(DP) Practice


Written by:  Robbylewis77

Illustrated by: Eduardo


    1. I love my apartment. I have a top floor spacious modern apartment with a balcony that has the best view. Not only can I look out and admire the beautiful cityscape, but I also get to admire my neighbor who lacks even the slightest bit of modesty. I can't tell you the number of weekend mornings I've spent chatting with him in just a pair of tight briefs.

    2. Let me paint you a picture of this delectable thirst trap that is Jonathan, my neighbor. He's a personal trainer, and one that is in very high demand apparently. That's how he can afford the same apartment as me. He's just about my height at five eight, and that's where the similarities end. He has short black hair cut military short on the sides that blends into his carefully sculpted perpetual dark stubble. He's not cut. He's ripped, but not overly done.

    3. He's not bodybuilder big, but linebacker big, which he apparently was in high school and college. That's how he got that scar on his roman nose. He apparently broke it tackling some guy in the end zone. I wanted him to tackle me in my end zone. Speaking of which. I hadn't seen it uncovered, but Todd was packing in the front and back.

    4. He has these perfectly sculpted butt cheeks that the briefs cling to like a second skin, giving each cheek a perfect outline. His cock is average, about seven or so but it's thick. I've seen his morning wood straining against the fabric on more than one occasion. Damn, he was such an unknowing tease.

    5. It's all I can do to jump the balcony partition run my hands through that crest patch of chest hair, and worship that chiseled body on my way down to suck the very essence out of him over and over again.
There's just one problem. He's straight. He's obviously, achingly straight. He always has his big boobed gorgeous coming out to hang all over him.

    6. After our little chats, I'd head on line to find some reasonable facsimile to satisfy my cravings. For three months, he's given me blue balls by ten and had me sticking my dick into some stranger or having him stick his in me by eleven. The guys are hot enough, and the sex is satisfying enough, but it wasn't him. It wasn't Jonathan.

    7. Then one Saturday morning, per our usual routine, I had my coffee out on the balcony, and Jonathan came out wearing these briefs with a superhero logo on the crotch. My eyes were instantly drawn to the design. I was certain that what lay behind that emblem was truly super and made of steel. Of course, I'd never know.
I had gone in for my third cup of coffee when I realized it was well after ten and boobs hadn't come out to drape herself all over Jonathan and staked her claim on him, ruining my lust filled view of her man.

    8. Come to think of it, Jonathan wasn't his normal chipper self. There was something off about him.
       "Jonathan, where's," I caught myself from calling her boobs, "your girlfriend?" He visibly slumped.
"Dude, what's wrong." The most heart wrenching things in the world, are sad puppies, wide eyed children and heartbroken dumb jocks. He didn't need to say anything, I already knew. "She broke up with you."
I said the words softly. "Why?"

    9. I couldn't believe someone would dump Jonathan. He was hot. He was super-hot. Granted he was as bright as a broken lightbulb, but he was hot. He was really nice, probably too nice for his own good, but he was hot. Not to mention the fact that none of my pictures on the wall that separated his bedroom from my apartment always were crooked, told me he had a very active libido.
       His voice almost quivered when he said the most unbelievable words.
"She says I'm bad in bed." I was dumbfounded. "She said that she couldn't take it anymore." He turned away, giving me a perfect view of that delectable set of cakes.
"She said I couldn't kiss, couldn't eat pussy, and couldn't fuck."

    10. I really didn't know what to say. "Maybe you should practice more?" I had no idea why I said that, but it caught his attention. He turned his head, listening. I wasn't sure what to say next. I had never been dumped or been accused of being bad in bed.
"I mean, you didn't just become a great football player or the most sought after trainer in the area, right? You practiced till you became number one, right?"

    11. You could almost hear the gears turning in his head as it was registering in his head. "You're right." He turned to me, adjusting himself casually. "I need to practice more. Get good at it."
There was a strange look in his eyes. "Can I come over and we talk about it more? This is personal and I don't want the whole building talking about it."

    12. "Sure." I was shocked. We had never been in each other's apartments. Our relationship was strictly weekend balcony.
"Come on over, just give me five minutes to put a fresh pot of coffee on." I don't know why, but I was suspicious of Jonathan's intentions. He knew I was Gay. We had that discussion the first time we had our balcony conversation.
I went inside and started a fresh pot of coffee.
I was about to change from my robe into something a bit more appropriate when I heard him knocking on my door. While I thought about changing, he hadn't.

