Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(72 illustrations)

1. As I enter the men’s store, I look around for the underwear section. The shop is an upscale store, which I don’t mind at all. Although I don’t spend much money on clothes—mainly jeans and t-shirts—I tend to spend on underwear. I feel that my dick and balls deserve something better than the ordinary.

2. “Hi. Can I help you?”
A shop assistant comes forward to me with a big smile. That’s what I notice at first, the straight, white teeth between full male lips.
“Ahhh… I’m looking for some underwear,” I say, noticing the second nice thing about the guy, his eyeglasses, black-rimmed, outlining nice green eyes. I’m a sucker for cute male faces.

3. “Sure, sir. Please follow me.”
I smile at the “sir” part. I’m 23 years old, just started a job a couple of months ago and moved to my own place. The guy looks at least two or three years older. But the smile and glasses make him look almost my age. But still, “sir”?

4. I follow the guy through the store, which is almost empty at 10 o’clock in the morning. I watch the guy’s back as he walks ahead of me. I like his butt in the tight jeans that he is wearing. Very nice. His torso also looks as if the guy goes to the gym, in a white, buttoned-down shirt, slim-fitted, showing a V-shape.
“Anything in particular you are looking for, sir? Any special brand?”
“Well, there are the Kleins and the Armanis, but…”

5. “Hmm. Let me show you these, Sir. We just got them two weeks ago, and honestly I think you will like them a lot.” He drops his eyes and studies my crotch, nodding his head. “Yes, sir. They will be quite a fit.”
I am thinking, the guy wants to sell. He is certainly on commission. He is reeling me in for an over-priced pair of boxers. But he has just sized me up. Very interesting.
“What size, sir, if I may ask?”

6. I scratch my head. I usually get Medium size. But it depends on the fit and the cut. And if they are tight or loose boxers. And if they have high or low waist. How the fuck should I know?
“Sir?” The guy is now wearing a smirk.
“Let me try the Medium.”
“Hmmm. If you say so, sir. But I suggest the Small,” again studying my crotch. Getting more interesting.

7. He hands me the two sizes of CKs, one small one medium, that I haven’t seen in stores before and directs me to the changing room. I hate to try on underwear. I keep mine on whenever I have to do so, which is not too often. But today, I really need to treat my balls royally.

8. I go into the fitting cabin, pulling the curtain closed behind me. I have not done this before. I usually like the look of the underwear and I buy it.
I pull down my Bermuda shorts, and pull up the Medium-sized garment over my jockey briefs.

9. I like the material of the CKs. They are a tight-fitting boxer briefs that reach half-way down my thighs, hugging them tightly.
They feel soft and silky, but not made of silk, perhaps some new kind of material, also quite thin.
The assistant is right.

10. I fall in love with the CKs as they feel sexy, but when I pull them over my cotton jockeys, I hesitate. They don’t really fit over the underwear I am still wearing. I look at myself in the mirror and notice that this model of tight boxers is designed to show off my package to outline my dick and hug my balls, to stretch around my bubble butt.

11. I feel awkward, not knowing what to do. Should I take off my jockeys and try them on? Is this acceptable to the store? I am at a loss as I look at my image in the mirror.
“If I may, sir,” the sales attendant peeks through the curtain. “You can’t try them over your briefs. They won’t fit.”
I don’t like the fact that the guy has taken the liberty of looking in on me as I am trying on underwear. It just doesn’t feel right. I swallow.

12. “I don’t like to try underwear in a store without wearing one of my own.”
“Oh, but that’s ok, sir. We keep a promotion piece so that our customers can appreciate the real form of the garment before they decide to buy one… or more.”
Of course you do, you jerk, I’m thinking. And then you add the price of each—40 fucking dollars—to the other merchandize and you take the “promotion” ones home, wash them and wear them, free.

13. “You mean…?” I hesitate.
He nods and the smile is back and the white sexy teeth gleam under the store’s spot lights. I wait for him to disappear so that I can take off my underwear. But his head is still there, the curtain around his neck, expecting.

