Written by: J Bark
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(89 illustrations)

1. Day 1

Virginia, the place of my summer retreat! My dad took me up to an old hunting cabin in western Virginia every summer since I was eight. When I was up there I was allowed to go and come off the mountain as I please, I carried my own gun around with me and usually my big 7? hunting knife.
Every kid’s wildest dream come true. After a couple of years I got a four wheeler to ride, this was my highlight of every trip, I took that thing up and down running the thing till the motor would burn just by looking at it. I got to be the expert of the stories, the jokes, and the terrain.

2. My story takes place when I was 17. I think I might be getting ahead of myself, let me tell you about myself. I am a senior in high school and have worked with metal, and landscaping and other manual labor. I have the makings of fine abs and very toned body otherwise. I’m tall about 6' 2?, my hair is shaggy brown and my eyes are as dark to match. I have a nice sized cock, never had any complaints…

3. This summer, my father invited my brother-in-law to join us up there. He couldn’t come straight with us so he was told to come up the next evening. My father and I drove up there and unpacking was the weirdest part of the trip. And to top it all off they were calling for rain.

4. My father was tired, but I wasted no time in unhitching the four-wheeler and taking it up the refreshing path to the mountain. The ride brought with it a rush of memories from past rides. I spooked several deer and saw the elements in their natural surroundings.

5. I rode up to the top of the open mountain, and stopped at my favorite place. It was a place where I could see the two directions possible to come from. And then also the best view of the surrounding mountains, the perfect scenery.

6. I turned around on the four-wheeler and leaned back so I was relaxing on the handlebars. I closed my eyes and began to think back to my hometown, I had friends there that I had experimented with.

7. My memory carried me back to the Strip Poker game, the first sexual experience I had ever had. I began to massage my chest rubbing around my nipples and chest. My memory went back to the game and I watched as my friend pulled down his boxers and his soft cock flopped out and hung limp there for me to see.

8. I worked my hand down to my navel and massaged my stomach gently, playing with my tufts of hair, my “happy trail” leading down to my pants. I undid the button on my pants and I slid my hand down the front of my pants and wrapped my hand around my balls, rolling them back and forth over my fingers.

9. My mind once again flashed back to me on my knees with my hand wrapped around his dick. Even over a year ago he was well hung, hanging about seven and half inches. The biggest I had scene at the time. My memory showed me leaning forward and placing my lips around his cock.

10. I pulled my pants down on the seat and wrapped my hand around my own seven inch cock and began to slowly pull on it. I began to jack my cock thinking of my friend and that night that I gave him my first blow job. I jacked myself slower and then faster alternating.

11. I reached between my legs and found the magic spot just below my balls that increased the pleasure by double. My memory once again flashed back to the moment my friend tensed and blew his load deep into my mouth. The thought placed me over the edge and I bucked my hips into my hand. My cock jerked and I shot my load over the field having the last few drops land on my stomach.

12. I wiped my own cum up with my hand and used the rag I carried to clean it up. When it began to drizzle I rode back down to the cabin and parked the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle or The Four-Wheeler) and went inside. It was getting late and the TV didn’t get reception much at all being on the mountain. It was my brilliance that brought us about eight movies of assortment to watch, Grease, 10th Kingdom, Hook and such.

13. We started with one and just watched until we fell asleep. My father had a knack for telling old hunting stories, many of which I had heard before and knew by heart, but it was tradition.

14. Day 2

We woke early and cooked breakfast, something I hated doing up in Virginia. This cabin had rules that were meant to be followed, even though my father didn’t always expect me to follow them. One rule was those who don’t cook clean. Something that always happened anyway, which involved heating up water and washing the pans and plates the “old fashioned” way. Growing up in the 20th-21st century you can see why I didn’t enjoy this part.

15.After breakfast we rode down toward the local town and stopped at the local Wal-Mart to gather groceries and other things we needed. Coming back toward the cabin we stopped off at my dad’s friend’s house, the guy who owned the cabin and allowed us to come back there every year. Visits here usually lasted all day. So we spent the day there and traveled back to our place of residence for the night.

16. It was getting about time for us to meet Jeremy my brother-in-law. We drove down to the gas station/diner that was more like a tradition in itself, even though the food usually made us feel bad, you can only eat ham and cheese sandwiches so much. We grabbed a bite to eat and waited for Jeremy. He didn’t show, we began to worry and tried calling.

17. We couldn’t find him so with fret we went back to the cabin. Around 11pm that night we heard the sound of the owner’s truck rumbling up the road. Going out side, we were greeted by him and my brother-in-law, who had gotten a late start and then was weary to travel to fast in the raining dark. He had left his car at the owner’s house as planned and hitched a ride over to us.