    13. He stood in my doorway in those briefs. "I thought you would have put something on." I confessed, ushering him in.
       "Why man?" He stepped into the apartment, looking around at the decor. "It's just us dudes, right?". "Your place is a whole lot nicer than mine. You should come over and help me decorate."

    14. He plopped down in the middle of my sofa. "Come, sit." He patted the space next to him.
       There was no safety zone between the two of us as I nervously sat beside him. I tried to keep as much space as possible between us, but his manspreading ensured that did not happen. "You were right, I should practice." My heart was racing. I wasn't sure what he was going to do. I wasn't sure what he was planning.

    15. "If I want to get better, I need to practice and I can't practice with some girl. That'll ruin my reputation."
He draped his arm behind me. "But you're into dudes, and into me, sort of." His hand was on my shoulder massaging it. "So, what do you say? You help me get better, and I'll fulfill your fantasy." He ran his tongue over his lips and I about creamed. "I see how you look at me. Tell me you wouldn't be into it."
       I was stunned. I didn't' know what to say. Yeah, he was in my spank bank and everything, but to actually act upon it was totally different. "I'm not into straight guys."

    16. I finally mustered out. I had to admit it. I wanted to sleep with him, but it was true. I didn't do straight dudes. I didn't do anyone on the down low, anyone who was in a relationship and I sure as Hell didn't do any straight dudes. A girl has her standards.
       "Dude, you don't have to be." He pitched his voice in that seductive way, the one that told you it was okay to be an unapologetic whore. My cock was growing hard, thinking of Jonathan's lips pressed to mine.

    17. What would he be willing to do? What would happen to us afterwards? As horny as he made me every weekend, I looked forward to our little chats every morning. Who cared that he actually needed a recipe to make ice.
       He began pulling my head towards his and my eyes started closing, ready for the momentous event.
"Wait." I said, jerking back. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right." I stood up and tried to flatten out the obvious lump in my robe. "I need to brush my teeth." I took two steps away before turning back to him.

    18. "I already did." He gave me a wink and my hole actually shuddered at the thought. "Go ahead." He reached down with one hand and grabbed himself blatantly. "I'll be here waiting." I swear if I didn't want to have his first man on man kiss tasting like the coffee I just drank, I would have pounced on him and sucked his soul out through his mouth.

    19. I was replacing the taste of coffee with minty freshness when I stopped myself. What was I doing? I was letting a straight hot man use me to practice. That didn't bother me as much I was letting him call the shots. This was my body, my apartment, my territory. Not to mention he had already admitting to not know how to do it right.
       I returned to the living room with a resolve and a hastily formulated plan. If we were going to do this, he'd better get in the passenger seat and enjoy the ride.
The only thing was that when I saw that nearly naked body on display for me on my couch, I almost forgot everything and handed him the keys to drive.
       He was smug. Self-confident. Sitting there, legs spread open and inviting. He patted the seat beside him again, summoning me to him.

    20."Oh, no." I fought every urge in me to obey. I stayed strong. "If we're going to do this, I set the rules." I decided to wound that little ego of his just a little. "I mean, by your own admission, you're the one that's lousy."
       I watched as he visibly shrank back. Now that I had my control, it was time to set rules. "I'm not going to be your personal cum dump at your beck and call." I crossed my arms, emphasizing my control over the situation. "This is something strictly for teaching you. No emotion, no getting attached." That was more for me than him. "Agreed?"

    21. My words seemed to hang in the air while Jonathan thought about them.
I was certain common sense would finally hit him and he'd say something like this was all a joke or just say never mind.
What he did say did throw me completely off. "Well, yeah, duh, man. I'm not Gay or anything. I just want to get better without ruining my rep." I exhaled the breath I didn't know I was holding. "And you're right. You should be in charge. I'm yours to mold."
God, I wasn't expecting that.

    22. "Good then." I said, just not knowing what to say next. "First thing's first. Kissing. Stand in front of me." I was so winging this. My nerves were shot and my cock was hard.
       Even with him standing right in front of me, ready to press those thin red lips to mine. "Okay, kiss me."

    23. He leaned forward and gave me the most awkward peck on the lips. His body was all stiff and I don't know it was like kissing a fish.
       "Really?" I said when he pulled back. "That's how you kiss a girl? If that's the case, I don't know how you ever got a girl to begin with.
I've kissed my relatives with more feeling than that."