14. What the fuck? I might as well. I take off the CKs. I hesitate. The guy is still there. Shit! But we’re guys, aren’t we? Guys shower in the nude in the gym. Guys sit in the nude in the sauna. Oh, man.
I slide down my briefs very self-consciously. It’s not that I am not proud of my equipment: I know that I am hung. My dick hangs at 5 inches soft and reaches 8 to 8.5 inches hard. My pubes are thick and my balls are fuzzy and tight under my cock.

15. The fucking guy is staring.
I pull up the CKs. Fuck! They feel so fucking sexy against my bare skin, so light, so silky, engulfing my balls. My dick responds by lengthening an inch or so. The bulge is very apparent, and very erotic even to me, if I may say so.

16. “Excuse me, sir.”
Damn it! The guy is now inside the cabin with me, pulling the curtain closed behind him. I look at him with a what-the-fuck-are-you-doing kind of look. But his smile is so attractive that I hold my peace and wait for his remark.

17. Unabashedly, he reaches out, grabs my elongated dick, and works it sideways, stretching the silky fabric.
“You have to follow the lines of the cut, sir.”

18. The lines of the cut? What the fuck is the lines of the cut? The guy just moved my dick sideways! I usually push it down over my balls. I look at the mirror, and sure enough, my crotch looks much sexier with the outline of my cock emphasized by the thin material, pressing on it, keeping it in place. Even my balls, now exposed, look fucking sexy.

19. “Well? What do you think, sir?” The guy is also gazing at my reflection in the mirror, an appreciative look on his face. Is he appreciating the 40-fucking-dollar CKs or my dick and balls? Hmmm.

20. I turn around to see how my butt looks in those hot undies. I have firm and bubbled ass cheeks that I am proud of as well. Not too muscled but masculine and sexy-looking.
Now what? You touched my cock. You saw my balls. Now what?
“Hmmm. You can’t really appreciate the fit like that.”
“Like that?” What does he mean? Like what?
“I mean in the mirror, with you turning around to see. You need to see them without turning.”

21. Without turning? And how does the little turd want me to see them?
“I hope that I am not taking too much liberty, sir. But the way those CKs hug your body, it is not often that we get guys that fit so fantastically into them. May I show you?”
May you fucking show me? Fuck! Is he going to try the undies himself? Fuck me! He sure is.
The guy undoes his jeans, and while looking at me, pulls them down. He stands inches away from me, his thighs and legs exposed. I have no idea what is going on in his mind, but I am beginning to like  what I am seeing. The guy is stripping for me.

22.  Still gazing at me, he pulls down his briefs, also white jockeys like mine. I take a quick breath as I look at his dick and balls getting exposed inch by inch. Fuck! This is erotic I am thinking, but it is weird at the same time. How can I just stand there in front of what is now looking to be a very attractive hunk of a guy, with his dick dangling.

23. The guy picks up the small-size CKs. Now he is smiling, the bottom half is totally exposed. I am thinking that he could be an exhibitionist who likes to show off his package, perhaps a nudist. But certainly, what I see is very erotic.
My dick has elongated further, almost reaching my hip. Jeez. I’m starting to get an erection.

24. The guy is taking his time, as if he wants me to get excited, as if he is intentionally standing there in front of with his dick and balls hanging loose.
The guy is uncut, I have already noticed, also quite hung, also quite hairy down there. And very, very erotic.
He bends and steps into the CKs, pulling them up. Damn! They look beautiful on him as he adjusts them around his crotch.

25. He turns around and now I am looking at his butt. I am almost delirious. His butt looks so delicious, so round, so firm. I have to fight with my arms and hands to keep them to myself, not to grab those hot buns that are inches away from me.

26. My cock is at full mast now and I have to move it upwards against my belly. The mushroom head pokes out of the waist band.
“See what I mean?” the guy says as he turns around. He notices my erection. How can he not? My fucking cock head is out and throbbing.

