Writen by: John
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(91 illustrations)

1. Jim Clayton got to head of the stairs and paused, setting down the heavy box he was carrying.  He ran his arm across his sweaty brow and took a deep breath before hoisting the carton and proceeding down the hall to his new apartment.

2. The door was left ajar and Jim pushed it open with his foot.  He entered the living room and gratefully set the box down on the coffee table.

3. Standing, he arched his back and groaned.  'All that time in the gym and on stage and I'm still wiped out,' he thought.  'I only have six more boxes,' he promised himself.

4. Stepping back into the hall and pulling the door back to it's former position, he saw someone else in the hall coming towards him.
"Hello, you must be the new neighbor," a smiling young man said, extending his hand. 

5. "My name is Bill Brixton, nice to meet you."
Taking his hand in a firm grip, Jim introduced himself.
"Hey, do you need a hand?" Bill offered.
"No thanks, I only have a few boxes left in the truck," Jim replied.

6. Bill shut his door and said, "It's no problem, really.  I'd be happy to give you a hand."   He followed Jim down the the dark blue Toyota pickup in the parking lot.

7. Soon, they had all the boxes in Jim's place and Jim got them each a beer from the refrigerator.  They sat down on the couch and rested quietly for a moment.

8. As it turned out, they both worked for the same bank in the city.  Bill worked in the brokerage division at the main branch of the First National downtown and Jim worked in the loan department at a nearby neighborhood branch.
Jim looked around his living room and said, "God, now comes the hard part.  I hate moving!  Thankfully the movers got the furniture in quickly."

9. "If you don't mind me asking, what's in the boxes that's so heavy?" Bill inquired.
"Books, clothes, junk.  The usual."  Jim smiled, as he thought about the other things he had in the boxes. He looked at Bill and decided to tell him.  "You see, I'm a male stripper.  I started in college to get some spending money and kept at it the last couple of years.  Some of those boxes have my costumes and equipment and that stuff can get kinda heavy."

10. Bill arched an eyebrow at the admission but didn't seem to be upset, Jim was happy to note.  He didn't want to scare off a new friend but he also wanted to avoid awkward meetings in the hall if he was in one of his police or hardhat outfits.
Bill looked at his young neighbor.  Jim was just under six feet tall and in good shape.  He had short light blond hair and a smiling, open face with deep blue eyes.  'Girls would fall all over themselves for his smile,' Bill decided.

11. "So, you do bachelorette parties?" Bill asked.
"Well, yeah and some private shows among other things.  You know, you could probably do it too.  You look good and if you have the moves, the tips can be great!" Jim said.  And Bill did look good.  Jim saw he wasn't much older and kept himself in good shape.  The dark brown hair and soulful brown eyes would make any audience swoon.

12. "I couldn't do that.  I have absolutely no rhythm," Bill laughed.  "I'd look like a complete fool trying to dance."
The two new friends continued to chat as the conversation turned to the neighborhood and what amenities were available.  Bill had lived there for almost four years, since graduating college, and knew all the restaurants, bars, and clubs, including what ones to avoid.

13. Finally, Bill said goodbye and returned to his apartment.
They quickly became good friends, often going out together, to catch a show or game, grab a bite, or just get together for a few drinks.  As time went on, Bill almost forgot about his friend's sideline.

14. On Memorial Day Friday, Bill ran into Jim as they both returned home from work.  As Bill was unlocking the door of his place he asked Jim, "Hey, do you have any plans tonight?  I thought we could grab a pizza at Emilio's and watch the game at the bar next door."

15. Jim made a face.  "I'd love to but I've got a gig tonight.  Fridays can be busy nights for me."
"Oh that must be rough!  Hot young chicks shoving money into your jock!" Bill laughed.  He looked over his shoulder towards his apartment as the phone started to ring.

16. Jim smiled and said, "Well, it's not a bachelorette party.  I'm dancing at a club."  Jim hesitated then continued, "The Puma."
Bill just nodded, distracted by his phone.  "Maybe tomorrow night?" he said as he walked into his apartment.
"Yeah, maybe tomorrow," Jim said with a trace of disappointment in his voice.