18. My dad wasn’t at all happy with him; my dad is the kind of person that tries’s to impose on people as little as possible. We brought my brother-in-law’s luggage in and got him set up on one of the bunks. My father being the pain in the ass he could be said his good nights and went to bed. I on the other hand was interested in talking with Jeremy.

19. More background on him; He’s taller than I am, standing about 6’6? with black hair and the most crystal blue eyes you ever did see. He was thin having played basket ball a lot of his life. He was 27 and married to my oldest sister. We hadn’t really ever spent anytime together or bonded so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to putting up with someone I assumed to be quite the pansy.

20. He sat down on the couch as I had claimed the recliner; the TV was on but only to provide light. We talked about this and that, about what we could do up here and what we couldn’t. Bathing rituals and restroom habits. Going over the mountain and riding arrangements.

21. “Hey, Joe (that’s me btw) where is the restroom?” He asked
“What do you have to do? One or Two?”
“I’ve just had to pee like a Russian race horse since I got here” He laughed
“Back porch off the side”

22. He got up and walked around the back and went out side, the thought struck me, and I caught myself wondering what his dick looked like. Now I have known that I was at least Bi for sometime now, I have a steady girlfriend, but that keeps my hands tied back at home not up here. I began to plan.

23. When he came back we both worked on going to bed, I slept on the couch because for some years now I’ve had a phobia about sleeping on the beds up there, for spiders and rats and all kinds of things have been known to crawl around.

24. I was surprised when he slipped out of his pants, wearing only boxers and a sleeveless shirt. I did the same, having planned on it anyway. I laid down the couch and had a restless night.

25. I listened to the sound of rain hitting the roof; something that was so soothing it would lull me off to sleep quickly.

26. Day 3

We arose and did the same breakfast routine, and worked our way through dishes. Dad told us to go ride the ATV for a little while and then we would go back to Wal-Mart and get something’s that Jeremy wanted.

27. I took Jeremy out and jumped on the ATV, Jeremy hoped around behind me. I cranked the machine and drove off out toward the pastures and up the mountain. The grass was high and wet, soaking our legs. But we rode on, up the first hill and up to the top of the open mountain. From then on we rode through pretty level paths. We came to one really steep hill.

28. “Wrap your arms around my waist, I don’t need you falling off” I told him
He laughed “You sure? You OK with that?”
“I wouldn’t have told you to do it if I wasn’t okay with it…are you OK with it?”
He nodded and reached around my waist holding on right above my pelvic hip area.

29. sped up a little, hoping to keep my mind of the raging hard on in my pants.
I was hoping that Jeremy went no lower or he would be touching. My luck was about to run out, not to say that I wasn’t wishing. We came to an area that was marred by ridges and bumps, some man made for drainage others cut there from rain. We went across these bumpily and we were being jostled around.

30. We went over one big bump and land hard, Jeremy’s hand slipped and when he flexed to regain grip he found his hand about 3 inches lower and grabbing a handful. I jumped and he let go, perfectly accidental. He reached his hands higher and locked them together around my stomach to avoid another accident.

31. I took the ride back down the mountain with Jeremy leaning against my back hard, because we were going down hill to get my Hard-on to go away. Not that I didn’t think I felt one poking me from behind.
We pulled up to the cabin and my father came out.

32. “Did ya’ll enjoy it?” He asked
“Yea, it was fun” I exclaimed
“He didn’t make you hold on too tight did he” He looked at Jeremy.
There was a look in Jeremy’s face like he was debating the meaning of dad’s statement. He finally spoke up.
“No, it was fun, Joe did good driving”
“That’s good to hear, let’s head to Wal-Mart”
We had ridden in the front of my dad’s truck before; it was cramped, so Jeremy and I jumped in the back to ride up there.

33. Dad pulled off and all was quite in the back. Jeremy looked at me like he wanted to say something and I looked back with a smile, and he just stared over my shoulder for a bit.
“I want to apologize for this morning, it was accident.” I said, watching him bring his gaze back to me.
“No, its ok it was accident from both ends”
For the first time in five years Jeremy showed some affection. He reached around my shoulders and placed his arm around me. We rode like that most the way up there, it made me feel like a little kid again, with the older brother I never had.
“I want to go up there again” He looked at me and smiled.
I smiled, wondering how he meant that, whether he really wanted to go back up there or had other intentions. We would find out. The ride back was quite, with simple chit chat.