27. “Ah,” he exhales. “You do see what I mean. Sir.” The smirk is decidedly on his face.
Ok. The guy peeks in on me. He watches me try underwear. He suggests I strip and show my shit. He reaches and adjusts my dick. He strips in front of me. He shows me his buns. Ok. Ok. This is definitely not just salesmanship.

28. I place my hand on his butt, caress the mound, silky, erotic. The guy moans. His dick is coming to life. The small-sized CKs are no match for the erecting penis. It stretches and the head pushes through the elastic band sideways at his thigh.

29. We kiss. Oh, man! Two guys, in silky undies, kissing in a fitting cabin in a clothes store. Oh, man. Jesus, I’m way beyond horny.
I press my hardness on his thigh and rub. I knew I will be shooting a huge load if I keep up with this. I haven’t had my nuts emptied since quite some time, and the buildup is killing me.

30. We pull apart. I am surprised by the sudden move. I am already extremely horned and wouldn’t hesitate as sexing this guy.
There is a look of apprehension on his face. What is he afraid of? I don’t look threatening. On the contrary: I definitely am interested and ready for some action.

31. The guy, however, quickly takes off the CKs. I again inhale sharply at his equipment. His dick is hard, so I know that he is not disgusted by my embrace.

32. He is certainly turned on. Instead of embracing me back, he picks his jeans, and pulls them up covering himself.
What? He has not put on his underwear. His jockeys are still on the floor as he buttons up his jeans, trying to adjust his erection sideway.

33. Again quickly, without even looking at me, he picks up his underwear, and stuffs in his pocket. Now more than ever, I want this guy. I want to pull him to me, strip him down, and fuck him right here in the fitting cabin. Instead, he makes a hasty retreat out of the cabin.
My cock is out of control. Yes, I will pay forty dollars for the fucking CKs. Yes, I will make sure to fuck the hot sales assistant, if not here in the cabin, then on the sidewalk, in the damned police station, any-fucking-where.

34. One way or another, his ass is mine.
I dress and exit the cabin, pressing my throbbing erection against my belly, full of sex thoughts and desires and lusting.
The fucking assistant is nowhere to be seen.
I walk around the store trying my best to control my erection, now softening a little. He has vanished. Where is the fucker?

35. Damn. I’m very horny. But there is no hot shop assistant waiting for me to sweep him off to my bed.
With a heave, I fork out 40 dollars for the CKs and leave, blue balls and all.
There is no way I am going to let this guy go so easily.

36. Two days later, I come back to the store with the CKs still in their packet, just before closing time at seven in the evening.
The guy is there. Before he gets the chance to disappear, I walk up to him waving the bag.
“I guess I would need the small size after all,” I say as I shove the bag at him.
He looks around furtively, whispers, “Yes, sir.”

37. We walk to the underwear section. Oh, that butt! Although now back in the jeans, the image of the firm bubble in the silky CKs is very vivid in my mind, and sure enough, my dick responds by elongating.
“Would you like to try them on, sir?” he says mischievously. “Or see them on me?”
“I’ll take them and you can try them on for me in my place,” I say gazing straight into his green eyes through the sexy eyeglasses. “I will have another pair also, medium. You choose the color.”

38. Another 40 dollars.
“I will wait for you in my car across the street, gray Honda. Don’t pull the disappearing act on me again, ok?”
He nods. “Ok. Five minutes.”
“Cool. By the way, I’m James.”

39. We get to my place. I happen to be a tidy person and my small studio-apartment looks just the right place for my intended sex with this hot guy. He walks around the one room with a sofa-bed, checking out the place.

40. “I love your place, Jimmy,” he says as I kiss him on the side of his neck, my hand around his waist, feeling the warmth of his body and the silkiness of his skin under the shirt.
“Thanks, Ian. It’s small but I like it. Easier to keep clean.”
He turns around and plants a kiss on my lips. I tongue his mouth, forcing it open, pushing inside. His breathing gets heavy and he glues himself onto me.