17. Reaching the phone before his machine answered, Bill was irritated to get a telemarketer selling aluminum siding.  After explaining that he lived in an apartment building, he finally got the pushy salesperson off his phone.
Sitting on the couch, Bill thought about what he would do for the evening.  Pizza and beer by himself didn't sound too appealling.   He got up and looked for his telephone directory, thinking 'Maybe I'll go see where Jim works.  There may be some unattached young ladies there, too.'

18. Finding the club's address, he realized it wasn't too far away.  He could walk and avoid the problems of driving and parking in the city on a Friday night. Anyway, it was a warm night, perfect walking weather.
After a quick bite at Burger King, Bill walked to the club.  It was almost 9 o'clock when he got there.  He walked up to the bar and ordered a beer.  As he took a drink, he looked around but saw few women.  The crowd was growing though.

19. He decided to stay where he was for the time being as he had a clear view of the stage at the back of the club.
Just after 10 o'clock, the club's sound system kicked in and a big, tuxedoed man walked out on stage to emcee the show.
"Ladies and Gentlemen!"  There were a few snickers from the crowd.  "Tonight the Puma is proud to host the City Stripper's Contest!"   This was followed by cheers and wolf whistles.

20. The emcee continued, "Our first dancer is well known to many of you.  He's performed at the Go-Go Club, the Cocktail, and at Bizness, to name a few.  He's a big, and I do mean big, favorite.  Lash LaRue!"
As the crowd applauded, the spot light centered on the dancer.  He was dressed like a cowboy in black leather vest, chaps, boots, and a black leather cowboy hat pulled low over his face.  He also brandished a whip.

21. As he began to strut, he cracked the whip a few times.  The crowd loved it.
Tossing the whip backstage, he gyrated his hips and leered at the people near the stage as he slowly pealed off the vest to expose a well-developed torso that gleamed in the light.

22. The dancer turned and Bill almost choked on his beer. The cowboy had nothing on under the chaps!  He was waving his ass around in front of an obviously pleased audience.

23. As the cowboy danced, he whipped off his chaps, leaving him in just boots, the hat, and a tight leather g-string.  Wadded dollar bills began to fly up on the stage.  Lash danced closer and closer to the audience and the people in the front row began to stuff cash into the g-string. 

24. Occasionally, an amourous fan paused to feel the large bulge under the leather to which Lash responded with a provocative thrust towards the patron.
Bill suddenly realized that all the patrons at the stage were men!  These were men groping a male stripper!  And he finally realized that there were no women in the place.  Those were cross-dressers!

25. Bill stood there somewhat in shock as he looked around before returning his gaze to the stage.  Lash finally pulled the cowboy hat off and threw it backstage. When he stood with his hands on his ass as he spun around, Bill saw that Lash was Jim!
As Jim did a few more gyrations, he smiled at his admirers and had more money stuffed in his pouch, the music worked up to a crescendo and so did Jim's moves.  He spun and jumped and wiggled his ass in time with the music, collapsing to the stage as the music ended and the spot went out.

26. The men in the club applauded and whistled and cheered loudly as Jim collected the money on the stage before exiting.  Bill heard a few comments around him about how hot Lash was and what was under that leather covering.
As the emcee began to introduce the next dancer, Bill chugged the rest of his beer and headed for the door. He had to get out of there and think about what he had seen.  It was a lot to take in.

27. While he walked towards the apartment building, his thoughts were a jumbled mess.  Jim dancing in a gay club.  Jim obviously enjoying it.  Was Jim gay?  And what if he was?  Friends with a gay guy?

28. By the time he got back to home, Bill was so confused, he stood inside the door for five minutes.  Finally he sat on the couch in the dark and began to think about the events of the evening.

29. Bill looked up when he realized someone was standing in front of him.  A light came on and he recognized Jim.  Jim stood there with that wonderful smile of his in his leather g-string.

30. Jim slowly began to sway his hips and thrust the tight pouch forward towards Bill. Bill sat forward and reached out to touch the straining leather when he heard a loud noise.

31. Bill shook his head and looked around his dark living room.  He had dozed off.  It had been a dream.  And, from the tightness in his pants, he had been aroused by the dream!  What was going on?
He got up slowly and walked to the window.  Looking down in the street, he saw the aftermath of a fender bender.  That must have been the noise that woke him up.  Bill wasn't sure whether to be grateful for the interruption or upset that he couldn't pursue the dream to a conclusion.

