Written by:  Dan W

Illustrated by: Eduardo

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately I failed to contact Dan W innumerable times, because his email address does not exist any more but, since I liked his Story very much I decided to illustrate it without his express authorization.
If any one knows how to contact him, please, let me know or tell him  to contact Eduardo

    1. I dreaded the news that I would again be accompanying my family to Naples for vacation.
Now when you live in upstate New York, and your family invites you to Naples for a break from the winter cold, a person doesn't often say "no".  But in my case, being a Senior in high school on Spring Break, I just wanted to hang with my buds.
I had anticipated a whole week with my girlfriend without interference from my family, and I was secretly hoping that they'd leave me at the house alone.
All my hopes were dashed when my Dad informed me that I'd be coming on the trip.

    2. When my family arrived in Naples the third week of March, I was despondent.
I was going to miss so much of what was going on back home with my friends.
       I was miserable, and I took every opportunity to make my family miserable as well.
I guess the one bright spot was that my Dad had rented a nice house on the beach, and my room over-looked the beautiful gardens of the house next door.  My two sisters had to share a room and my parents had their room downstairs.

    3. For the first two days, I kept away from my family.
My routine was the same.  I'd don baggy shorts, a tee-shirt and head for the beach.
I enjoyed walking the beach, and at least once a day, I'd do about a 6 mile run to work up a good sweat, and work off my frustrations.
It was after one of these runs that I was about 100 yards from the house and stopped to catch my breath, my chest heaving a bit in the Florida heat.

    4. "Would you like a cold drink? You sure look like you could use it."  
I looked up to see a man about 50, slim and all tanned stepping off of his back deck with a large glass of ice water.  I was flustered for a second, but I was thirsty too.
       "Uh,,hi,,you know that does look good."
I took the drink of water and enjoyed its coolness in my throat.
"Wow, thanks.  I think I needed that." I handed him back the glass smiling.

    5. "You need to be careful of heat stroke here, son.  I can see that you are in great shape, but nonetheless you need to keep your fluids up."
His tanned face showed genuine concern.  I looked at him more closely.  Yes, I'd say mid-forties to fifties, but he was in great shape.  His shoulders were muscled, but not musclebound, his stomach was taut and flat, like a man much younger, and his thighs were large and powerful looking.  He wore a red speedo style bathing suit that showed off his tan magnificently.
"Feeling better?"  His white teeth glistened in the sun and his bleached gray hair was startling in contrast to his golden tanned skin.

    6. "Uh yes,,,fine now.  Really thank you for the water."  I reached out and shook his hand in thanks, and started off down the beach towards our vacation house.
       "Ok, you take care now.  See you tomorrow."
Tomorrow?  What a strange word to use.  Not "later" or "sometime", but "tomorrow", as if there existed a plan to get together.
I didn't think another thing of it, and went back to my house for the rest of the day, but I could not get the image of him, and his wonderful smile out of my mind.

    7. When I returned from my run the next morning, I made sure that I walked by the mysterious man's house.  It was dark however, and I couldn't see any life.
I was about to walk past when I heard a greeting.

    8. "Hey, good morning again."  I turned and could see that that man had been sitting on his porch, but hidden behind some plants, that shielded out the sun from the porch.
       "Oh, hi" I replied, and waved, pausing in my walk, rivulets of sweat dripping down my back.

    9. "Nice to see you again.  You ran early this morning."
       "Well, I wanted to take your advice about avoiding heat stroke."  
The man laughed a hearty laugh. I could see that he was naked except for another Speedo bathing suit.  This one was purple, and briefer, I almost mistook it for underwear until I saw the familiar Speedo logo.

    10. "C'mon in.  The juice is freshly squeezed."  Again, the welcoming smile.  I paused and looked at him for a moment, and then I passed by him and onto his porch.  He invited me to a chair and sat opposite.  There was indeed a large pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice on the table.  I quickly drank down one glass, and then poured myself another.

    11. "My name is Ben by the way." And he reached out his hand.
       "Hi, I'm Todd."  I replied shaking his hand firmly.
       Again the warm smile.  "You are down here on vacation with your family?"
       "Yes."  My short reply and the scowl on my face were obvious.
       "Okay, let me guess.  Most of your friends are having a way better time wherever they are hanging out, and you are down here with your family?"
       I laughed and looked over at him.  "Yes,,,well, that about sums it up Ben."
       He laughed.

    12. For the first time, I looked around and noticed that I could see through into the house from the open French doors.  
From the beach, much of the house was hidden by the huge lilacs that covered his porch.  I looked in and saw a kitchen sparkling in silver and also I could see black leather couches and lots of books.
       "Would you like to see?"  Ben asked after he noticed where I was looking.

    13. He stood up and began to walk towards the door.  He really moved with remarkable grace, his muscled thighs rippled as he walked.  His purple Speedo hung well below his hips and clung to his behind like a second skin.
       I looked away.  I had seen many of my mates on the swim team in similar racing suits.  No big deal I thought.  I got out of my chair and followed Ben into the house.
       "You live here with your family?" I asked.

