minutes, during which I order a pizza and we eat it.
Then we are back sucking and fucking. We go out for a bite to eat and a drink in the evening, after a huge fuck session in the showers.
We can't wait to get back to fuck some more, which we do till the first morning light.
I take him in all the positions I can think of and a few of his own that I try for the first time!

60. Both of us, however, manage to get a couple of hours of sleep, after which Ricky showers and leaves for work.
I watch him from the balcony all day long.
I can't wait until he knocks off work and rings my buzzer.

End Of The Story


Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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