41. I feel so hot for Ian. Slowly, I start to strip him. I have seen his body naked from the waist down. Now I want to see his whole body. I am almost drooling as I take off his shirt. I inhale when I see his bare chest. He has some hair in the middle and around the nipples, but no trail down his flat abdomen.

42. I touch him, running my fingers along the ridges of his abs. Bringing my tongue onto his super-sexy chest, I help him undo his pants.

43. I can feel his erection as my hand brushes onto his crotch. He moans and kicks off his  sneakers and steps out of his pants.
Similar to the other time in the fitting cabin, Ian was wearing white jockey briefs, tented in an arch on the front.

44. I am tempted to tear off his underwear and swallow his cock, but I restrain myself. I want to enjoy this moment second by second.

45. Still licking and biting and nibbling all over his chest and neck, I pull down his jockeys and his cock springs out, long and manly and beautiful.
“Ahhmmmm,” Ian moans under my ministrations.

46. I stop for a while and pull back. I am still fully clothed.
“Strip for me, Jimmy,” Ian moans.

47. I strip for him. His eyes ogle me. He is eating me with his looks. He licks and bites his lower lip as I slide down my jockeys and my cock erects out and up.

48. He starts to stroke himself. I smile at him and wink lustfully.
As if by mutual agreement, we pick the CKs, medium for me, small for him, and pull them on.

49. I watch him. He has a killer body. His chest hair starts to glisten with beads of sweat. His flat stomach ripples invitingly. He looks delicious enough to eat.

50. As on the other day in the store, my dick erects upwards and pokes out of the waistband. I run my hand over Ian’s chest, squeezing his nipples as he reaches down and fondles my balls inside the silky undies.

51. I press on him. The CKs feel awesome as we rub on each other. Ian is moaning, fully erect, stretching the thin fabric. He has chosen a red pair for him, a yellow one for me. His red pair is already showing a wet spot where his cock head is stretching the material.

52. We entwine with a kiss full of lust and desire. I wrap my arms around his young body and pull him close to me.
He puts his arms around my neck, and we kiss and kiss, grinding on each other, almost shooting our loads into the CKs.

53. Still holding onto his waist, I bend down and nibble on his nipples, lick down his belly,  tasting his body, as he moans, playing with my hair, impatiently goading me onto his crotch.

54. With both of my hands gripping his thighs, muscled, hairy, my tongue finally finds his erection, tracing the length of his manhood. It feels both hard and silky. I bite lightly on the hardness of his shaft, squeezing on his thighs. He arches his back for me.

55. My hands rub up and down his inner thigh, so soft, so hard, so muscled, so erotic. I move upwards, feeling for his hairy crack, my teeth pressing on his hardness through the silky material of the CKs. He throbs.

56. Slowly I pull down his CKs. His dick is fully erect, staring at me, covered almost to the tip with his foreskin, the slit glistening. I fist his hardness and pull back the skin.

57. The knob appears, pink, and rounded, and wet. I lick the underside of the ridge. I feel Ian’s hand grabbing my hair. I can hear him moan. My tongue flicks the underside of his cock and I move it all the way down the shaft to his balls as I stroke his rod up and down using the skin.
I move back to the head and I gulp it, try to swallow the whole shaft. I gag, slobber, work the head with my tongue and then try to swallow him again.

58. I go down halfway and look up at him as my finger pokes around his fuck hole. His eyes are closed shut, his mouth wide open, his moans loud.
I swallow some more cock and I am almost at the base when Ian grabs the back of my head and thrusts the rest of his dick down my throat
My lips wrap around the base of his cock and I fight back the gagging as his cock head pushes at my throat.

59. Slowly, I pull back the full length, luck around the pink and wet head, and then slide back to the base. It gets easier for me to swallow him, fisting his balls with one hand, fingering his ass with the other, I suck him, alternating between deep-throating and finger-fucking, and working the head with my lips and tongue as I stroke his shaft using his skin and my spit as lubricant, I pull the foreskin back all the way, unsheathing the head.
His cock now looks circumcised.  I lick around the pink ridge, suckling on the engorged knob, fingering his ass, finding the tight hole, pushing my middle finger in, feeling the squeeze of his rim muscle. I almost explode in my silky yellow Cks.

