Written by: Skorpio
Illustrated by: Eduardo

(74 illustrations)


Due to crowding at the dorm, freshman Tad Sullivan was permitted to live off-campus with his twenty-one year old brother Braden who was a senior.
For young Tad this was a dream come true. He idealized his older sibling with an ardor edging on hero worship. In Tad's eyes, Braden could do no wrong.
Not even when Braden bossed Tad around or called him names like "Tadpole" and "dick-breath."

2. As for Braden, having his bratty kid brother underfoot was the last thing he wanted.
Now Tad was living with him, and there was no getting out of it. Mom and Dad expected Braden to keep a watchful eye on Tad, keep him out of trouble.
Like a fucking baby-sitter.

3. Braden's apartment was on the second floor of an old row home in a rundown neighborhood where rent was cheap. It was not large, and there was only one bedroom.
It was awkward at first, but eventually the brothers got along. Mostly by staying out of one another's way.

4. Because Braden often brought home his girlfriend Kathy, a hot cheerleader, Tad ended up sleeping on the sofa in the living room more often than not.
But Tad never once complained.
There was nothing he would not do for his big brother, and he was sure that Braden felt the same.

5. One night in late October, the Sullivan boys came home to the apartment at the same time, finding the lock jimmied and the door standing ajar.  After a thorough inspection, nothing seemed to be missing.  Dresser drawers had been rifled, yet strangely, loose cash and other valuables were left untouched.

6. Braden's laptop was open, however, suggesting someone accessed it.
"Shit happens, dick-breath!" Braden snapped.
"Whoever it was, he didn't take anything," Tad reasoned.
"He must have been looking for something... Question is, did he find it?"
"You worry too much! Stop being such a pain in the ass," scolded Braden, talking down to Tad as if he were twelve years old.
That night, Tad was too nervous to sleep, afraid the prower might return. He looked to his big brother for assurances.

7. The very next morning, after Tad left for class, Braden figured he would find out some porn online and jerk off. That's how he happened to check his e-mail.
There was a message from "yrworstnitemare," and the subject was "URGENT!"
Braden opened the email, and what he read made his blood run cold.
Braden wrote back: "Who are you? What are you talking about?"

8. A full twenty-four hours passed before he received a reply:
Now, Braden was scared. It was all true.
What a fool he was to leave evidence on his computer. If this got out, he would be expelled, sent home in disgrace, or worse, to jail.
"What do you want?" he typed, hesitating before clicking Send.

9. A week went by in which Tad saw a change in Braden, now moody and preoccupied, smoking and drinking more than usual.
When confronted, Braden lashed out, telling Tad to mind his own fucking business.

10. The next e-mail from "yrworstnitemare" was devastating.
Braden read it several times in stunned disbelief. Then, he downed a few beers and read it again.
This could not be happening.

11. Braden typed:
"I can't do that. That's sick! Let me pay you. I have money."
The reply came at once:
A set of instructions followed:
"There's got to be some other way," Braden typed, and again offered money, but no answer came.

12. Braden looked at his watch. It was seven o'clock. That only left two hours.
Tad should be coming home soon.
What was he to do?
The first thing Braden did was reach for the bottle of bourbon he kept on the kitchen counter.

13. It was eight o'clock when Tad walked through the door. Braden was slumped in a chair, smoking a cigarette.
"What's wrong?" asked Tad, knowing at once that something had happened.
"It's bad," slurred Braden. "I don't know where to begin."
"You can tell me. We're brothers. What's wrong?"

14. Seeing no way out, Braden told Tad how he paid someone to write his term paper and steal the answers to the final exam. Then, he showed him the emails.
Tad sat stunned and speechless.
"What am I going to do?" said Braden.
"I can't believe this," said Tad.
"Do I even have a choice? I have to go through with it. We both have to... What choice do I have? I don't want to go to jail! You gotta help me out... We have to do this... I don't what else to do."

15. Braden fumbled nervously for another cigarette. His hands were trembling. Perspiration beaded on his forehead.
"I don't know," Tad mused. "I would do anything for you. You know that... but this? Let my own brother suck my cock? That is so freaking twisted!"
"I know...  I don't want to do it. Please, I don't have a choice", Braden pleaded.