    14. "No.  I live alone."  He offered no further explanation and instead showed me a beautifully decorated home.  The den consisted of deep purple wood paneling and black leather chairs and couches.  A large flat-screen plasma TV was mounted on the wall. Photographs of sports figures were mounted on the walls around the den.  I could see photographs of a lot of Yankees, Reggie Jackson, Goose Gossage, Jeter, Mattingly.  I could see more of Olympic athletes, Carl Lewis, etc.  As I looked closer, I could see that many were autographed.

    15. "Awesome set-up.  Do you collect this stuff?"
       "No, I actually took most of the photos.  I was a sports photographer before I retired."
       "Sounds like an awesome job."
       "Well," he laughed, "it was a job, and I got to travel and meet some interesting people."

    16. We continued touring through the house, until we came to an open area in the center of the house.  It was more like an open courtyard, covered by tinted glass panels two stories above.  It was filled with plants, and off to one side was a sunken hot tub. "Wow", I said, as I appreciated all the smells of the flowers and the sunlight, "Must be great to have a hot babe in a place like this with the tub and all."

    17. Ben smiled and put his hand on my shoulder. My shoulder tingled under his firm touch.  
"That's no tub.  Come here, I'll show you."  We walked together over to the tub and I could see now that it wasn't a spa or anything like that.  It was almost like a mini-swimming pool about 12 feet long and 6 feet wide.  
"Do you know how to swim?" he asked.
       "Yes, I do.  Ben, I'm on the swim team at my high school.  Freestyle and backstroke."
       "Oh, I assumed you were a track and field man given the way you ran. That's great.  I'm a masters swimmer and I use this pool to train."

    18. I looked at him puzzled, and he laughed.
       "You can create a current in the pool to swim against.  Sort of like a stationary bike.  It has very precise controls, right down to the stroke per minute.  I usually try to do two miles a day.  It's peaceful and I can even hook up sound to earphones so I listen to music while I swim.  For me it's better without the constant flip turns."
       "That's incredible".
       "Try it sometime this week when you are here.  It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it's fantastic."

    19. I thanked Ben as we walked back out onto the porch.  
"I'm glad to have met you as well I," he replied.  
"Don't be a stranger this week, I've enjoyed your company."  
All the while, his hand remained wrapped around mine, and the smile never left his face.  I felt flushed a bit.  Was he coming onto me? I wondered.
       Now, I have no problem with gay people.  I have a very cool uncle who is gay, and I know at least two kids in my senior class who are gay.  Nice kids, although not close friends of mine.  But I've never felt the object of gay affection, until now.

    20. As I walked along the beach back to my parents rented house, I felt very strange.  On one hand I thought it was a little weird to feel that a man would seem to take a sexual interest in me.
       On the other hand, I felt a bit flattered.  I was sure Ben probably had a long list of close friends and lovers and it felt strangely arousing that he would be interested in me.
I wasn't afraid at all, in fact I was flattered.  I was sure even though Ben probably thought I was handsome, I suspected he knew that his interest in me wasn't mutual.  I was glad for his friendship, and I was sure he knew that had limits.

    21. That night, as I lay in bed waiting for sleep, I thought of Ben.  I remembered his touch on my shoulder and his firm grip as he shook my hand.
       I also remembered his body, his defined chest and powerful thighs.  I also remembered the Speedo, how it clung to him like a second skin.  Yes, I had noticed his ass in the Speedo, but I had also noticed his crotch too, hadn't I?

    22. Yes, I remembered furtively looking where his Speedo had bulged out from between his legs.  I saw the outline of his cock pointed across his hip.  It was in a way I hadn't noticed about my mates on the swim team.
       I awoke the next morning, my shorts soaked from my semen.

    23. I went out for a run the next morning.  It was overcast and humid, and I wore light running shorts and a track shirt.  After only a mile running, the skies turned much darker and an intense Florida-style thunderstorm started.  I turned and started running back towards the house, slogging my way through the wet sand.

    24. "Jesus I, get the hell out of the rain."  It was Ben waving to me from his back porch.
In just the half a minute he was standing in the doorway I could see his white tee shirt getting soaked to the skin.  I headed over and dashed onto his back porch.

    25. "Holy shit, it really came on fast."
       Ben was laughing and soaked all at the same time.
He pulled me onto the porch and shook the rain off of himself.  I stared at him in his t-shirt, now transparent from the wet rain, and also his white jockey shorts, soaked and equally transparent.
I could see his cock, outlined and flesh colored in his white jockeys.

    26. "You know Todd you've got to stay out of the rain.  Come on then, get in side.  Do you drink coffee?  Here's a towel."  He tossed me one towel, and wrapped another around his waist after peeling off his soaked t-shirt.
       He poured us both coffee and we stared out at the beach and ocean from his deck.
It was raining hard, and the water was black.
"I'm not sure I would have made it all the way back to our house," I laughed. "So much for running today."

    27. "Yes, I don't think this is going to break anytime soon I.  Do you want to call your parents?  Tell them you are safe here and having coffee and you can stay as long as you like until the rain breaks."
       "Yes,,,I think that's a good idea."  Ben showed me the phone and then left me to make the call.  My parents were relieved I had found shelter and told me to come home after it breaks up, or if they needed to, they would come get me.

