Written by: Willie Cici
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(76 illustrations)

1. Shawn knew he was in trouble. His unemployment benefits ended. His savings slowly had depleted. His rent and other expenses were due in less than two weeks. His under-the-table bartender gig proved insufficient to maintain his barebones lifestyle. Shawn did not know what to do.

2. As he lie upon his bed, watching porn on his laptop, Shawn spotted an ad: ‘Models wanted’. Shawn had seen these advertisements many times and suspected the seedier side of the industry hidden in this ads. “Models means porn actors.”, Shawn thought to himself. 

3. Tonight, however, Shawn clicked on the advertisement and read the ad. The company was searching for models for anatomical reproductions. Shawn did not comprehend what the company produced. Applicants could submit their names. The company would contact prospective models for an interview and photo opportunity. 

4. Selected models could earn substantial monies. Intrigued by the ad, Shawn submitted his name for consideration.
Two days later, the talent agency replied to Shawn’s submission and arranged for an in-person interview. Luckily, the agency’s office was less than an hour away, in Los Angeles.

5. “Mr. Anderson, you heard me right. I need to see your cock, and then measure its length and girth.”, the man said.
“What kind of faggot shit place you got going on here? I ain’t getting’ naked for . . . have you lost your mind?”, Shawn shouted.

6. “Um, Mr. Anderson, there’s no need to shout. Let me explain this again. My company makes dildos. We use real life penises to make the molds. Our company prides itself on making sex toys that are realistic. If we use your penis to make the mold, then you will be paid a fee and then receive royalty payments on the sale of each dildo.”, the man said. 

7. “You mean bitches are gonna fuck with my rubber dick.”, Shawn said.
“Well, uh, yes. That’s one of the uses of the dildo we produce. Of course . . .”, the man said.
8. “Bitches are gonna love me.” Shawn hollered. He lowered his exercise pants and exposed himself. “Look at me and the blood ain’t even circulating.” Shawn grabbed his junk and started stroking his cock. The young man needed little effort to beef us and show his full glory.

9. “Get the tape. Measure me now.” The man handed a measuring tape to Shawn. “9”, and I’m not even hard yet.” Shawn grabbed a tube of lotion from the man’s desk and continued stroking his cock. He grabbed the measuring tape again and measured. “11 inches. Look at that beauty.”

10. The man stared at Shawn’s tremendous cock. The man took the measuring tape and measured Shawn’s girth. “Good at 5 ¼”.” The man trickled his hand over Shawn’s cock. “The veins are equally impressive.”

11. Shawn was a little taken aback by the man’s touch. “Well, that’s enough show and tell.”
“Hold up.” The man quickly took his cell phone and snapped a picture of the engorged member. “Okay. I’ll let you know.”
“Let me know. You mean I ain’t . . .”, Shawn whined.

12. “Mr. Anderson, we are interviewing dozens of penises.” , the man said. “We’ll let you know.”
Shawn pulled up his exercise gear. “You ain’t gonna find anything better!”
“Well, well, uh, we’ll see, Mr. Anderson.” , the man said. “Good day.”

13. The man escorted Shawn out of the office. Waiting in the reception area were a dozen African-American men, all waiting for their interview. Shawn walked out of the office building totally disgusted.
“I let some man play with my dick for a paycheck. What the fuck is happening to me?”, Shawn moaned. 

14. Two days later, Shawn received a voicemail on his cell phone while at the gym. The company selected him for their new dildo product. The voicemail asked that he contact Mr. Ferguson as soon as possible. Still draped in the towel, after his shower at the gym, Shawn placed a call to the company and asked to speak to Mr. Ferguson. 

15. “Yes. This is Dale Ferguson.”, the voice answered.
“This is Shawn Anderson. I’m returning the phone call.”, Shawn said.
“Oh, yes, Mr. Anderson. Looks like your cock won the interview.”, Ferguson announced. “Are you available for a meeting later today?”
“Absolutely.”, Shawn answered.

16. “We have contracts to review and procedure.”, Ferguson said. “How about 3pm?”
“I’ll be there.”, Shawn said, ending the call. He quickly toweled himself and dressed. It was about 1:30pm and Shawn would need the time to drive to downtown Los Angeles. He hurried and exited the gym to make his 3:00pm appointment. 