32. Noticing that the clock on the VCR said it was almost 3:00AM, he decided to call it a night and deal with all this later in the morning.
Bill began to prepare for bed.  After crawling under the covers, he found he couldn't sleep.  The image of Jim's bare ass under the spotlight combined with the dream image was etched into his memory.

33. Finally, after tossing and turning for almost an hour, Bill pulled down his shorts and grabbed his hard dick.  He began to pump it as images of Jim's bare ass and leather-covered crotch flashed through his mind.  As his hand picked up speed, Jim's smiling face  appeared in Bill's mind.  At that image, he blasted a huge load all over his chest and stomach.

34. Even more confused now, he got up and cleaned himself off.  Returning to bed, Bill rolled over, and finally managed to drop off to sleep.

35. Earlier in the evening, Jim tried to forget the disappointment he felt after he had to turn Bill down the offer to go out for pizza and a few drinks.
Jim grabbed a couple of his hottest outfits and headed for the Puma for the contest.  He was the first dancer which was fine.  He could get the crowd fired up and still see what the other guys would do before the second round.

36. The cloth-lined leather pouch was snug on his crotch, almost too snug.  The chaps and the vest would make him sweat under the lights, but that would make his skin gleam when exposed, especially on such a warm night. 
Since college, he had never danced under his own name.  When he wore the cowboy get-up he was Lash LaRue.  In the construction costume he was Studs Lonnigan.  As the cop, he was Buster Kowalski.  These were his favorite outfits.  He joked that he was half of the Village People.

37. He liked the cop suit the best.  He thought it was more erotic with more to remove but the effect of a man in uniform was lost on a club crowd.  The leather cowboy, however, always got the crowd going.
As he danced that night, he noticed Bill over by the bar!  At the realization that his friend was there, he really began to move.  The audience loved it!  And he loved the effect he had on the people watching him. Not to mention the money they threw at him..

38. As men reached up and felt his ass and crotch, he tried to keep his eyes on Bill, gauging his reaction. His friend seemed to be in a daze.  When Jim threw his hat offstage, he saw the surprise on Bill's face.
Finishing the dance, Jim ran backstage to pull on his sweats and return to the front.  By the time he got there, Bill had left.  The ache of disappointment returned.

39. Backstage, Jim donned the construction outfit and got ready to dance again.  He found Bill on his mind even as he performed.  From the amount of money thrust into his jock and scattered on the stage, the audience didn't seem to realize he had been distracted.

40. By the time the contest ended at 2 in the morning, he ended up coming in second in the contest and won $100.00, combined with the tips he got that put him up over $450.00 for the night.  If Phil "Dracula" Garber hadn't used that damned black cape in the second round, he might've won the $250.00 first prize. Still, not bad for a night's work, and he didn't even consider it work.

41. He stuck around for a few drinks before heading home.As he walked home, feeling good about the money he had won, he also thought about what he could say to Bill. He was worried that maybe they had crossed the line of their friendship.  He wanted to talk to Bill as soon as he could, but Bill's apartment was dark when Jim got to the building.

42. What Jim didn't realize was that Bill was busy masturbating in the dark to the images of Jim's face and body in his mind.

43. On Saturday, Bill left before Jim woke up.  Jim put on some lightweight shorts and a t-shirt and crossed the hall.  He knocked on Bill's door but, of course, got no answer.  Disappointed again, he returned to his apartment to grab his laundry and head to the corner launromat.

44. A couple of hours later, Jim walked back into his building with clean laundry and met Bill in the hall again.  Bill said hello with downcast eyes.
Jim said, "Bill, can we talk tonight?  I think we need to clear the air between us."
"Yeah, I agree.  How about I come over later and, uh, we can talk," Bill said offered distractedly.
"Sure.  Around 8:30?"
"I'll be there," Bill acknowledged as he stepped into his apartment.

45. Later that evening, Bill hesitated in front of Jim's door.  He held a 12-pack of beer and finally suppressed the urge to go back to his place and ignore the situation.
He knocked and Jim opened the door with that smile on his face.  Bill immediately felt better and handed him the beer as Jim let him in.
"Jim..."  "Bill, I..." they both said simultaneously.