16. "We'll do this and never speak of it again! I'm begging you. You're my brother. I'll never ask you for another thing."
Suddenly, Tad beheld his older brother in an entirely different light.
Braden was a thief and a punk. How could this coward be the man that Tad had always looked up to?

17. One thing was certain, if Tad were in Braden's situation (which would not have happened in the first place), he would never suck a cock.
Not blackmail, not even the threat of death or torture, nothing in this world could ever make Tad do something like that.
On the other hand, letting a guy give him a blowjob was not quite as unthinkable.
In fact, the thought of letting a faggot suck his cock had crossed Tad's mind a few times, as with most horny teenagers.
It was freaky, sure, but what the hell, a blowjob is just a blowjob.
Not like he was actually having sex with a dude.  Bill Clinton was right about that. Sex is fucking.
A blowjob is more like jerking off or a handjob. It isn't really sex.

18. Unlike Braden who had been with plenty of girls, Tad was still a virgin.
Having anyone, even another guy, begging to go down on him made Tad restless with anticipation.
"Okay, I'll let you do me, just to get this guy off your case," Tad consented.
"Just this once, and we never mention it again. I'm gonna need a drink."

19. It was 8:45, fifteen minutes until show time.
Braden set up the webcam in his bedroom, while Tad helped himself to a few shots of Jack Daniels to steady his nerves.

20. Then the Sullivan brothers got undressed.
This was not the first time they saw one another naked.
Braden was the taller of the two, very muscular, and hairy chested with nipples like bullets.
His flaccid cock was short and plump, scrotum shriveled tight.

21. Tad was lean and smooth with a swimmer's build, nipples like flat copper coins, and the hint of a six pack.
His soft member was knobbed like a mushroom.
Heavy balls dangled in a low-hanging sac.

22. Exactly at 9:00, Brad switched on the webcam as Tad sat on the edge of the bed and awaited his first BJ.
Kneeling, Braden took Tad's limp flesh in his hand.
He stared at it.

23. Suddenly, Braden was not sure he could continue. He looked up with revulsion and shame welling in his eyes.
"You can do this," said Tad.
The pity he felt for his sibling was turning to disdain.
"Think about something else, and just do it. I won't watch."
"I can do this, I have to," Braden told himself.

24. Eyes squeezed shut, fighting back tears, he wrapped his quivering lips around the bulbous head.
At once, Tad responded to the warmth and pressure of Braden's mouth.
Blood rushed to his cock, engorging the spongy tissue, making it swell with girth, length, weight.

25. Braden started sucking, slowly at first.
He focused on the head, but gradually worked down to the shaft, inch by inch, gagging when Tad thrust his hips, an involuntary reflex.
Something happens to a man when he gets an erection.
Instinct kicks in, he changes, becomes driven.
A stiff cock is going to ejaculate, and it will do anything to achieve that end.
Nothing else matters.

26. Although Tad promised not to look, that was a lie.
No way was he going to get his first blowjob and not check it out.
It was hot, erotic to the nth degree, seeing his slippery cock, more than seven inches strong, hard as tempered steel, sliding in and out of Braden's mouth.
Tad tossed back his head as sensual pleasure ripped through his body.

27. It did not escape Braden's attention that his kid brother had him by a good two inches where it counts.
That came as a humbling revelation.
"So, this is a blowjob," Tad reflected, barely suppressing a smirk of self-satisfaction.
It felt good, better than he ever dared imagine. He wanted it to go on forever.
"Uhhhh, yahhh... You're doing great, big brother," Tad groaned, unable to keep silent.
"Don't stop! Ohh, shittt... yahhh, suck it! Suck it like that!"
Tad's insistent demands had the effect of goading Braden to work harder than before.
He slobbered away, up and down, like a relentless automaton programmed to get the job done.

28. To Braden's utter dismay his own penis stood erect and throbbing, aroused for action. He fought the impulse to touch himself, to jerk off. How could this be happening?
It was not like he enjoyed sucking cock. Or did he?
That question ran through both their minds.
How could Braden suck this good, Tad wondered, if he did not enjoy it on some level?
There are some things a man, a real man, would never do, no matter what the circumstances.