    28. After I hung up, I followed Ben into the covered courtyard at the rear of his house.  He was standing by the mini-pool.
       "Todd, listen, your day might not be a total loss.  You can swim in my mini-pool if you like."
I looked at the pool.  I definitely wanted to try it. "I'd love to try it."

    29. He pointed me to a cabana off of the courtyard where he told me I could get changed.  He had left a bathing suit for me.
He headed off to another part of the house to get changed as well.
When I entered the cabana, there was a single white Speedo bathing suit hanging neatly on the hook.  It was similar to suits I had worn during swim meets.  

    30. Only after slipping it on, did I realize it was really more bikini style than competition.  The one inch side-bands accentuated my thighs and the pouch at my crotch.
I briefly looked in the dressing mirror, and I could see the outline of my cock through the thin white nylon.
With my tanned body I looked almost like those models in the International Male catalogs that came occasionally in the mail.

    31. I was sure that Ben had picked this suit with the intention of seeing me wear it. It was fine, I thought to myself.  Ben had been so nice to me the last few days, not creepy at all.  If it gave him some thrill to see me in this bathing suit I didn't mind at all.  In a way, I felt it was something I could do to make him happy.  I felt a tingle in my loins at that thought, and I could see my cock begin to thicken in the Speedo.  

    32. I took a breath and walked back out into the courtyard.
Ben was crouched by the pool adjusting some controls on a panel.  He turned when he heard me approach and stood up staring at me.  It was obvious to me now that he did like looking at my body.  His eyes traveled down my chest to my hips and then to my crotch.

    33. Ben was wearing a rose-colored Speedo, which in the morning light, looked perfect with his bronze tan.  
"My god I, I'm glad I don't have to race against you.  Look at all those muscles."
       Again he smiled broadly at me, making me feel like we could entrust our deepest secrets to each other.

    34. "Are you ready to try it?"
      As I climbed into the pool, I realized that it wasn't very deep, 5 feet, and it was about room temperature, so there was no first chill in the water when I slid in.
"Okay, now how do I do this?"

    35. "It takes a bit of getting used to.  It's almost like you'll be gliding on a continuous wave.  You'll feel the current begin to circulate against you and must begin to swim against it.  The trick is maintaining buoyancy and swimming so that you remain in the center of the pool and don't go smacking into the forward end, or swimming so slowly that your feet hit the back end.  Ok, I'll try a bit of current and we'll see how you do."

    36. Ben sat next to a control panel, with his feet dangling into the pool.
 I looked again at his crotch, staring for a moment at the rose-colored pouch nestled between his thighs.  `God, what is going on in my head?"  I shook off these thoughts and lay forward in the water as I began to feel the current build against me.

    37. At first a few quick strokes brought me crashing into the forward end of the pool, and then as Ben adjusted the current, it sometimes pushed me back against the rear.  Ben laughed at my efforts.
"See I told you it was hard. Here I'm going to set it on my training speed, and I'll hold you up in the water so you can get a feel for the buoyancy before you begin.  Ok?"

    38. "Yes, sure." `How was this going to work?' I asked myself.  Ben slid into the pool and waded over to me.
       "Okay, now you lean forward and I'll hold you up with my hands on the current.  I can pull you back or forward depending on how you adjust. Okay?  I promise not to drown you."  Again the smile.  I nodded in agreement and started to lean forward.

    39. Ben placed one hand on my chest and another on my left thigh, the side he was standing against.  He held me floating in the water as the current began and I started to slowly go into a freestyle stroke.

    40. Ben moved down my side a bit so that my arms could extend for the stroke.
His left hand traveled down my stomach and now held me up placed against my lower stomach, below the belly button, and just above the edge of my Speedos.  His other hand moved up my thigh, away from my kicking lower legs and he held me afloat by the hip.
       It felt odd to me at first.  I was concentrating on my stroke, but his hands on my body were definitely distracting.  His touch was firm, and yet safe.

    41.   I felt entrusted to him and I was not afraid to let myself trust Ben completely.
Even as I felt two of his fingers slide over the top edge of my Speedo I wasn't nervous.  He was helping me, and if my thanks was letting him flirt a bit with me, that was fine.  I was really ok with it.
I liked Ben.

    42. In the middle of these thoughts, I felt Ben released me and I floated free in the water.  This time my stroke was timed perfectly and I merely floated free in the middle of pool, swimming steadily against the current, and yet not moving.
I could see as I rotated that Ben was still in the pool watching me.

    43. It was strange seeing his face as I took a breath above the surface and then as I rotated beneath, I could see his thighs and crotch beneath the water.
       After about 20 minutes of this, I stopped and Ben hit a button and the current ceased. I came up out of the water looking at Ben who was smiling broadly.

    44. "Wow, Todd, you are a fast learner.  It took me almost two weeks to get the technique down properly."
As I neared him I had my hand upraised in a "high-five" motion to Ben.  He reciprocated and as he did he threw his other arm around my shoulder and gave me a brief hug in the water.
I laughed, but I enjoyed it as I felt his firm chest up against mine.