60. I quit the cock and slurp up the hot hairy torso to the lips. We kiss. Tongues. Deep. He is naked. I am still in my yellow CKs. We are pressing on each other. Rubbing. Grinding. Moaning. Eating each other’s mouths. Sucking on lips. Hands rubbing down the backs.
My hand ultimately reaches Ian’s crack, fingering, finding the tight hole, feeling it squeeze and burn, eager to be penetrated.

61. We move to the sofa bed. We are still glued to each other, slobbering on each other’s mouths. I am throbbing inside my tight underwear, ready to burst. My arms are holding Ian tight and my hands move from the back of his neck down to his bare, firm butt. I pull him into me, my cock poking his belly, so eager for the fucking to start.

62. Ian pulls down my yellow CKs and starts to emulate what I have done to him before.
My cock is pulsating as he wraps his lips around the mushroom head. He looks up at me, kisses the head and says:
“James, you are one big hunk of guy.”

63. He fists the shaft and works the head. I must say he is a professional cocksucker because although my cock is bigger and thicker than his, he swallows the whole length at one go, still looking up at me with his beautiful eyes glistening and desiring.
He is all maleness even though he is down there on his knees sucking man cock. I play with his hair and pump his mouth, in and out, slowly, savoring the sensations electrifying my young body.

64. I feel close to exploding, but I want more than just a blowjob even by a pro like Ian. I want much more. I pull him off my crotch. Spit is drooling down his chin.
I lick and kiss, almost dying with lust for his body. My cock is so hard, steel hard, throbbing, craving to make its thrusting way into Ian’s beautiful body.

65. Ian lies expectantly on his back, his legs outstretched, his feet up in the air. I hold him by the ankles and kneel between his knees, raising his butt. Looking down, I see his fuck hole, all puckered and twitching.

66. My cock is already wet  and dripping with spit and pre-cum. It is standing up vertically in parallel with my belly. I push down on it with one hand, aligning it with the waiting hole, placing the glistening head at the opening, rubbing round and round, feeling the squeeze and twitch inviting it to penetrate. I lift his ass further up and press on his hole.

67. Although wet I can’t enter. I spit more saliva down on my cock shaft and spread the spit along the rod and around the knob. Another spit drops into his hairy crack. I push again and now I penetrate.
Ian screams at the invasion, his eyes closed shut. I keep the pressure, and all 8 inches slide into the tight fuck hole. He squeezes hard, but my thrust forces his ass to stretch. He takes the whole 8 inches, whimpering, biting on his lower lip.

68. I wait until I feel him relax, licking the sexy feet.
Then I pound his ass. Long, hard, deep, fast. My load builds up in my nuts and I’m ready to explode. He squeezes on me harder, milking me. I thrust and grind.

69. As soon as I feel my nuts are ready to shoot I pull out, sit on his chest and shower his face with my cum. I hit his mouth, his nose; semen covers his eyeglasses which he has kept on.

70. I shove my squirting cock into his mouth and he sucks it deep, jerking off behind me. I feel the warmth of his jizz as it hits my back and my butt, his mouth still filled with my cock.
71. “It’s all because of a stupid pair of underwear,” he sighs as I slump next to him, heaving and sweating.
“It got me to fuck your ass, Ian,” I laughed, still breathing fast, still not able to settle.
“Boy, Jimmy, you really fucked me hard. And the CKs do look hot on you, man.”
“Guess what? I’m in the market for a pair of sweats.  Any idea where I should go?” I tease.

72. Ian grabs my slimy cock and squeezes it.
“This is private property, Jimboy. It’s mine. It owns me. Don’t you dare poke it somewhere else.”
With this, he bends over me and gobbles my now rising tool. And the fucking begins.
It hasn’t stopped yet, almost three weeks later… but I need new underwear! Any ideas?

End Of The Story


Written by: Simon Peter
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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