29. What did that make Braden?  Was he a faggot?
It was a possibility. One thing Tad knew for certain: Braden would never call him a cocksucker again.
That was never going to happen. Not after this. The balance of power had shifted.
"Oh, shitt!" the younger brother gasped.
"I could really get used to this! Keep that up! Suck it harder! All the way down! All the way!!! Suck my cock!!!"

30. Tad placed both hands on Braden's head and pushed, driving every last inch of his cock into the cocksucker's throat, forcing Braden's face against his musky crotch, making him choke and sputter, but not releasing him.
"Breath through your nose!" said Tad. "I'm gonna cum!"
Tad's testicles churned. There was no stopping the rising tide, the exquisite pleasure, the moment of ecstasy.
It was coming, he was about to blast!

31. He could not hold back. With a thrust of his loins, Tad ejaculated.
Spurt after spurt of hot sperm shot into Braden's mouth, copious amounts of semen like only an eighteen year can produce.
Viscous jism, tasting like seawater and bleach at once, poured forth.
Braden had no choice but to swallow.

32. At the same time, he himself came spontaneously, spilling his own seed onto the floor.
Panting and perspiring, they pulled apart.
Braden gathered his wits and turned off the webcam.
The deed was done. It was over at last. Or so he thought.

33. Shame-faced, Braden hastily wrapped a towel around his waist, and lit a cigarette.
Tad was grinning from ear to ear, savoring the orgasmic afterglow.
Neither spoke for a long while.
"Guess I got carried away," said Tad, breaking the silence.
"I couldn't help myself. I never got a blowjob before. That was... oh, man, that was like nothing else.  That was fucking incredible! Are you sure you've never done that before?"

34. "I don't want to talk about it!" Braden mumbled.
Tad lay back upon the bed, propped by his elbows.
His plump, long cock, drained of vigor, drooped between his legs.

35. Just then an instant message popped up on the screen of Braden's laptop.
It came from "yrworstnitemare"
Braden typed back: "I did what you wanted."

Tad peeked over Braden's shoulder, scanning the message.
Braden glanced at Tad, unable to look him in the eye.
"Uhhh, he says I gotta ask you something," muttered Braden, hesitantly.
"What is it?" Tad replied, pretending he did not know.
"Do you want another blowjob?"

37. "Are you kidding? Hell yahh... No, wait... My bad! Tell him No. I'm good."
Damn, thought Tad, why did I say that?
Braden typed: "He says he's good. Are we done now?"
Braden never heard from the blackmailer again, but his ordeal was not over, not by a long shot.


A week went by. Not one word was said about what went down.
Braden kept to himself, skipped classes, got drunk a lot, and broke up with girlfriend.
Tad could not stop thinking about the blowjob.
What did it say about Braden?
Maybe, on some level, he liked sucking cock. The distinct possibility Braden might actually be queer filled Tad with disappointment and disgust.

39. There was another concern. Tad let Braden blow him. He ejaculated in Braden's mouth.
What did that make him? After giving the matter some thought, Tad decided getting head from a guy did not make him gay.
The salient difference between the two brothers was that Tad would never suck a cock, not even at gunpoint.
But Braden did. And that made Braden a cocksucker.

40. One day, Tad was at the cafeteria in the student center when a tall, skinny black guy handed him a large manila envelope.
"Someone told me to deliver this to you," he said.
"Who was he?"
"I don't know. Some thug. Never saw him before. He gave me a Grant and told me to make sure you got this package right away. I didn't ask no questions."

41. "What it is?"
"I got no idea. He said you would know what to do with it."
"Did he say anything else?"
"Nope. That's it.
"Thanks," said Tad.
"Pleasure doing business," said the black guy, waving a fifty dollar bill.

42. Opening the envelope, Tad found an unlabeled computer disk in a clear, plastic case. There was nothing else.
Later, Tad slipped the disk into his laptop.
There were a number of files documenting Braden's crimes.

