Written by: BillyC
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(68 illustrations)

1. I awoke at 05:35 with a raging hardon, right out of the middle of a HOT dream about my even hotter former French Canadian lover, JP (Jean-Pierre), whom I’d seen the year before again while on a trip back to Paris.
JP was about the only recurring stud who visited me in my dreams, his ass always needing another slam-fucking, always his hot swimmer’s body inviting every dirty use a horny top could think of.

2. About ninety percent of the time, at the ripe old (as I thought then) age of thirty-three I’d end up with wet sheets, though not from firing off my cumload in the dream.
No, usually I’d awaken as I had that warm July morning, bathed in sweat from our wild sex (and we had enjoyed WILD, crazy animal sex together, particularly during our reunion the previous year), but my big horsecock angrily needing release. This was one of those mornings.

3. I was so fucking horny my balls ached, like some bitch had been waving his bubble butt at me somewhere I couldn’t fuck him right then for way too long, my balls long since blue with need for release.
I checked my watch, confirmed it was, in fact, the time I knew it was, the time I awoke every day there, and groaned. I already didn’t have enough time for the workout I needed more to get through the day than I needed to empty my roiling bull nuts.

4. Getting my jock strap over my raging bone was a challenge, actually comical had a camera caught it.
Looking down at the pouch all distended, covering about half of my cock like a mitten, stretched out from my body, I couldn't help but laugh at my determined bone. “Not this morning, buddy, sorry,” I laughed, as I quickly got into my gym shorts and trainers.

5. As I said, it was a very warm summer morning there in NATO HQ, where I was posted, on the outskirts of Brussels, so I went shirtless to the officer’s gym.
The sun was barely up, and the activity outside was sparse, but I still got a few “Morning, colonel,” greetings on the short walk over from the O quarters to the other building which had the gym.

6. A few of those greetings even included appreciative glances at my very well-developed, shaved rippling torso.
My dick had gotten with the program as I’d been exiting quarters, but the obvious looks from other well-developed, mostly younger men had it stirring.
I didn’t break stride, throwing a casual salute to a couple, yelling morning to others, and I was in the gym, my dick still behaving – within reason – by 05:45.

7. I did ten on the treadmill, even though I really didn’t have the time. Old school – even when pressed for time the most, maximize the workout by getting your heart rate up.
My mind strayed occasionally to JP and some other memories of hot men, my mind and balls reminding me there was another, more preferable, way to achieve a higher heart rate.
That thinking quickly caused me to sprint to focus, and I sprinted most of it, my gym shorts waistband drenched with sweat by the time I stepped off.

8. For a lot of men leg days are dreaded, but for me I fucking loved leg days.
Maybe because I’ve always had very strong quads and calves, so I’ve always had huge capacity to easily blow most other guys away. And that morning, of the few of us hitting the weights then, just before oh six hundred, I was the only one doing legs, so I had the squat rack to myself.

9. I loaded up eight of the fifties and was aware of being watched.
Amazing how trained reflex never fades, even in the safest base in the world – my every sense were homing in on the source of the attention without a muscle betraying I was doing anything but setting the barbell.
I made a point of rounding the barbell once, making a show of checking the weights even though the rack made it unnecessary, just to get a look at who was watching me. The fucker didn’t even make an attempt to hide his gaze.

10. HOT? Yeah, like so many. But something a bit different, exotic maybe, if I were given to romanticism.
Probably five-elevenish, tight tank top showing a perfect v-shaped torso, a waist that looked like I could have gotten both hands around it with my fingers meeting, well-packed gym shorts, very well-developed legs, darkly furred like his arms and the top of his chest. Man those shoulders – about a twelve feet wide with shoulder caps that if he’d been wearing a shirt I would have sworn he had football pads on! I’m a fucking sucker for what I call “superhero shoulders”.

11. No, my quick, not-obvious-despite-my-enjoyment-of-his-physique glance was not met with any attempt on his part to hide his interest. Instead, he licked his upper lip and adjusted his package!
Of course, my cock was NOT laying still for that, and I felt the familiar stirring, the heat in my balls coming up again. Fuuuuuuuuuck!

12. I WAS going to get my workout in, but dammit my mind was now reeling with thoughts of taking him back to my quarters and fucking him senseless.
How the FUCK had I missed him before? He was, in fact, noticeable among the sea of young hot meat there, and he obviously was an officer, like me, or he wouldn’t have been in our gym.
You’re slipping, Cate, my mind said with a chuckle.