17. When he entered the offices of ‘Playtime Products’, Shawn approached the secretary at the reception desk and said, “I have an appointment with Mr. Ferguson.” The secretary bid Shawn to have a seat. When Ferguson was ready, the secretary escorted Shawn into the executive’s office. 

18. “Mr. Anderson, thank you for coming. We have contracts to review. There are two options for compensation. Option A: $3000 upfront, 2% royalty. Option B: $1500 upfront, 5% royalty.”, Ferguson said. "These are the sales reports from our last product offering. That product did not do very well."

19. Shawn reviewed the financials. In one year, the company paid $27,000 in royalties at 2%. Quickly, Shawn realized that he could earn at least $60,000 a year at 5%. Even though he desperately needed funds, Shawn knew that in the long run, the 5% option would profit him greatly. “Mr. Ferguson, let’s go with Option B.”, Shawn said.

20. “Okay.” Ferguson said. He handed Shawn a contract and said, “Check mark the Option B box and sign the contract.” Shawn read the first page of the contract. Afterwards, he could see pages of fine print that he was sure he would not understand. He signed the last page and asked for a copy, for his records.

21. “Okay. Now what?”, Shawn asked.
“We need to schedule a form session. We can do that on Monday. Here’s the instructions. No sex or masturbation at least twenty four hours prior to the form session. You also need to refrain from consuming alcohol for seventy two hours prior to the form session. And, if you’ve consumed cannabis in the last thirty days, we need to schedule you so that the residue chemicals are out of your system. Do you smoke weed?”

22. “Never touch the stuff.”, Shawn said, doing his best to conceal his deceit. Shawn smoked week religiously every weekend at the nightclub he worked as a bartender.
“Good. We’ll see you Monday morning.” Mr. Ferguson rose from his desk and said, “You’re going to make thousands. I’m sure of it.”

23. Shawn walked out of Mr. Ferguson’s office, smiling and bouncing. He would have enough money by next Monday to pay his rent and living expenses and then some.

24. Shawn opened his eyes. The faint traces of light invaded his bedroom and attacked his sleep-deprived eyes. Shawn spent the weekend partying at the nightclub where he bartended. He ignored the instructions regarding alcohol consumption. Between the weed and the vodka, Shawn spent most of Saturday morning, Sunday morning and Monday morning nursing hangovers.

25. This morning, running late because of his hangover, and compounded by rush hour Los Angeles traffic, Shawn sped to arrive at the office. Once he parked his car, Shawn ran towards the office building and hurried to the 5th floor to the office of ‘Playtime Products’.
“I’m late. I apologize.”, Shawn said to the secretary.
“It’s okay, Mr. Anderson. Just relax. We’ll be right with you.”, the secretary said.

26. Mr. Ferguson greeted Shawn in the reception area and said, “Okay. You ready?”
“Yeah. I’m good.”, Shawn said.
“Any alcohol? Any weed?”, Ferguson asked.
“No. I was a good little boy.”, Shawn joked, as he blatantly lied to Mr. Ferguson.

27. Ferguson led Shawn to the elevator and rode to the 6th floor. There, the men entered a room that resembled a laboratory. Shawn encountered two staff members, a male and a female, dressed in surgical scrubs.
Ferguson said, “That’s Wes and Jess. They are the engineers who are going to create the mold of your penis.”

28. Shawn waved to the staffers.
“There’s a locker against the wall. Go there, take off your clothes and come back to the staging area.”
Shawn walked towards the wall and began to disrobe, placing his clothes in the locker.

29. When he was ready, Shawn walked over to the staging area, his hands cupping his cock and balls. The staffers took a spray bottle and sprayed Shawn’s cock with a clear, water-like substance. Wes said, “That’s a disinfectant, to remove any impurities on your penis.”

30. Jess took some paper towels and wiped Shawn’s penis dry. The sudden touch to his cock began to stiffen the young lad’s rod. “A live one.”, Jess joked.
“I’m . . . “, Shawn started. 

31. “Very young. I know. Now, please take the capsule and drink the entire bottle of water.”, Wes said. “It’ll keep you hard for at least an hour.”
“I can jerk off.”, Shawn kidded.
“The mold needs to set for forty minutes.”, Wes informed Shawn. “Just take it. It won’t kill you.”