43. There was also a video of Braden sucking Tad's cock. It ran for nearly thirty minutes and showed everything, their faces, their bodies, Tad's penis in Braden's mouth, cum foaming on Braden's lips, everything.

44. Mesmerized, Tad watched the video over and over again. It was fascinating, really.
Seeing the grin of satisfaction on his face while Braden slobbered on his cock.
"Uhhhh, yahhh... You're doin' great, big brother... Don't stop! Ohh, shittt... yahhh, suck it! Suck it like that... Oh, shittt... Suck it harder! All the way down! All the way... Suck my cock!!"

45. Tad realized what he could do with this disk, why it came into his possession.
His cock twitched, just thinking about it. This was going to change everything!
He made copies of the disk, and stored them away for safe-keeping, and then waited patiently for Braden to get home.

46. Braden stumbled in late, disheveled, three sheets to the wind. His speech was slurred.
"We've got to talk," said Tad, solemnly.
"About what, dick-breath?"
"For starters, stop calling me that. I'm not the one with dick on his breath."
"Why are you bringing this up?" Braden glared, not liking the sound in Tad's voice.
"I thought we agreed to forget about it."
"They say you never forget your first blowjob!"
"Let it go!"

47. "I don't think so. Remember when the blackmailer asked if I wanted another blowjob, and I said no?"
"What about it?"
"I've changed my mind. I want a blowjob."
"Are YOU crazy?"
"Not crazy, just horny. I want you to suck my cock."
"You ARE crazy."
"You liked it."
"Fuck you!" snapped Braden. "I didn't have a choice."
"See, that's where you're wrong. You were willing and able to blow me just to get some creep off your back. You did it. That pretty much makes you a cocksucker."

48. "I'm not... I'm not...," Braden sputtered. The words would not come out.
"I really thought you would jump at the chance to suck my cock again," said Tad tugging at his crotch suggestively.
"In fact, I've been waiting for you to ask. You can blow me anytime you want. Because we're brothers. I would do that. I would have let you suck my cock a long time ago. All you had to do was ask."
"This isn't funny."
"No, it isn't. It's fucking serious. I want a blowjob. You did it before, you can do it again."
"I don't think so," Braden retorted, sobering up fast. This was a side of his younger brother that he had never seen.
"I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this," said Tad, "but you leave me no choice."

49. "What are you talking about?"
"You'll see."
Tad inserted a silver disk into his laptop, clicked a few keys, and brought up the incriminating video.
"You missed your calling," gloated Tad. "You should have been a porn star. A gay porn star, that is. I don't think anyone would pay to see you fuck a chick with that little pecker."
"Where did you get this?" Braden sputtered.
"Don't worry about that. There's more."

50. "What do you mean, MORE?"
The blood drained from Braden's face. Eyes widened in shock.
"It's all on the disk," said Tad.
"The webcam video, all the dirt the blackmailer had on you. Everything!"
"We'll see about that!"

51. Braden pressed eject, seized the disk, and snapped it in half. Tad shook his head with mild dismay.
"That's not the only copy, bro. Think I'm stupid? I've got lots of copies. And I'm prepared to share them with the police, not to mention Mom and Dad, if you don't get with the program. Things are going to be different around here. From now on, I'm in charge. Or you get expelled and go to jail.  You might even be a registered sex offender."

52. "You're on the video too."
"But, I'm not a cocksucker. I'm the innocent little brother you forced into doing this. Who knows? Maybe you set this whole thing up just to get into my pants? Your life will be ruined!"
There was a long, taut silence between them. It seemed to go on forever.
Perhaps on some astral plane their spirits strove, one against the other, until the stronger will won out.
"What do you want?" asked Braden with a heavy sigh.

53. "Suck my cock."
"Alright. I'll do it. But this isn't right. I would never make you do something like this."
"Suck my cock, dick-breath."

54. Grumbling, Braden got on his knees as Tad unzipped his fly and pulled down his pants.
A moment later, a plump, flaccid penis and heavy scrotum dangled in Braden's face.
"You know what to do. Get it hard."
Like a reluctant whore, Braden went to work. His heart was not in it, but he did what he had to do.

