Illustrated by: Eduardo

    1. I was admiring the young jock from a few car lengths back, thinking "I had a pair of shorts just like that. Probably still have them in a drawer somewhere." A horn honked behind me as I admired the way the kid's ass filled them out, so I sped off, flipping the bird to the impatient asshole behind me. TGIF I thought as traffic crawled the last few blocks to my home.

    2. I had just pulled into the driveway and grabbed my laptop bag from the back seat when I see the same kid running up the street toward me...right toward me.
       "Hey,'s it going?" the sweaty lad asked me. He must have recognized my combination of dickstraction and befuddlement. "It's me...Skip Kawalski...from high school. You encouraged me to try out for track, but I wasn't into athletics at all back then. You really got me motivated to get in better shape thanks!"

    3. "Geez, sport (I suck at remembering names) sure look like a helluva good runner now," I practically drooled, admiring the kid's sweaty, lean frame. "I was just thinking that I have a pair of running shorts just like those," I commented, staring right at his crotch. "Probably wouldn't fit me now though."

    4. "These may be them, coach," the kid grinned. "My folks moved into that house across the street last year," he indicated pointing to the house just kitty corner to mine. "Mom said she picked up some athletic wear for me at your wife's garage sale a few weeks ago. I just got back from State for the summer. Hey, we should go for a run together some time."

    5. "That'd be alright with me, sport," I grinned. "But after the week I've had, and the damn traffic today, I just want to relax by my pool with a cold one for a little while. And with the wife away for the weekend, this is my chance to just unwind."
       "Well, I'm a sports therapy major now, coach...give a pretty damn good massage if you really want to relax, compliments of a grateful former student," he countered boldly. "Could use a swim right about now too," he added, rubbing his hand over his sweaty torso suggestively.

    6. "You serious, sport?" I asked. "That would be fucking perfect!" I blurted, before apologizing for my language. I could feel my cock fluffing up in my boxers at the thought of it, and was a little surprised at where my mind was going right now. I tried to make some small talk as we headed into the house...asking him about his studies and if he needed to let his folks know where he was...or his girlfriend?

    7. " sir," he replied. The folks are up at the cabin for the weekend, and as for girlfriend...nah...I'm not exactly a ladies man," he admitted somewhat embarrassed. "I was always a skinny, sorta shy kid in high school...remember?"
       I didn't remember of course...couldn't recall anything about the shy kid in high school I had somehow managed to inspire to transform himself into the fit young jock that stood sweating in front of a pair of my old shorts to boot.

    8. I grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and pointed to the lanai.
       "You cool off, sport...and I'll change up and meet you out there in a sec," I told him. I watched his hot ass stroll out and set the beers down before kicking off his running shoes and jumping in with a loud splash. I retreated to my bedroom and tore off my work clothes.

    9. I was already imagining how good a massage would feel as I peeled off my sweaty boxers and stood at the toilet taking a long piss. My cock was semi hard and I gave it a little squeeze to milk those last few drops. I wasn't certain the kid was coming on to me, but the thought of it was stuck in my head, and I needed to force it out before I embarrassed myself with a full blown boner.

    10. I pulled on the swim shorts that were still hanging in the shower from my last swim, and admired myself in the mirror for an instant. My thick post-jock build was covered in dark, dense fur now...a fact that turned off my wife who preferred the 25 year old shaved version she married to the 45 year old bear I'd evolved into.

    11. I headed out to the pool and was greeted by the sight of Skip climbing up the ladder in the deep end...his shorts hanging just low enough to reveal the white curve of his ass as he lifted himself out and walked toward me, dripping wet and grinning from ear to ear...and it struck me, how much he reminded me of me at that age. Hell, maybe it was my shorts on him, or the thick strong thighs, dusted with fur. I was always big on legs...working them out, running, wearing nothing but gym shorts to show them off.

    12. "The water's great, coach," Skip interrupted me. "You should cool off." I tossed him a towel from the rack and headed to the deep end of the pool. I glanced back to see him fixed on me as I dived in.

    13. The cool water embraced me and invigorated my entire body...exactly what I needed after a long, hard week. I swam a couple laps back and forth just to get loosened up and tire the muscles a little before climbing out to join Skip for that beer.

    14. "You hungry, champ?" I asked as we kicked back at the patio table and nursed our beers. "I got some steaks in the fridge I can throw on the grill."
       "That sounds good, coach...but maybe a little later. I promised you a relaxing massage, and it would be more enjoyable if you aren't feeling to full," he reminded me. "You have any oils for that sort of thing?"

    15. "Hmmm...doubt it, Skip. Wife might have some fru-fru smelling lotion or something in the bathroom. But other than that, all I can think of is cooking oil in the kitchen."
       "That works fine, actually, sir...won't smell bad since it's edible and it's good for your skin. Why don't I grab that while you get comfortable on that padded chaise there," he suggested, pointing to my wife's favorite lounger.