46. "You first," Jim offered as they sat on his couch.
"Yeah, okay.  Uh, I went to the Puma last night.  I, uh, well, I was a little surprised by the place," Bill managed to get out.
Jim looked surprised, "You didn't know it was a gay club?  Wow, that must've been a shock."  Jim laughed and Bill had to smile at the absurdity of the situation.
"Yeah, I've lived here for almost four years and I don't know the clientele of the area clubs."  Bill shook his head, still smiling.
"Well, actually, it just changed recently, used to be an ‘old man's’ bar" Jim said.  "So, was it your first time?  At a gay bar, I mean."
"Yeah, I was a virgin to the whole scene," Bill joked.  "It wasn't what I expected, pretty normal bar scene until the dancing started, that is.  That was something else!"

47. Jim smiled again, "Yeah, that can get intense if you're not ready for it.  Some places don't allow any contact with the dancers at all. Depends on the management and the dancers.  Also, depends on how far you strip."
"Well, from what I saw, you didn't seem to mind too much."
Ignoring the unvoiced question, Jim said, "Bill, you seem to be okay with this.  That's important to me.  I like you, you're my friend.  I don't want to lose that just because I dance at gay clubs."  Jim looked at his friend hopefully.
"I guess I don't have a problem with it.  It was just a surprise.  So, are you gay?" Bill asked.

48. "As much as anybody, I guess."  At Bill's confused look, he added, "I mean, I think everybody has a little homosexuality in them.  In me it's a little more than in, say, you.  I'm bisexual.  I happen to like both sexes with no real preference one way or the other.  The original fence sitter, I suppose.  But, most of my dancing is for gays, they tip better than girls."

49. Bill looked at the beer in his hand and said, "I've been to strip clubs before and had front row seats as well as lap dances.  Never expected to see guys do that."
"Yes, I've been to straight strip clubs myself," Jim said.  "And it isn't all that much different."
"I'm straight, you know?" Bill looked up at Jim as he nodded.  "But I, uh, I dreamed about you last night. I, I mean, you were in my dreams.  I mean..."
Jim smiled and reached over and placed his hand on Bill's shoulder.  He said, "I think I know what you mean.  It's okay."

50. Bill shrugged his shoulder, dislodging Jim's hand and said, "No, you don't!  I, uh, I'm sorry.  This is still awkward."  He looked down at Jim's hand.
Jim, looking a little sad, said, "I mean, you were preoccupied by the club and me dancing before you got home, weren't you?  So, naturally, you dreamed about it.  I didn't mean to imply anything else."
Bill looked chagrined.  "I'm sorry.  I'm still a little freaked by this.  And I should be completely truthful with you...  You are my friend, after all."

51. "Yes?" prompted a relieved Jim after Bill fell silent.
"Last night, I couldn't go right to sleep.  When that happens, I, uh, I beat, um, I jerk off."  Bill again looked down.
"Okay, I do that sometimes myself," Jim offered.
"Yeah, well, I was thinking about you."  The sentence trailed off to a whisper but Jim heard every word.
"Oh!  Well, now it's my turn to be speechless," Jim said.
Bill looked at Jim and said, "I just didn't expect that last night.  Any of it and I'm sort of confused. But I really want us to stay friends."

52. "Bill, do you think I'm upset that you masturbated because of me?  On the contrary, I feel rather honored!"  Jim reached over and squeezed Bill's hand. This time Bill didn't resist the contact.
After several moments of silence, Jim asked, "Is everything cool now?"
Bill looked up, squeezed Jim's hand, and said, "Cool as can be."  He smiled and Jim knew they were okay.
"So,you willing to go get some grub with a bi dancer?" Jim joked.
 "The first beer's on me!  Let's go", said Bill.

53. The two friends had fun that night and managed to get mildly buzzed before heading home.
After saying goodnight in the hall, Jim stood looking at Bill's door for a minute with a small grin on his face.  He was intrigued by the apparent interest on Bill's part.

54. Sunday, Bill and Jim went to the local pool to catch some sun and go swimming.  This was the first time Jim had seen Bill without a shirt or in such tight shorts.  He liked what he saw.

56. After a few hours of fun and horseplay, they headed back to their building.  Bill found himself constantly looking at Jim's body when Jim wasn't looking. 