13. That last thought, along with the knowledge that the hot younger officer was watching me, fueled my effort.
I blew through the first set of fifteen, racked another hundred on the bar, and forced myself through another set. My glutes were fucking aching . . . but the young officer, who always seemed to position himself on a machine where he could look right at me, often mid flex of an enormous bicep or tricep when I glanced his way – obviously appreciated my show of strength based on his bulging crotch. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!

14. At one point we’d both navigated to where we were adjacent, and clearly we both were distracted by the other.
He finally spoke. “Assume you would ask if you needed a spot.”
I pointedly looked down, at my own crotch, and said, “That’s not what I need.”

15. He responded by dropping his towel – it looked so natural, but I knew by the devilish look in his eye that it was deliberate – and turned, bent and grabbed it, with his beautiful ass right there in front of me.
Oh, and he took his time, too.
Elle Woods would not have approved of his highly adapted bend-and-snap . . . but this stud obviously knew his audience.

16. When he was standing upright again, facing me, I held his gaze hard. “What time do you report?”
“Oh eight-thirty, SIR!” he said, far more formally than I expected.
I just looked at him, debating. Finally, knowing it was within a minute one way or another of six-forty.

17. My own report time was oh eight hundred to have everything organized for my CO’s staff meeting at oh nine hundred. But if I reported at oh eight-thirty, I’d still have time to spare – I was organized, so there was very little to do, just my usual abundance of caution . . . which this morning was turning into an abundance of burning need.

18. “I could be finished with my workout in ten, sir,” he offered.
I was amused but didn’t show it. He obviously knew his place AND his position, but he wasn’t quite down with the complexity of it, of ensuring his top drove the when. We’d see if he knew how to follow his top’s how shortly.
“You’re finished with your workout now,” I said gruffly, closer to command voice.
He stiffened, and not just his posture. I rattled off my quarters number and instructed, “Leave now, walk to the commissary but don’t go in and then walk to the OQ. I’ll have the door open by then because I’ll be leaving exactly one hundred and twenty seconds behind you.”

19. “SIR, YES SIR!” he barked reflexively, but it wasn’t full volume.
He was still standing there, though, based on a surreptitious attempt to adjust himself, he was obviously concerned about the now-unmistakable bulge in his gym shorts.
“NOW!” I said, and that time it was command voice.
He jumped up and went immediately at that, cleverly wiping his face, which didn’t need it, with the end of his towel and his chin almost on his chest so the towel hung down to flap in front of his crotch. Clever young man! Or maybe well-practiced.

20. True to my word, exactly one hundred twenty seconds after he had hurried away I was up and on my way out.
My legs were tingling with the burn. I fucking loved it! Pretty soon that would move to my nuts and blast out my cock.

21. I took the stairs the four flights to my floor in the OQ and had my door unlocked swinging the door open when I heard the elevator chime its arrival on the floor.
I left it ajar and went in and grabbed a large bottle of cold water from the fridge and had downed half when the young officer shut the door behind him.

22. I took two steps to where I could see him, and he’d taken a few long strides, too, and we were within a few feet of each other. I handed him the water bottle fresh from my lips as I inhaled our combined sweat in the room.
THAT heady combination of scents made my cock jump.

23. He took the bottle with a too-formal, “Thank you, sir,” and drank greedily.
“The rest is yours – you’ll need the hydration,” I said with a smirk, and he smiled around the bottle in his mouth as he gulped.
“When you’re done you’ll strip and you’ll tell me your name. Mine’s Cate.”

24. He finished the bottle, leaned around me and pitched it over my shoulder into my sink as he kicked off his sneakers and pulled his sweat-soaked wife beater over his head as he said, “Stoker, sir,” in answer. “First lieutenant Michael Stoker, sir.”

25. In another few seconds he had his gym shorts off, his jock strap off and stood before me stark naked and fully hard.
A beautiful, large, uncut cock on him, arrow-straight, evenly shafted from base to head and a huge mushroom head, all in all close to eight inches.

26. Big hairy balls hung low under that cock. But it was his body that was amazing.
The v-shape of his torso was even more impressive with that form-enhancing tank top off.
His every muscle was perfectly sculpted under just the right amount of a thick covering of that thick dark fur, now completely visible and glistening with his sweat.