    45. It was only momentary, but as we pushed to separate our thighs and crotches came into contact and I felt the muscles of his thighs against mine and I felt his nylon covered cock press against my cock.
We both paused a second and then started moving towards the side.

    46. I purposely turned to face Ben and I hoisted myself into a sitting position in the pool.  As my hips slid out of the water and over the side, I could see Ben staring at my Speedo.

    47. I looked down and I was startled by how the wet bathing suit clung to every centimeter of my cock which was clearly semi-aroused!!  The white Speedo perfectly outlined every part of my cock, from the ridge-line around the head to the balls hanging beneath my shaft.
I laughed nervously and flicked the waist of my Speedo to allow air in and reduce the ability of the nylon to cling to my cock.

    48. Ben got out of the pool, his back to me, but not before I saw the front of his Speedo distended, his cock also in semi-arousal.
He hurried towards my cabana and picked up the clothes I had left there, keeping his back to me as best he could.
"Todd, I should have thrown these right into the dryer. I'll do that now and then grab something for you to wear.  There are towels in the shower already."

    49. I walked over to the cabana, under Ben's steady gaze.  What could I do really?  I knew he was looking at me, looking at me in my bathing suit, which hid virtually nothing. Ben was a great guy, and I took secret pleasure in knowing that Ben was enjoying the view, and yes, maybe he was flirting a bit, but it all seemed so,,,safe.  I knew that Ben would never do a thing to hurt me.

    50. In the shower, I peeled off my Speedo, and released my cock to the warm water cascading over my body.  I was surprised at how aroused I was.  My cock was at full hardness.  I thought to myself, `my God, I mean I'm not gay or anything.  I guess it really doesn't matter, sexual energy is sexual energy and it's always arousing knowing that someone was thinking of you in a sexual way.'

    51. My soapy hand wrapped around the length of my cock, and I stroked myself slowly at first, my curled fingers caressing the ridge of my cockhead with every stroke.  The strokes became quicker then, and immediately I felt the surge within my loins and my cock exploded in streams of cum in the shower.
I felt my knees go weak as my testicles emptied themselves in a delicious torrent of pleasure.

    52. After a few minutes recovery, I stepped out of the shower, grabbing the towel that Ben had left on the bed.  I dried myself and put on a thin cotton robe that Ben had hung on the back of the door.  The 200 thread cotton robe felt like a dress shirt that covered my body.  Actually, it was a short robe, that came only to mid-thigh, and tied securely at the waist with a similar cotton belt.

    53. I walked back into the courtyard where Ben was standing dressed in a fresh bathing suit, a gray silvery Speedo, and a t-shirt.  
He handed me a glass of orange juice.  "Freshly squeezed."  He smiled that gloriously disarming smile again.  His eyes a brilliant sparkle in the overhead light.  
Feel better?"
       "Yes, much," I responded.

    54. I drank down the orange juice, eyeing Ben as he wandered into the kitchen.  I thought Ben handsome, and could see how a woman would really go for him.  He kept himself in great shape, he moved with the grace of a Bengal tiger, and charisma just oozed from his body.  I wondered to myself if a man would feel the same way.  What would a gay man feel like looking at Ben?  I thought to myself that it probably wasn't any different really.  A man would like the same qualities in Ben that a woman would.

    55. I followed Ben out to the front porch and we sat looking at the skies as the clouds began to break.  I sat next to Ben on the two seat couch, with the fruit on the table in front of us.  We both silently nibbled the pineapple and strawberries and then sat back looking out of the expanse of the beach.

    56. Ben was looking off in the distance, and I looked over at him out of the corner of my eye.  My gaze traveled down over his stomach to the silver gray Speedo and powerful legs that were now only inches from my own.
       Silent tension swirled around in my mind as I eyed the bulge between Ben's legs.
If I had been a gay man, I thought to myself, I'd probably reach over to caress him.  I wondered if Ben was thinking the same thing as I looked down at my own legs.

    57. The robe had parted at my thighs when I sat, and my right thigh was naked almost to my balls.  I tensed for a moment thinking maybe I should cover myself up.  What if Ben really were gay? Wasn't I just unfairly teasing him?  No, I thought to myself.  Ben was totally comfortable being who he was, there was no good reason for me not to feel the same way.

    58. At that moment, Ben reached his hand across the couch and rested it on my naked thigh.  I immediately tensed but tried to hide it.
"Relax," I told myself, "he's your friend."
The hand was on my thigh, with his fingers very much on the soft skin of my upper thigh.

    59. "Hey, I'm going to miss you when you head back home.  You've been good company for me."  The hand remained where it was, inches from my groin.
       There seemed to be rushing wind in my ears as I felt the hand so close to my cock, which now began to stir in response.  The folds in the robe hid my growing erection, but the blood in my ears began to pound so loudly that I felt sure Ben could hear.

    60. And just like that it was over.  Ben stood, smiling and looking at me.
"Come on, I think your stuff is dry now, I'll go get it for you so that you can change."
Ben wandered back into the house, but this time I felt sure that Ben's Speedo was stretched in a way that I hadn't seen it before.