57. There was less on display than he saw Friday night, but the swim trunks Jim wore didn't cover much.  Bill was surprised at himself, but couldn't stop sneaking glances and wondering.

58. Jim noticed Bill's sideways glances and decided to take a chance with Bill that evening.
Back at their building, the two friends decided it was time for a nap before planning anything for the evening.  Jim, however, fibbed as he had other plans.

59. Bill stripped off the damp trunks and pulled on an old pair of gym shorts before laying down for a brief nap.

60. Suddenly, he was jolted awake by someone pounding on his door!  "Who the hell is that?" he asked aloud.

61. Before opening the door, he asked "Who is it?"
A deep voice said, "The police!  Open the door!"

62. Completely awake now but shaken, Bill complied with the demand and opened his door.  A cop walked in with a boom box and placed it on the coffee table.
"Sit down, Mr. Brixton," the cop said.

63. As Bill sat down, the officer pushed the play button and started to move to the heavy bass beat coming from the speakers.
Bill smiled and asked, "What's this?  A private performance?"

64. Tossing the cap away, Jim smiled and nodded.  Then he proceeded to dance for his neighbor.  As the dance progressed, Jim pulled the tear-away clothes off a garment at a time.  The belt came off and he pulled it back and forth across his tight ass before dropping it to the floor.  "I don't suppose I'll need my cuffs, will I, Mr. Brixton?"

65. Bill shook his head but still sat tensely while he watched his friend strip for him.
The shirt went net, then he kicked off the shoes, before finally pulling his pants off.  He was left in a sky blue g-string that seemed to be straining from within.

66. "How about a lap dance?" Jim asked, still moving to the music.
Bill sat there quietly for a moment then finally nodded at Jim.

67. Jim leaned over, grasping the back of the couch as he placed his knees on either side of Bill's legs.  He then lowered his body until he was sitting on Bill's lap.
Jim began to move from side to side, rubbing his already hard member against the equally excited shaft in Bill's shorts.  He leaned closer to Bill and Bill could feel the heat coming off Jim's body.  His breathing quickened.

68. Jim, noticing the obvious signs of excitement shown by his friend, leaned his face close and asked, "How far do you want to take this?"
Bill looked into Jim's deep blue eyes, and whispered, "All the way."

69. Jim smiled and brushed his lips to Bill's.  Bill pulled back for a moment before leaning forward.  Jim moved his lips again to Bill's and Bill did not pull away.
Encouraged, Jim pressed his lips against Bill's and opened his mouth to prod Bill's lips with his tongue. Bill opened his mouth to the welcome invader and the two men shared a long, deep kiss as Jim continued to rub his crotch against Bill's groin.

70. Bill's mind was solely filled with the thought that he was passionately kissing his friend and he loved it. The sensations Jim created as he licked and tasted Bill's mouth and as Bill slid his tongue along Jim's and into his mouth were wonderful.  His mind was totally consumed with the kiss as he sighed into Jim's mouth.

71. Jim pulled back and looked at Bill.  Bill's eyes were wide and dark with lust.  Jim knew his eyes were just as lust-filled.  He pressed his open mouth to Bill again for another long kiss before stepping off the couch.
Bill moaned as Jim stood, his eyes traveling to the small blue triangle of cloth.

72. The hardness within was pushing the material out and Bill could see the tip of Jim's dick peeking above the waist band.
He knew his shorts were tented by his own hard cock and smiled as Jim's eyes traveled to the front of his now too small shorts.
"Stand up," Jim commanded.  Bill lifted himself off the couch, standing very close to Jim.

73. Jim slid his fingers through Bill's dark hair and gently grasped the back of his neck, drawing Bill in for another kiss.  His other hand slid down Bill's back to cup the tight round ass he found there. Bill's arms encircled the young blond man he was kissing and he grabbed the bare ass below the string that held the cloth patch in place.
Jim pulled back again and looked Bill in the eyes.  "I think we might be overdressed, don't you?"
"Yes," Bill agreed hoarsely.

74. Jim yanked the tight gym shorts down and slid his hand along the underside of Bill's dick.  Bill shuddered in pleasure and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of another man's hand on his cock.