    16. "Oh, and the oil can stain so you'll want to lay a towel or two over it first. And we should probably move it up here onto the lanai so your shaded," he added.
       We both grabbed an end of the heavy teak lounger and lugged it up onto the lanai, which had the added bonus of being more private, I thought.

    17. Skip went into the kitchen to fetch some oil while I spread our beach towels over the chaise pad. The word "edible" was still bouncing around in my head as I climbed onto the chaise.

    18. "Whoa, coach," he hollered as he came back out onto the lanai. I was just about to lie face down on the chaise when I caught myself, sorta kneeling on all fours and looking over my shoulder at him.
    19. "You don't want to get oil all over your swimsuit, do ya, sir? Best if you just take it off. Seems private enough here, and it's just us guys after all," he smirked. And if that wasn't enough, I swear the kid gave me a little wink there at the end.

    20. "Well, I guess not," I replied suspiciously. "But probably best if you don't go getting oil all over my old shorts, there, Skip," I shot back with a wink of my own.

    21. "No problem, sir," he grinned widely, and he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and shucked them down in an instant. If I'd had any doubts whatsoever where this was heading, the fat boner that slapped up against his hard abs erased them.

    22. "Lemme help you out there, coach," he offered as he grabbed the waistband of my swimsuit, and peeled it down over my hairy ass, and off my ankles. He gave me a playful slap on the butt and I stretched out my 6 foot 3 inch frame on the chaise and folded my arms under my head.

    23. True to his word, the kid gave me an awesome rubdown...kneading every tired muscle in turn...starting at my feet and working up my long legs...paying special attention to my glutes and letting his thumbs run down into my furry trench...teasing my pucker "accidentally" a couple of times.

    24. "You mind if I sit on your thighs to get some leverage on your back and shoulders, coach?" he asked, running his hands firmly over my asscheeks and into my lower back as he straddled my thighs.
My cock was already semi-hard under me, but feeling his chub grinding over my ass was making me even harder. He leaned in close, running his hands up my sides and kneading my shoulders. I couldn't help but moan, it felt so damn good.

    25. "You like that, sir?" he asked, taking my low growl as an affirmative. He continued massaging my shoulders and neck...leaning even harder against my butt as he stretched out over me. I think I drooled just a little when he laid down on my back, grinding on me as his arms stroked over mine and his fingers laced into my own.

    26. I got fuckin goosebumps all over when he ran his tongue around my ear and breathed softly into it, licking around and making soft kissy noises. His hard cock was nestled into my ass trench, and I could feel his precum dripping down my thigh. Then he held his body up on his hands and toes, and whispered firmly, "roll over, sir."

    27. His cock dragged across my thigh and slid against my own as I struggled to turn around...then he lowered himself onto me...his legs between mine...chest to arms wrapped around his sexy young body......and we kissed...softly at first...lips grazing.

    28. My hand ran up behind his head, pulling him in tighter as my mouth opened to his, and our spit mingled on our tongues...plunging deeper and harder as we grunted into each other...our hard, achy cocks ground between us...hands roaming freely now, exploring his back and ass, while his ran over my shoulders, continuing their massage.

    29. "Holy fuck, coach!" he gasped as he pulled away. "I've dreamed of doing that since I was sophomore in your health class. He sat up, straddling my hips again, and poured oil all over my chest and belly, rubbing it in hastily before focusing on my chest...massaging my tits thoroughly and pinching my nipples softly between his fingers.

    30. Then he scooted back a little...poured some oil over my cock and nutsack, rubbing it down into my taint and teasing my asshole, which I confess, felt pretty damn nice, but I didn't want him to get the wrong idea.

    31. "Easy there, sport," I cautioned. "That's a no fly zone your messing with."
       "Hah...can't blame a kid for trying, sir," he laughed nervously. "But you never know until you try, right?" Somewhere along the way, this shy, submissive kid had grown a set of balls, and I felt I had set the ship straight.
Well then, let's try, sport," I teased, pulling him up over my cock and grinding against his jock ass. He gulped as I reached down to grasp my cock and rub the tip against his pucker threateningly. "You ever..." I started.

    32. "No sir...never," he interrupted. "But if you'll go easy...I'll try."  I couldn't help but grin as I replied, "don't worry, sport...I'll go easy on first." He oiled up my cock and rubbed some into his trench as he sat up a little, hovering over my menacing cock, and pressing back slowly against me."Ohhhh...fuuuuck," he hissed as his asslips stretched around the head of my cock, and it POPPED in.

    33.  He froze and tried to pull off, but I held him there, giving him a chance to get used to it...teasing my cock slowly in his tight hole...sinking ever so slowly deeper. He got into the groove of that...lifting himself nearly off of me, then sinking deeper.He couldn't take it all at first, but he bobbed enthusiastically on a good four or five inches of my thick cock...his own cock slapping hard against my belly...spilling a puddle of precum.