32. Shawn took the capsule and ingested it. Once he finished the bottle of water, Shawn’s cock stiffened and hardened. The veins were pronounced as were the ridges and contours.
“Nice cock.”, Jessica said. “Shawn, stand by the backdrop.” Jess snapped several photographs of Shawn in different poses highlighting his cock. “I can see why you won the interview.” 

33. Shawn proudly grinned and said, “Thank you.”, in a deep sexy baritone voice. Jess smirked at Shawn’s obvious come-on.

34. “Now, lay down on the gurney. We’re going to strap you down to restrict your movement.”
Once they strapped Shawn to the gurney, they adjusted the gurney to keep Shawn vertical.

35. They inserted his erect cock into a metal tube, the size of a 64-ounce soda bottle. The two staffers secured the tube to Shawn’s pubic region. Afterwards, they filled the tube with a warm liquid substance.

36. When the warm liquid compound made contact with his cock, Shawn began to feel an incredible sensation. At first, it felt as if his cock was on fire, but then suddenly, the sensation felt orgasmic. Shawn began to breathe heavily, and then passed out.

37. The staffers quickly took Shawn’s pulse and vital statistics. His heart rate was normal, as was his blood pressure. “Normal reaction.”, the male staffer said to the female. For the next hour, the warm liquid compound cooled and took form about Shawn’s massive erection.

38. About two hours later, Shawn opened his eyes. “Where am I?” Shawn found himself reclined on the gurney, although the staffers had removed the straps that had secured him in place.
“You passed out. It’s the blood flow to your cock.”, Jess teased.

39. When Shawn looked at his junk, he smiled. “It’s still there.”, Shawn said. The staffers laughed. They helped Shawn to his feet and gave him a glass of orange juice. 

40. Afterwards, Ferguson offered to take Shawn to lunch, which Shawn accepted.
As they walked out of the office building, Ferguson handed Shawn his $1,500 check for his day’s services. Pleased with the results, Shawn smiled as the two walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch. 

41. Two months later, Ferguson called Shawn to inform him that his product hit the marketplace a week prior. He would have initial sales reports within thirty days.
The same night that Ferguson called, Shawn was bartending at the nightclub. Near midnight, as Shawn was doing his best to seduce this hot little number, he began to feel a sensation in his cock. At first, he could not tell what was happening. As his cock stiffened, Shawn assumed that the hot little number’s visuals were stimulating his loins.

42. The more he leaned into the bar, the more he spoke to the hot little number, Shawn felt as if something was massaging his cock. Then he experienced the same feeling as when he engaged in intercourse. Shawn could not understand what was happening. It reached a point where he could not concentrate on his seduction rituals. He excused himself and went to the men’s room.

43. When he entered the bathroom stall, Shawn lowered his underwear. His cock was bouncing of its own volition, making a motion as if it were engaged in intercourse. “What the fuck is this?”, Shawn said. Suddenly, his body began to spasm. “Oh! Oh!”, he moaned. 

44. Realizing the public place, Shawn stifled his moans and let his cock blast a wad of cum against the wall of the bathroom stall. He could not understand what was happening. Shawn had sex the night before with a patron of the bar that took him to her home.

45. Nonetheless, the eruption that dirtied the bathroom wall resembled the orgasm of a man pent up for weeks without sex. Shawn wiped his cum from the wall with tissue and quickly washed his hands to return to the bar.

46. By the time Shawn returned, the hot little number lost interest and succumb to the seductions of another bar patron. Thoroughly disgusted, Shawn turned his attention to his work.
At the end of the night, as Shawn was leaving the bar, he began to have the same experience as before

47. The faster he walked to his car, the more Shawn felt that massage sensation. Shawn felt as if was having sex. He could not understand what was happening. By the time, he reached his car, Shawn could hardly sit in the driver’s seat.  .

48. His cock was obscenely hard and pressed upon the tight denim fabric of his jeans. He opened the buttons of his jeans and lowered his pants. Again, his cock was bouncing about, as if he was in coitus. “What . . . the . . . fuck . . . ”, Shawn hollered. As his body shuttered, Shawn’s cock erupted, cum sprayed all over the steering column of his car.

49. Once Shawn regained composure, he stared at the steering wheel drizzled in jizz. He grabbed a rag from the rear seat and wiped the steering column clean. As he lowered the window, Shawn threw the rag out of the vehicle. “Eew!!”, he moaned to himself, as he started the ignition and drove to his apartment. 