    24. That set him off. He grabbed me by the head, pulled me into a real kiss, shoving his tongue barging around in my mouth like some flopping fish. I tried to kiss him back, but his tongue was a rampaging bull running around my mouth. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I shoved him back off me.

    25. "That." I said, wiping the evidence of our encounter from my mouth.
"Was really, really bad." The dejected look on his face.
"Look, just relax and let me lead. Don't do anything. Just let me show you how I kiss." I was about to kiss him when I decided to add one more thing. "And do something with your hands."

    26. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips to his. He tensed for a moment, then relaxed, his hands moving to my hips to pull me close. With one hand I fisted his hair, the other to the small of his back. My tongue slipped between his lips, across his teeth, over his tongue, gliding through his mouth.

    27. I could feel his hardness pressing against mine. He ground his hips against mine. I couldn't help but let slip a small sound of appreciation. His hands slipped behind me and cupped my ass, squeezing it hard and rough, just the way I liked it. My hand, mirrored his feeling those perfectly round orbs.

    28. I was ready to do more, go further, when I caught myself. I let go and stepped back out of his arms.
"Like that." I said a bit hot and bothered. "Do you think you could do that with a girl?" I turned, adjusting my robe to hide my obvious state of arousal.
When he didn't answer, I turned around and he had his mouth on mine.

    29. He quickly undid the knot of my robe, slipped his hands behind me and pulled me hard against him. This time his kiss was more a gentle wave and less tsunami. He still needed work but he was getting it. I forgot myself, letting my hands move across the corded muscles of his back.
He felt so good pressed against me.
I was grateful for the fact I was wearing underwear and pajama bottoms, not so much that my bare chest was rubbing against his or that his hard cock was rubbing against mine.

    30. He slipped the robe off my shoulders and discarded it.
His hands were gripping my ass hard, holding me firmly in place against his body. I couldn't move away even if I wanted.
       I just let him kiss me, under the guise that I was teaching him, of course.
When he finally pulled back, letting his hands glide slowly from my ass along my slender sides.
"Better?" He asked, stepping back.

    31. I really couldn't speak. I was too busy willing my raging hard on to go down.
"By the way, your trainer is doing good work on your glutes. Nice and firm, but with a good give."I really couldn't register his words right then. All the blood had left my head and was now in my nether region. My head was muddled. I wasn't sure what to do or say next. In a normal situation, I'd tackle him down to the couch, kissing and rutting on him feverishly, but this wasn't that kind of story.
       "Are you okay?" I felt his hand on my arm. "Come on, let's practice some more." I willingly allowed him to pull me to the couch.

    32. "Practice makes perfect." I was straddling him on the couch. He ran his hand over my taunt belly, up across my chest, grazing my nipples.
       "Nice definition." I heard him say softly as my eyes rolled back in my head. "Come here." I felt the gentle pressure, guiding my face towards his. My eyes closed. Our lips met. The delicate dance of our tongues began, clumsily at first, but then turned into an intricate impromptu performance that left me breathless and both of us rigid and ready.

    33. His hand found its way down my pajama pants, against my underwear clad ass. His chest hair prickled against the smoothness of my chest. I moved my hands down his chest, intent on pushing him away, but those hard firm pectorals cried out for my appreciation. I could not deny their siren call.
       My thumbs ran slow circles around his nipples, brushing the nubs with each slow spiral. His other hand join the first on my bottom.

    34. He pulled my hips flush against him. The noticeable bulge rested right under me, pressing against my underside. My hips naturally rotating, rubbing the hard pressing mound.
       I wanted to push back, stop what we were doing before it went too far.
I, also, wanted to push forward, see where this would lead. Jonathan wasn't pushing back.
He was pushing forward. He was pushing forward hard and fast and had no intention of slowing down. I didn't want him to. I had to stop this. Needed to stop this.
I pulled back, his wet taste still on my lips, the scratch of his whiskers across my face. Jonathan's eyes were still closed. The state of contentment all over his face, his hands still held tight to my cheeks.