55. Spittle drooled from his lips, coating the teenager's shaft with glistening saliva as it swelled in girth and length.
"Mmmmmm, you dirty boy," Tad murmured, thoroughly relishing the second blowjob of his life. "Take it deeper."
Braden obeyed until the fullness of that big cock in his throat made him choke.
"Oh, yahhhh," Tad exulted.
"That's like music to my ears, hearing you choke on my cock. Is it too much for you, big brother?  Can't you handle it?"

56. Braden pulled away to catch his throttled breath, but Tad pressed down, forcing Braden back onto his cock.
Holding his older sibling by the ears, Tad began to thrust, fucking face, drilling Braden's mouth and throat, pumping deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster.
Tad ejaculated without warning. His hot sperm gushed like an exploding volcano.
Braden guzzled every burst.
"See, that wasn't so bad," said Tad.

57. The next day, awakening with morning wood, Tad wanted his cock sucked again.
Once more, he had to remind his older brother of the repercussions if he refused.

58. Again, Braden submitted.
And so it went. Every day, Tad got his requisite blowjob.
He was always horny. And his big brother always came through, putting his mouth to good use.

59. Came one morning when Braden simply went down on Tad without being told or asked.
He knew what he had to do.
Said Tad, "Now you're learning."
When the semester ended, the brothers went home for the holidays. But nothing changed.
Tad got his nuts drained even under their parents' roof.

60. One day in January at the cafeteria in the student center, Tad bumped into the skinny black guy who had delivered the fateful package.
"Sup," said the young brother, extending his hand in friendly greeting.
"Hey," said Tad, completing the gesture.
"I never got a chance to thank you for what you did."
"No problemo. Anyway, I got paid."
"That's right."
"If you don't mind my asking, what was that all about it?"
"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"Try me. Name's Marcus, by the way."
"You don't have to tell me. It's none of my business. Just curious."
"I want to tell someone. But it's personal, not to mention a little nasty."
"Now I'm really curious!"

61. "Okay. Let me start by asking you a question. If you don't want to answer or if you find it offense, we'll drop it."
"I'm game."
"Would you let a dude suck your cock?"
"You mean, would I mess with a faggot?"
"Not necessarily. Say you had the power to make a guy you used to respect give you a blowjob whenever you wanted, someone who used you unforgivably to get themselves out of a jam. Would you do it?"
"Dayumm!" Marcus exclaimed. "That is some nasty shit."
"So, you wouldn't do it."
"I didn't say that. Let me think. First of all, I don't got a problem with a guy giving me head. Been there. And that's strictly between you and me. I think most guys have at one time or another, but no one talks about it."

62. "Would you suck a cock?"
"Hell no!"
"Me neither."
"What you're really asking is could I get so pissed off that I would do something like that. Sure. Why not? If I could get away with it."
"What if it was your own brother?"
"No shit!" said Marcus, with a chuckle. "Is that what you got running? Your own brother suckin' your dick? Are you shittin me?"
"I told you it was nasty."
"Man, I hate my fucking brother! If I could make him suck my dick, kiss my ass, and lick my feet, I would do it in a heartbeat! Word is bond!"
"Marcus, my friend, how would you like to have some fun?"
"What do you have in mind?"

63. Later that day when Braden got home, Tad and Marcus were waiting. They were hanging out in the living room, shirts off, drinking beer, watching football. Saints losing to the Seahawks.
Braden scowled when he saw the ebony-skinned stranger sprawled comfortably across the sofa.
"This is my buddy, Marcus," Tad explained. "I was telling him about you. Like what a great brother you are helping me out sometimes. He wanted to meet you."
"I've got stuff to do," said Braden.
"You can do it later," Tad insisted.
"See, I told Marcus you would help him out, too, like you do for me. He's a friend."
"Tad, no..."

64. "I heard you give crazy head!" said Marcus, sitting up.
"You told him?" Braden began to pace nervously.
"How about it? Marcus wants a blowjob. It'll only take a few minutes, and then you can go. That's not too much to ask, is it?"
"I'm not blowing some nigger!"
Tad turned to Marcus and apologized: "Sorry you had to hear that. My brother forgets his place sometimes."
"That's aiiight," said Marcus.