50. By the time Shawn reached his apartment, he started to have another episode. Shawn ran to his apartment. He could not suffer the embarrassment of an orgasm in the middle of the street. By the time he entered his apartment, his cock was rock hard again.

51. He tore his clothes off his body and ran to the bathroom. Again, his cock bounced, moving about like a cock in full gear. “This can’t . . . be . . . happening . . . . gain.”, Shawn shouted. His body convulsed as cum blast from his 11” cock with the bulbous mushroom head.

52. As he gained composure, Shawn stared at the cum on the floor. Before he could grab some toilet paper to clean the mess, his cock began to harden again. Again, his cock bounced, this time moving slowly, but gaining speed.
Within minutes, Shawn screamed, “Not . . . . a . . . gain.” Once again, the third time in less than an hour, Shawn bust a thick, juicy nut, cum leaking from his tired cock. “I can’t . . . .I . . . don’t . . . what is . . .” Before he could finish the thought, Shawn felt his cock tensing and tightening. 

53. He jumped into the shower and blast his body with cold water. Nothing abated his bobbing hard-on. He quickly changed from cold water to hot. When he touched his cock with his hand, the sensation intensified. Again, Shawn’s body shuttered. Again, Shawn’s cock erupted, cum blasted all over the walls of the shower.
Suddenly, Shawn felt nothing. He stood still, afraid to move. Still, he felt nothing. He quickly showered and cleansed himself. He did his best to clean the bathroom walls and floors.

54. Once he toweled himself dry, Shawn walked into the bedroom, donned a pair of boxer and reclined upon his bed, hoping for sweet sleep.

55. Three hours later, Shawn awoke from a deep sleep. His eyes were clouded by dreams. At first, he thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. As he rubbed his eyes, Shawn saw his cock, hard and erect, protruding from the pouch of his boxers. As his cock bobbed up and down, Shawn had that feeling that he was experiencing intercourse.
56. “This can’t . . . be . . . happening . . . . gain.”, Shawn wailed. His cock hardened and tensed. For minutes, his cock jumped about, as if it had a mind of its own. Again, Shawn’s body shook. “I’m . . . . I’m. . . “, Shawn moaned as cum leaked from his flagpole cock. Before his erection dissipated, Shawn felt the bobbing sensation again.

57. Again, his cock moved about, slowly at first, then faster and faster, then slower, slower, then faster and faster. “I can’t . . . .this . . . is not . . . happening a . . gain”, Shawn shouted, semen oozing from his erect 11” cock. Shawn stared pooling on his pubic region. Before he could rise from the bed, his cock began to harden again. 

58. Again, his cock bounced, this time pumping fast and furious. Within minutes, Shawn screamed, “A . . . gain.” Again, Shawn orgasm, juicy, creamy cum dripping from his cock. Shawn tried to rise from the bed, but felt so weak that he lost consciousness.
As he lay there, for the next two hours, even unconscious, Shawn continued to orgasm.

59. “Doctor, I cannot explain what is happening to me. Anywhere from five to twenty times a night, my cock starts bouncing and then I have an orgasm.”, Shawn explained to the doctor.
“That’s not really possible.”, the doctor stated, with the air of superiority.

60. “Since I knew you would not believe me, I filmed last night’s occurrences.” Shawn handed the doctor a flash drive. The doctor, in disbelief, retrieved the file from the flash drive and played it on his laptop in the office. The doctor watched Shawn experience his automatic orgasms.

61. “This is not good. Excessive orgasm could result in . . . at a minimum, infertility. You can literally go dry.”
“What the fuck does that mean? Go dry?”, Shawn exclaimed.
“Tell me. Have you experienced any trauma or significant event in the last two, three weeks?”, the doctor asked.

62. “No. Not trauma.”, Shawn replied. Suddenly, Shawn considered his dildo mold session. “Doctor, what . . .”, he was ready to ask, but changed his mind. Embarrassed by the details of the session, Shawn decided to pursue that line of inquiry privately. 