    35. I couldn't help it, I reached up to his face and ran my hand over his cheek. "Much better." My voice almost cracked as I said the words.
       "I can tell." He had a smug grin on his face. I felt my face grow red with embarrassment.
"It's okay, I got a little excited too." He rotated his hips, making sure I felt every inch of his fat hard cock pressing into me. "That ass man." He squeezed it for emphasis. "I know I shouldn't be, but I'm fascinated on how big and round and firm it is."
       "Enjoy it now." I said trying to get up, but being pulled back down.
       "Jonathan." I warned playfully. His appreciative hands moved from my ass, but moved to the small of my back. "Jonathan, what are you doing?" I wanted to resist his lustful advances, but I wanted to accept them just as much. "Control yourself."

    36. He scrunched his face in thought. "Derek, I don't want to." Before I knew what was happening, his mouth was on my left nipple, biting and teasing it with his tongue. I arched into him, pulling my chest away, letting the cool air hit my skin.
"Come on, I need to practice everything." He ran his tongue over the top of his thin lip. "Let me practice."
       I didn't like the tone of his words. I pushed him back, freeing myself and getting off him. He was playing me. I'd let him play his little game, but on my terms.

    37. "Yes, you need to practice." I wiped him from around my mouth. I turned away, letting myself think. I could feel his eyes burning holes through my pants.
He wanted my ass. I was going to give it to him, and have a little fun in the process. I turned abruptly to catch his leering stare before he schooled his face. "I think you have kissing down, so we should move onto the next thing. Eating pussy." I shrugged content with my idea. "I mean you have to lick it before you stick it, right?"

    38. He crossed his arms, pondering what I had said.
"How exactly am I going to practice eating pussy with you?" I loved watching the confusion on his face. "You don't exactly have a pussy for me to practice on." His looked at me skeptically. "Or do you? Are you like Trans or something man? If you are that's cool, I just like to know what I'm working with."

    39. I pushed down my pajama bottoms, exposing the gray bikini briefs I wore. There was a very noticeably wet stain on my right hip, where the head of my dick had snaked its way to.
       "Oh, no, I'm not Trans." I grinned. "I do have an ass though." I smacked it for emphasis. "If you can't eat ass, you can't eat pussy, right? Same concept."  "Let's see what you got?"

    40. I decided the time to be bashful was over. I slipped the briefs down, exposing my hard, thick seven inches.
"Sorry, I come with outdoor plumbing, so you'll just have to pretend it's not there." I was trying to call his bluff, but he just shrugged.
"Do you want me on my back or on all fours?" He was either into this or really desperate to get better. My bet was on the former.

    41. "Why not on all fours, on the coffee table." He starting moving things off my oak coffee table. "I mean you should always eat on a table. It's only good manners, right?" I climbed up on the table without any argument, presented my ass to him, making sure he was up close and personal with it.
"So just eat it like a pussy, right?"

    42. "Yeah, just like a... "I was cut short by the press of his tongue against my hole. I stifled every groan or moan I wanted to let out. He definitely wasn't bad at this. This wasn't his first time eating man butt either. His tongue flicked up and down from side to side and circled all over. His hands roamed over my ass, feeling and squeezing.
       I was doing everything I could to not to show I was enjoying it, but my body betrayed me. My back arched to grant him better access. My cock leaked, forming a small puddle under me.

    43. He was definitely turning me painfully on, and he knew it. That fucker. It was time to take him down a peg or twelve."Stop." I put a hand back and pushed his head back and away from my quivering hole. "I can't take that bad tongue work anymore." I got off the table, my throbbing cock tattling on the lie I had just told. "Let me show you how it's done. On the table." He knew it was a lie, but the dejection was splayed across his face.

    44. I took the seat he had occupied and looked at the moist delicious cupcakes before me, still in their thin wrapper. He wasn't going to make this easy on me. That was okay. I wasn't going to make this easy on him. It was time Jonathan learned who he was playing with. I wasn't some trick boy for him to tease.

    45. I smacked each cheek and was rewarded with a yelp then a moan. "Just loosening you up." I pulled the top of his underwear down over the plump butt. There were a few sparse hairs, but aside from that, all he had was the slightest crown about his hole. I blew on it, feeling him jump under my hands.I kept his briefs around his thighs, refusing to free his cock. I didn't want to be distracted. I sighed, knowing there was no turning back now. I plunged in, slurping and licking that supposed virgin pucker.
       If he ever had it done before, he never had it done by a professional who loved eating ass. The gasp and moans of pleasure that came from Jonathan told me that he was enjoying the gentle push of my tongue against him, the licks, and the swipes of my tongue over his tight button. I was enjoying the fresh taste of him. He had obviously showered this morning in anticipation of this. That was all the better for me as I devoured his man butt.