75. Jim moved his fingers down and cupped Bill's balls gently, tickling the small area of skin behind them. Bill giggled but didn't pull back.

76. Bill, thinking 'Now or never,' grasped Jim's crotch, feeling the hard shaft within.  "Wow!"  Jim smiled at his friend's exclamation, thoroughly enjoying the hand running along the soft cloth covering.

77. Jim stepped back, releasing Bill, and pulled the last piece of clothing off.  Then he pushed Bill down onto the couch and kneeling between his legs.

78. Jim finally got to take a close look at the tool he had just been playing with.  It was a beautiful, cut cock shoving over six inches out from a thatch of dark, curly hair and hanging over a pair of walnut-sized balls lightly covered by dark fur.  The head of his cock glistened with precum.
Jim smiled, leaned over and kissed the tip, tasting the fluid oozing out of the tiny slit.  He smiled up at Bill, licking his lips.

79. Bill lay his head back and closed his eyes as Jim took the head into his wet, warm mouth.  Jim began to use his tongue to explore the rigid length of the dick in his mouth as he cupped and fondle the warm ball sac below.
Jim began to lick around the crown and then up and down the shaft, before taking the whole six inches of cock into his throat.  Bill groaned and held Jim's head as he felt the orgasm build.

80. Jim bobbed his head on Bill's dick faster as he felt his friend's balls contract, knowing Bill was on the verge of his first gay climax.
Bill threw his head back and cried out "OOOOOHHHHH, TTHHAAAATTTT'SSSS SSSSOOOO GOOOOOOOD!"

81. With that, he felt his dick explode in Jim's throat. He had never had such a powerful orgasm as what seemed like gallons of cum spewed out.
Jim was happily amazed at the amount of semen flooding his mouth.  He gulped down as much as he could but some inevitably leaked out and ran down Bill's shaft. Jim obligingly lapped up the spillage as Bill rocked his head back and forth moaning in ecstacy.

82. Jim again straddled Bill and leaned over to kiss him and share his cum.  Bill found the taste of his own cum in Jim's mouth to be delicious.  He had tasted himself before and didn't think much of it, but this was wonderful.

83. "I want to do you," Bill said into Jim's mouth.  Jim rose up on his knees and offered his cock to his friend.
Bill looked at the long, thick shaft longingly.  He had never seen a hard dick before and wanted to visually drink in all the details before literally doing so.

84. The head was swollen and purple with lust and the shaft was veined and rock hard.  It rose out of a forest of dark blond curls and the nuts hanging below were the size of ping-pong balls.  Bill wrapped his hand around it and pulled the man closer to him.

85. Jim leaned over and held the back of the couch to steady himself as Bill pulled him by the dick towards his virgin mouth.
Without a second thought, Bill wrapped his lips around the hot cock in front of him and began to copy the tachnique he enjoyed so much from Jim.
Jim, already turned on by being Bill's first gay experience, was already close to coming.  When Bill began to take long, slow licks along the length of his member, he dropped his head between his shoulders and watched his dick being tongued.

86. Bill concentrated on the ridge and the spongy head as he lovingly sucked and licked the cock of his friend. He loved the feel of the cock in his hand and in his mouth.  He knew he would want to do this again, many times.  He then ignored everything else except pleasuring the man leaning over him.
The sight of Bill taking his shaft into his mouth and sucking on it was all it took for Jim to climax.  He threw his head back and groaned as his cock shot into Bill's eagerly waiting mouth.

87. Bill, as Jim had, tried to swallow as much as he could.  He loved the taste of Jim's cum too, more than his own.  Jim collapsed down onto Bill, resting his head on Bill's shoulder.
Bill looked at Jim and leaned towards him, pushing his lips against Jim's as Jim opened his mouth to accept Bill's cum slick tongue.

88. The two men held each other close as they kissed; their sweaty bodies pressed hard together.  They maintained the passionate embrace, it seemed, forever.

89. Finally Jim rolled off to Bill's side and said, "So, how was it?"
Bill leaned over and their tongues dueled again before he said, "Does that answer your question?"

90. "You sure have the right moves," Jim declared.  "Are you sure you're not a dancer?"
Getting up and pulling Jim up into his arms, he whispered, "Maybe you could teach me some more moves."

End Of The Story


Writen by: John
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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