63. After the doctor’s appointment, Shawn drove to the Los Angeles offices of ‘Playtime Products’. As he walked towards the fifth floor office, Shawn entered then greeted the receptionist and asked to speak to Mr. Ferguson. The receptionist asked Shawn to have a seat

64. After a few minutes, Mr. Ferguson entered the reception area, greeted Shawn and invited him into the office.
“I’ve been having some . . . experiencing some . . . difficulties.”, Shawn recounted.
“Such as?”, Mr. Ferguson asked.
“My cock keeps spraying cum without me having sex or jerking off.”, Shawn stated.. 

65. “Say that again, son?”, Ferguson inquired.
“I keep having orgasms without me having sex or jerking off.”, Shawn stated again.
“That’s . . . not good.”, Ferguson calmly replied.
“No shit, Ferguson. I’m drying up. That’s what the doctor said.”, Shawn said, his tone sarcastic and annoyed.
“I’m going to ask you a couple of questions. How often do you smoke weed?”, Ferguson asked.
“Every weekend.”, Shawn answered.
“And the weekend before your mold session, did you drink alcohol?”, Ferguson asked.
“Got drunk every night. Showed up hangover for the mold session.”, Shawn answered cockily

66. Ferguson grabbed the telephone on his desk and used the intercom system to call his secretary. “Bettina, call distribution and tell them to hold further shipments of Shawn’s dildo. We have to issue a recall.” When Bettina left the office, Ferguson looked at Shawn and said, “You’ve cost yourself thousands of dollars. There’s a reason your body has to be free of the chemical in marijuana and alcohol. The chemicals in your blood system react with the Viagra-like stimulant. They create enzyme releases that blend with the rubber molding material. Your cock kept bouncing on its own every time a dildo was being used.” . 

67. “You mean every time some bitch was playing with her cooch, my cock felt the sensation?”, Shawn asked.
“Not really. See, our company distributes to . . . our sales concentrate in the . . . gay community.”
“So you mean, the dildo that looks like my cock is going into other guy’s asses?” When Ferguson nodded, Shawn said, “How could that be? I’m not gay. My cock should not have reacted . . .”

68. “Your cock was in some guy’s ass pumping and grinding. Your cock’s gonna react.”, Ferguson added.
Shawn’s mind was reeling from the information Ferguson relayed. “What am I gonna do?”
“Stop your whining. Your royalties for the month are close to $7000. Your cock is very popular.”
“This can’t be happening to me.”, Shawn begged. “This can’t be happening to me.”

69. Shawn awoke from his dream, in a cold sweat. He looked at his cock, cum crusted at the tip of his cock. 

70. Shawn shook his head as he walked towards the bathroom to wash the crusty cum from his cock.

71. He sauntered back to bed, as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake his bed guest. Despite all his efforts, his guest did wake. Shawn smiled at his guest, kissed him and said, “I had that dream again.”

72. “Where your cock jerks off by itself.”, the man laughed.
“It’s all your fault. You’re the one who put my cock in a mold maker.”, Shawn said

73. Wes, the male staffer at ‘Playtime Products’, kissed Shawn. “When I saw you, I knew that I had to have the original. No rubber cock toy for me. The original beast” 

74. Wes grabbed Shawn’s cock and started stroking the sleeping beast. With seconds, Shawn’s massive cock hardened and stiffened.

75. As Shawn stabbed Wes’ ass with his 11” monster, “I want the beast.”, Wes hollered.
Wes enjoyed the fruits of his labor. His process guaranteed that, under certain circumstances, he could rewire a man’s orientation.  

76. Wes knew that Shawn smoked weed and drank alcohol.
Wes counted on it. His process used those chemicals in Shawn’s bloodstream to combine with the mold-forming chemicals, erectile stimulant and low levels of electric shock to work its magic.
Wes produced the ultimate dildo: a real one.
It did not hurt that Shawn was incredibly handsome, young and virile. That made the ultimate dildo even more exciting and inviting.
“Fuck me.”, Wes shouted, as he delighted in his living dildo’s real thing.

End Of The Story


Written by: Willie Cici
Illustrated by: Eduardo


Pepe said...

Qué pena, esperaba que el protagonista lo hiciera con el jefe de la empresa!

The Gay Cartoons said...

Te entiendo! Yo también pensé igual; aunque trato en lo posible no hacer ningún cambio en la historia, y la ilustro tal cual me la envía el autor :-(
De cualquier forma, el Ayudante del Laboratorio no está nada mal, no?
Gracias por tomarte tu tiempo para enviar tu mensaje.
Abrazo, Eduardo.

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