    46. I couldn't help but lose a little bit of control as I slapped his ass and twirled my tongue in that special way that always left them breathless and begging me to slide it in. I could tell that Jonathan was on the verge of crying out those magical words, "Fuck me, please."
I would wait for those words then send him on his way.
       I could feel his legs and arms wobble, unable to support himself and deal with the sensation of me making out with rear.
"Fuck man, you do that to guys on a regular." I heard him pant, trying to keep the obvious titillation out of his voice.
"Stop, okay, I get it. You're the master at eating ass." He tried to push my head back, but I batted his hand away.

    47. "Mama taught me to eat till I was full." Came my muffled voice. "I'm not full yet." I felt the shudder reverberate through Jonathan as I continued my feasting. He wasn't going anywhere till I was ready for him too. I grabbed his hips and pulled him back into my face, making sure he knew who really was in charge of this false tutelage.
       I continued playing with Jonathan for another five minutes or so. My tongue was tired, but I couldn't let him think that I was stopping for him.
"That's how you eat." I wiped my face with the back of my hand, admiring the spit glistening hole. "You can get up, or do you want me to show you how I fuck first?"

    48. It took him a moment to recover. He sat down facing me on the table. I was waiting for some further continuation of the lie he had foolishly concocted to get me into bed, but instead he pounced. His mouth was on mine again, held fast by his hand. His tongue slipped into my mouth and his other hand grabbed my dick.

    49. I melted into the kiss, throwing my arms over him. All pretense that this was an instructional session was tossed out the window. His hands went under my legs and then I was up in the air, my legs wrapping around him. I clung to him, not wanting to lose this moment. We were moving, but I dared not open my eyes as he navigated us through the apartment.

    50. Our apartments were mirrors of each other's so I had an idea of where he was taking me, taking us. If he wanted to cross that line, I wasn't going to stop him, not now. I didn't even care that my room was a mess from this morning. All I wanted, all I needed, was my cock buried deep in him, or his in mine. I didn't care as long as we both got off.

    51. I felt the ruffled sheets as he laid me down on my bed. When his mouth left mine, I finally opened my eyes to see him pushing down his briefs, exposing his mouth watering eight inch salami. The moment I saw that bead of precum fall from his tip, leaving a web trail as it fell. I knew I was going to be swallowing his babies this morning.

    52. When he climbed up on the bed, I was full ready for him to shove that breakfast meat into my mouth, but instead he laid sideways beside me, getting us into a sixty-nine position. "Let's see if you can suck dick as well as you eat ass." Before I could respond to his gruff comment, his lips were on me, swallowing me down.

    53. His lips formed a tight seal around my cock, with his tongue worming its way around my shaft. He was so incredibly good at it, I almost forgot that his was ready and waiting for me to give it a similar treatment. I reached for it, my tongue shooting out to tease the tip before I took him between my own lips.

    54. His hand fondled my ass, slipping between my cleavage, to tease my hole. The light stroke over it, caused me to swallow him down to the balls, my hand gripping his ass to hold him there as he maneuvered his mouth along my length. I was a frenzy of lust. Over and over again, I filled my mouth and throat with him, wanting, no needing to fill my mouth with the taste of him.

    55. He pulled himself from my mouth as he let me fall from his. He twisted me so I was on my back. He pulled my legs up and rested them on his shoulders. He leaned forward, pressing my knees to my chest. I felt the tip brush my entrance. He didn't need to ask. He knew. He pushed slowly forward. I welcomed him in.
He kept his eyes locked on mine. He pressed forward, slowly. I couldn't believe I was taking him so easily without any lube. I saw him chew his lower lip, then his eyes roll back in his head when his hips pressed against me. He was all the way in. He leaned down, kissing me, his hips slowly humping in and out of me.

    56. His hips swerved, rotated, or just dove straight forward into me, all the while my arms held on tight to him. He kissed me, licked my throat and nuzzled his cheek against mine, letting me feel that sexy scruff against my skin. I was lost.  I was lost in the bliss he was giving me, the feel of his body against mine, the fleeting notion that we were making love not just fucking.