    61. I quickly dressed and walked back out to the porch where Ben stood standing, now only in the Speedo.
"It's getting hot again."  I thanked Ben for the rescue from the downpour and for the swim.

    62. As he reached out to shake my hand, Ben drew me in again, with an arm around my shoulder, as he had done in the pool.  It was a warm quick hug, but not so quick that I didn't feel the contact of Ben's Speedo with my own crotch.  It was only a second, but in that second, I felt Ben's manhood against my own.

    63. As I walked down the beach towards the vacation house I looked back over the events of the last few days and my new friend.
Ben was really nice, I thought to myself, so self-assured, and yes, in a way, so sexual. I was glad to be his friend, and even happier to be an object of affection for the man.
Ben had been so kind to me and had turned the prospects of a miserable vacation into something much more enjoyable.  If Ben wanted to touch my leg, was that so bad?  Maybe Ben was home in the shower masturbating even now at the pleasure he had received from that single touch.

    64. It hadn't been unpleasant from my experience either.  There was no denying that my cock had started to become aroused when Ben's hand was on my thigh?  Did that make me gay?  No, I thought to myself, it just meant that I wanted to please my new friend.  But how far would that desire to please extend?
       The next morning, I again ran by Ben's house, but there was no one on the porch, and the house was quiet, dark.  I didn't stop then, nor a few hours later when I walked by the porch again, and still there was no sign of life.  I was saddened at the thought that maybe Ben had left town without saying goodbye.

    65. My fears were unfounded when I saw the lights lit on Ben's porch when I walked by in the early evening.  I heard my name called out from the porch, and I could see Ben waving me over.  I sauntered over.
"Hey you," I heard Ben say, "I thought I'd missed you today."

    66. As I walked in, Ben threw his arm around my shoulders.  We chatted and Ben explained that he'd been in town for a gallery showing of some his photographs.  "'The Century in Sports' it was called," he said with a laugh.  "That makes me feel real old."
       Spontaneously, I replied, "You shouldn't feel old at all.  If I look half as good as you at your age, I'll be psyched."  I caught myself, but I blushed all the same as I realized how the comment might seem too flirtatious.  Ben only smiled broadly.
       "I only regret that since I'm retired I won't be able to photograph you in your professional prime as the great athlete I no doubt know that you will become.  Track and field was my specialty too.  Ah, such a shame."

    67. "Well, if I ever become a famous track star, I'll be sure to come back for a private photo session.  You can include the pictures in your next gallery showing.  Call it `The New Century in Sports."
Ben laughed, but his eyes looked off in the distance for a few moments, and then back to me, eyeing me as if about to ask a question.
       "What is it Ben?"
       "I'd love to photograph you."  He said it without emotion, just letting it hang in the air.

    68. "Well, I'm not famous."  I responded.
       "You will be."
       I thought a moment, then said, "Sure, anytime you want Ben."
       "What about now?"
       "Right now?"
       "Yes, my studio is in the back wing, it's really all set up and ready to go."
       I thought a moment and then said, "Ok, but I'm going to feel really strange."

    69. Ben spoke as he walked, "Well, since we are not at the Penn Relays, these will be still life portraits of you and your body in athletic poses."
I could sense the professionalism in Ben's voice.  Ben's eyes focused sharply and he moved quickly through the house.  We passed through a set of double wooden doors into a room that had heavy gray drapes on three some of it's four walls.  It was lit by commercial lights recessed into the twelve foot ceilings.  It gave the impression of a large ballroom, except for the photography equipment, which was in abundance and scattered throughout the room.

    70. One area against the dark drapes was clear of photographic debris and was surrounded by lights, this, I thought, was where the subject must stand.
Ben spoke as he walked around the room turning on various lights as he went, "Okay, so while I get set up, why don't you go in the other room over there.  It's a walk-in closet with stuff of all shapes and sizes that you can change into.  Don't be shy, whatever you want to wear, put it on. Okay?"
I nodded my head and walked into the large walk-in closet.

    71. In my opinion, it was more than a walk-in closet.  It was large, and had long racks of clothes hanging.  Ben must be a totally organized guy, I thought.  Each section of clothing was clearly marked as a category: track and field; swimming; wrestling; baseball; basketball, etc.

    72. After a few minutes, I settled on a yellow, competition-style, body suit for track. Normally, for competitions in High School, I'd worn the school colors in shorts and a runner's shirt.  Next year, I'd wear these types of full bodied running suits.

    73. I undressed and slid on the yellow lycra suit, pulling the straps onto my shoulders.  The suit fit me like a second skin and as I looked in the mirror I shrugged with disappointment at where my undershorts bunched underneath the lycra at my groin.  I paused for a moment thinking that Ben would probably get a kick out of it if I just wore the suit without the underwear.
I smiled to myself as I stripped off the suit and, tugged my underwear off and pulled the running suit back on.

    74. Much better now, I thought to myself, as I looked at my reflection in the mirror and could see how pleasant and well-formed my body looked.
At my crotch I could see the outline of my own cock as it lay against my leg.  It
       looked normal, it felt normal.  In fact, it felt like I could run a sub-10 one-hundred in this outfight.  But most of all, I thought, Ben would like it.