27. Turn around,” I said quietly. He did, still standing almost at attention.
MAN that fuzzy-furred ass was going to be SORE in about ninety minutes!
“Very nice, Stoker,” I said and headed for the small bedroom. He followed – good boy

28. I turned around when I got to the bed and locked eyes with him.
He stopped close enough for me to touch if I wanted.
VERY good boy. I pulled my sweat-drenched shorts and jock strap off and was about to toss my shorts and jock when he asked, “May I sniff your jock strap, sir?”

29. I reached out and put my free hand on his shoulder.
“First, Stoker, while I am impressed, I’m not overly into the ‘sir’ stuff when my cock’s hard. Be a good bitch, but be a man, an equal bottom to my top. Second, you’ll be chewing on my jock when I’m balls-deep fucking that hot musclecunt of yours so we don’t alert the entire quarters to what we’re doing.”

30.To that, Stoker smirked and then reached out and took a handful of my now-mostly-hard horsecock that was ever more eagerly pointing his way.
His eyes never left mine, and I looked down, then back to his eyes and said, “Now we’re getting somewhere,” I said.

31. With that Stoker was on his knees and had a good handful of my big full cumtanks and had half my rod in his mouth.
I steadied my legs, already shaky from the workout and now even more so from his great technique, by planting my hands on his shoulders.

32. He had one hand clamped on the base of my cock and was testing what I liked and could take with my nuts in his firm grip, and he was increasing his reach down my shaft with his mouth, my head knocking the back of his throat harder and harder with every time he forced his mouth down it.
“Beautiful!” I said. “And those are marine nuts, Stoker – they can take whatever you give.”
“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” he said around my cock and gave my nuts a VERY firm YANK, and at the same time he SHOVED himself down on my cock and I felt his throat squeeze around my head. I really didn’t know how he did it, as big as my cockhead is, and I quickly found out he was over-trying, as he not only gagged violently, he was also stuck on it!

33. I took his head in a firm hold, one hand on the back of his head at the nape of his neck, my other massaging the front of his throat in my grip.
“Lieutenant, RELAX – NOW!” I said as I held his head and rubbed his neck.
It took a moment but he finally stopped gagging and relaxed enough that I was able to pull my cock out of his throat.
He took in an enormous gasping breath, and his eyes were watering.

34. “Stoker?” I said, pulling his chin up to look up at me looking down on him. “Sorry, sir,” he said meekly.
“Stoker, nobody can throat that thing. So don’t over-reach – I was loving what you were doing. And knock off the ‘sir’ shit – I’m Cate in here, got it?”
“Yes, s–, uh, Cate.”
“Now suck my cock and get it good and wet because as stuck as it was in your throat, you know how it’s going to feel in your ass!”

35. A look of pure abandon passed over his face as I said that, and he aggressively went back to slurping my cock and working my nuts.
Oh FUCK, was that GOOD! In fact, I probably should have, if he hadn’t been SO dick-stracting in the gym that I forgot myself, had a blowjob been his duty this morning and had him wait, anticipating the fuck to come sometime later. The feel of him giving my nuts that one last hard yank and squeeze right as I began to blast my jizz into his mouth. “FUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” I realized I exclaimed aloud.
OK, OK . . . funerals . . . puppies . . . cattle . . . I was getting way too hot way too fast because dammit this boy was a fucking GOOD cocksucker! He had his hand on my shaft rotating it around, his mouth working about six inches of my monster cock, tongue absolutely assaulting my slit and massaging my head around and around before he went back down my shaft, and his grip and work on my balls was oh so fucking GOOD.

36. Oh, and he was moaning and growling as he worked me, not only giving me that vibrato effect on my cockhead which drives me wild but also showing how very much he was enjoying my cock. I didn’t even realize that I’d started to thrust and was fucking his face, but I was, my hips acting of their own accord, entirely controlled by my cock’s need for this hot young man to feel my pleasure.
Stoker was working up another sweat, some of it rolling in light rivulets down the side of his neck from his hairline down onto and over his huge shoulders. And those shoulders? Those big fucking huge superhero shoulders? They were fucking undulating with his hands working my shaft and nuts in a way that had my mind struggling to think of anything but blasting this bitch full of my cum.

37. “FUCK IT!” I exclaimed involuntarily, and I went back to skull fucking him. I had enough time to blast a much needed relief load and then still fuck him, the longer it would take for me to cum the second time we’d probably barely make and have to scurry to report on time, but fuck it that’s what it would be!
As I face fucked him harder, he increased his nut work, and my entire body’s nerve matrix was spinning like a top. He was sucking my cock harder, working it back as aggressively as I was slamming my throbbing head against the back of his mouth over the opening to his throat. That boded VERY well to how he was going to be when my horsecock was skewering his all-too-irresistable ass, which I had a decent view of down his sweaty back.