65. "Get on your knees," Tad remonstrated. "Apologize to my friend. Say you're sorry!"
When Braden balked, Tad whispered a few choice words in his ear.
"I'm sorry," grumbled Braden, assuming the position. The spark of defiance in his big blue eyes was quenched.
Tad: "Say: I'm sorry for being an asshole, SIR!"
"I'm sorry for being an asshole, SIR!"
"Dayumm," Marcus roared. "You got him trained!"

66. "He's a faggot," Tad shrugged. "He isn't a man. I wish he wasn't my brother, but what can I do? At least he's good for something, know what I mean?"
"I hear you!" Marcus snickered, pulling out his tool. "Suck on this, faggot."
His black cock was long like a snake, yet Braden managed to take it down his throat without much of a struggle.
A funky, musky scent rose from the youth's nappy crotch, invading Braden's nostrils.
Like nothing he ever smelled before, making his head spin.
A change came over Braden. Now he wanted to suck this long black cock. He could not help himself.

67. Without thinking, Braden wrapped his fingers around the base of Marcus's cock, a handjob to enhance the suction of his mouth.
"Hands off the meat!" Marcus barked.
"I don't want you touching me, faggot! Didn't your momma tell you not to play with your food?  Put your hands behind your back. Just use your mouth!"
Braden did just as he was told. There was no fight left in him.
His head bobbed up and down, working furiously at his task.
Sucking cock was now his purpose and reason for existence.
"How's that feel?" asked Tad.

68. "Not bad," said Marcus. "Your brudder knows how to suck a dick!"
"He's a cocksucker."
"Yahhhh, I see!"
Tad and Marcus shared a laugh and high-fived.
In that moment, a bond was forged between them.
The kind of solidarity only real men share.

69. The blowjob lasted a good twenty minutes before Marcus felt the inevitable contractions, skeeting his load down Braden's gullet.
His semen tasted different than Tad's, sweet and salty at once, a farrago of flavors, and there was so much more of it.
So much that it dripped from Braden's lips like foam, like venom.
Pimp juice. Baby batter. Spermatozoa.
When Marcus erupted, Braden spontaneously ejaculated, wetting the crotch of his pants.

70. Panting heavily, Braden looked over and saw that Tad had recorded the entire scene on his cell phone.
"You did good," said Tad. "You can go now."
In silence, Braden withdrew to the bedroom while Tad and Marcus resumed watching the game.
"That was wild," said Marcus.
"Your brother sucks a mean dick. He was totally into it."
"I noticed," Tad grinned.

71. "You know what they say. Once you go black..."
"You don't go back! Yeah, I've heard that. And you might be right! Seems like my brother has a thing for black cock!"
"We got it like that!" Marcus chuckled, grabbing his crotch.
"I think my big brother would like to hook up some of your friends."
"That can definitely be arranged."
Tad and Marcus high-fived. This was one of those times when a whiteboy and a black man came together for a common cause.
Real men stick together.

72. Tad started dating Kathy, his brother's former girlfriend, and soon had no further use for Braden's services.
But once Marcus put out the word, Braden found himself giving head to practically every black stud on campus, including some of the professors.

73. Tad and Marcus even found a way to pimp out Braden's skills. Although no black guy would ever pay for a blowjob from a whiteboy, there were plenty of randy white freshmen, dumb and full of cum, who went for it.
Braden's services were advertised on men's room walls all over campus. In one week alone, Braden blew a dozen white dudes who paid twenty dollars each. That came to $240 which Tad and Marcus split fifty-fifty. The cash kept rolling in!
Braden Sullivan never figured out if he was gay or straight but the more men he sucked off, the better he got at it, until he stopped thinking about pussy altogether and craved only cock instead.

74. He never discovered who the blackmailer was. If you have not figured it out by now, Marcus was behind that shit all along.
Seems Braden accidentally bumped into Marcus once and snapped,
"Nigger, watch where you're going!"
That was all it took for Marcus to orchestrate revenge.
Now you know the rest of the story!
Payback is a bitch.

End Of The Story


Written by: Skorpio
Illustrated by: Eduardo

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