    75. As I stood under the lights in this track suit, Ben stared at me in stunned awe.  "Are you okay Ben?"  The young man's question stirred Ben from his thoughts.
       "oh, uhm, yes,,,I you look great.  I think the camera will really love you."  Ben moved forward to stand by me, looking me over closely.

    76. He reached down and tugged the leg of the lycra suit down a bit further over my thigh.  I could feel Ben's eyes on me, appraising me, and at times Ben's fingers tugged at a seam or smoothed a crease.  I stood still, enjoying the attention.  

    77. Ben stood behind me looking at my buttocks and reached out to my waist and tugged up my suit.  The lycra stretched tightly over the my ass and nestled tightly between the cleft of my ass cheeks.  I didn't flinch at the contact, and instead my groin tingled as I felt the lycra being pulled more tightly over my ass, as well as tugging at my groin from beneath.  I felt the first stirrings in my loins and wondered what I'd look like if this kept up.

    78. Ben stood about six feet in front of me smiling that wonderful smile.
       "Okay handsome,,,let's start shooting.  For the most part, I want you to be natural and not worry about the camera.  Choose a pose and then stay in for thirty seconds or so that way I can shoot from different angles okay?
"What pose do I get into?" I asked.
       "Well anything you like really I.  Why don't you start with the way you warm up for a meet, some stretches or something."

    79. I thought for a few minutes and then crossed my legs and keeping them straight I bent down and touched my fingers with my toes.
Immediately I heard the camera shutter clicking away as Ben sought the best angle to shoot from by walking around me.

    80. I waited my normal stretch time and then I assumed another pose, keeping my right leg straight and leaning forward bending my left knee as I did so, my hands firmly on my hips.
       I was feeling wonderful under the lights and under Ben's guidance.  My body had never felt so alive as it did now, as I stretched all of my muscles.
       The feeling of the track suit on my body was exquisite and yes, arousing.

    81. At one point I looked down at myself and could see that I was semi-hard.  I was sure that Ben had noticed too, but I smiled, did it really matter?  If this made Ben happy, I'd be glad to do it.
       "Ben, I'm going to try on something else okay?  I'm starting to sweat, it might be time for a swim suit photo shoot.
       "Okay, you know where everything is.  I know it gets warm in here with the lights on, but I need the lights.  Go ahead and sweat all you want."

    82. By the time Ben returned to the room, I was already dressed in a light green nylon Speedo bathing suit with 1" side bands.  Ben paused a moment, wondering how he was ever going to get through this photo shoot without ravaging the young man.  I smiled at Ben when I saw him, "this is sort of what I usually wear when I swim at school".
       "I like it", Ben replied as he walked over to me, looking me up and down.

    83. "I'm just going to adjust your suit okay?"
       "Yes, sure.  Do whatever you have to do Ben."
Ben smiled, and pulled and tugged at the rear of the suit.  I felt Ben's hands along the waistband, pulling so that the suit was smooth against my bottom.  It was all very professional, but I enjoyed the feeling of Ben's fingers on me, and my loins stirred.  I was sure that Ben was adjusting a bit more than necessary, but I let him enjoy himself.  

    84. I smiled at Ben as he knelt in front of my groin for a moment, and reached up between the material of the suit and the front of my thigh, pulling the material smooth. Ben's fingers were only centimeters from my cock, which started to tingle, but almost as
       soon as the stirrings started, Ben quickly removed his fingers and stood up looking at me.

    85. "Uh Todd, can you uhm,,,adjust yourself?  You are sort of off to one side if you know what I mean.  For the pictures I'd like you to be symmetrical, sort of pointing down."
       I looked at Ben and then with one hand pulling the suit away from my groin, my right hand snaked in around my hardening cock and pointed it down.  It filled and distended the swimsuit.  It was obvious that my cock was semi-aroused, but Ben, who had been watching closely, just smiled, picked up the camera and resumed shooting.

    86. I stretched myself under the lights, reveling in the warmth and attention I was receiving from Ben.  I could hear the shutter of the camera snapping away as I posed myself in different stretches.
I was totally aroused now, and there was no hiding it in my brief bathing suit, but I didn't care either.  It didn't seem to bother Ben, and I found that even more arousing.

    87. After about 10 minutes Ben stopped me.  "Okay, time to change flashcards on this camera.  You want to change into something else?  I'm going to put on a bathing suit.  It's just so damned hot in here."  With that he walked out into the house.
       I turned and walked back to the walk-in closet.

    88. I peeled the Speedo off of myself and looked at my own cock.  Yes, it was definitely hard.  My seven inches of flesh stood out from my body at a 45 degree angle. How embarrassing that Ben had seen me aroused like that.  I looked for something to wear to hide my tumescent cock but all the outfits were clingy, tight.

    89. In one corner there was a loose pile of jockstraps.  I quickly pulled out a Bike classic white jockstrap and slipped it on.  At least my hard cock was now held up tight against my belly by the jock.  If I put on running shorts or something it would be less visible.