34. When we pulled up to the cabin, the owner was there and he had brought us a surprise. An extra ATV! I was crushed, I mean now we could ride separately. Jeremy I think realized this too for he wasn’t smiling. I don’t know what his intentions were, he was after all my sister’s husband, and they were happy together. But we had shared something in the truck a connection unlike any other, something of deeper sibling love.

35. We thanked him and he left, and my father turned to us.
“Well it’s still early let me take you boys up on the mountain and show you everything.” I looked at him funny.
“Ok, I’m taking our four-wheeler then.” I claimed.
“Fine then J will have to ride with you, ours is bigger then this one.”

36. “That’s fine” I said, looking at him questioningly.
“Yea, that’s cool with me” He smiled.
“You can drive.” I smiled and tossed him the key.
He jumped up on the four-wheeler and I stepped on behind him. I immediately wrapped my hands around his waist about his navel. His stomach was only slightly flat and not quite rock hard.

37. I grinned and felt him take a deep nervous breathe. He started the ATV and took off behind my dad. As Jeremy began to relax I noticed that he was hitting holes and roots to make it a bumpy ride on purpose. I smiled as I realized what he wanted to happen. So I accommodated.

38. The next bump I purposely slid my hands down between his legs held them there for a moment and then slid them back up. When I raised my hands back up they went under his shirt. Now this was an accident, seriously!

39. But I kept my hands there and ran my fingers through his happy trail as the ride bumped my hands along. Jeremy swerved as I heard a moan escape his mouth, he obviously shut his eyes.
Dad turned around and looked to make sure we are still behind him, and my hands snapped out from under his shirt.

40. The ride continued and we rode to the top of the mountain a place I already knew well, there was an overgrown path that I had made mostly myself. It led to a cavern back in the woods, a little hole in the ground that dropped off to a cliff and an underground lake. There were five inch holes peppered all through the ceiling of the cavern that during the day gave enough light to see what you were doing. It was my favorite place all through Virginia.

41. We drove back to the cabin, and went in. It was dinner time and we had hot ham and chesses again. Dad went to bed early being the old type he was. Jeremy and I stayed up watching a movie, and playing cards.

42. We had gotten into talking, normal guy stuff. He was married to my sister so we didn’t go to the sex conversation but we touched on jacking off, but left that conversation quickly. I told him about the underground lake and told him not to tell dad.

43. “We can go there tomorrow if you’d like” I offered.
“Um…I didn’t bring any trunks or shorts all Jeans.” He murmured.
“Neither did I, I usually swim nude up there so my clothes aren’t wet but we can swim with underwear?” I smiled.
“Um, if you’re ok with it I guess we should swim with underwear and bring an extra pair.” He said thinking.
I was devastated but I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.
“That’s fine” I said.
We said our good nights and went to bed.

44. Day 4

We woke up the next morning, both looking a little tired. I don’t know about him but it was because I was too excited to sleep. He smiled at me when he looked at me over breakfast. I felt my face redden and I excused myself and went and changed into my clothes placing another pair of boxer briefs with my stuff.

45. Jeremy came out and patted my shoulder as he passed me, making me almost weak in the knees.
“Hey dad, me and Jeremy are going up on the mountain. I’ve got my Walkie Talkie if you need us, and we have our guns.” I told him.
“Ok have fun, be careful. I may go up to Greenhill. So I might not be here when you get back. You can join me later if ya’ll want, you know the mountain way.”

46. I jumped on the four wheeler and Jeremy jumped up on the other one. I sped off up the pasture and toward the mountain top. I pulled off into the wooded area of the mountain. I looked back to make sure Jeremy was still following and he smiled at me.
I took about ten minutes and found a small cul-de-sac of trees. I cut the four wheeler off and took the key out. Jumping off I stepped toward the trees and Jeremy followed.

47. I walked through the woods and found the rock, a group of rocks really. It was a hole in the ground, which dropped down onto a cliff. I looked at Jeremy and sat on the edge and dropped down. My feet landed with about a foot, clearance above my head. An easy drop with no problem landing, I looked around remembering fun swims here with the peaceful aloneness. I was all too happy to share it with Jeremy.

48. I backed away from the hole and watched as a pair of feet dangled over the edge and the long body of Jeremy slid down. He gazed over the pool and looked a little weary as he noticed the steam rising.
“Why is there steam?”

49. “Because it’s about 45 degrees out side and this is a natural hot spring, so it feels really good.” I smiled and slipped my shirt over my head.
My barren chest was smooth except for the dark trail that laid into my shorts, that was my pride and joy.