    57. "Ride me." He growled in my ear. In a quick motion, he rolled us over, his cock never leaving me when he took the spot on the bottom. I was on top, my legs straddling him. He had one hand on my hip, the other he spat into and took my drooling cock. "Show me how all those squats paid off."
       I couldn't respond but with action as his hand slowly moved up and down my shaft, my own excited fluids adding to the lubrication. I thrust up into his hand, chasing that feeling. He waited till I had built up my rhythm to add his own upward thrusts to me, bouncing me up and down, sliding me in and out of his hand.

    58. "You feel so good on me, Derek." His hips picked up speed. "Man, you're just so fucking sexy." I couldn't speak. I opened my mouth and a garble of sounds came out. "Damn, all that teasing." I heard him huff. He was pushing up into me at a rapid pace. I knew he was close. I was closer. I couldn't hold back any more.
       My load blasted forth, coating his hand, his stomach and nearly hitting his chin. Blast after blast erupted from me the cataclysmic perfect satisfaction and happiness flooded me. My eyes closed. My body grew exhausted and limp. Teasing Jonathan had taken it out of me. My body was spent, but Jonathan continued to milk those last bursts of sweet pleasure from me.

    59. Then I was on my back again, my legs spread wide with Jonathan between them. He slipped out of me and began to furiously jerk his own dick.
       "I want to shoot all over you." I watched his face snarl and contort.
I could hear the low growl of his orgasm approaching. Then he let out a howl with the first shot across my belly.
       He shot two more times, across my chest then along my dick. He was still pumping furiously. He fell on top of me, supporting himself with one hand while the other continued rapidly moving along his cock. His lips pressed to mine. Our tongues tangled while he splatter painted me with his seed.

    60. Then he collapsed on top of me, my arms holding him close, our spent cocks sliding along each other.
       Our kisses became gentle. Our chests heaved with exhaustion against each other. Jonathan rolled off me, but kept me pressed to his side, my head on his chest. I idly ran my hand through his small patch of chest hair. The moment was nice but I had to ruin it. I had to reestablish our little world before all this.
       "So did you learn anything?" I braced myself, waiting for his answer.
       His response was a low rumbly laugh. "What is so funny?" I plucked a chest hair for his punishment.

    61. "I don't care who you are or the reason you did what you did. Laughter during and after sex is not something I want to hear."
"Derek, you know I didn't need any lessons." His arm pulled me close to him. "I'm very well versed in Gay sex, as are you." He kissed the top of my head. "What you don't know is that I'm not Jonathan. He's on vacation with that girl, what's her name, ugh, boobs. I'm his twin brother Joseph."
       I looked up at him with a skeptical look.
"It's true." He smiled. "I'm moving in with him. We're opening a gym." He interlaced his other hand with mine.

    62. "Jonathan told me about you, and when I saw you this morning, I knew I had to have you." He brought my hand to his lips. "I know it was shitty doing what I did, but the end result," he kissed the back of my hand, "was worth it, don't you think."
       "You really expect me to believe all that?" I tried to wrap my head around what he was saying. It was plausible, but not likely. "I mean come on."
       He tilted my head up to meet his lips. He let go of my and tapped his nose. "See, no scar." It was something so minute, but it was true. There was no football scar. "They'll be back Sunday night."

    63. His lips brushed mine. "He and boobs." I tried not to laugh that we both had the same nickname for her. "In the meantime, I think I need more lessons. I don't think I quite got fucking right, maybe you should show me how you do it?"
I laid my head back down on his chest finally believing. "Just give me a few hours to recover from all that." I snuggled close to him, a grin stretching from ear to ear. I was in full afterglow.
"That was  intense to say the least, and I definitely going to need that coffee I put on for us."
       "Just so you know," He rolled over on top of me, his face inches from mine. "I don't want this to end after this weekend. I hope you don't either."

    64.  I answered him with a kiss, pulling his head to mine, our sticky bodies pressing together once again. "Feels like someone is already ready to show me how he fucks."
       He ground his hips against mine.
We both laughed and I pushed him off me, getting up and strutting through my apartment buck naked. Joseph followed me to the kitchen. He was insatiable, touching me, pressing his body against mine, and holding me close. We didn't put clothes on the entire weekend, till Jonathan and Boobs came home.

End Of The Story

Written by:  Robbylewis77
Illustrated by: Eduardo


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