38. “FUCK I’M CLOSE!” I shouted despite my best attempts to be reasonably quiet . . . and to at least hold out until he was begging for it.
On cue – my mental cue – he pulled off hard just long enough to say, “I FUCKING WANT IT!” and dove back down on my cock again and roughly YANKED my nuts and SQUEEZED them in a vise grip.
“Fuckn YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I started out soft but roared the ‘yeah’ until it turned into a long moan. I felt my nuts boiling over, felt the explosion starting there that would in a second rip through me. It did, and then I felt my balls exploding in a different burst and felt my cum about to blast up my cock.

39. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” he growled around my cock, his voice low, and the low-tone making his throat vibrate all the more, sending me off.
I held his head HARD as that first blast traveled the nine inches through my cock and erupted in what I felt and knew was a HUGE spurt in his mouth. I slammed my cock into his skull in time with my blasts, holding a beat while it spurted out, quick out and SHOVE back in, another blast and finally just held my cock there as I felt the last few shots and dribbles.

40. For his part he’d maintained the suction and tongue swirling right up until he was choking on the huge cumload I blasted in his mouth, fighting to swallow while his jaw was stretched WIDE OPEN around my cock. And his grip on my nuts was taut and TIGHT, which made my body spasms difficult for me to control.
I finally couldn’t take his tongue anymore and both pulled away and SHOVED him roughly back. “Goddamn, dude!” I exclaimed, settling my footing as he lolled back and fell over.

41. Stoker laughed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “No, sir,” he said, and then he stopped and looked up to see if I’d scold him. My look was amusement, and I stepped in and put my hand down for him to grab to get himself up.
“Goddamn HUGE FUCKING FUCKLOAD OF FUCKING CUM, Cate,” is what he said as he had his hand around my wrist and mine on his pulling him to his feet.

42. “Yeah, and in case you’re wondering,” I said, and I pointedly took a step back and looked down at my still-rock-hard cock bobbing between us, “There’s no worry about me fucking that ass right fucking now!” For good measure I smacked his marble-globed ass.

43. “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” he said and launched himself on the bed on all fours.
I grabbed some supplies out of the drawer as I chuckled. “So you ARE going to take it like a bitch!” I said, still chuckling.

44. “That weapon you have unholstered, sir, er, I FUCKING MEAN CATE — Hey, if I promise it’s not the ‘sir thing sex-wise’, could I just have a pass on calling you sir? I mean, I don’t want you not to enjoy it every bit—” and then he hissed loudly, as one of my lube-slicked fingers entered him.

45. “You were saying?” I said, as my finger moved farther in him and gently brushed his prostate, causing his body to tense and another loud hiss.
He was panting – obviously hadn’t been touched THERE in a while! “Please, — may I — call you ‘sir’ — if that’s – what — comes — to — my mind? Will — that — bother you?” he finally spit out as I rubbed his gland enjoying his waves and shudders.

46. I pulled my one finger out, his ass following me back, reslicked it and another finger and pressed into him, getting another long hiss as his body tensed around my two big fingers.
“Here’s the deal,” I said, and I scissored my fingers inside him, causing another shudder to wrack him. “You take it like a man, like you sucked my cock,” and I scissored again, this time my middle finger firmly knocking his prostate.

47. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” he hissed.
“And you can call me anything you want,” I finished. “Well, anything except daddy!” I added as I did the scissor/prostate-knock thing again, and just as he laughed his entire body went tense again.
“FUCK ME, FUCKER! How about that?” he panted.
“Oh, you know I will,” I answered, slicking up three fingers and plunging into his greedy hole.
His head shot down hard as his body bucked, and he yelled, “OHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” It was time, so I grabbed my sweaty stinking week-used jock strap from where I’d put it on the bed before and shoved it in his mouth.

48. “Errrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” he growled around it, inhaling deeply, and his ass was bucking on my fingers aggressively now. “FFFFRRRRUUUUUUCCCSSSHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM!” he growled louder, and I figured that meant “fuck me”.
So I did. I chewed the condom wrapper open, suited up, lubed it, positioned myself and SHOVED IT against his hole after taking hold of his hips. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” was the garbled yell I got just as his hole opened, and my cockhead popped inside. Another, longer, more growled “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” came with that.