    34. "It feels so good, sport," I encouraged him. "Your gonna make yer ol coach cum pretty soon." The praise seemed to spur him on, and he leaned back, his hands on my thighs...his head back...groaning gutterly as he sat back on my cock and sank down til my nuts pressed hard against his ass. I could tell by his grimace that it hurt a little...maybe a lot...but he was a trooper, and I was too close to cumming to remain sensible about it. I grabbed the poor kid's hips and started fucking him from below...hard...holding his hips as I bucked up into him.

    35. "FUUUUCCCKKKK!" I growled as my cock thickened and pulsed...spurting thick ropes of cum into the kid's guts. He kept moaning incoherently as I pumped my load into him, then collapsed onto my chest, cock still buried in his cherry ass...receding slowly, til it slipped out in a puddle of warm splooge. I rubbed his back and kissed him sweetly.

    36. "That was incredible, Skip," I panted exhaustedly. "I'm gonna need a whole `nother massage to recoup," I kidded him. He sat up on me and ran his hands over my slick belly and up to my tits, massaging them gently.
       "Why don't you roll over again, coach, and I'll work out the kinks out in your back some more?" That's when I noticed he was still hard, as his cock dripped a trail of precum over my thigh when I turned.

    37. I melted into the chaise feeling tired and content as he started massaging my lower back, and his cock found its way into my ass trench again. He continued his massage, grinding into me again as he ran his hands up and down my back.
       "I was thinking coach," he offered, "about how you always told us in gym class, that you wouldn't ask any more of us than you would of yourself."
       His cock slid into my nutsack as he leaned in again...fucking under them and gliding along my cock, which was stiffening again, thanks to his ministrations. "And anyway, since I let you fuck me for the first time, I was thinking..." he continued. "I was thinking you should at least try to see what it's like yourself...only fair, right?"

    38. I have to admit, I was in a dreamy state, what with the massage and all...and his cock grinding against mine felt really good...and now his hands were digging into my ass...kneading it, and teasing my pucker.
I probably murmured something incoherent, I don't really remember.

    39. I just remember him pulling his cock out from under mine and him laying on my back again...all nice and warm and cuddly on my back...and feeling his cock nestle up against my pucker...stabbing softly against it...and slipping in...a little uncomfortable at first, but then...nice...real fuckin nice. And I sensed the tide of this dynamic turning...but I didn't fact, I sorta wanted it to.

    40. He sat up on me, pressing his hands hard into my shoulder blades...massaging my back as his cock slipped deeper into me...then pulled back...all the way out...and repenetrated he was massaging my hole too...and if felt so fuckin good. Skip laid himself down on me again, kissing my neck and ear like he had before...whispering to me.
"That feel good, coach? You enjoyin your massage, big guy? Like having your ol student's dick in your ass, sir," he cooed.

    41. Fuck if I didn't start moaning like a big girl as he slapped his hips against my ass...dicking me deeper and faster...making me leak precum like never before.
       "Wait til the guys on the team, find out that their big, tough coach is a big ol pussy, cum dump," he hissed, chewing on my ear now and slamming his cock into me harder and deeper...grunting as he came..filling me with his jock babies, and making me moan as my second load spurted into the chaise beneath me.

    42. "Did you just fucking cum again, coach?" he asked incredulously...reaching under me and milking my throbbing cock...pulling out a handful of creamy spunk. "Geezus, fuck!" he exclaimed. "Who woulda guessed what a big pussy ol coach is!

    43. He pulled my head up by the hair and forced his creamy hand against my mouth and fed me my own spunk. My head was still spinning in a post orgasmic haze as I licked my cum off his hand and felt him smear it into my face.
       Maybe it was the stank of my own cum filling my nostrils that brought me back to my old coach self again.

    44. I licked a stream of cum from his wrist and growled softly as I held it in my mouth, and turned on him...rolling on my back and wrapping the cocky jock up in a bear hug. He looked surprised...and a little frightened when I blew a wad of cum and spit into his face, then pulled him in by the neck...kissing him, and swapping that juicy wad between us.

    45. I wasn't mad at him or anything. Fuck, if anything, I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my life. I'd never given myself over like that before...let someone else take control. But if felt too fucking good to admit that I didn't like it...or want to do it again.

    46. “I don't know what got into ya, kid," I purred sweetly, "But if you ever tell a soul about what happened just now, I'll kick yer ass all the way back to State with my boots on...capish?"
"I don't know either, coach," he stammered. "It just felt right, and kinda cool to know...manly. Maybe it was wearing your old shorts," he grinned sheepishly. "You mad?"

    47. "Nah, sport...I'm not mad. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it too. I think we got something here, ya know? He nodded in agreement as I continued. "Now don't fuck it up by getting too loose with it, awright? And you take good care of my shorts, ya hear? I don't want to see you in anything else when you're running down my street.

    48. He nodded and kissed me, licking the salty cum and sweat off my face where he'd smeared it, and feeding me his tongue in a deep, soulful sticky kiss.

End Of The Story


Illustrated by: Eduardo


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