    90. "Are you ready I?" called Ben.
His voice startled me and I turned around to see Ben staring at me wearing a teal colored bikini bathing suit.  Ben's mouth was open as he stood looking at me, clad only my jockstrap, my ass framed by the cloth straps.
       "Uh, I was just looking for something to wear."
       "Why not just wear what you have on.  I think it would be perfect."
       I looked at Ben, his tanned body lean and bronze in the teal bikini bathing  suit. I could clearly see the outline his Ben's flaccid cock, stretching the material of the suit.  This was it.

    91. I had come to a moment of truth for myself.  I could put on a pair of shorts, finish the photo shoot, split a Pepsi and be back on my way to my folks place.
But I felt myself being called in another direction.  If I walked out under the lights wearing only my jockstrap, what then?  What was I inviting?  What was I saying "yes" to? I thought Ben was the nicest guy I'd ever met, and I'd enjoyed all their interaction so far.  I had even enjoyed knowing that I'd turned on Ben in a sexual way.  I felt it was the least I could do to return all the time and attention Ben had paid me.  But would I offer more?

    92. "You don't think I should wear something else?"
       "No, I.  I think you look beautiful"
       I smiled nervously and walked past Ben out into the room and under the lights.  Nervous, but resolute I stood as relaxed as I possibly could clad only in a jockstrap with an erection in front of a man I felt sure wanted me in a sexual way.

    93. Ben stood looking up and down my body.  I could see that Ben's cock was now aroused as well, jutting up in the front of the thin nylon bikini bathing suit.  I could see that the head of Ben's penis was almost pushing out of the suit.  Ben didn't seem to notice, or he didn't care.

    94. Ben placed the camera down and wordlessly walked around me.  Ben's fingers traced along the waist band of my jockstrap, tugging here,,adjusting there.
       Again, very professional, but I could feel the tingle in my loins.
"Let me just straighten you out."  Ben stood behind I and tugged at the two thin cottons straps framing my ass.

    95. He ran his fingers along the strap down to the very point where they joined the cotton covering my balls.  I felt Ben's fingertips only centimeters from my balls.  I closed my eyes as I felt my cock quiver in my jock.  

    96. Now Ben walked around in front of me and knelt in front of me, Ben's face only inches from my distended cock.  Ben reached out and put his fingers in the material in front of my jockstrap and pulled it flat, stretching the material over my cock.

    97. Ben paused a moment, just looking at my jock covered cock, and then he stood up and as he did I could see the head of Ben's cock poking out over the top of his bikini underwear.  
       Ben quickly ran his thumb along his waistband, tucking himself back into his bathing suit.

    98. Ben moved around behind me, snapping pictures of my naked ass, and thighs.
       Ben paused between a shot and looked down at his own aroused state.  His own cock was clearly aroused and straining the nylon of the bikini.  He could just see a darkening near the tip of his cockhead where his precum was beginning to moisten the suit.  He'd have to go to the pool to hide that soon

    99. I could see that Ben was aroused,,,and couldn't believe how I felt.
I had never been aroused with another man before, but here I was, in a jockstrap, fully aroused with an incredibly handsome guy, also fully aroused.
I could see Ben's cock straining the small bikini suit.  There was no way that I would ever start something, but what would I do if Ben started something?
       I eyed the door, where I could rush through, out onto the beach and home if something happened.  

    100. But why, I thought to myself, would I do that.  Ben was such a nice man, and had been so good to me all week.  Who would know if I just let Ben touch me or something like that?
I felt Ben move behind me, the shutter on the camera clicking away at first and then silent.
My eyes were closed as I posed myself, my arms over my head.  I could hear Ben put the camera down,,,and then sensed that Ben was standing very close to me.

    101. At first, I felt Ben's hand on my shoulder, from behind.  `This was the moment', I thought to myself, `there is the door if you want to leave'.  My heart was pounding hard in my chest as I felt Ben's chest against my back.  My body was frozen as I felt Ben's hand circle around my chest,,and his chest press against my back.

    102. I knew what was coming next, but I still shuddered when I felt the silky nylon of his Speedo press against my ass.  My eyes remained closed as I felt Ben's hard cock press against my naked ass, his arm pulling me against him.

    103. Abruptly, I felt Ben pull his body back and our contact was broken.  
I turned and looked at him, and there was a look of horror in his eyes.  He stood staring at me,,his jaw slack.
       "I'm,,,uh,,I'm so so sorry Todd," he said,,his voice quivering.
       It hurts me to see how devastated Ben looked.
       "I, uh, never intended,,,,,,I don't know why,,,I'm sorry”.

    104. I looked at him, horrified that I had made him feel this way, when all Ben had wanted to do was touch me.  But what could I do?  I looked at Ben, and held his gaze, and then my right hand reached out,,,and cupped his hardness through his Speedo.  I had never touched another man's cock before, and the hardness of it surprised me at first, and silkiness of the nylon over it made it feel slick in my hand.  My fingers found the shaft easily and I squeezed Ben's cock.  "Ben, it's okay,,really, don't feel bad."

    105. Ben looked at me stunned, and then he looked down at my hand on his cock. The next thing that happened occurred so suddenly, I didn't have time to react.  Ben's lips were on mine, expertly nibbling my lips, his tongue licking along my lips.
       `My God,' I thought to myself, `what am I doing?  I'm letting Ben kiss me.' It wasn't entirely unpleasant, and neither was it unpleasant when I felt his chest against mine, and his hard cock pressed against my own aroused shaft through my jockstrap.