50. I stood there and watched as Jeremy slowly lifted his shirt over his head and tossed it aside. He looked as good as it had felt to run my fingers over his stomach. His stomach wasn’t as chiseled as mine but it was smooth and had the same trail of dark hair that I loved so much. I was surprised I hadn’t popped a boner right there.

51. This place was an amazing wonder of nature, it was a cavern with one ledge right under the hole and the under ground water hole was about the size of a back yard swimming pool.

52. It was amazing like god had planned this place to be swum in. I stripped my pants off standing there in my boxer briefs. Jeremy was watching me and it was interesting, he seemed like he was checking me out.

53. I turned so my back was to him and bent to pick up my clothes and let my butt curve my boxer nicely.
I placed my clothes against the wall so not to get them wet.

54. Turning I took off at a slow run and dove in. The pool was deep I was a good swimmer and could hold my breath decently and I had never reached the bottom…so I knew diving was nothing.

55. I surfaced in time to see Jeremy stripping down his pants slowly and cautiously with his back to me. He had a nice butt, and it was fun to watch without his notice.

56. He turned after he had kicked his stuff with mine. He looked down and smiled as he ran his thumbs through the strap of his boxers and dove in.

57. He dove near me and swam around under the water, before he surfaced. When he did he took a deep breath and through his head back in easy relaxation.

58. “So how do you like it?” I asked smiling at him, as I steadily tread my place.
“It’s great I feel like I’m free here. Like I could do anything.”
He looked up and smiled at me. At this point I was so relaxed I didn’t even care how I took that statement, but I did stay alive in my memory as we swam.

59. We dipped and dove all around each other and through the pool it was great. Then, out of no where Jeremy dove under. I tread water right where I was and waited for him to resurface, and he didn’t.

60. I felt him brush by my leg swimming so I knew he was ok, but he could really hold his breath.
61. Then I felt him grab my ankles and before I could do anything I was submerged in water and swallowed a little bit.

62. When I surfaced I saw Jeremy across the pool laughing, so I decided to return the favor.

63. I dove under and reached and grabbed for his waist, wrapping my fingers in his short I pulled down at the same time he jumped and dove back under.

64. His boxers ended up in my hands and he ended up swimming away from me.
When he surfaced he was smiling at me until he realized he had lost his shorts then his face dropped as he felt around under the water.

65. “Oops, I’m sorry.” I said and held the boxers to him.
“You will be…” His face was no longer in shock; it was a sharp smile that sort of scared me as he dove under the water.

66. I saw his ass peak above the water; it was tan like the rest of his body. I felt the water from his dive reach me right as he grabbed a hold of my boxer briefs.

67. I jumped but tried to follow my pants, but he wrapped one arm around my waist and wrestled my boxers off of me.

68. We were both underwater at this point where visibility was zero, so as I was flailing around trying to push off of his body with my hands.
I reached out and placed my hand on his crotch.
Completely accidental but nice for the moment I could hold it, and what I could feel, felt big.

69. We both surfaced as he let go of me, but still holding my boxer briefs. We both just looked at each other. If only the thoughts could be heard. And then we started laughing.
I tread water and swam back over to the ledge and placed a hand on it so I could rest. Jeremy slowly swam up behind me…

70. “Joe…” He said slowly.
“Jeremy I didn’t mean to um…grab…anything…” I mumbled as he came next to me and placed a hand on the ledge.
I was now resting with my arms stretched across the ledge and my back against it.
“Joe…do I look like it hurt?” He smiled at me.
“But…” I looked at him, so confused at this point…he was married to my sister and here we were swimming nude with each other. I know I had fantasized about him since we had gotten here but this was real…

71. “Shh, let me return the favor.” He was making a bold step, he knew that I wanted him, and he was willing to oblige, the rolls equalized as my adrenaline kicked in and I became the same guy that I knew I should be…a very horny teenager.
He placed a hand closer to my shoulder on the ledge and placed the other hand on my chest and slowly slid it down through the water and teased my muscles all the way down.

72. I jumped and took a deep breath as his hand cupped my cock and balls.
He didn’t take it away even as fast as I did; he held them and rolled them in his hands.
“What about Les…” I closed my eyes and couldn’t finish talking.
“Don’t worry she enjoys me too, and I love her, but we are supposed to `keep it in the family’ right?
Besides what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and it’s just us.”

73. His words were utterly lost to me but what I did catch was right. He was my brother in law and we were in a very secluded area, and it was probably a one time thing. I relaxed and let him continue what he was doing.
He continued to rub my balls with his hand as I gasped a deep breath. And felt my blood rush there, beginning to swell my already aroused cock. I felt him leave my balls and wrap his hand around my semi hard cock. He slowly moved his out the length of my cock and pulled the skin over my head.