49. I held still feeling his tight clench on my cockhead and waiting to give him some time. They always needed time with my fat horsecock. But this one either didn’t or didn’t care, because with only a few seconds gone, he shoved back into me, ONTO me, another muffled loud yell as he did it matching my surprised “YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” as that too-tight chute took me in, inch after inch.
“SHUUSHHHHHFFFRRUUUCCHHHNNNNNNNFFRUUUCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMM!” he exclaimed, and to translate it he began to move on my cock back and forth.

50. And I got the message: just fucking fuck me. So I did, starting slow, but he slammed back onto me after I had pulled about halfway out and was just starting to slide back in. Ah, so he was one of THOSE types of bitches. Actually, the type I fucking LOVE.
I pulled back and before he could fuck back onto me I SLAMMED into him HARD. “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he yelled around my stinking jock filling his mouth. So I did it again. And again. And I picked up the pace and SLAMMED that boy’s cunt HARD and DEEP, faster and FASTER, until my big swinging balls were smacking his so hard mine ached from the impacts. Yeah, now we really were getting somewhere!

51. His muffled yells were continuous, up in volume and intensity, then a little down, then up again when my cockhead would blast through his second ring in either direction, again and again. And his chute was TIGHT and HOT around me, like a perfect fuck indeed.
He worked his ass, fucking back on me as I brutally fucked him. I moved my hands from his hips to over his shoulders to get better holding power and drilled that cunt harder and faster, eliciting even more noise and more movement from him, which just stoked me hotter and made me more determined.

52. The first time I moved enough so that my cockhead banged his prostate on the in-thrust, he threw his head back and yelled, though it was as muffled as everything else. And then I felt his left shoulder slump down right as I felt his hand GRABBING my balls ROUGHLY and YANKING. Right as I groaned LOUD, he’d pulled my jock mostly out of his mouth with his other hand, his upper body balanced on the bed only on his elbow, and he growled, “FUCK. ME. JUST. LIKE. THAT. NOWWWWWWW!” and to emphasize it he SQUEEEZED my nuts HARD and YANKED again, pulling me balls-deep into him.

53. I didn’t need to be told twice, and as I yelped, I pulled out and slammed back into him, aiming right for his inner knob and getting a loud “YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” as I did along with his body spasming and his cunt squeezing my cock. OH YEAH, this would work JUST FINE!
I slam-fucked that boy as brutally as my own strength and determination could, and he took every thrust and matched then one for one, slamming back into me onto my thrusting cock every bit as hard as I thrusted into him. One of us would have a broken bone – his coccyx or my pelvis – if I lasted much longer.
But the waves of pleasure flashing through, over and around my entire body, the smell of our sweat and sex, the sounds of our exertions and pre-ecstasies, all of it I wanted to just go on and on and on. And my body unconsciously just kept POUNDING him, matching moves, paces and always slamming HARD.

54. Stoker, on the other hand, all of a sudden started yelling. “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK,” over and over again, and then I felt his body tighter yet still thrusting back even harder. And then his ass ring was clenching harder, and as my nuts started to build up to their explosion, he yelled long and unintelligibly, “OOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhffffffffaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuufffffffffffffucccccccccchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!” and suddenly he was bucking and spasming around me and continued his long yodel of a yell as I felt his climax ripping through him and exploding through his cock.

55. And as he’d gotten to the edge, I’d started building, and before he was through shouting his ecstasy, I was suddenly shooting HARD, my balls as tight as my sac could get in his grip, and I was thrashing my head back as my body bucked with every hard shot.
We were both gasping as our cries ended, and he had his head down on the bedcover. He slowly banged his clenched fist down, not hard, just with emphasis that was, somehow, very endearing. I took one hand and rubbed his sweat-slick back, still deep inside him, and felt him react to the touch with a shudder that was both outside and inside. “DAMN, good!” I said quietly.

56. “FUCK, sir, that’s an understatement of epic proportion,” he panted out. We were both quiet after that and stayed that way, connected at my softening cock, our breathing settling.
I was the one who finally put my other hand on his ass, ready to slide it down and hold the condom on me as I slid my cock out. When I started to pull back he hissed, “AAAAAAAAAA FUCK!” and I stopped, but he hissed in a low voice, “No” “Do it” “Just do it”.
I pulled back and heard him suck in a hard breath and moan as I pulled the last few inches out, holding the condom tight but seeing the impressive amount of my cum in it at the same time that I saw his ass, swollen and red and frothy from the force of our fucking and churning the lube.
“Damn, Stoker, that’s a beautiful sight.”