    106. Now Ben seemed to take control and I could see that the horror that was on his face earlier was now replaced by a look of pure lust.
       I knew I wasn't gay or anything, and letting Ben do this wouldn't make me gay.  In some ways I felt like it was the least I could do for Ben and it thrilled me to know that I was making Ben feel good.
       Ben's lips were on my chest,,,and nipples.  The feeling was electric and I couldn't believe how hard I had gotten until I felt Ben's hand close over my jock-covered cock.  I threw my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of Ben's hands on me.  

    107. I was curious how far this would go, or how far I'd let it go, but before I could come to any conclusions I felt Ben move the front of my jockstrap aside and my cock sprang free.  Then the most exquisite velvety warmth enveloped my cock.  I gasped and looked down to see my cock, completely inside Ben's mouth.  The sensation of his tongue on my glans made my knees buckle.  The feeling was incredible as I felt his fingers caress my balls and his tongue swirling over the shaft of my cock.

    108. For three or four minutes these wonderful sensations continued.  My God how good Ben's mouth made me feel.  And then suddenly he stopped.  He stood again, kissing my lips,,and then he moved around behind me,,caressing my hips with his hands.  I felt his arousal through his Speedo against my ass.
I reached back with my fingers and hooked them into the band of his Speedo.

    109. Ben took the hint, and eased his Speedo off of his hips, and down his thighs.  A moment later, I felt his burning hot hardness naked against my ass.  I heard Ben audibly gasp.  Ben hugged me moving his cock along my ass crack,,caressing, teasing my cock.

    110. He pulled me down to the floor,,and pushed me forward.  I was on all fours in front of Ben.  I quivered with nervousness.  I mean, it was one thing to let Ben see my cock, touch it, even taste it.  But there was no way that I'd do any of that gay ass stuff, would I?  I mean no one would know if I did.

    111. I felt Ben kneel between my legs and he pressed his cock against my ass.  His knees forced my legs apart, and I was completely naked and open to his cock.
       At first, I felt a pressure next to my ass, not unpleasant, but still a pressure.  And then the pressure became more insistent,,,more painful, but unmistakenly, I felt something inside of me.  Just a bit, but I could sense something foreign pressed inside me.

    112. Ben was moaning wildly behind me, but I sensed it was a moan of pleasure, which made me feel great, as if I'd finally had the chance to return Ben's friendship.  With that thought in mind, I pressed my ass back against Ben's cock, and I felt it slide deep
       within me.
       Ben gasped when he realized his balls were resting against mine, and his thighs were pressed against the backs of my thighs, and that his cock was deep, deep within me.

    113. And then slowly Ben started moving inside me, his cock withdrawing and then thrusting again deep.  The pain and pressure inside me had turned to a strange sensation, a pleasurable fullness from deep within me.  The fact that I knew Ben was feeling completely aroused was so satisfying to me.  I wanted this for Ben, and maybe part of it wanted it for me.

    114. I sensed Ben's thrusting becoming rhythmic, accelerating and his breathing more urgent.  "Todd, I need to pull out, I'm going to cum."  As soon as I felt him begin to withdraw I pressed myself back hard against his cock and reached back and grabbed his thighs, pulling him deeper with me.  That made him gasp, and in the next instant, I felt his cock pulse inside me and the most fantastic warmth begin to fill me amid Ben's loud groans.

    115. I held him tightly inside me as I felt spurt after spurt of his warm cum fill me, lubricating his cock even more, increasing the pleasure, and then finally dripping out of me onto my balls.
       Ben collapsed onto me, and then I collapsed as well.  He lay on my back, his cock slowly shrinking, but staying inside me.  We stayed that way for ten minutes, not speaking.  I enjoyed the feeling of Ben's body on me, and his cum still warm, tingling as it dripped out of me and down my balls and thighs..

    116. I knew Ben was crying from the tears that began to fall on my back.  "Oh Todd, what have I done,,,I'm so so so sorry."
       "Shh, Ben stop." I squeezed his hand.  "I wanted to do that for you.  It felt right to me, and you were very gentle.  I hope I made you feel good."

    117. "My God Todd, you have no idea.  I'm not sure I've ever felt this way before, and I can't believe what just happened.  I feel guilty about it."
       "Well don't."  I replied.  "I wanted this to happen, and Ben, it's ok if more happens too."  With that, I leaned in and kissed Ben on the lips.  The first time I had ever initiated a kiss with a man.

    118. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

End Of The Story

Written by:  Dan W
Illustrated by: Eduardo


Xersex said...

Fabulous story!

The Gay Cartoons said...

Thank you, Xersex!
I also loved this Story and could not resist to illustrate it, even without express authorization from its Author.
Un gran abrazo!

HORN E FUCK ER said...

Fantastic story. Beautiful pictures I got so hard reading and imaging it all happening. More please

The Gay Cartoons said...

Thank you, HORN E FUCKER!
I appreciate your comments very much.
Un gran abrazo!

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