74. Electrical waves were rolling over my body, and blood was rushing down.
As his hand worked its way back and forth, my cock was hard as a steel rod. His hand glided in the water and he twisted and turned his hand as he moved it up and down.
My eyes were clamped shut and it was all I could do to keep from slipping under the water.

75. He had one hand over my shoulder holding him self up, and another wrapped around my cock, and his mouth massaged my neck.
All of the sudden his hand eased to stop on my cock and he lifted his head to look me in the eye as he released his hold on the rock and slipped under the water. I could feel the warmth of the water around my cock pushed away and his mouth over my dick for a second.

76. He surfaced after a few seconds and took a deep breath.
“My turn…” I lifted myself backward off out of the water on the ledge. He turned around and rested his back against the rock and leaned his back to look at me, with his arm stretched out across like I had been.

77. I bent down and put my arms under his and lifted him up and onto the rock where he helped and ended up laying down on the rock with his feet dangling in the water. This was the first time I had really had a chance to look at him and all his glory.

78. His stomach was smooth except for the tuft of hair that I loved so much that traveled down from his naval to his pubic hair that was trimmed perfectly. His cock was amazing, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen as it rest across his leg mostly hard, and it was accompanied by a pair of balls that had to be the size of lemons.

79. I bent down to my knees next to him and gently kissed his naval and began to run my tongue from there down and back up never reaching his cock. My tongue danced through his tufts of hair, as black as the night and soft as silk, I felt every inch of his trail with my tongue.

80. I slowly worked my way down his trail for one last time, and since I had him squirming in pleasurable agony, I obliged my taking the head of his cock into my mouth and sending my tongue dancing around the tip. With the sound of a moan he bucked his hips into the air and another three inches of his cock went into my throat. As I sucked his body relaxed and went back down.

81. I moved off his cock and took it in my hand began to stroke it. I moved my mouth down to his nut sack and began tongue my way across that instead. The feeling of those rolling across my lips was enough to keep me hard and happy so I know that he was feeling some intense pleasure.

82. To both of our intense displeasure I moved away and turned around to lie next to him. With my hand still on his cock I moved close to his face and nibbled for a short second then whispered in his ear.
“I want you…” And leaned up to look at him and he just grinned and nodded.

83. By no means was I a virgin but it had been a little while since the last time. So as I threw my leg over his hips my heart began to beat hard. I took some spit, being the only lube and reached behind me and rubbed his dick some more. Backing up to it gently I place it right in the crack of my ass and began to move up and down with it resting there.

84. “You…you tease.” He moaned as the pleasure hit him. I gently ran my as up his cock one last time let the head come to rest right where it need to be. I slowly pushed backward and felt that old resistance as his head pushed against me. The pain was the first thing to come as his cock opened me up.

85. I felt his head pop in and rest inside me, the pain slowly eased and he was able to push inside of me a little more until eventually the pain was gone, the pleasure was great, and his cock was all the way inside of me. Slowly I rocked forward letting it slide almost out of me and then pushed back down so that he moved back into me. Back and forth, in and out. I could see him squirming and he let out the occasional moan so I knew I was doing well. I clenched my ass cheeks and slid back down so that as much pressure was on his dick as possible.

86. After what seemed like hours of pleasure I stopped moving and rose up a little so that he could lift his legs and he began to move in and out of me himself. Every time he moved in a surge of energy rushed from head to toe and left me breathless.
While he was fucking my ass, he reached up and grabbed a hold of my cock and slowly began to jerk it to the tempo of his thrusts. I leaned back on his legs and joined the rocking of my hips with his thrusts and jerks.
We were a motion in and of it self, soon I felt the power build up behind my cock that was the usual pleasure. Jeremy thrust hard the last few times and I felt his body tense as the blood rushed to his cock, his head swelled inside of me and he thrust his hardest the last time.

87. His last thrust jammed into my pleasure spot that sent the biggest surge of energy through me and my body tensed and tightened.
Shots of cum flew over Jeremy’s chest, as I felt powerful shots erupt inside of me. I continued to rock my hips back and forth to milk his cock and run my in and out of his hand.

88. The motions slowed as we were both too sensitive to enjoy much more of it, his cock slowly deflated and slipped out of me. Making me feel empty, I rolled off of him and lay with my hand draped across his glistening chest.

89 We lay like for a good while, until the hole in the ceiling began to darken as night turned over the sky.
“That was amazing.” He said with a sigh.
“J…Where do we go from here?”

End Of The Story


Written by: J Bark
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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