57. With a groan he moved around and looked at my bulging condom, his eyes smoldering. “FUUUUCKKKK, sir, it sure is!” he said.
I laughed as he said it. “UH, I meant your hot butt, Stoker,” I said.
He flopped back onto the bed, and just as quickly rolled to the side, saying, “Ugh!” I could see he’d flopped onto his own VERY impressive cumload he’d blasted all over the bed, and it was thick enough that it was globbed on his back where he’d lay in it.

58. I leaned in and took a long lick of his back, savoring the sweat and his thick tangy cum. As I “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”ed, he reached out and caressed the side of my face. It was far more intimate a move than I expected, and it was exceptionally pleasant, his not-soft not-rough fingertips rasping on my wiry blond beard stubble.

59. I surprised myself by leaning into his touch and turning my head to kiss his hand. I stopped myself before I did, and I looked over his hand and saw he was watching me . . . and his look of disappointment cut me to the quick.

60. I still had the well-filled condom in my hand, so I was clumsy, but I reached down and got my big hand behind Stoker’s head and pulled him up to me, face to face, and, with our lips separated by a hair’s width, I murmured, “May I, lieutenant?”

61. It was hard to focus on his eyes that close, but I sensed more than saw fear in them. But he nodded just slightly, his lips brushing mine as he did, and I pressed in, and then we kissed, and then we were fully embraced, the cummy condom dropped, our arms tight around each other, his lips open, and my tongue IN him, our tongues having their own version of what we’d just done for the more than an hour.
We finally both broke the LONG kiss at the same time, his hands pushing me at my waist, mine at his shoulders, and we fought to catch our breath that way, close enough to continue to be a little high on each other’s smell. “That was fucking hot. All of it. Cate,” he added without the slightest hint of mocking me.

62. “Lieutenant colonel William Cate, lieutenant, at your service,” I said quietly, with a smile I felt from somewhere way inside me.
He asked, “William or Bill?”
I leaned in and kissed him again. “Which am I to you?”
“Bill. BIG Bill!” he said, with a laugh.
I didn’t laugh. “It’s been so long since anyone called me by my first name.” I stopped. And he started to say something but I spoke up. “No, the truth is I like YOU calling me by my name, Stoker,” I admitted.
“Would you consider calling me ‘Mike’, Big Bill?” he asked with an earnest look.

63. He smiled and then his smile morphed into a smirk. “OK, Just Bill it is!” And before I could take him to task for it he quickly kissed my lips and said, “KIDDING!”
And then his eyes narrowed a little, and they started to smolder a bit. He pulled back and looked me up and down from my face to my cock and back up to my torso and then met my eyes again.
“FUUUUuuuuuuuuuccccccck,” he said. “HOT, the absolute best fuck EVER, a colonel AND a sweet guy? I should be heading to the casino after duty.” And then his eyes went wide, and he snapped his eyes up to his face.

64. “OH FUCK!” he shouted. “I’ve got fourteen minutes until I have to report, and sir, you’re late. It’s eight fucking sixteen!” he cried, jumping off the bed.
I just smiled, knowing I’d made a great trade of my very ordered plan for the prep time before my CO’s staff meeting for this amazing fuck, for this amazing boy, actually.

65. While Stoker jumped into his sweaty gym clothes still with his sneakers in his hand, he said, “I have to dash, really. Um, uh, uhhhhhh,” he said and trailed off, not continuing, just looking at me.
I got up and walked to him, naked and stinking as much as he did. I walked right up to him until our bodies were in contact and kissed him quickly.

66. “Go, Mike.” Mike had whimpered a bit when I pulled my lips away from his. “And Mike,” I continued, “Would you call my office sometime today when you have a chance?” His face went to a wide grin instantly. “That is, if you think maybe we can do this again – or something . . . anything . . . together?” I said, ending it as a question.

67. Mike just kept grinning. “Lieutenant!” I barked, and Stoker reflexively snapped to attention. “GO! NOW!” And I gave him a smack on that awesome ass of his.

68. Stoker winced at the smack but leaned in and touched lips with me quickly and then turned and ran to the door, over his shoulder yelling, “Yes, SIR!”
Damn I loved the bounce of his ass! And I liked him, too.

End Of The Story


Written by: BillyC
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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